Monday, June 25, 2018

Hello from 2018

It's 2018 and I began this blog over ten years ago! I think 12 years ago. :)
I don't do much blogging these days.  With social networks like facebook and instagram, there was less of a need and less time to spend time recording my thoughts and daily actions on this blog. 
Currently I'm working as an English professor quite happily.  I spend time in my garden growing all sorts of plants and flowers during my summers of from a full schedule of classes. I always teach at least one summer course though.  For example, I'm currently teaching a summer course of COMP I.
I've been enjoying all the rain we had this last weekend. next weekend I have a planned trip to Topeka Kansas that I'm looking forward to.
that is all from 2018   that I have to say at the moment. I'm sitting in my office after class at the moment here on campus and I'd rather leave and go home and enjoy the rest of the day before going to the gym. day off tomorrow! and then back on Wednesday. The students will be turning in the second major essay and I hope to have that graded before my trip to KS this weekend. ha

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

march already...

march already here. how exciting, only a month more until our last usual freeze date here which is April 15th. I have just begun spring break with a trip to Dallas Saturday. I drove down to shop a few nurseries looking for a Japanese Willow, Salix integra 'flamingo' and a contorted filbert Corylus avellanus 'Red Dragon'. and was unlucky finding them at any of the 4 nurseries vistied.  Although one of them did have a large red dragon tree for $150 but not for me...
I missed my turn off on the way down to Copell,and ended up in Grapevine, which didn't turn out too bad since I found myself on a service road right next to a sort of outlet mall. walked in a checked out a few stores and got a great hoodie at H&m.  I think it looks very normcore, which is my inspiration for summer, try to look more normcore. ha
stayed with a friend Randy while there. also a gardener. he had just put in a few bed out front and planted all kinds of stuff in his back yard.  great guy, so we talked plants and everything else while driving around Dallas Saturday afternoon. First stopped by Northhaven nurseries and I bought 3 different Helleborus and some annuals which I'll keep inside for 3 weeks here in okc before i can plant them.  We went downtown next to a nursery that was a flop, had all the same boring stuff. and then to the farmer's market for lunch. he has chef friend there who supervises a famous barbecue place which has lines all around the block on Saturdays for lunch. we got to try some of there barbecue in the back and it was GOOD stuff!
Sunday I left Copell by 1030 and headed over to Garland to another nursery, then to north park mall, shopped a little. and hit the road to come home , stopping by Lewisville to a nursery off the highway there. but it was too cold and windy to really look around.
I'm having a great semester with classes full of students trying to keep up with the writing assignments  and all their other classes, their lives full of work and family stuff. hoepfully they improve their writing and will get the gyst of how to research for and write a formal essay.  All 5 of my classes turned in papers last week. so I got about half of them graded before the weekend, and will do the rest during my "break".  did NOTHING yesterday, just piddled in the yard and house mostly, got a haircut, swam at the gym, and then was outside most of the evening til dark. I plan to do same today but maybe grade a few more papers, and have some pizza lunch at Papa Angelo's.  so far a great spring break!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014

first of Feb Saturday...........

This semester's off to a great start. I've adjusted to my new class schedule. One nice thing about this semester is that my office hours end just a bit earlier in the after noon which gets me home by 4 and then i can change and make it up to the gym in time to swim laps before working out. I still have some time in the morning to swim laps before lunch, after classes. and most days I have at least an hour between classes in the morning to go and practice piano in the practice rooms on campus. I'm getting more comfortable being around on campus, and it's always great to run into former students and say hi and ask how their classes are going? I should try more to ask if they are writing papers and how useful the COMP classes had been. ha This had been a great lazy weekend. I stayed out late last night seeing the 8pm showing of Oscar nominated live action short films at the art museum downtown. and tonight I'm going back to see the 530 screening of the Oscar nominated animated short films. always fun to gear up before the Oscars. I subbed twice last week at the college. Tuesday, classes were cancelled in the morning until 11am actually due to snow. however i'd agreed to sub a class at 11am. So I went up to campus in time for the class, basically going over their first essay assignment, a rhetorical analysis. What made it really fun was two of my former students from COMP I were in there... I have two classes on Tuesday and Thursday mroning so Thursday morning classes were busy making up the day missed and keeping on schedule. the classes did great though with everything I'd planned. On Friday I have 3 classes, 8, 9, and 11, and then I subbed a literature class at 12. That went all right, I was sort of winging it getting a discussion going on the asigned reading which I'd only read once before class, and then I was trying to go over the notes the instructor had given me, and the story itself was so creepy to begin with. ha This morning I got up early and made some Orange and CHocolate chip scones and some Maple/Walnut scones. then I put half of each on two plates and took them to my two sisters living in Mustang to share with them and their families. a fun surprise. and I got to visit with some niece and nephews while over there hanging out. The rest of the day has been my usual weekend, swimming laps before a pizza lunch, and then a bit of yardwork. I'm looking forward to getting the semester going and working on seeing how the students bring everything together on the first major essay. they are also always fun to read because it involves writing about a personal experience..

Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday, November 01, 2013

fall 2013

 Well, it sure feels a little bit more official, my new full time job working at Oklahoma City Community College.  The name plate for my office door was installed just yesterday. woo hoo.  Many thanks unto God for the employment here. I'd prayed for many years for some sort of change in my career while serving as an ESL teacher at Okalhoma City Public schools.  My new job remains a challenge in finding just the best way to help students understand the course content, which basically  means succeed at wrting a formal essay and research paper.  I absolutely have enjoyed all five of my classes up to this point, and have no complaints even the times during this semester when i have stacks of essays to take home and grade all weekend, nope, it's all totally worth it. 
It didn't take too much time to adjust since I've been teaching as an adjunct for the past 4 years. I had experience teaching both COMP I and COMP II classes and even online classes and summer classes.  The campus has a swimming pool which I can use to swim laps on M,W, and F before lunch.  Also about 4 times or so each week I am able to go over to the performance arts center and use their piano labs to practice and play piano for some stress relief after morning classes. quite a blessing. the staff is great to work with here too, btw.
I remain on a tight budget since I'm working only one job instead of the full time position last year plus part time here.  Also I have a new truck payment from getting a newer Ford Ranger last spring.  But it is all totally worth it. couldn't be happier and remain challanged to do the best job i can in keeping the students encouraged to put their best work forth.
this time of year is always very nice. getting all my yardwork wrapped outside landscaping around the house and gearing up for the holidays, Thanksgiving and then Christmas and all the fun family and friend time is brings with it. ready! :)