Thursday, August 26, 2004

thursday getting better

You should read Andrew West Griffin's blog for something really interesting;
anyway so I spent some time at work tonight reading an articl online all about the difference between Helvetica and Ariel font. apparently Ariel is a rip-off of Helvetica and no real designer would use ariel.
I met all of my students at the highschool today. I have yet to meet the new ESL students at the North Middle school though. tomorrow morning I have a meeting with my administrator to go over all the numbers of students and which school they are at.
I "fixed" my sump pump last night in the basement. I had hooked it up the night before but it began leaking when i turned it on. so last night i turned off the breaker switch and plugged it back in, this time it didn't leak at all in the laundry room. so I guess its good to go. I was down in the basement with a broom sweeping water into the hole. I think I will get a bag of coal to put down there, it is supposed to keep the air fresh and absorb moisture and mold I think.
I faxed all the forms needed to the state department today trying to get certified in the state of OK to teach. I included a little sob story about not getting paid Sep 20th if I'm not certified and asked s nicely and suck-up as possible if they could expediate matters. I hope they will email or I will find a message when I get home tonight on my phone message machine.
I was reminded about a 40th birthday party for this really cool fireman from my singles group of friends form Crossing Community Church. Its a bummer I can't go because my favorite local guitar player was actually rented to play at the party and that means like $500 an hour! anyway also at a very big nice house in Edmond. BUT I'm going to Siloam Springs becuase my heart had already planned on going up there to see friends, plan for the blue party, and see my two students from Honduras and give them lots of gifts. Well more later, I need to study for my class next Monday at UCO while I'm sitting here at work.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

still trying for certification

well school starts tomorrow and I have no idea if I'll even get paid for teaching there. the reason I say this is I'm not currently certified to teach in Oklahoma until I either take the OSAT test or get my testing records from Arkansas and have them approved as equivalent here in Oklahoma. I requested a copy be sent from the testing place, but it turns out the english and teacher test was taken more than 10 years ago so that information is lost. They only sent me a copy of the math tests. Math has nothing to do with certification in teaching English. Anyway, now I'm back at square one. I wil prolly tear up my house the next couplle days looking for some old copy of these scores in my hosue somewhere maybe with all my past college stuff, I don't know but I don't usually throw anything away so I'm bound to have it somewhere!
I am also calling the state department in Arkansas tomorrow morning before even going to school. UGHH.
anyway, things are all very new at the Highschool this year, in other words I don't have my own classroom anymore. Man i hate that , I mean it really sucks cause that room was my home base and all. So now I will be moving between two rooms most likely at the highschool. I am going to keep all my stuff up there though. I am also going travel between all the schools as usual. should be a good year. This year we are going to try doing resource time with the more advanced students. SO at some schools I will be seeing the student 2 or 3 times a week or maybe even sitting in class with the kid during English. I have a couple new students also at Mustang High this year. and some "newcomers" at the mustang Middle School. more news as it happens....

Friday, August 20, 2004

Blue Party 2004

We are working on setting up a website ( link above ) that will work as an invite for everyone about the party. should be pretty cool deal. Brian actually came up with the idea and I'm glad cuase he has some computer skillz! Brian and Janet Hill have been helping on the SIloam Springs side of things with planning for the event. I always refer to it as an event instead of a party. Don't you think that sounds more adult and official. Probably I like saying event cause it makes me fell like an "event" planner. Sort of like when I mentiont he BLue Party to people and how I "produced" 6 of them during college. cracks me up.
anyway, this weekend I am planning to get some carpet and fans for the event before I go back to school next week. I am please to say I have gotten a LOT of pre-planning and purchasing of supplies finished while I was off this summer.
This weekend I will also be looking for old blueparty photographs to post on the blueparty invite blogspot and also take some digital pic of former t-shirts 1-6.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

ideal routine summer day

wake up at 7 am, go swimming at bethany YMCA. then back home by ten til 8 am and have breakfast;

instant oatmeal with super sugar crisp on top
bowl of cereal - plain cheerios/golden grahms mixed
glass of apple juice, glass of ice water.

watch good morning america and then at 9 am watch Live with Regis and Kelly Rippa. By 10 am get the t.v. turned off before getting sucked in to Price is Right. Do some yard work outside or clean up house or something.... around 12ish, prepare tuna fish with relish and mayonaise for lunch. clean all the dishes in the sink while tuna chills in refrigerator. Eat lunch around 12:30 pm:

TUna fish sandwhich on whole wheat bread
cashews and an apple
ice water, coke or green tea

do more yard work or piddle around house projects. by 2:30 pm be ready to leave for the gym at 3 pm to swim or work out before going to SUbway for dinner to take to work at 4:15 pm. home by 8:45 pm. and eat;

peanut butter and jelly sandwhich on whole wheat bread
glass of ice water or non caffeine tea
(I like arizona iced tea "stress free")

anyway, that was my summer usual day 2004

another NICE cloudy august day

---nothing like talking about the weather. today is rainy and cloudy and this summer has been just awesome. I can really save money on watering every single night like last summer. whenever it is 100 or over, seriously I was watering the flowerbed every night. SO, less bills this summer. yeah!
well I'ts been about a week and I'm still waiting for my letter from PRAXIS testing showing my testing scores from my certification to teach in Arkansas. I need those scores to hand deliver to the state department here in Oklahoman City so i can become certified for THIS school year. ( and paid the sep!). hopefully it wil all work out, I am calling them today to double check that it was mailed, maybe when i get home today it will be waiting????
watched the olympics all last night after work. It was fun to see the women's team break a world record in swim relay. also to see the american win all around gymnast. although I didn't think a guy that lands on his butt is really gold worthy, i guess he pulled it off with some final high scores. The romanian team were my favorite because they continued to show such an upbeat attitued after every event, looked like they were really enjoying it and getting into all, not just all nerves. Also the night before I really liked the girls gymnast team from Romania because they kept chattereing away non-stop with each other between and during the competitions. it cracked me up, prolly cause i'm really verbal and because I work with kids.
Today i am working another 12hour shift at Metrotech in the ESL computer lab. SO I brought this big stack of bills to sort out and go through and do something with i don't know. Also plan to look at some fo the material from the ESl teaching classes i took this summer and plan activities for school next week. School starts Wednesday the 25th. I guess i'm ready.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

all is good

hey today i got the shirts i wanted at a great price. I am planning on 10 0or more shirts to sell at the party so I hope I can figure out what percentage of sizes to get. Well that was one good thing about today, but it started off pretty lame. I went to the state department to get my temporary 2 year teaching certificate renewed, but after having taught 2 years here in Oklahoma I am not allowed to renew it. I have to take the OSAT test to become actually certified in the state. UGHH! so the test is Sep 18th, and I am supposed to get paid on the 20th which won't happen until I'm certified. there is one good chance of something easier though. If I can find somewhere my records of the tests i took for my ARkansas certification then i can present those to Oklahoma and hopefully see if they are equivalent to Oklahoma's tests. I emailed Arkansas already to see if they can send me a record of my test scores there. Surely it's possilble. I hope! Otherwise I will be tearing up my house this week to find them, which is pretty much a possibility since I don't throw anything away.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

today for tuesday

Today I mowed the yard at my house. I got really thirsty while mowing and was taking breaks to drink some water. today I also returned to the gym for swimming. This morning I called around some different places about T-shirt prices. I have not yet decided on a design although I think it will look like Kirk's drawing of a blue party dancer on the front, and the words "blue party" somehow on the back.
I also bought some blacklights today at the party store. I will prolly go back there for some blue paper supply stuff eventually.

Monday, August 09, 2004

monday again

I just got back from Arkansas. I had fun. Grahm lost a tooth this morning. I spoke with Emily before leaving Siloam Springs. I am going to garden ridge tonight to buy some blue christmas lights.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

summer coming to an end soon

today began really cloudy. actually it was really cloudy when I went to swim at the swim center before lunch. I had the chicken pargianna at "new york pizza and pasta". THe forum where I am taking the class at OU is right next to the street with all the frat houses, they were packed up with cars today in the parking lots, I guess school is getting ready to start back up already. ACtually I'm thinking that guys had to come back and get stuff ready for rush weekend coming up before school starts this fall. I don't know. I'ts been ten years since i was in colelge and even longer than that since I was at a fraternity in OSU only during my freshman year there.
I am doing some thinking about taking one or two grad school classes this fall. if I take one class then I only have to be off work one night a week. So I make less money Plus pay more money if I take two classes. currently I am only enrolled in one class. although if I took two it would end sooner...... I called a place about the blue party t-shirts today. they said $100 for the design and $6.50 for each t-shirt, that's for a design on front and back using three colors. well anyway guess I'll keep looking the price doesn't bother me but why $100 for desgn work when I'm bringing in the drawing for front and back..... ahh well.
so anyway, things are good today, I'm going back to norman after work tonight. I'm listening to VIrgin radio on the internet and a song is playing that i really like by "snow patrol" called CHocolate.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

class left early tonight

well another class at OU today. I went to lunch with three other teachers to this really awful mexican restaurant right off of boyd street in Norman. named "Pepe delgado's". actually i loved the chicken enchilada's there but what I didn't like was; had to pay cash only, had to pay a dollar for more tortilla's(martha did), and I had to pay .25 for a refill. anyway the latina ladies I was with kept going on about the owners were probably from Monterey, Mexico. They say there is a running joke among mexicans that people from there are very "tight" or "stingy".
so I didn't go swimming today or to the gym at all. I will prolly go home early from work tongiht though because no one is here in the computer lab. I decided today that I will put small classified one liners in the JBU advocate to advertise the blue party coming up this year's homecoming.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

working again

I've been staying in Norman, OK all week because of the class I'm taking at OU for my grad shcool program at UCO. One great thing I found out in class today was that UCO will transfer in up to 8 hours form another college so I am excited cause that means the last two free classes I took at OU will go towards my grad school. also it puts me right at 15hours of grad credit which has a different pay scale at most schools, although not in Mustang where I teach.

I'm trying to read my homework for class tomorrow. And I've been emailing back and forth to siloam springs about visting this weekend, and about the blue party coming up this fall.