Tuesday, September 28, 2004

TPR Tuesday

My new thing on Tuesdays at school (day job) is TPR Tuesdays. TPR stands for total physical response, these are activities used for learning English where the words are stated as you act them out. It is proven to help retain new words when learning a language. The students remain willing to learn and pariticpate cheerfully. I also enjoy doing any sort of exercise. THe best thing about getting into grad school at UCO has beenthat I am learning and reading and discussing so much more about the job I am doing as an ESL teacher. I have decided to take on an even greater role this year in challenging the content area teachers with more modifications to be done based on the ESL student's level of English ability. SHould be fun to see what works and what doesn't, or to put it another way, who is wiling to help the new goreign kids and who is not.
THis last weekend was quite fun. I went to a football game Friday night, Mustang vs Putnum City North. It was awesome because Mustang won, and they were predicted to lose by the paper. Saturday I worked at the Museum in the morning and was please to hear a few people say thanks, "good job". I can be very teachery while giving my speeches about what happened in preparing them to go through the exhibits there. Sunday afternoon I saw the movie "WImbeldon". It was r eally good movie although predictable and total CHEESE. but overall a nice little pic, I always love movies set in London anyway. ALso this love story made me want to be married and in love right NOW! The guy in the movie was 32, not too far off from me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

well things are going all right so far, I haven't updated the blog lately though.
I was really really busy last week because my friends Jeff and Emily came for the weekend and I was getting my house clean and ready. The weekend went well; we did everything. Friday night was Hideaway Pizza, then the State Fair. Saturday morning was Cowboy Hall of Fame, lunch picnic at Oklahoma City National bombing Memorial, then the Art Museum downtown. Saturday was this really awesome Italian/American restaurant called Cheever's.
the sad news Monday morning was a teacher friend had died. Mrs. Carol Busch was a highschool Spanish teacher. She was really really fun and such a kidder. I will miss her at lunch in the teacher's lounge every day, and giving her a hard time about something. She loved talking about the boys chasing her while she lived in Spain learning Spanish. She loved her son very much and would always have something to say if I did something to remind her of him. I was just thinking of her a week ago when I put up my fall decoration, a wreath,on my front door. Mrs. Busch had asked for one last year, and I thought maybe this Christmas I would make her one. I was thinking how could I get a teacher to ask her what colors she liked, cause I completely forgot what colors she said she liked for her home. I know her students from the past really liked her cause she was one feisty fun teacher.Mrs. Busch had had a knee surgery about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and then went back to the hospital because of complications of a blood clot from the surgery and then she died. I'm going to the funeral this Thursday morning. :(
On a lighter note, I ordered 150 t-shirts today! I hope I can sell enough to break even on the party. Blue party is coming up less than 3 weeks!! yowza!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

well its been a week

well, Its been a week and I haven't posted anything at all. I meant to do this daily to remmeber what I'm up to every day. its just that its not really that interesting as the days go by. I should try and make each day interesting though. too bad I love routine.
anyway, this week has gone by pretty well. I have met all my students and have begun testing their English. Next week I will be very busy testing and also getting letters to all the teachers about what to do with the students in their classes that don't speak any English. Believe it or not , there is a LOT they can be doing to help instead of just letting the kid sit there in class!
I am thinking about going to see my brother and family in Wichita this weekend. I have only been there once for a day trip I took there with my parents, so this should be interesting going up just me alone. I have Monday off so its an extra long week and I know I'll get bored at home just sitting around flipping channels and messing around in the yard and the internet.
I ahve decided to make paper machei decorations for the blue party, i hope they turn out ok, I am thinking of making a head and a hand or something like that. My friend Jeff Nichols and his wife are coming to visit September 18th so I will be motivated to keep the house really clean and get it all ready and spic and span!
I had a great time in SIloam Springs last weekend. I visited with Jeff who I stayed with, and also had lunch with Janet and Brian Hill on Sat to plan Blue party stuff. I also went to visit Kirk and Heidi Demaris and then Mr. Henry. He is 94! but always fun to visit. His house is my dream house I want to live in and own when I move back to Siloam Springs! I hope I can afford it if the opportunity ever comes up. I also decided that my "fantasy"house to own is the chamber of commerce biulding downtown SIloam Springs. it is huge and awesome !! I can only imagine what great parties I could throw there!! ha!