Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fall Break over

Well last week was fall break so I haven't "blogged" in a while. Nothing new is going on at all. iw as consdiering a road trip to Dallas last weekend as a reason to get out of town during fall break. They have a UrbanOutfitters store there, and I'd like to visit Craig and Kristen Kelly. but I had to work Saturday morning and give an ACT test at the highschool. So what did I do fall break. I cleaned the house, some yard work, and listened to many cd's at home and watched tv. I had a really great fall break, it was just the catch up I needed from being so busy the previous weekends. THis weekend I work at The museum again saturday morning, and then nothing else planned. I really really do want to buy the new Morrisey CD this weekend though that is for sure.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

JBU times remembered

back to work tonight after the big homecoming weekend! The blue party went rather well, although I have about 30 extra t-shirts, but I knew I'd have some extras, was only hoping for a much bigger event. I'm glad it was just our friends from JBU though, made for a fun night and an early get-away. Definitely was our last "hurrah" for the blue party, what with everyone having kids, its MUCH more fun to just hang out and talk about all the old good times, and new things we still enjoy together. was thrilled to visit with Liz Donato and Chris, also surprised to visit with Mark Maines who was a baby freshman when I was living with Chris and Josh and hanging out some with the JBU crowd. also GENE SULLIVAN finally came to town and hadn't seen him in years! I'm glad to have the whole party weekend over with. oh yeah, I also talked to steve zedler who is a history teacher, so I look forward to getting to know him some more since I'm also a teacher, for example I would like to discuss the documentary on TMBG.
I attempted to email melanie Sorenson because I haven't seen her at the last 2 homecomings and wonder if she's still single.
I stayed up til 2 am both fri and sat night, so I can't wait to catch up on sleep this week, I figure it will take a week to catch up, i'm so old.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

i guess these are weekly

hello blog,
since last week, things have been going smoothly although busy as usual. I am still looking forward to the blue party, and t-shirts should be ready tomorrow! that is going to be very cool. I have put some money into them butI think i will sell plenty.....
so what events were done in the last week? not much, I went to a beer tasting event Friday night at the ARt Museum downtown with a friend. I liked the Sing-ha and Hoegardden beers the best, one is Asian and the other is from Belgium. On Saturday I worked at the Memorial Museum downtown and then I went to seim at the YMCA and then lunch at Cafe Do Brazil as usual. Saturday afternoon i relaxed at home and then went to Target, then Subway for dinner, and then came home to watch "andromeda" a cheesy Sci-Fi tv show. SUnday was church, clean oup the house, and then bible study later that night. I was also at a friend's house late SUnday night gettng about 4 cd's worth of music for the blue party!! yee haw!
i have also been putting a lot of time this last weekend preparing a video to show at the party of random college day footage.