Tuesday, November 23, 2004

for some reason

I am shopping online for shoes and thinking I can spend money when a month ago i had no money and only wanted to save everything to pay off my pickup truck. anyway, I don't know what's up other than I paid down my credit card os then i thinnk its ok to charge again. This is especially weird since I jsut sharged up a $200 twin bed mattress yesterday for the guest bedroom. My house is actually completely clean today. I was at my friend's house in Arkansas this weekend and they use the attic for a lot of storage, so when I came home I decided i would use my sttic for all the STUFF that i have in all the rooms in my house. I still need to actually clean the kitchen and organize clothes in my room but most of the house is nice and picked up. This weekend I plan to put up some Christmas decorations. I am putting blue lights and ornaments on my house this year, A lot of the same decorations I used at the Blue party. basically this way I don't see it as losing money on decorations since I'm using also as Christmas decorations.
There are still roses and flowers in my garden which I think is interesting this late in fall. I am really happy for my japanese maple tree in the backyard. This year it turned colors!! woo woo. yellow and orange and dark red etc... I hope i can keep it alive next summer and get same results. we had a lot of rain this summer so that definteily made a difference.
So i went to a bilingual teacher's convention in Tulsa last weekend. that was a LOT of fun. I wore a tie and talked to some vendors and felt like i got some respect. I guess i felt good about feeling adult but not felling old. i also went to this large mall called Woodland Hills in Tulsa during lunch ( I tool a long lunch actually ). That was also awesome. i bought some slacks that are a burnt orange rust color. I ts been a long time since I bought something so trendy and seasonal. usually i like year round mix with anything clothes. $30 on sale not bad for a pair of slacks. I also bought various gifts and then had lunch at the mall. Pizza and a cookie.
well I won't be updating cause I'm off for thanksgiving here at Metrotech. until next Tuesday then.....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

hola well, I'm back at work tonight, and I bought a Men's Health magazine before going by Subway and so at work tonight I've been reading it. They have all these clothes and stuff that you can buy online, so i've been checking out MANY sites but not bought anything yet. I am going to call Abercrombie in OKC and see if I can refund stuff there if I buy something and it doesn't fit me. etc...
My friend Ulises came by earlier but then he had to leave to help someone with a flat tire. It is great when he comes by cause then i can practice my Spanish while he practices his English. I'm listening to Virgin radio out of London as usual. I should probably be grading some papers right now. instead I am just fishing around the internet checking webpages and doing searches. for example right now I am getting ready to look over the adidas website for something cool on sale, jacket or sneakers etc.. but I am on a spending freeze so I'm online LOOKING of course. tongiht when I get home from work I will be cleaning up a LOT of clothes all around the house and then I will get some clothes packed for the weekend. I am going to Tulsa all weekend for a teacher conference, staying at hotel in Tulsa, and then Saturday night I am driving to Siloam Springs AR again to go to a surprise birthday party. Heidi Demaris and Jeff Nichols both turn 30 this weekend. fun fun.funffufnfufnufnfnf

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Underdogs getting laid

tuesday hm,was a very good weekend in Siloam Springs, was so busy with homecoming last time around, this time i got to just sit and RELAX. well this next weekend I'm going to be in Tulsa at a teaching convention for bilingual teachers. I am also planning on buying a twin bed mattress to go with the daybed I'm beinging back from Siloam springs. nothing else at all is going on this week. just the usual, i am hoping to begin swimming every morning again tomoorrow morning if I can jsut get to bed on time at night then it is easier to get up early in the morning for a swim. I'm getting ready to read a time magazine and then do some work for school here at my desk. at 8 oclock i'm going to watch a tv show called Frontline on t.v. about Walmart. i worked there for 7 years straight during college.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Well this site has become a sort of weekly thing for me for some reason. I guess because I am doing other stuff at my night job. for example this week my good ole Mexican buddy Ulises Gomez came to study the last two nights. well actually we jsut talked the whole time which makes the night go a lot faster. I helped him set up an internet account so he can use his computer at home on the net, and also we searched some public records about property he wants to buy in OKC. He's not really able to afficially study here anymore because of what he calls his "problem".
last night there were five tornadoes just north west of OKC. that is not unusual for Oklahoma but maybe during November. they had some great shots of them from helicoptor cameras on all the local news.
other things I've done this week include writing a discussion response paper, and an article abstract for my night class at UCO. We have a new student at the North Middle School so I have been doing some different activities in that class of 2, used to be just one. I am also trying to come down on the kids in the highschool during study hall hour to actually study, I am going to threaten them to get out of the class etc if they just goof off in there. I also hope that I can start doing a lot more activities in my highschool ESL class. I jsut got about 4 different activity books to use in there. I also was told today by my boss that we have $5000 to spend before January on ESL. I am going to an OABE conference next weekend so that should be a good place to get lots of good advice on what to buy and what WORKS!
this weekend, tomorrow, I head up to SIloam Springs. the visit at homecoming never really counts cause I'm so busy with everyone from out of town. so this weekend I will get a good visit with friends there like Jamie and Shannon and Kirk and Heidi and Jeff and Emily and also Mr. Henry. until next time
oh PS I purchased Andy Goldworthy's documentary "river and tides" on DVD tonight, also the new CD by "Kings of COnvenience". Yee haw

Thursday, November 04, 2004

i need the scissor sisters cd

today I feel awful with a sore throat. anyway, it has been fun to read the papers and watch the news about the election. I guess I'm glad to see so many people voted majority wise for Bush. The biased networks are all going crazy trying to come up with reasong the democrats "lost" the votes and are "out of touch" with voters. well personally I think -- It's the war stupid!!
I also wonder if the Dem. party had won, would the coverage been the same, for example bunch of news coverage on " why were republicans out of touch, why couldn't they get the vote" they would have been jumping head over heels talking to all the same Dem. reps on tv, i guarantee.
well i am looking forward to this weekend. I am driving to lawton tomorrow to pick up something I got on Ebay. and then I decided NOT to go to Siloam Springs this weekend. SO i will go next weekend instead. this means I can go see a movie with my friend Michele on saturday night. also i will work at the memorial saturday morning so i can have the following sat morning off which I had been schedules to work. tonight is our first winter freeze, so when I get home I need to dig up some plants right quick. for example, the begonias and the ivy, and thats about it, I think the elephany ear bulbs will survive until this weekend then I will take them OUT.
I hope michele want to see a movie that i like and want to see also. I ahve been loking at vintage luggage also on ebay, and I also bought some books this week buy John Irving.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

ready for fall

weather turned cold this week and I still have things out in the flowerbed I need to dig up and bring into the basement until next spring. I am glad about the election just to see all the networks trip over themsleves, they are so completely biased anti bush. too bad
anyway, i was aminly let down byt he laws that passed in Oklahoma. like 705 and 712!
more later