Wednesday, January 26, 2005

long time no writey

well I had a headache like nothing else today!
anyway, I hope I have better energy level tomorrow for working out at gym after school.
I need to work my LEGS. I got a phone call from my mom tonight while at work. apparently my boss from college died and has a funeral this weekend. how saw, well I will be going for sure to Siloam springs this weekend.

nothing more ot say tonight, I don't feel like writing at all right now cause I'm so bored at work and I'm just counting the clock to go home.......

Monday, January 10, 2005

back to the GRIND of school

I think I said that title before anwway, i am back to my real schedule now that my night classes have started . I think that my Monday night class is going to be the toughest ESL class so far. I am excited to see what I can learn though about linguistics and how it relates to ESL education. The teacher seems really sharp and nice, and also dedicated to the subject as well as teaching. tomorrow night I will be attending the "teaching reading to ESL" class. both nights I will come here for the last two hours of the night shift to get some $$. if I had taken off both nights completely it would have really hacked away at my paycheck from this job.
I considered this weekend working at the call center for William Sonoma Inc. located here in OKC. jsut as a thought like a job in mangagement or traning of personell or something. I am more than happy with teaching though. It's just I'm getting alot of ideas of ways to spend money, and what I really need to be is CONTENT.
I called my friend Scott the sportswriter in Midwest City this weekend. We definitely need to catch up, he is a christian guy from my singles bible study i had last year. anyway, I am on a bigs health kick before next summer and he's a trainer and all so maybe get some pointers.
speaking of that, I started a big ABS program last week, and tomorrow morning I plan to get up and start my early morning swims again.
probably should consider my diet too eventually. I need more carrots and bananas in my diet i know. this morning I overslept and was late to work. I set my alarm for 8:30 so that I would wake up saturday morning, but usually weekdays I get up at 7:00 am so I forgot that I had changed the set time, I woke up at 8:15 and usually I get to work right before 8am. anyway, made for a quick and small breakfast.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


well the biggest thing during the transfer of 2004 to 2005 is the Tidal Wave disaster. That limbo week i LOVE between christmas and New years was spent each morning getting up and eating cereal in fornt of a tv with cable tv, and watching the tsunami coverage, and the numbers kept adding up each day. just unbelievable. I hope there are journalists and artists there filming and documenting all the side stories. I believe someday my children will be growing up with movies all about the horror of IRAQ war, just like I grew up with all the Vietnam movies. Now I'm thinking perhaps some tsunami movies will be made too.
I had a wonderful new year with friends. I also did some shopping in Texas and driving around. the best thing is I spent the whole week before Christmas off work doing nothing, and lounging around and cleaning my hosue, so that when I returned to OKC on SUnday before work Monday, the house was already nice and clean and extra-welcoming.
I went through a slight mid-life-crisis state of mind during the break, and was going to buy a brand new 2005 Ford Mustang. they are sharp!! I shopped a t two places, but I really wanted a blue with manual transmission, and there weren't any unless you ordered it. SO anyway, i wisened up eventually and decided to save money and not get in debt for a car!
I am looking forward to the new year, the usual goals of hitting the gym and getting in good physical shape, becoming more comitted to my realtionship with God as part of my Christian faith, and to socialize more and get myself out there and meet someone!
so here we go..........perhaps I'll be able to update this page more once more news happens......