Wednesday, February 23, 2005

a million things going

HEY HEY, well I haven't updated much in a while. I have been so BUSY. lately, i ahve been planning too much, for example; thsi weekend I am beginning a weekend class at OU ( which is free and provide free hotel while in norman with CABLE tv), and the next time the class meets is in April , and this is the same weekend that I'm getting back from San Antonio. My school is sending me to San Antonio TX for an ESL convention from march 30th to APril 2nd. what sucks is that I can't work the night of march 30 and 31 at my night job here ( less $$). BUt I am really excited to be going, should be fun since I never been there before.
anyway, I also have all sorts of ideas about moving to ARkansas or not and will I get to buy the house, and do I really want to move, and do i really want to start a new job somewhere. My job here is really easy and just at my pace and its just the perfect teaching job you could ever have here in OKC. but AR does pay profoundly more if I work in Springdale where I applied. So we shall see what doors God opens..... later

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kim Goss died

She was such a nice sweet fun gal! I haven't kept in touch with her at all, but still it's just as sad that she died in a car wreck at age 33. Last time I saw Kim was in Austin while i was there for the weekend one summer. I called her and she drove over to where i was staying at had lunch with my friends and I. They remarked how friendly and sweet and fun she was! I just knew that if I had lived in Austin I would have wanted her in my group of friends.
I have just FINALLY completed my resumes and application for getting a job in Springdale Arkansas. It is very exciting to see what doors God may open or shut. This is all in regard to me dreaming of buying the Henry's house in Siloam Springs, in which case there is a LOT of planning ahead of me which includes finishing up my 3 grad school classes needed THIS summer and moving up there, selling my house, etc etc.
Well I hadn't updated ina while so I thought I had better put something in. Tomorrow I am going to the textbook caravan for ESL in Oklahoma city. I am waiting to hear if our trip to San Antonio is going to be approved or not. It is an ESL convention there that we get to FLYL to and all.. whoo hoo.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

moving on

well I went to the funeral of Ralph Henry last weekend in Arkansas. It was sad but also the exciting part was getting to speak to the daughter ( who is 73 and chain smokes and had a stroke last Dec.). It was exciting because I also got to speak with Mr. henry's sister and at the funeral they talked a lot about just what kind of man he was when younger, and what a big part he had in the history of the town, all the way back to the football game where they were beating Watts and so the team went home at halftime.
It was a little sad to think of the house getting emptied out and chaged, I made it clear to the daughter that I would be interested in buying the property but she wants like 150k or more and there's no way I can do it, BUT i am speaking to my bank here in okc to see what I can afford so i can at least make an offer... I would love to live there in that property in Siloam, however I am completely happy living in my house now here in Bethany. So we shall see.