Wednesday, March 23, 2005

back to the grind

Well I survived sprin g break. I had a great interview in AR and visited some friends in Texas. I was thrilled to get back to work this week, and now I am in a sort of limbo waiting to hear from AR about tyhe job. IF I get the job then I will be very busy trying to sell my house and aggressively trying to purchase the house I want in Siloam Springs. IF I do not get the job then I will be looking aggressively for a roomate. That way I will have some more money to live on here in OKC. yee haw.

no new news. I am just killing time at work tonight and this week has been pretty busy cause I had a flat tire yesterday before I left for work. also next week I am going to SAn Antonio for a TESOL convention....

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

spring break closer

well spring break is three days away. I have just now typed a ton of stuff and when i went to post it, nothing! and going back, all was LOST! well screw this. I will try to type everything again, but it will be brief and less feeling;
actually I can't even do it again. UGGHH, i made some interesting comments on my spring break plans, and the car show this next weekend, and a dream I had this morning, and what happend at work today with this teacher who won't try and help the ESL kid in class.
so that's it in nutshell I'm out.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Well, I am ready for the tomorrow because the date is kind of cool and I really appreciate days like that; 3-4-5

sort of like 9-9-99 or whatever, anyway I am trying to keep busy at work ,I am a bit tired although I've had 8 hours of sleep each night this week. so I am glad to get caught up on that. I really should be studying and outlining some stuff for my midterm in Linguistics next Monday, but I guess there is always tomorrow night for that right?
anyway, nothing else new going on. I have to go to a Multicultural Institute this weekend at UCO which begins Friday night and continues all day Saturday. Normally I would be super excited to be doing it but since i was at OU all alst weekend it just sort of gyps me out of a weekend at home, the following weekend I will be in Siloam Springs, and then after that I am going to be on Spring break somewhere hopefully.
My surrent Ebay wins are hats from Kyrgystan, and some childrens books that I got RIPPED off on, they never sent them, however, i am looking forward to getting some frankoma salt and pepper shakers tomorrow... whee whoo