Wednesday, April 27, 2005

springy springing spring

well I'm just going through the motions sort of this week. I have been charging some dumb stuff on the card and not picking up around the house like I need to. Ahh well. tonight here at work I am getting ready to do some take home final paper writing. my last classes are next Monday and Tuesday, so at least all that will be over SOON. very cool. i have almost finished all the testing of my ESL kids at the school. we have to test them at the end of the year to measure their improvements. hopefully I will meet my school's improvement goals this year.
I had a swell time in AR last weekend. Awesome time with buddy Jeff, watching amovie and shopping and running around. so fun, and also saw Jamie and Shannon etc. also ran into Steve Markovich at mazzio's so that was fun. I like seeing people I know at the church there in Siloam where I used to go every time I visit Siloam I go there on Sunday mornings so its fun.
this week is just cruising. I bought some plants at the nursery again today for my yard. I am really going to have to make that the final purchase though because alst time I spent $40 and again today $40.. UGH . I do have some cool ideas for some landscaping in my front yard this summer. this weekend I plan to buy some rocks for a border, whcih i hope won't be too expensive.... considering buying Jamie and Shannon's old 91 Honda just to have a real car to drvie around in and keep the pickup also.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

time to remember

well today was pretty busy day. I worked some at school this morning, mainly just giving some oral testing to my ESL kids and then I had some time off this afternoon cause of the testing schedule at the highscholl. well anyway, Today being April 19th , 2005, makes it the ten year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building. How sad. So anyway, I did some extra volunteer time at the memorial this afternoon, jsut to give some breaks. I saw Ryan Williams from NBC nightly News at the museum. We said Hi to each other as he got off the elevator. mainly becuase i had no idea who he was and I was just guiding people off and on at the time and being friendly etc. anyway, they are broadcastin NBC nightly news from the Memorial tonight. maybe I'llw atchit but prolly I'll be sleeping.
I will be in Arkansas this weekend in Siloam Springs. my goal is to NOT go by the Henry's house since I can't live there and never got the job I attempted to find up there. But shoudl be a LOT of fun this weekend anyhow because of the DOgwood festival and I get to spend my time with my buddy Jeff Nichols cause his wifes out of town, so we can just hang out and chill, eat and shop and watch tv. etc.. the Oklahoma City Arts festival is also in town so that is Exciting. I will be checking it out prolly tomorrwo or thursday since I'm not going ot be around this next weekend. I got some plants for my flower beds last weekend and maybe going to get some more this week, I don't know. I'm pretty tired tonight for some reason. My theory is because I didn't go swimming after school before work tonight. ahh well. OH yeah, also new pope today, Pope Benedict XVI. iw as watching live on tv when they announced it and it was pretty exciting to see all the cheering of the thousands in the crowd. wow wee. also I watched Star trek this afternoon at my mom and dad's house in Mustang and it was the first episode where they contact the "borg". apparently "Q" sped them 7 thousand light years into the galaxy to test their arrogance or something, then he sped them back to where they were after the encounter, but he did not replace the 18 lives lost etc... laterz DTR

Monday, April 11, 2005


this is an art team I like. Kozy is the japanese or chinese girlfriend of Dan. They are LOVERS and live together etc and both artists and they do all this graphic art work. anyway, I have purchased a couple of their posters from the website; CHECK it out.
he also has a blog that i like to read from time to time. I say from time to time cause that is how often he updates in, even less than ME here.
i had a great weeeknd. I got EVERYTHING out of my room and thrown into the front room, then vaccuumed and dusted everything, then very slowy and methodically, I put all the stacks of clothes and piles away where they shoudl go in my room. anyway, i also got some furniture including the computer out of there and it looks much roomier and nicer. oh yeah, I'm single right, so that tells you how often i wash my bedsheets. well I did this weekend, and boy ain't it nice to sleep in fresh newly clean sheets on the bed.. ahhh.
busy monday today because I have some homework and a presentation to work on here at work tonight. Guess I'll get started.... Dean R

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

april showers

well spring is here blah blah. it rained today which is good. I have heard nothing from the Springdale school in AR so I am pretty sure no job exists there for me, SO now I just have to live in peace with WHATEVER happens to the Henry home and garden etc.... which is fine.
I have begun to hook onto some other sort of goal or dream of finishing getting my masters, paying off my house, and eventually travel around the world teaching English. that would be cool. I am also planning on getting a roomate soon so I can make some money off the spare room in my house etc etc.
what sucks is during the school year I'm never home but during the summer I am home and this would suck having a roomate around. well maybe, I don't know.
absolutely nothing else is new except that I know I won't have my own room next year at the high school so I am wondering where they will stick me. Also I had a lot of fun in San Antonio last wekk and I can't wait to go back sometime again when I just have time to have FUN while there. :) This Friday I plan to go see a documentary film at the museum downtown and then go watch a Mustang High School soccer game. ACT test on Saturday morning, and then house house house work. Dean o ......