Tuesday, May 31, 2005

4608 College st $93,000

well, I was out shopping furniture places yesterday. I was looking at sleigh beds and leather couches and love seats etc... I don't want to buy acart before I get the horse so I was ONLY looking. I am sort of exctied about the interest I've recieved just by telling neighbors about myhouse going up for sell. SO I'm going to try and ask a lot more than I thought I could. although realistically I don't think anyone would pay $81 a square foot. However even if I can get 85K then that''s like about $74 per square foot.... so we shall see. bascially anything over 80k covers my down payment on the house in siloam, but anyting extra could maybe help with NEW furniture.. he he
other news, none really. last day of school tomorrow and since i hate goodbyes in typical fashion I am not prepared to try and see anyone or do anything or say anything special. I AM however cleaning and sorting and organizing, my stuff fromthe school stuff in case I really am leaving. yee haw. I cleaned my house more this weekend and did the yard up nice again. cleaned the actual siding of my house with a sponge and hose. naything that will help. i stil llack getting the back room of my house completely clean and empty. also need to continue and take down all personal framed photos, and stuff off my fridge. SUpposedly you are supposed to de-personalize all in the house when showing it. I also want it spotless clean.
I've been researching online to replace the little knobs on my stove in the kitchen. extra details like that which I never even cared about while i've been living in this house. ahh well. more as it happens. Dean O
PS if anyone reading this,(andrew), and you are renting, I say BUY a house and INVEST now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

what next?

THe lady accepted my offeron the house in Siloam. I'm so nervous as all get out about my new job. I hate the unkown!! yuck! anyway, the job is not in stone yet, the principal has to get the approval of the distrcit for the position first which is based on numbers of students.
I'm winding down on my school year here and getting all sentimental of course. And I continue to appeal to OU for graduate credit for the classees i took, and IF I get the credit, then, that would be VERY cool becuase then i could finish 3 more classes this summer and be DONE!!!!! otherwise who knows when I will ever come back and finish. ( ALSO I would NOT take the 3 classes this summer but only one, why kill myself trying...... LATERZ

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I made an offer

I wanted to mention another really funny commercial that I like. Its the one with the chinese asian guy or whatever, named Pim, I think. anyway, he has like all these clones so the whole commercial people are confused at all the different pim, the best is the end where his wife is waking up in bed iwth him and he's also bringing her breakfast. I made an offer on the henry house today in Siloam Springs, mainly its because I am pretty sure I'l get the job in AR becuase my principal said they called and prollyt he dude wants to hire me. I just MIGHT nbe siloam bound. more later.................

Monday, May 16, 2005

Siloam Dreams

I got back from Siloam this afternoon jus before coming into work here. I had an interview this morning at 8 am. And I htink it went a LITTLE bit better than the last school I went to. Anyway, I think they are really interested but I don't know when I will hear anything. I m going to call him on thursday and sort of ask when, because I want to get an offer in on the Henry house which I went and looked at and it really is just the most perfect place, not jsut the garden but the house itself is great! we shall see, lots of praying for me this week, just so I can not think about it and let God move what He wants.
no other news, work work, oh yeah one more thing, i'm writing all my professors from OU this week to ask them to email a memo to the dean of graduate college to see if he'll give me graduate credit for the calsses that i THOUGHT I WAS taking for grad credit. anyway, long story, the secrectary dcid tell me that I had about a 20% chance so its not looking very good, but heck, can't hurt to try!!! DEANO over and OUT

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

oen more thing

I forgot to mention my current favorite commercials.

the first one is I love the family talking like auctioneers into the cell phone to save on minutes, thats great! my next one is the one with Chewbacca in the sound booth, and everything time he says his lines, it's like the SAME thing, and the soudn guy say's now make it happy, now say it sad, and of course it's the same growell, then he say's " I love it, now, make me hate it"... that's my favorite part.



well a lot can happen in one week,

the best thing that has happened is NO MORE GRAD SCHOOL CLASSES for a month anyway. I had my finals monday and tuesday. I am taking a class however this summer in June for a month. ugh.
I got a call today from Springdale, but it wasn't the school where I interviewd, it was a different school in Springdale. SO I was getting all excited about THE DREAM of living in the henry's home and moving up there, BUT then at work tonight I saw that the Henry house is no longer on the realtor's website. so I emailed the realtor to make sure the house is gone. Now I have to decide if I really want to interview for the job or not just for the experience. I doubt i would take the job bicause the only reason for finding a job oup there was to get the hosue! oh well. its cool, I'm happy either way. and I jsut bought a new mower for $180 last weekend, its jsut a push mower but it does have a 6.5 engine so that is good. My dad called on Tuesday to say that he had fixed my mower* the lawn boy) so it looks like I now have two. when you consider that they gave me a really nice electronic weedeater last summer for my birthday having no idea I already had a gas powered one, well I guess I should start up a lawn business soon. --- I just have to find the right cheap illegal mexicans to do the work and I'm off!
My student Roy, who grew up in Mexico and Texas is a junior at Mustang and he lost his job alst weekend. I was proud of him for working at ACE hardcware that just opened in mustang. BUT apparently some redneck was asking him where stuff was, and Roy who is the nicest guy in the world was trying to help him and the guy ended up walking off and said niever mind, and then something about "dirty mexican" so of course Roy immediately said excuse me, and then ends up hitting the guy. SO he was fired. ahh well. SO I had this talk with him about lets plan what we will don ext time this happens, because maybe it will, and you can not have a pattern of losing jobs etc.... he really is a great guy, he's the only student that calls me sir constantly so of course I think he's great.
another thing is I decided not to buy the Honda that Jamie and Shannon are selling. and i need to clean my house really really bad. in fact I will this weekend. in case I get a roomate, OR if I have to seel the house ( ya never know), I will NOT put in a front flower bed by the sidewalk out front like I had planned on doing this weekend because fo the dream, you just never know....