Thursday, June 23, 2005

inside the tunnel, waiting for the light

been SO busy lately. SCHOOL. I guess its cool and all I'm supposed to be an expert in ESL when i'm done getting my masters, thus all the WORK in my classes now. The one thing I have remained clean and clear of so far taking all my classes is writing any long lengthy stupid dad gum ding dang research paper. I can easily read an article and write an "abstract" on it. But this grammar class I'm taking wants an 8 page research paper. I HATE that stuff. also the other class I'm taking is guess what, foundations of Research. in this class we have to write a prospectus for a research paper, which involves 10 or more references and more writing. Boy oh boy, I am not saying I can't do it, I just find it quite mundane and boring and I'm just lazy enough and non motivated enough to not like it at all. what a bore! and what boring work!
so that's what I've been up to. the good thing is that the 8 page paper is due next thursday and the class ends the ame day! yee haw!! then I can concentrate on my research class which goes til endof July. also No FUN.
I'm stressing because my house has not gotten any bites yet from buyers. I am beginning to think I am a bit too greedy on the price. But i remain optimistic about the outcome of eventually getting to siloam next month and getting started there new job and house. FOr now, its been hard to think about selling hosue and doing school. but thank goodness I have ag reat night job where I can do a lot of the homework while working.
I hate tongiht becaseu instead of being off work tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning with my Mustang school boss, and then i have do drive straight up to Springdale AR for a meeting at 3pm withthe business office there of my maybe new job there. and then I can't relax and hang in Siloam cause I'm coming back saturday to do house stuff and homework, you know for the two classes I'm taking. YEe HAw, so this is my summer so far. I hope I make some money on the house and buy some stuff for my house and then i'll feel liek it was all worth it. :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

2 weeks and ?

well I haven't really posted anything for a while. I have been super busy getting school over with and then starting up 2 grad school classes at UCO.... bitch gripe etc... anyway, I have a class at UCO at 8am Mon -THurs and then a 2 pm class. get out of class just in time to drive to wrok at Metrotech (southside OKC) by 430pm. so you get the picture that my entire day is blown. the nice thing is I have a 2 hour break between classes so I can go work out at the health complex there at UCO. and the 2pm class is only T-th. Fridays!!! those will be my fun fun fun free days this summer. well actually the 8 am class is over in June.
I haven't sold my house yet but I had an open house yesterday and about 5 couples came by to look. so that is cool I nly hope I don't get any low offers. All my neighbors tell how great the place is and how I have it priced just right, but I think maybe just because they are nieghbors that is why they think the neighborhood is so great. anyway, I continue to get ideas about what I want to do to the henry place. my friends heidi and Kirk are considering buying the original henry home in historic part of SIloam springs. that would be great, even better if my little buddy jeff buys there old place near mine in siloam.. yadda yadda. I am hoping to strike up a new friendship with Steve markovich when I return to Siloam, also Jeff Mille from my graduating class fo 86 in Mustang, he lives in Fayetteville, Dr. Miller of Agricultural Journalism. Can't wait to surprise him down the and reminisce and all that. I'll be hanging out with Jeff an Ems mostly though. When he gets a house I'll be helping get his yard in shape and all. Also I'll be around when heidi has her baby this fall. etc
ok so no new news, EXCEPT that my advisor at UCO told me that the OU classes would not all count for 9 hours anyway, so whats the point?! I will probably still lack a class if even I do get credit from OU AND finish all 3 classes this summer, maybe stuck without my masters lacking one class!!! Ihope I can work something out though Becuase I'll get paid more with a masters, and also i want to find some adjunct professor second job or something. morez laterz