Thursday, July 28, 2005

F F F F F is for FREEDOM

HELLO, I'm back on my blog for what its worth. BEEN A LONG TIME. first of all. the DREAM OF SILOAM SPRINGS IS DEAD. I called the principal at Springdale on Tuesday who was not too happy to hear from me, and told him I was decling the position. Boy that was a really hard thing to do but it fhad to be done. I am now planning my life remaining here in OKC. I work a t a wonderful school so that is nothing bad at all. SHould be another great year.
I finished my classes today at UCO ! 9hours this semester of grad credit. yeah! so now I have a couple weeks of summer with no school before work starts back up the 18th of AUG.
I will try to get back on here more frequently for some updates. This week I am taking a class at OU, NOT FOR CREDIT, for some extra training on teaching ESL students. THis will help me train my teachers when school starts at Mustang.
I am also trying to get a plane ticket to go to Grand Rapids michigan to see my Honduran roomate Brad and his wife Ruth. I need to get away thats for sure, and it ain't gonna be AR for a while!> :) good weekend to all, I'll be at the lake ! DTR