Wednesday, September 28, 2005

wednesday again

class, kids, work, driving, school, home, sleep, email, yard.......anyway, things going fine here for me as usual. nothing happening much this week. I talked to this student who was kicked out of school last year for having a rifle in his truck at a football game. I had no idea, since I knew this kid since he was 8th grade, so I was like, man I just thought you had a different lunch last year, wondered why I never seen you around til this year. Anyway........, the pic is of some very SWHEET vintage converse tennis shoes that I wanted on Ebay, BUT my stupid slow ding dang dad gum laptop wasn't hooking on to the internet last night before I could bid, something wrong with my NetZero service I think. I was willing to top bid $35 and they sold for $31!! ahh well, they are so very very nice but I guess wasn't meant to be, the other guy still may have gone over what I was willing to pay anyway,but just LOOK how sweeet they look in pic!!! --- have a great week! DTR

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Here are some pics of my house. lots of plants all around, what I did this summer was put up navy shutters on the side of the house. and then I painted some of the detail above with White and Navy also. Anyway, maybe you can notice in the pics, not sure. I also painted the picket fence white this summer mjsut before school started, I actually have to finish the back half though, prolly this fall when it cools down and I have some time on the weekend. On the side street shot, you can imagine me out there sweeping the street and collecting it into a shovel and bucket. It looks really nice when I clean up the street and gutter on the side of my house, also I can get some sun and get something done instead of just lying out like I did when I was a teenager to get a tan. I don't bother too much not cause a tan just fades in a few days on me anyway these days.
What is gas where you live going for? I filled up today at Wal-Mart in Mustang for $2.35 a gallon. I had a half tank, but I wanted to fill up today in case it starts creeping up again. I plan to go home tonight and clean up my back porch tonight because we are expected to maybe
get a LOT of rain this weekend and the storm really blow the wind around so everything gets wet. Good news is I don't have to water anything the rest of the week. ALthough I'm trying to figure out a way to mow my yard between now and going to Tulsa Friday morning. I think 9:30 pm is too late to mow, considering the neighbors. BUT I might just do the back yard tomorrow night when I get home, and then the front in the morning before I head out to Tulsa if the dew isn't too wet. I actually really really like rainy weather, and I also love drving inthe rain, unless there are a lot of idiot drivers on the road. prolly everyone feels like that. Wednesday here and I'm ready for the weekend already! DTR

Monday, September 19, 2005

$100 could buy a lot of stuff! (junk)

Back from the weekend here. I had a really fun weekend, Jeff and his wife Emily came to stay the weekend from Arkansas. This gave me the push to CLEAN HOUSE ! although the back room and porch still remain with boxes from storage that I haven't put anywhere else yet. Usually when they visit we ride around town crammed in my little black 2000 Ford Ranger, so this time I rented a car and ended up with a CHevy Colorado extended cab four door truck. It was a brand new model and a lot of fun to drive. The radio is digital and the stations flash across and even the song name is displayed, ahh technology....also had a cd player in the car, I drove around with a "Postal Service" cd playing and enjoyed it. Got me to wanting a new car payment, but I'm smarter than that. what would I shop around with if I had a car payment, the Ranger has been paid off since last spring.
The weekend got off to an awful start though when I rented the car after school on Friday and right after I pulled out of the place in the truck that drove so smooth I didn't realize how fast I was going, I realized right as i saw the cop coming my way and glanced at the speedometer. YIKES, so his lights go on, I pull over, and turns out its a school zone and I'm going 40. damn! well he's nice and gives me a ticket for 35 NOT in a school zone, so it doesn't go on my record, and I immediately go to the bank, get cash, and go to city hall to pay $106. Like throwing money down the drain. YUCK. ahh well, it happens, what I get for getting all excited for the weekend to start and renting a truck and then not paying attention to the school zone I guess.
YES the weekend got much better. My friends and I went over by the mall, first I showed them this awesomely cool modern design house built in the 50's near the mall, then we shopped, ate at a restaraunt "Pepperoni Grill." and then we went to Mustang Homecoming football game in Mustang. this way I showed them my highschool, and I got talk to some freinds while sitting at the game, usually I'm just there sitting by myself. So it was a fun night. Saturday, we got up, went to an Art Gallery in Bethany where I buy a lot of pottery, then Super Target, then raced downtown for a late lunch at the Art Museum Cafe ( where I usually go on Saturday after the gym and I love the Tilapia there!), and then we saw the Artist as Narrator exhibit there. went home and just chilled, we were so full and tired, then later went out to eat at Chelino's.
Well this week should swing by pretty quick, I'm not in school on Friday cause I'm going to Tulsa for an ESL conference. the school pays mileage and for my hotel at the Marriot, so I'm looking forward to having some fun, shopping around Tulsa some, coming back Saturday night to relax in okc and church Sun. I like the ESL conferences cause its fun to "network" with other ESL teachers, and discuss programs and materials that work. This year I will be recommending an Interactive DVD that I like using in class.
well that's it, ya know $100 could buy a lot of junk on ebay. or maybe some shirts or jeans and the mall. or even a good stock of groceries, but last Friday it went to the city of Yukon. The chair in the picture sold for $355 on Ebay, Its an Eames original in color elephant grey and I was watching it closely ready to throw n my winning bid of $200 limit. but I got beat out waybefore I could even bid that. SO I continue to search for an Eames chiar with Eiffel tower base, just for a little fun on the side......IF YOU ARE at work with a HIGH SPEED internet then click here ; and watch this cool artsy video clip from a weblog I check out a lot. its an animation done with digital camera and people moving around making shapes with flashlights.....etc. DTR

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rainy Day

was a great rainy morning, those really are the best. I woke up earlier than I have been lately. I've been trying to get back to my 630 wake up instead of 7am. anyway, I bought a rug from China off of Ebay this summer, and because I gave them good feedback they sent me two free cds a week later. It is very strange music played on some Chinese string instruments. It can be somewhat enjoyable and/or somewhat annoying after too long. But it seemed the perfect thing to play in the background this morning as I got up to the cloudy rainy morning grey light coming through the blinds and walked around the house with first only the bathroom light on, and then a lamp in my room, and then the kitchen light, as I let the Chinese music play in the background and stir my mind awake as I moved around the house getting the blood and air flowing through me and rousing myself mentally awake enough to get ready for work was a nice peaceful morning. Although I am just amazed at how I can get up an hour early out of bed and still not get out of the door by 8am!!!!! that is going to CHANGE!!!! next week.
The picture above is of a wooden screen I am picking up tonight that I found on It is broken in a few places, which I plan to repair, yet it is a nice big handcarved wooden screen that I will stick in my room and it will add to the "missionary" international feel that I sort of aspire to when decorating my home. hope all are having a great week. I am getting the house clean and ready for Jeff and his wife to come visit this weekend. And I am scheduling things to do and places to eat this weekend. Good ole OKC! ............DTR

Thursday, September 08, 2005

it is STREPT

nasty stuff! I went to the doctor's office this morning for an apointment, and did not have my new insurance card with me. SO, I had to run home and get it, came back and they couldn't see me until 3:50 this afternoon. SO, I went back this afternoon and sure enough, strept! I am so glad I went because now the penicillin shot, and the penicillin pills I am taking will kick it down by bedtime, and then work on it by morning and so on.... Its amazing how that particular part of my body just kills me, its the worst, I mean I love eating and breathing and talking, and all those things are a little painful with strept.
I got late to work because of the dr. visit and the pharmacy trip. But I had called so no big deal. just less $$$ for me . I have been contacted by a potential roomate from California who is a grad student for clinical phsychology and moving to OKC to study. anyway, he will call me at some point and I'll see how it goes. anyway, the extra $$$ will really help out this fall, well it will just help out in general. I prolly shouldn't be at work tonight, but I'm just not going to really speak too much to the students.
by the way there is this new student, is a little small hard working guy, prollya couple years out of highschool. and he has like one eye sort of smaller than the other, I don't know which eye to look at really. anyway, he's like in a tire repair uniform and all dirty and grimy on his arms and hands, and a sort of raspy high voice. But dang it if he's not the nicest guy in the world, and I hope to get his math scores up while he's here so he can enroll in the computer repair classes he wants to take. Also I will mention this very tall big black girl who is the nicest nicest girl in the world, and always nicely dressed and saying thank you, and God bless you, and I thought she looked a little slow, but she just takes notes and notes while doing the math program, and I think she's really picking it all right back up. Its a real joy to help these people who are get interested in getting training or instruction for a better job, and then are told their math or reading scores are too low. Because they don't give up, they stick with the program, although it means taking a longer time, and they hold on to the dream, they're breaking out and wanting to move to something new in life, something better. etc.... and each one of these new students is always so apologetic or humble in attitude when it comes to talking about when they dropped out of highschool, or how much they had before quitting etc... alright, well I'm watiing for the Penicillin to kick in.........DTR , blog had nothing to do with sunflowers but oh well

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

labor day wknd

had a great weekend! although its hard to enjoy too much with the reality of the Katrina situation. All those poor people not even considered before the storm apparently. it's awful. anyway, so now I'm catching up on missed sleep and a sore throat. I will go to the doctor tomorrow morning if I wake up feeling awful again like this morning. YUCK
I have been making plans today to attend an ESL conference in Tulsa end of September, then I also had to consider when was JBU homecoming, Oct 7th, and then the ARt on Tap function here in okc, Oct 14th, and then this course at OU fro ESL teachers, Oct 15,16, and the fall break is Oct 20-21. So yeah Christmas will be here before I know it huh.
I lived in Honduras when Hurrican mitch struck, and for about three weeks we were out of school ad instead took bus trips down off the mountain to dig and help people affected by the floods in the city. I have seen a housing community right by the river that was flooded up to right below the ceiling, and you go inside the house and you dig and dig the mud into wheelbarrows to carry out, and then you come across all this normal stuff should be in homes that is mixed in with mud, debris, branches, etccc. and the house looks all normal right above this terrible muddy floodline on the walls from the water. In the downtown streets that flooded, there was a bunch of cars, and branches and tress and trash and mud left when the waters went down, so that little trails developed over and around the mounds of debris. We dug in a neighborhood near a river and this was literally washed over by sand. One of our groups found a dog. The eerie thing was when the Mexican army brought the dogs that would search and sniff for bodies. I could'nt imagine how I'd feel if they had found one. I know that being in the presence of a waiting corpse is definitely creepe. for example the emergency room where we made visits sometimes in Honduras, there might be a corpse on a bed waiting out in the lobby for who knows what. Or when there was a traffic accident and the body would be left lying on the street, cause of course it takes forever for ambulances to get there. and people walk by, ride by, gawk and stare. I'm reminded 0f these things as I see the footage. 8,000 estimated died from Hurrican Mitch, and extremely poor country to begin with. but within months, those hardworking people got life going and cleaned up , painted, working again. The main diffference is the floods came and left, and in New Orleans the water is just standing and slowly draining, so who know's the effect it will leave.
man it realy hurst to swallow right now, I don't htink its strept cause I don't feel feverish, but I am going to the doctor cause I want it GONE! DTR