Monday, October 31, 2005

getting my kicks....

I think I'm going to buy this cowhide rug for myself this Christmas.... sorry Andrew not very Peta freindly, but its so cool. well I thought I'd better get my Halloween thoughts down quick, and now is just the time when I have 2 hours left at work and an absract to write and some short answer essay questions on my take home midterm, all due tomorrow after school.
If I were home tonight I would be getting up and down off the couch handing out treats, and for a change people in the neighborhood might actually see who lives in my house since I'm hardly even seen around unless you see me mow on the weekend or are home during the weekdays during the summer when I'm in my yard. Well anyhow, I was thinking in the car today that I am definitely the type of person who would either expect, or make a kid, say "trick or treat" before I'm giving anyone any candy. Sorry but them's the rules in my book. I grew up trick or treating, and I think it's a fun American traditional holiday, regardless of the controversial pagan aspect(agree with Slice of life). I think it would be great to see more parents getting dressed up as they take their kids out. anyway, the neat thing this year is more "kids" might actually get to go out and trick or treat since all the churches have had their "fall festival" stuff prolly on Saturday night since Halloween is on a Monday. This Christian is all for trick-or-treating, since I grew up with it, and the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus.(and no I never felt betrayed or lied to by my parents)....I will add, that with five kids in the family, our costumes were always home-made, and usually I was a "hobo" with some of dad's old oversized clothes, and candle soot on my face.
My dad was mentioning the other day how he lived west of the city in El Reno(back in the day) and how you could drive old route 66 into Oklahoma City and see nothing but fields after Yukon, then hit Bethany, and there was nothing but the SNU college and then more fields then eventually OKC. well, of course now the OKC part is all connected with houses and business and highways etc. and okc spread out west right up to a mile west of Bethany, then it stops and there is a two miles stretch of old route 66 with lake overholser on the south side and some creeks and and trees and fields on the north. about three more mile west and you hit Yukon etc...
I want to discuss the trees on this passage outside of Bethany which I take due west every morning before hitting the turnpike that cuts right over, which I can zoom down south to the middle school where I begin my day. I love cruising by this part in the fall. There is a wall of tall trees on the north side to my right the entire two mile stretch with the filtered morning sun radiating directly upon them in front of me, shining from right behind me as I head out in my black ford ranger pickup with grape juice in hand. What I enjoy is the variety of fall color. I doubt the growth of all the trees here was anything planned , other than Divine. The trees, tall elms, hackleberry, sand willow, and other "weed" native types, seem perfectly randomly interspersed in intermittent colors of yellow and pale green and slight orange brown, and then every five or so trees vertical whisps of bright and dark red, the poison oak vines climbing up the bank or trunks of some trees. The road is grey, the roadside grass a dying pale yellow brown, the brown shiny creek, and fields of grass and reeds behind the trees in the distance also turning a drab light brown, and some mornings with a foggy mist lingering amongst them. Usually I am zipping off to work down a paved neglected green arbor tunnel, passing cars, and maybe noticing a dead animal or early morning fisherman off to the side of the road. But this time of year, I'm briefly faced with the beauty of a fall morning as the city quickly morphs from summer to windy cold unpredictable autumn and winter. ... DTR
"...Get your kicks, on Route 66!"

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Good Thursday !

AND! "President Bush has suffered one of the biggest embarrassments of his presidency at a time when he faces a mountain of other problems. "

This is what the headline reads on the BBC world service website when you click on the "Gloom deepens - Embarrassment as Bush's Supreme Court choice withdraws" headline on the homepage for the link. Wow I didn't realize it was so awful gloomy and dark and depressing in the white house right now, I'm also glad to know how much the BBC cares when I doubt average America prolly only has what Halloween costume they will wear or their kids will wear this weekend. But the Media will press on, they couldn't wait to jump on the 2000th American soldier dying in Iraq story, the 1987th must not have been as important. man I hate that. what about the 2000th Iraqi citizen killed by insurgents? I wish this American could get the full story on more international news in general, including a follow-up on stories so we're reminded that the refugees in Darfur are still miserable and that the rainforests continue to be chopped down, and that Haiti is still living in extreme ungoverned poverty. etc... anyway
I am also sick of hearing about the one main point considering a supreme court judge being pro or anti abortion. just get someone who can do the job. You're can't change this country's moral opinion on any issue based on making something law or not. Any change over all will come from friends and neighbors witnessing and winning over the hearts of fellow Americans individually and one by one, making a blanket pro- or anti- Christian ethic law is not going to force this into a better Christian world, the responsibililty lies with you and me the Christian laymen spreading a light in this world as the salt of the earth to our fellow man...etc etc etc
I cringed this morning as the same blatherskiting as usual went on all over all the morning news shows about Mier stepping down from the nomination. I mean they all sounded so rehearsed and they were practically skipping over themselves in a rush to get out the words of this "failure" of president Bush's nomination. Ughh.
I also will comment on an Interview of a Floridian talking about the "price of living in paradise" . I guess that's a price the nation will be paying as a whole for those who live in sunny florida and those who live below sea level in a swamp. I was wondering today how much responsibility the state has vs the national govt. And I was also thinking what a luxury it is to live in United States, I mean the power goes out and we expect the govt to be there immediately with food and water and ice and how dare we have to wait a day or two. I'm sorry I have no room to speak because I live in OK and the worst disaster we have is Tornados. But you'd think with Dennis, Katrina, Rita, that this last Wilma experience would have gotten people buying some preparations just in case. I don't think we Americans can be so very practicl and prepared anymore, life is just SO GOOD here. ti really really really is good. I just think of my jobs, my family, my life day to day. my cares and concerns. my wonderful students who have teachers bending over backwards to provide a meaningful education. its just really really good.
I think my life is going to be really really good regardless of who is nominated to the supreme court. regardless of who is president. and regardless of what the BBC chooses to report on AMerican Politics. what do you think. he he :) ok enough of my ramblings on here...
oh yeah, its a really good thursday because I'm off school tomorrow 'cause we had parent teacher conferences at night instead this week. I will be sleeping in and then waiting for the Heat and Air guy to come install a new unit. Other plans tomorrow: clean house as usual, laundry, find places to put all the plants I brought in from the cold and stuck in the back room, go and get my oil changed in the truck, and dig up a new flower bed back by the driveway, and maybe go see a movie at the museum tomorrow night if its something cool and not too weird....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

baked LAYS and TV

I get the same thing every night at Subway, honey oat wheat, 6 inch, BMT, with double meat but only 3 pepperoni ( if you double the pepperoni, too salty), white american (like me) cheese, lettuce and 3 pickles, mayonaise and honey-mustard dressing. I get this with chips and a drink. Always baked Lays plain. well there is one thing to say about a product's consistency, some days they are great somedays not so great. today I have a GREAT bag. so fresh and thick and crisp and tasty. just right. somedays they have no taste, or too salty, or taste just different. So anyway, today they're just right!
Well, I took my Truck title to the bank yesterday and will be paying $3000 for a new heat and air unit getting installed this Friday. Slice-O-Life had commented on the cold weather, man I been feeling it, no heat and air for two weeks now which means when it got real cold the past two nights in okc I was cold, but for the 4 blankets on my bed.
actually its not so bad, the top blanket is a sleeping bag I bought at the camping store before going to Honduras, its supposed to be good for 0 degrees. I slept with that thing all three years while in Honduras. No heat and air there on the mountain and some cool nights. Ahhh the good ole days......
anyway, we had parent teacher night last night at the HighSchool. None of my ESL students' parents come of course, but I had some time to go around and talk to some of their teachers about helping them along etc... so that was pretty good.
I don't know if anyone has seen the crazy female president storyline tv show on Tuesday nights, but I have been watching it after I get home from UCO classes on Tuesday, mainly cause I've always like Geena Davis since accidental tourist. well, it s all good fro entertainment, but I am a little unsatisfied with the kid storyline, I find it unrealistic that vice presidential children would have such a hard time adjusting to being president's kids. I also think they would be a bit more refined and less dramatic whiney and demanding. anyway, I know its just hollywood drama soap opera written into the story. man, isn't donald suterhland a creepy bad guy though. good character for him.
btw, here I will comment on a show I really like to watch; Grey's anatomy. SUnday is the one night I'm home to chill and watch some tv. Grey’s anatomy is awesome, but I hate the shize they pulled week before last, with the intern going on a date and being a jerk to the blond girl. They were so cute growing to be friends/ in love whatever; I think in real life this is inconsistent. I think a guy beginning to like someone would confess or confide and not pull away and be the same jerk again. But I don’t know. Anyway, some really excellent acting was when……. The Asian girl said “ I was right!” and she has this emotional hayride thing, happy and then uncontrollably losing it, I mean you could see her do it step by step, I seriously hope she gets an award sometime for that!! That was good acting, oh yeah and again total soap opera with the --- will the estranged wife leave or not-, will the doctor sign?? blah blah…. But overall, I love that show.
btw, the asian girl I'm tlaking about was in that movie "sideways" I guess I should check out how she is in it also. tonight I'm here at work and getting ready to work on my take home midterm from my Tuesday night second language acquisition class. It's due next Tuesday, same day as an Abstract on a research article, and a discussion question. Gee WHiz.
later. DTR

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Idiot culture market

FIRST<> HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Fabiola !! she is 19 or twenty, I don't know but its her second year of college I know that. the picutre is of Karla , Mariafer, and FAbiola . they are all awesome students I taught in 7th and 8th grade. karla studies medicine, Maria business, and Fabiola law. WOW what amazing young girls, you can tell by their direct looks and smiles that they will truly be successful independent women someday. God bless them.
now here goes a sort of gripe session.......
I am really dissapointed in this radio station, fm 94.7, in okc with "alternative" rock music. It's like my only option for hearing new rock music, whatever "alternative" is supposed to mean anyway. Anyhow, first of allthey have a loud mouthed jerk of a morning radio talk show, he's filthy and opinionated, and I don't know whay its so cool to push the boundaries by being all about nasty stuff and sex in order to have a talk show, also what's the deal with getting dj's from out of state who then constantly insult Oklahoma by complaining about this or that issue or law with no regard with the population's background of conservatism or bible-belt status.
What I really really miss in! I used to listen to this over the web at work before they block all streams. And what is sad is that I know I'm missing out some really great bands and music that I'll never hear on OKC radio. someting about the overall variety they program, its a big variety of all sorts of music new and old, but somehow always sounds cool.
now we come to the idiots I was speaking about in my title. Obviously the only music I'm going to hear on my rock station 94.7 fm is a bunch of repeated tunes currently being marketd to a specific group of idiots. SO because of the idiots who buy the most of the same stuff, thus we are all subjected the same boring stuff. They are not all really idiots, but I'm guessing the target audience is overly-macho highschool to college males. These are the guys who just like anything loud, or involves sex, and laugh at anything loud or about sex. What had been getting on my nerves are the recent promos on the station. here are some examples;
"and now to the new music hooker......" dialogue from some raunchy old lady voice, new music clips, then some remark about it coming out of her ass....
another example, a male opera type voice sings "we've got new music coming out our ass"....
anyway, so this is radio and I guess really cute and funny. but you know what? I just wonder if the highschool age and colleg eage kids today really think any of this is that entertaining or shocking. Probably the men coming up with all this garbage are my age or around my age. BUt I was raised in a country where you didn't here these words so hearing the bad words in public to the juvenile probably was cool and funny and awesome. But what happens when these words are no longer taboo or unheard of, is it really still all that funny to kids growing up with it as the norm. Is uppose they will find something to then push it even further. why can't we just listen to music. I wish I could fund a sign in okc that said, "shut up and play the music"
well while I'm at it, I also do not understand the blatant disrespect for women with the humor the phrase "you pimpin' ". there is nothing cool about be a woman-abusing pimp. and this goes for any hooker comment or humor. I also see a lax attitude growing on drug-use. for example the new WB show about the family where the parents steal their kids pot so they can run upstairs and get stoned.
well I think I'm going to buy this book and read it called "Mediated". there was a talk radio show on NPR today and it got me really interested. how much does the media shape our identities, indeed!
SO anyway, just wanted to rant a little about the radio. I'm actually in a great mood cause my weekend starts tomorrow. fall break! DTR
PS. I used to listen to 98.9 fm in okc but reprogramed that button long ago when they overplayed "that dont' impress me much," and some other shania type song "that kiss" UGHHH that is not rock music. I don't listen to the pop station 102.7 cause I dislike the porn R&B music so much. I want my virgin radio! til then, K-love Christian, and NPR, and yes, I'll admit it, Delilah's radio show. oh yeah, that's the easy listening station, I might as well be over 40.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Hello, well just another quick note before I leave work. Last weekend I left school Friday to meet a air/heat guy at my house cause I have to get a new heat/air unit this fall. thenI went to gym to workout/swim. then I went to an awards thing at the bricktown movie theatre for the Memorial Volunteers. it was fun, then I left early to go to the Art on Tap, beer tasting event at the art museum, that was a blast. then I drove down to Norman for a class there this weekend. back on Sunday evening to mow the yard and clean house etc. more on WEdnesday. DTR

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

quick note

had a nice time in SIloam last weekend for homecoming, the best part was seeing some of my old college buddies, John Lasater and wife, and the old gang, Tony Molina and Jane, Michelle Marcovich and Andrea Woznuik Toeynes, and all the KIDS, wow. OF course Kirk and PREGNANT Heidi, Jeff and Emily, and the Claybergs. anyway, I'm busy this week getting homework done for my UCO class. so more writing and updating later.
note to self -future blog stuff to mention: my ford pinto, honduran doughnuts, riding in the back of a truck, supreme court nominations, stupid OK lottery, theories about growing up, awful thing I said to Grahm, and more of my mundane blatherskiting about daily routine of life. cheers.... DTR

Monday, October 03, 2005

MOnday and all......

back to Monday, I had a great weekend, an extremely cool friend came by the place last night which gave me a reason to clean up. although I had to tape "grey's anatomy" while we were visiting. I tell ya what, I think I'm gonna have to put an end to my Sunday night runs to "El Rodeo II" Mexican restaurant for chimichangas for a while. I go there every Sunday and bring home dinner, but I think I'll start to forgo it and just to save money, and eat Peanut butter and jelly instead ( Peter Pan crunchy with Welch's grape jelly and ROldGold Pretzels... etc.. maybe with chocolate chips inside, nothing better!)
I set out 6 plants of winter Kale in the yard this weekend, and some Siloam daylilies that I bought off of Ebay. I don't feel like writing anything else cause i want to finish eating my subway sandwich.. Mustang football team WON friday night, and we are now 5-0, and I think this week's home game against Lawton should be Awesome. I will tape it and watch cause I'll be in Siloam Springs for Homecoming weekend.....DTR