Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday before the holiday season

Thanksgiving sort of kicks off the whole holi day season the way I see it. This is the beginning of a great time of year. only two days of school for me this week, then 3 days off, one of 'em with the family on thursday. then another weekend and then December as it gets colder, and nights seem darker, and the air more still. that's outside, as Christmas approaches things indoor come more alive. shops getting busier, more errands to run, calls and plans made. Then I get another great break from work. a week for Christmas break. Everyone forced to really stop with the time off to face things, think, enjoy others. I'm ready. and extremely thankful that I'm living near my family, and i love them all, and I'm thankful to still have my great job at my old school.
SPeaking of which, Mustang WON on Friday night against Sapulpa. It was cold and there were lots of kids from Mustang there. the game was so good, we were up, then way down, then up and up some more..... such a great win. But I hate getting too excited or involved cause next weekend, I just don't want to go too crazy about them winning again.. ahh man, go Broncos!
My blogs won't be coming as often, at my night job they have blocked all blog sites. But I'll keep updates going when I have time at home. BUt it was more fun when I got to kill time at work and just type away about the stuff I'd done that day or week before. On the bright side, my night job also blocked all online auction sites, so I'm bound to save a lot of money off of ebay.

Monday, November 14, 2005


one quick update,Andrew West Griffin interviewed for a job in OKC this last weekend. WHile he was in town, on Friday night we went to the Mustang football game. We WON!! It was a great game against Norman North. I took him around downtown Saturday to the Oklahoma National Memorial Museum and then lunch at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art Cafe, and we saw some of the art afterwards, then we went to look at apartements before going home to relax some. Then Saturday night we headed out to see "Roger Creager" at the Wormy Dog Saloon downtown bricktown. it was an excellent clean crowd and also the band was really good. I look forward to maybe going back sometime when Andrew West moves to "the city" as we say in OKC. tonight I am reading a qualitative research article and writing an abstract. So I guess I better get started, cheers. DTR

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quick Note

well I didn't update anything tonight, was going to post a pic of Kirk and Heidi's new kid, SPike, but thought I'd better ask him first. so here are the two Eames Chairs I found on Ebay and won! they are very cool with Eiffel bases and they are black. anyway, this weekend I'm busy with Andrew West Griffin in town. And I've been emailing a new friend in Iowa all night tonight while busy at work, and doing some chapter questions for my UCO class. I can't believe she gave us questions the same week as an abstract is due YUCK> ok have a great weekend all! DTR

Monday, November 07, 2005

a new leaf...

well its been a real nice weekend and Monday, (background music here - "back to life, back to reality" by Soul II Soul). My Uncle returned to Seattle area on Saturday, and my mom was thrilled that he was here and got to know him a little better after all these years. I got a lot done around the house this weekend, mainly jsut tried to pic up around the place because an old college roomate and bud is visiting next weekend. I'm real curious to see if I will have the kitchen clean or not before he gets here, I bet I can do though.
I am starting some new things in life this week. I joined the church choir Sunday night but only until the Christmas program. Its been a long time and I love to sing in a choir, but alas I really only want to be directed by Dr. paul SMith of JBU and those days are gone by..... I am also beginning my swim swim program this week. This means I'm getting up at 6 am every morning to go to the gym and swim before breakfast. ANother idea I have for something new this week, as Fall begins and the school year momentum remains, is to try out this bible study on Tuesday nights. I jsut heard about it from a friend I spoke to last week. He is a sports editor at the Midwest City Sun, and I had called him about getting some more supplements ( I'm also starting up on amino acid supplements again for working out). ANyway, he had mentioned this real old reacher who "just says it like it is" at this church near my house. So I'm gonna check it out tommorrow night right after school.
well that's about it for tonight, I'm still working on the Ford Pinto Memory idea for a blog at some point on here. oh yeah,k this weekend I got a lot of yard work done. I dug up grass, mixed in lots of old leaves and mulch, and then translplanted all my daylily seed from the pots into their own bed. yeah I'm sure that sounds real exciting, it looks good though. Strange thing is it will take a year of growth and then the summer after next is when I'llever actually see what the flowers even look like. I know I'm getting old when I can actually plan that far ahead and do something.... also, I poked and looked and observed under the house, but never actually got right up under to fix what I needed, but it doesn't lookthat big of a project so easily put off til I get the gumption to take care of it. right now clean house is priority one...DTR

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Something rotten in the state of Denmark

been a good week. My uncle who I haven't really "met" since Christmas '78 when my dad actually took his family of seven out to Phoenix ARizona for our one and only Christmas with my mom's side of the family. Anyway, so he decided to come visit last weekend and so it's been a lot of fun checking him out and seeing my mom enjoy having her younger brother around, her sister, my aunt now lives in mustang, so the 3 of them got together a lot this week to visit. And I tried to hang around some to see if I could pick up on any new stories or remembrances of them growing up etc....
anyway, I've been wanting to add for a while that although I am not sure if Delay is guilty or not on the indictment, I ultimately sway for distrust for the guy because of the "gerrymandering" deal in Texas. I mean, who doesn't remember the first time they learned about the sleazy business of carving out your districts to ensure votes when you were in school. (I can even remember marveling upon the use of a man's name, "gerry," in making a new term. well... I'm an English as Second Language teacher, so interesting how the way we construct our language has always interested me.) I definitely think something stinks one way or another and I'm glad Delay stepped down.
So yeah of course I still lean conservative, but I can be moderate, more of a traditionalist maybe? also, there is this big scandal with the Republican Ohio governor right now, supposed to influence party votes there. well it just goes to show you , after all the partison politics, extreme left, or extreme right, we are all sinners, everyone, no one's perfect. It is really an amazement that we have two parties in this country, in CHile there are like 100 different ones, everyone has an opinion there I guess. We here in USA have the luxury of basing everything on one issue, abortion maybe? I listen to radio talk and they actually use the term anti-abortion judge. Like that's the one issue to base everything on. ahh well..

I just spoke with a friend on the phone who recomended a bible study which is on Tuesday nights here in OKC. I think I can actually go in time after my class at UCO. anyway, going to try it out next week. I've been needing something besides just church for a WHILE.
have a good weekend all, mine is about to begin, plans are: dig a new bed in the backyard, which I did NOT do last weekend, and clean the house. OH yeah, last Friday I had a new heat and air unit installed , and it turns out the guy showed me where a duct had fallen loose under the house so all this cold or hot air was blowing under the house and not into my room and bathroom! UGH! so I will be crawling under thehouse with a flashlight and some drill screws and a cordless drill to try to repair the problem. Wow grown-up homeowner stuff, how exciting....DTR