Monday, December 19, 2005

winter story

It was rather disturbing to witness a killing done suddenly right in front of me coming home from church Sunday afternoon. I live on a corner and was just driving past the front of my house and making a right turn. I avoided not making too wide of a turn as another car was approaching the stop sign coming the oppostie direction. Alas, all this commotion had caused a small orangy brown squirrel to make the poor judgement of racing across the road, however, due to my turning and the car maybe slowing down for a stop, the squirell did not have a chance, and instead, was in perfect timing to be run over by the front left tire of the oncoming car, I watched the whole thing in shock and despair. and turned my head as I passed by to see the tail wildy flipping around and the body sort of shake and vibrate and kick. Ughhh I thought, how awful. I turned right again, into the carport at the back of my house, and thought, I will purposely not look into the direction of the street and ignore what has happened, stare at the backdoor after getting out of the car, and directly walk in that direction.
I resisted looking over to see if it was still moving, would I witness some tragic scene of an injured squirrel dragging itself with one limb attempting to complete its way across the street, would the body lay and continually thrash about, would another car come by and flatten the corpse a little more into the pavement? And then I considered, was the poor thing still living and suffering, perhaps I should grab a shovel and go bang it on its head or cut it off.
I walked over to where it lay in the road opposite side of my house, no traffic coming by, neighborhood pretty quiet, the afternoon was pretty cloudy and dull and grey, a wind chill blowing dead leaves from one side of the street to the next. As I headed that way , first thing I noticed is it lay still, and I sighed, thank goodness, it's dead. Then I began to wonder, would the dead body still feel warm? I walked over and bent down to sort of check it out. Its eyes closed, a bit of blood from the mouth other wise no cuts or marks, but I could imagine the crushed internal injuries and many broken bones inside. some of its fur waved in the breeze as it lay dead still. I put my flattened hand above the body and felt for warmth, then sort of just pushed down on it a little bit out of curiosity, This caused the eyes to open, staring straight forward to the curb and I jumped back, stunned. yuck, I laughed a little in spite of myself. I nudged the squirrel a bit with my foot and the tail jerked to the right, back down to the pavement, and jerked up again, then like a large feather fan, slowly sank back to the ground to stay. I heard a car turn a block away and it was coming my direction, so I turned my back to the animal and ran up into my yard. I went inside wondering if cars would swerve to miss the squirrel or continue to run it over.
*** anyway, that was my weekend. the last paragraph is fiction, I actually just noticed the squirrel was dead as I went inside and then forgot about it. still it was sad thing to see happen, we have a lot of trees and squirrels in the neighborhood so I'm always seeing them dash about outside. Last weekend I went to a singles dinner downtown at "Noodles" something restaraunt in Bircktown, and then went home while everyone else did a tubing sled hill thing at the ballpark. Saturday I just vegged and watched "the dark Crystal" on video and cleaned and straightened the house. Sunday morning early to church for the Christmas choir rehearsal, and sang in choir during the morning service. that was fun. SUnday night went to a cookie party. Christian singles from OKC, we were put into groups of four and then we each had a turn making a christmas cookie or cookies with 8 balls of dough. it was fun, our team got second place. there were five teams. have a good week all, there is no one in the computer lab now, so I'm going to stop fishing around online and start getting Christmas cards done tonight. an hour to go. DTR

(PS. what sort of Florida dialect is "behoove" and "admixture"? :) ......hehe )

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

being Dean

well being dean has become pretty usual and routine, I'm getting used it anyway. I decided that I like my age and my health. I think I'd like some more education, I think I missed out on going to design school or getting a masters in Economics somewhere along the way, but you know we can only take one fork in the road at a time as we go through life. God has blessed me with a really wonderful job that's prety fulfilling and satisfying at this point. I am in a pretty good mood today cause I finished my grad shcool class yesterday, so I don't have any extra work from now on unless I take more classes next summer. SO I can completely focus on my day job and the kids needs there etc...
I am wearing my black converse hightops today with a white cotton longsleeve waffle shirt with a short sleeve t-shirt over it (as shown). the shirt is from some graphic designers I like called Kozyndan, they do awfully weird stuff, but I like the bizarre rabbit stuff, as you can see this shirt has a real bunny eating stuffing from a stuffed bunny. Through the miracle of internet shopping, I bought both last week online, received both in the mail yesterday, and decided to wear both to school today. I also found some Bass shoes that are blue suede, and I'm considering, being Dean and all, if I could pull them off. I think I could. I had a really good run today and tomorrow will be hitting legs after school, leg press 400lbs, squat machine 90lbs, dead lifts 110lbs, and some lunges and calf machine. I swam early this morning and should sleep good tongiht.... dtr

christmas cookie party

This is Sergio Zayes (who I graduated from Mustang with), some girl I have no idea, me, and Michelle Webb (who I grew up in church youth group with), from a Christmas cookie party, I think I look good in this picutre with a sort of natural looking smile....

Monday, December 12, 2005

Season's Greetings

had a great busy weekend. I went to a fun Christmas party on Friday night. a bunch of CHristian Singles, very freindly sorts, and some newly married couples there too, and was fun to meet some new people I didn't know from the usual singles Crossing church group. Also the food was really good there and I had some of this mashed Sweet potato stuff that had brown sugar and pecans cooked on the top. was amazingly good!
Saturday I was up at the highschool by 7:30 to give an ACT test. then afterwards, went swimming and then my usual Tilapia lunch at Museum Art Cafe, then drove down to Lawton with ANdrew's boxes of stuff and helped him and his good Bud from LA, TOm and wife Elisa, unload the Uhaul. They were a really great couple to meet, since they are both teachers we had some good conversation. anyway, had Pizza in lawton then Andrew followed me back to okc and we chilled and then crashed. He went to church with me SUnday morning, and then we went and saw "CHronicles of Narnia" it was SHWEET !!!!!!!!! I was crying on and off throughout the movie, but this only because I'm so connected with the characters and story, and It was more of the movie reminding me of the book, than the actual movie. It was well done, although there are subtle parts completely left out of the movie, and a few actions drama dialogue parts not at all from the book, but overall I loved it. I'm not sure if a child word get the same sense of "child in the prescense of God" from the movie though as you do in the book. there are things they tell us in the book of the way people feel and react when hearing the Lion's name that you may not really see acted in the movie. also the children bicker more in the movie, in the book they are all great friends and see the whole thing as an adventure. OVER ALL though of course I loved the movie and will sees any others that come after this one. ...DTR

Thursday, December 08, 2005

NOT a story

Well I was watching TOday show this morning and Matt Lauer was talking about a segment coming up about men's jewelry, and Katie said, "its a turn off, I say NO to any men's jewelry for men." and matt was cracking up like, gee thanks. anyway, I have to completely agree and say no to any men's jewelry, men are vain enough and we should limit the status show-off ability to cars and tennis shoes. I think we might be getting back to the 80's culture of showing off how rich you are, where-as in the 90's it was more like, keep it quiet and just enjoy how rich you are. just an opinion.
On ABC good morning america, the black newslady, sorry I don't know her name, was interviewing the policeman in San Francisco who made a funny work video. ANyway, she ended by saying we'll have more on that story as it develops. I was talking to the tv, asking, "what story? I don't care." sometimes they put news on those shows that just isn't news at all. of course what am I saying that could be any local news show in OKC. ( by the way, they are trying to make it a story about racism and homophobia, and really its just a work related satire video. so dumb that it was not kept private. They sort of play a race card because of a joke where a cop is drving along, runs over a black ACTRESS PRETENDING to be a homeless lady and doesn't notice just keeps going. I mean if they had had a black police woman run over a homeless chinese guy, would that have been racist? anyway.....AOL polls prolly mean nothing, but 62% as of now say they shouldn't be suspended and even more say the mayor should have kept it private.... in other words save the media from wasting our time with the story.
I had a great day today, my ESL 8th graders are so responsive to what I'm teaching them about progressive and perfect tense, and they ask all the right questions, and pay attention to the answers. Its a lot of fun.
I am including a picture of the tennis shoes I got on Ebay about a month ago. I am running a little more than a mile every day now after school. and it feels great. was sore in my legs at first butit went away once my muscles got used to being used again down there. I'm one of those people who can walk forever and ever, I know this from when I lived in Honduras, and I have a feeling that once I get back into habit of running alot I could be the type of person who could just run forever and ever....
I was driving from the North middle school to the highschool today and the radio station was in its 80's lunch mode. I decided that nothing could be more perfect on a below freezing wintery day than a lot of electronic synth sounds from 80's tunes. then I decided how great electronic music is in the winter compared to the summer. I began to think about how in the winter I'm indoors with all the modern comforts of heat and home. And how one can kind of get this upbeat feeling from a lot of modern electronic sounding music. And I decided that perfect summer-time music is merle haggard classic country, and reggae sounds. I say this because I was a little close to paradise once in the carribean on WEst End beach of ROatan, and sitting at this bar with no walls, just a bar and a thatched roof above, and my buddy was way off somewhere snorkeling, no one else on the beach, just me sitting there, and some guy working giving me a coke in a bottle. and there was the radio playing, a station from the coast mainland(Honduras), and they played only classic slow country and lots of reggae, and I recall listening to "red red wine" and then some Elton john song with a reggae beat, and man if that just was perrrrrrrfect. ahhhhh. anyway, classical music is about perfect for either season just depends on mood, however the stringy metally sound of mandolin seems just right in the winter. ALSO, if you have ever seen the Charlie Brown Christmas CD and not bought it, buy it! I love love it at christmas llike over and over, in fact, now I can drive all the way home listening to any silimar sounding jazz song on the public radio here at night on my way home, and its can get me zoning and suddenly arriving home.... CHristmas cheer to all, DTR

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Snow woes nose no snow

Snow today here in okc. I am at work tonight after some Christmas shopping downtown after running laps at the gym as usual after school. I made my way into work from downtown and the roads were starting to get bad just as rush hour was packing them full of cars, add road construction to that, and YUCK. I got here a little late but ahh well.
I have on a tie today, and in fact I've been wearing a shirt and tie every day this week, for no reason really. I shaved off my beard a couple weeks ago but I left what is called a "soul patch" I guess,which means some beard left just under my bottom lip. It may not last past this weekend though because I'm going to a singles Christmas party on Friday night. It's a group of single poeple from various church groups. I've discovered that many of these single types sort of move from church to church in OKC checking out different groups and people I guess, not sure. I met a lot of them back when I was gonig to Crossings COmmunity Church here in Okc because they have a large singles group, but then I returned to my parents church at Covenant COmmunity church because of the preaching and worship style, well after all I grew up there anyway, and it is a lot of fun to see my family every Sunday.
I was having quite a bit of fun last weekend living the single life. I found myself at one point in the kitchen cleaning off the counter of stuff stuff stuff that piles up there over time, bills, mail, papers, receipts, phone messages, magazines, anything really. anyway I also began cleaning up the kitchen and finally got rid of all the egg cartons in the cabinet above the stove. I had like 6 dozen egg shells that I was putting into a bowl and crushing all of them. that was fun. I save all the eggshells to feed my shrubs and bulbs in the flower beds. free bone meal.
Anyway, I also found a missing checkbook, and I was wondering how many guys lose a checkbook and start a new one then end up finding it and then writing checks out of 2 or more at a time. I've done this before during college. ahh well sometimes organized, sometimes not much.
I've been getting into the "northern exposure" series DVD's that Andrew West had at my place while storing some boxes here during his move. I'ts pretty cool that you can just keep watching episode after episode w/o commercials, and also all the outakes and dleted scenes. I've decided that I love watching any old t.v. show that show life before cell phones... guess I'm nostalgic already for the "good ole days", hey they ain't that far off really but oh well.
I wanted to mention my new weekday routine these days, I am waking up at 6:03 am, hitting the snooze button, putting on a swimsuit, shoes and big overcoat, run out to my pickup to start it, run back inside take off the shoes and coat and hop in bed til the snooze goes off. throw on my shoes and coat again, gran my clothes and stuff prepared the nigth before and go to the gym to swim laps. about 10-15 minutes. then get all shaved and dressed and drive back home, make some scrambled eggs while my instant oatmeal is in the microwave, sit down eat scrambled eggs, then oatmeal with super sugar crisp cereal poured on top ( I have found this is the only way I can eat oatmeal), then some cereal, gather things to take to school/work that day, then pour some juice, and a glass of water w/ ice, and head out to school.
well cheers to MetroTEch here for not blocking Ebay and blogs tonight. DTR

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I've never been much of an "all or nothing person." I say this because I am still just as excited and proud for the football team this year making it all the way to state finals regardless of becoming the runner up last night and not beating Tulsa-Union. WHo could resist becoming a fan after the magic displayed against another pretty big team, Muskogee, in the semifinals. So I say, job well done, and hope they continue to have a great senior year. ( This year seniors are the ones I taught 8th grade to when I first started at Mustang.)
This photo is from the front page of Friday's paper, a big photo appeared of Matt Edmonds, the quarterback, the newspaper was all over him as a 5'6" dynamo, and you wouldn't meet or more cool calm humble athlete. The guy was all state wrestler last year, and will prolly do same this year as senior. anyway, way to go Mustang!