Monday, January 30, 2006

this is a fun site, these guys are from CA and recently hired on SNL. anyway I like this video/song. " It's a friend thing, and friends are everywhere...."

Dean R

Life is good on Monday

My ESL student from Mexico hates Mondays. he is always acting sort of moody on these days, but I can get him to smile by saying, " Ok his name, no jokes today it's Monday, I know, just sit down and read, we'll leave you alone. " but of course he's talking to students as usual at some point during class. I don't actually teach him ESL, he's in my stuy hall class called "Esl Enrichment."
I downloaded Google Earth on my school computer today. THis fascinating free program will show you a satelite image of ANYWHERE inthe world. sometimes the image doesn't get quite so close, but some bigger cities will show you backyards of houses. it's a lot of fun and today I showed my Honduran student where I lived in Tegucigalp, the school and roads and even the pool at Gold's gym where I used to swim on boulavard Morazon.
Had a nice busy weekend, down time Friday night, Saturday cleaning some, then the YMCA and Museum for lunch before I went to singles bible study, it's a real nice sincere group of aobut 9 or 10, a real committed bunch. Andrew West was in town so I went with him and his bud from LA, Will, to the PBR Rodeo at the Ford Center. quite a good time, hadn't seen that live since I was a kid, was fun to watch.
Well dag nabbit! my daffodils are already srouting out of the ground and it is still January. My neighbor has a shrub already trying to bloom as well, I think its quince? I need to borrow my dad's mole trap again and kill some moles big time! also I need to weed and feed so the hen-n-chicks won't overtake my yard again this spring, also I need to spread poison to kill on the grubwomrs, you seriously will have less mole problems if you kill all their food. You see, they can hear them suckers crawling around in the middle of the yard, and thus, dig right out there to find 'em.
here's a sort funny/interesting school house rock spoof from SNL.
have a good week all. DTR

Thursday, January 26, 2006

week gone by again....

well I woke up this morning to find something unexpected on tv. it was Katie Couric ( whom I normally just love, bantering and joking with Matt any morning) interviewing Howard Dean. Anyway, man how I wish I could remember what he said, because it was so typically partisan and political and didn't seem at all cleverly inspired, just awful. ANyway, what surprised me is how she was really asking him some tough questions, stcking it to him so to speak. I thought a liberal like her only did that with the conservatives on tv... wow. I have a real hate/love relationship with her because she can be so cute and fun, and then in interviews she is seriously an ice queen! Anyway, I knew I was getting old when I was beginning to think how good she looked last summer during the olympics, or whenever that was.
I discovered the "Chronic-What?-cles of Narnia" video online last night and finally got to see it and I LOVE it. man its just so funny, then I searched around online and found some truly amazing stuff, like this one called " Awesometown " with a way cool rap video called " 2 guys." but overall I can't get enough of watching these two chinese boys do lip syncing, they are just going crazy videoing themsleves to different songs with these over the top expressions. And the whole time there is some dudes back to us behind them on a computer minding his own business. Anyway, it speaks to me about humanity, having fun is universal, need for friendship, crazy down time, all that stuff. so great, If I were a young dude in China I'd want to hang with these guys. I also want a sweet track suit, only blue. here is a link, BUT DON"T BOTHER TRYING TO VIEW UNLESS YOU HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION;
this is the really good one though
have a great weekend everyone, I thought of way more stuff to blog about ont he way to work, but I don't remember any of it now that I've had my tune, a doughnut, and surfed the net some...laterz DTR

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

here's looking at you kid

I'm listening to Ravel's "Bolero" just now on the public radio station, man I always love hearing this tune, it goes on forever and is great, sort of like that Pet Shop Boy's song "It's Alright" the way it goes on and on forever. good stuff. so anyway....
what's the deal with all these personality tests you guys are going on about. after about age 20 I think we all have figured out who are, and which parts of ourselves we choose to show in front of different groups of people. However I think some of the attraction to these tests is the ability to describe point on based on a certain number of questions or observations. you know, a wine somalier can tell you the personality of the wine maker based only on tasting the wine, serious, it's also true. Well I was listening to "Talk of the nation" today on npr, and they get a lot of author's on there. Today it was the author of "Self-made Man," which I'm considering reading, and yesterday was "Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers," which I have on my amazon wishlist with another previously interviewed author's "Animals in Translation : Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior."
Well today's author is a woman who lived her life as a man, and wrote about her observations of the different way we treat each other etc... Anyhow, one of the things she mentioned was that men don't look each other in the eye as often, because it's seen as a challenge. This made me think about why I never look people in the eye. Seriously I only look at people in the eye for a second when I've been addressed, or when I'm addressing them and we make eye contact but then I'll look immediately away. My good prinicipal who hired me at the North Middle school even told me as friendly advice, that during interviews I should really make more eye contact. So I've had three ideas while considering it.
One is that I'm a peacemaker and people-pleaser and a passive aggressive type who avoids all confrontation at any means. Although as an adult I have grown more confident and in the proper moment have learned to confront and take a stand. Apparently with people I'm not yet ready to "challenge" confidently anyone whom I am speaking to.
Another thought is that perhaps I haven't lost all my adolescent insecurities like I had thought. This one last remnant of not looking people in the eye, revealing myself through my eyes, and taking the "challenge" of their gaze. Perhaps I should change this behavior, I mean, who wouldn't want to out-grow all insecurity?
The third is that I can be terribly self absorbed and not a good listener. Good listening skills include looking a person in the eye and showing them you care and are LISTENING. I'm terrible at doing this even when I'm sincerely enratured by what a poerson is saying, much less if I'm not completely interested in what one has to say, then you've lost me completely, i can't look you in the eye and fake it cause although you see my eyes, my mind is going to run away behind them. . It's true!
So, not that anything is going to change soon, but I certainly would like to try to LOOK at you people in the eye more. I'm sure that says something about my personality in some test somewhere. :)
So now the picture, Ever since I lived in Honduras I've always wanted a little asian box car Van. I like the box on wheel, geometric style etc...There were some reaaly cool little Daewoo vans over there and I've never seen in USA here, anyway, i think it would be great to have own little van to run around the city in, throw plants and stuff in the back, move stuff around, etc, including people. anyway, I don't think they meet USA safety requirements is probably why they are not sold in the states. THis, because of all the HUGE SUV's that coudl smash us to pieces in an accident. well the good news, ( ALthough I'm a big time FORD man) is that Ford is having problems because of low suv sales, so yeah, maybe less SUV trend will get started. later, DTR

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

meatloaf, JBU, and work

I like the commercial where the guy and girl are doing everything together, and he is like doing her laundry and getting stuff in the store for her and doing yoga and everything and then they are on the couch and she reaches for his Dr. Pepper. and he runs off, all to the tune of " I would do anything for love" by Meatloaf.

recognize that dorm in the background of this pic?

and who wants to bet these JBU students are prolly on the soccer team? what? drinking at JBU?

well someday I'll learn how to make actual links sorry....
anyway, I had a great day, it began with getting to school a little earlier than usual to test some new students at the Mid High which is Mustang, so that means I drove into town, then back north to the North Middle School, then back into town to the highschool etc.. anyway, testing all the new kids who speak another language MORE often at home is part of my job. It's also fun 'cause I get to meet them and encourage them to make good friends and continue reading and learning in their native language.

I had a great workout tonight , finally got up to 45 lbs on both sides of my bench press... yee haw, and then I did some great curls and dips and all that jazz blah. man I'm so bored at work tonight and its only Tuesday, I think I'm gonna kick it in gear and type up some letters of info on what to do with my ESL students for their teachers, I 've been wanting to do this all year, I was going to eamil, but since we can't mention any names in emails, it sbetter just to do it all old fashion, type it up and stick in their box! laterz DTR

Monday, January 23, 2006

do your part

good weekend. I caught up with a friend who's in the air force and popped into okc last week surprising his family. Friday night with some friends, hearing all about life in Germany in the military there. I had a great day Saturday, volunteer at the memorial, good steady crowd. Then exercised, had my lunch, then I went to bible study but only drove by. I was sort of late and figured, well this time I'll just see where the place is, and actually go in next week. I went home and sat around and read then called up Dianne from the group to see what the plans were. I met everyone up at the food court at Penn Square mall, then we saw "end of the Spear." Excellent film. yes, its bit sentimental at times, but over quite an insight into the Waodani tribe who killed a gropu of young men missionaries, and then what developed from there. I recommend it, in fact you should rent "gates of SPlendour", which is the exact same story but in documentary fashion.
after the movie the whole groupd went to IHOP, I had the breakfast sampler with all you can eat panckaes, man I ate a lot Saturday consdiering I had pizza before the movie. It was fun to chit chat with some of the girls in this group and I lookforward to next weeks bible study and getting involved. supposedly they try and meet up twice a month for social activities.
I was considering the Google controversy today. I can see where the govt doesn't exactly have the right to demand info. Too bad Google doesn't just offer to sell or give the information as a way to do their part. seems like if they know who is searching out possible illegal creepy content on the internet, then just report it as they please. They have every right to share that information, and if the public doesn't like it, they can use a different search engine, or build their own privately I guess.
I read the aforementioned graphic novels this weekend "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi (pictured above). Wonderfully told and illustrated life story of a girl my age growing up in Iran and the rise of the traditionalist regime there as she is being raised by revolutionry free thinking parents. excellent stuff.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

the weekend cometh...

well I was asking someone today why anyone would want cell phone info, and they brought up the idea of PI's searching records of cheating wives and husbands. "OH yeah," I said. I had never thought of that one. wow.
anyway, I have this huge 1.25 inch double slice right below and in front of my ear on the right side of my face. I was shaving away this morning after my swim and got careless doing a little side swipe, I even hollared out "ouch" right there in the locker room. It is sort of dark red and purple tonight so I'm hoping I didn't cut the whole slice of skin off, it sort of looks like two red lines side by side ( picture the length and width of the twin disposable blade razor) and the bottom end may have been cut so that it's hanging down like a flap. I hope not though cause I don't want some weird scar. I plan on putting a bandaid over it tonight before bed so I don't wake up with it all infected from the bedsheets, you know how sores do.
I killed my legs today after school, blah blah, I will eat a pbj sandwhich before bed tonight and hit the sack by 10:20 pm. I'm looking forward to this weekend although it will be chock full of things to do. Tomorrow night not so much, I hope to sit at home and pick up and RELAX. then Sat will be volunteer 9 to 1pm, then run and swim and gym, hopefully eating lunch(Tilapia at Museum cafe) by 2ish because I have a singles bible study meeting at some guy's house at 3pm. and then the group emailed me this week about eating at this noodle place downtown before we all go see some "Spear" Christian movie. So should be an good weekend overall. I have yet to hear from ANdrew west about when his "conference" on the sham of the OKC bombing is done with in Norman. Perhaps he'll be interested in joing us downtown for food and the movie.
speaking of dry weather, I have been putting lotion on my back and arms nightly lately, I guess with the winter dry weather and me swimming daily, my skin gets dry. and then I lay in bed and it feels itchy and I hate it. anyway, i was thinking last night, wouldn't it be great to be married and have some help with this. However I have a lot of ideas about married life, like sunshiny morning conversations over breakfast and showering and working on projects around the house together and planning together an exact budget and stuff...... that married friends will tell me, man, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Seriously can't wait to find out though, anything's gotta be better than lonerville though. My parents have already mentioned how I'll just become more "eccentric"( hey I like to call it eclectic, thank you) the longer I'm on my own and remain unmarried. have a good weekend all! DTR

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You dream much?

“A Dream Deferred”

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
Like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

~Langston Hughes

Tampa Stampa

My school approved the funding to send me to Tampa Florida over spring break for a TESOL(Teaching English as a Second or Other Language) convention. Then I was emailed that it had been cancelled, so I got online found my own flights and hotels, called my boss back, then called the school's travel agent myself, and now I should be going again. SHWEET. I think the Donatos and the Ludwigs live down there near Tampa. Otherwise I plan to see the beach/bay, and the Salvador Dali museum of Art while I'm in town. The school also pays for the rental car.... ahh yeah! Everything is really booked up down there this year at spring break especially since New Orleans is out of commission.
If I had not planned this, i would've considered seeing Brady C. in Frankfurt as I've been saving aside some funds for just that trip.....another day I guess. speaking of Nahlins.....
I am discouraged that the govt would put forth SO MUCH MONEY to rebiuld the levies and city etc... I think if the place is not livalbe then go build up some other part of the state or country to live in. I see it as my tax dollars going toward something the state or city should be financing themsleves. FOr example the people going to live there below sea level and destroying the marshlands can use their own taxes. I am all for my tax dollar for relief and aid, but then there are also insurance companies and red cross right? Anyway, I find it discouraging. IF people choose to rebilud and live there, they can pay for all the safety factors needed. Otherwise I expect the govt to come up with a 6 billion dollar plan to protect me, I mean my property, from Tornadoes here in OKC.
I was driving to work today thinking about why WOULD anyone want cell phone records anyway? for the phone numbers or what? I don't have a cell phone so I can't imagine what would be so interesting about a cell phone bill. I'm also discouraged that Kwan gets to go to the olympics, I say disqualify the old lady as she was injured, and the let the new 3 spring chicks go who qualified at finals last weekend. However, in this day of age of MAKING MONEY versus making art or sports for art or sport's sake, probably there's more of a money making entertainment value to the olympics if Kwan goes. I guess that's what its really about anyway, making money on tv, not the competition. enough about skating, gee whiz.
I shopped online at tonight, they have a sale section with free shiping, I got some great CD organizers CHEAP, I'm getting prepared for graduation gifts for some seniors this spring. Also I bought some graphic novels on, they are my new guilty pleasure. One is a bio of this guy growing up near Cananda USA border called "a comic strip biography" by Loius Riel, and the other is a muslim girl's story of her upbringing in Iran called "Persepolis".sorry tonight's post is uninspired, only other thing I want to mention is that I need some 2 cent stamps, the funny thing is I accidently mailed some bills this week with the usual 37 ( hey there's no cent sign on my computer keyboard ) cents, and they haven't yet come back, so I expect there must be a sort of grace period maybe?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back in Black

Back in high school I used to get out of bed in the morning and go immediately to the shower, stick in AC/DC's "back in black" tape and proceed to wake up. And I was no stoner rock and roller growing up, I seriously had not listened to any music other than pop radio until my senior year, I started hanging out with a really cool crowd of friends, and they were into all the rock and roll, like the classic rock stuff played on the Katt rocks, FM 100.5. I remember buying my first real Rock band cassette, Dire Straits "Brother's in Arms", man that was awesome, it was followed by "the COnfessor" and by next summer I was buying stuff like "Black Flagg" and "Depeche Mode." Towards the end of my senior year,I remember falling asleep before my "ghetto blaster" turned off playing the last song, DP's "Princess Di is Wearing a New Dress." The last two bands mentioned were from when I began reading Rolling stones magazine and would read the album reviews. To this day I still will read a review or hear something on NPR about some obscure thing and want to buy it. That was probably when I began to seek life outside of Mustang, Oklahoma also in some ways, and perhaps begin to seek who I was going to be, my Identity based on me and not on my click of friends in High School.------ Now how we can get kids to seek who they are going to be based on God, that's the key. It took me many many years to grow a desire to attempt that.
speaking of which, I went to a new singles bible study group on Saturday last weekend. A group of maybe 15 who are on the verge of splitting up for the couples who are now married in the group and the singles in the group to create their own groups. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and some great great Christian guys and gals who are my age group. Its important that I seek these friendships because its like the church, you know, Christians really do need each other for support and encouragement or this world can just tear you down. SO I realize the need in my life, cause it has been really easy to live like a hermit and thinking and doing whatever I please.
already I've received emails about plans for a dinner and movie saturday night with the group so that is promising.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

snow, man!

I'm having way too much fun at work tonight with cutting snowflakes, you should really try it out here:
wish I could make better links, sorry, anyway its some fun! I made these three that I liked, what do you think?..(If you check the link, there is a preview and Undo button) ....DTR

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Crazy...... crazy for feeling so........etc

I was jogging around the track today after school singing the national anthem over and over. I do this whenever the gym is completely empty ( the track goes around above the gym). It is supposed to develop breath support for singing or whatever I don't know. anyway I had this idea for karioke, which I've never really done. I was thinking how cool it would sound fi you could come up with your own melody line to the background of another pop song. so that instead of singing the lyrics , you start belting out your own tune and lyrics, and the song mathces it completely and fits as backup. I think that would be really cool to hear someone do. well if they come up with a good song and good lyrics I guess.
anyhow, we had a good birthday surprise for my ESL student from Mexico who turned 16 today. I made an angel food cake last night, it was the only mix I had in the house and was easy to make, just ad water. However, I only have a hand mixer, so it didn't whip up quite right at all, I mean I was pouring the batter in the mold, and it cooked up only 2/3rds of the way I think, so It wasn't very light and fluffy. Well regardless to way, I borught it to school anyway this morning, and hung up some green streamers and set out some little blue paper plates and napkins, then we searched for a candle. We sang and then blue out the candle, and the kids were all looking at the mysterious cake, we had three latins, one East Indian, and Vietnamese. I don't htink they'd ever seen an angel food cake and were sort of just politely smiling and looking confused. well everyone very nicely ate their cake but agreed it was really really new and different and just ok. Then we had a conversation about a Spanish style cake called "tres leches" which means three milks. and they were saying, oh I LOVE that cake, and I was saying gross I hated that stuff in Honduras. FYI its like a spongecake that literally is like a wet sponge and gooey and gross and has like something liquid poured over the cake. UGH dont' get me started.
I think the birthday girl was generally pleased though. good day to all. DTR

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What I did last weekend....

All right, so yesterday I fooled around at work reading some magazines and movie reviews and had about 4 or 5 new students to get started on the computer systems..... wow actual work at this place!, so here's a better update than the last post.
mmm, I'm eating baby carrots and also some baked lays chips, just finished a tuna fish sandwich. my new thing now is in place of Subway at night ( which has been going on maybe 4 years now!) I am making my dinner here at work when I arrive to save money and maybe more healthy. What I do is mix a can of tuna fish with some mayonaise and relish and put on some wheat bread. yum.
So, last weekend, I cleaned up and sat at home all Friday, fliping channels, ahh great! then Saturday morning worked at the memorial museum downtown, followed that up with run and swim at gym, then over to the art museum cafe for my usual Tilapia lunch, yum. And then I mosied on over to Home Depot on the way home to check out shelving.
I have this new idea for putting up some shelves at home, I want to find a long slim tree trunk and cut it in half, and I will put this over the shelf part that goes up and down the wall for the brackets to fit into. Then I want to make my own shleve and cut them with curved edges. anyway, its in the planning stage but i really think it can be done! (with dad's workshop and help of course)
then I came home and piddled and cleaned and palnned stuff to wear. I went to an ESL student's family birthday party. that was cool cause I knew a venezuelan woman there and met another gringo who teaches ESL in the city, anyway was only there a short while then back to OKC. I went to a singles gathering, it was some CHristian single friends who were getting together for a game night. that was also a lot of fun.
anyway, I just finished my dinner and the two Pinwheel cookies for desert, yum....

Monday, January 09, 2006

Another Week

Here we go another week, I'm about ready to zoom through it, nothing special planned.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Micah 6:8

had a new years goal of getting my bible open during breakfast again, and I followed through this morning! for about a year now, my conversations with God have been more like conversations with myself, and relying on self can be a pretty lonely and empty feeling.

I had the usual scrambled eggs this morning for breakfast. I really go crazy trying to scramble them eggs. My left arm tensed and frozen holding the bowl right at chest level, the other imitating a robot arm with a solid rotating motion. I'll be like leaning up against the counter with the bowl in one hand and the fork in the other, doing rapid circles and beating the fork into the inside of the tupperware bowl on the downturn of each stroke. I get a kick out of trying to make the circles as fast as possible and consistently repeated. What keeps me going is when I see one of the little white zygote part of the egg spin by. I hate finding this whitish embyonic part on my plate while eating eggs. I prefer to mix it up with the yolks as much as possible, dispersing its dna throughout evenly, one constant shade of egg yellow poured into the skillet. I cook with olive oil and use no salt or pepper. nothing better.

Anyway......... I've been searching blogs tonight with different keywords. I found some really interesting ones by peace corps people in Kyrgyzstan. (see pic above) My sister lived there for a year so I have always been fascinated by it. I seriously would consider living there, but really I've been wanting to live in Iceland for a year. I think Peace Corps wants 2 years commitment though. With a Masters in Tesol I should be able to travel anywhere and teach eventually someday if I wanted.
Language is such a great connection to share with people. FOr example the jargon you share with friends from work, or family inside jokes, and I have found same to be true with dialects. What I mean by this is the two new Honduran students, its fun to bring up some word I know is used only in Honduras and see their eyes gleem a little. Finally I can use some of my poor Spanish using the words I originally learned in Honduras. I thank God for the students I've been given, really each one has been nothing but patient and willing to learn, and a good sense of humor. As the girl from Venezuela said " He likes to joke", this was after I was trying to make some funny point in Spanish with the new student and I wasn't saying something right , and she didn't want to bother to explain it. now if I could get the one 8th grade panamanian boy to lighten up about the other students poor English pronunciation. I swear that kid is going to be some kind of lawyer someday. But he does listen, and responds extremely well to my serious tone or look when needed. having such students with excellent attitudes really keeps me motivated to being an excellent teacher, because I'm pushed more to give them what they need and deserve to learn English. all right enough blatherskiting for the sake of thinking while typing.
tonight is kind of like my Friday because I am off work from my night until monday after tonight, and tomorrow day job is not really like work just fun and over at 3 then free for the weekend.
PLANS: Friday night, run and swim after work, maybe work out my back, then relax at home, clean it up real good. Saturday I am volunteering at the Memorial and then Saturday night going to the Venezuelan's house for a birthday party her family is giving her. oh yeah also I have no more computers at home any more for a lot of reasons, one of them being the desk top fizzled out over break. , so back Monday. DTR

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My new year

A really good new year. I couldn't have had a better new year's day. It was SORT OF like old times, just us guys hanging around SIloam and talking about anything under the sun. There really is nothing better at this single point in life than spending with my college buds who know me inside and out, my successes, failures, and potential for both in the future, you know, just complete honesty and understanding. It been a very long time that I've been able to just hang with Kirk and Jamey because they've been busy the past year working on a Children's Video which they wrote and directed and created for Dayspring cards. So Andrew, Kirk, Jamey and I were all pretty much relaxed and just enjoying the company. can't beat it.
well I'm back to normal routine today which is nice. Although I made some changes today. I am now going to a new YMCA on the south side of the city which should save me 5 or 10 minutes between jobs by not driving all the way north towards the downtown Y. One thing I did different today also was going to BUrger King on the way to work, yuck, tomorrow back to Subway!
I had two new students today, one 7th grader, and a 9th grader. They are brothers from Honduras so I was pretty excited to chat up a storm in Spanish with them because they also lived in Tegucigalpa where I lived. Anway, the troubling thing is they speak NO English at all, so I know I'll be busy this semester ehlping their teachers along so that the boys dont' get too terribly frustrated with content intheir classes ans they begin to learn the English language.
School has only 3 people in here so far tonight. HOwever I think my Mexican buddy, Ulises, is supposed to drop by tonight, I haven't seen him in almost a year. He called me during break and said he wanted to come in again and learn some more English. I like this cause we always talk the whole time whch meean I use my Spanish and he uses his English and we correct/teach/help each other as the conversation goes along. really such a good way to practice for both of us.
maybe more later, DTR

PS, the pciture is a babygap flight suit I thought was really cool, now that Kirk and Heidi have a baby, how much fun.