Tuesday, February 28, 2006


(FEANOR if you see this post, skip to next paragraph) Had a great weekend that lasted up until Monday night with "COLDPLAY" and they were awesome! Andrew West and I ate at Toby Keith's "I love this bar and grill" before the show, which was also fun. I think this was my first big concert production event. FOr example the huge flat rectangle of a wall behin the stage was actually a tv screen. very cool and some great light shows and effects throughout the night. Since I'm from Oklahoma City, I was all excited to see the crowd really getting into the show, and the performers really appreciating the audience. Coldplay did a lot of encores seems to me, the show went on and on. One thrill was during "Yellow" a bunch of really large yellow balloons, just smaller than a VW bug, fell from above while the song played and all these bright happy lights shown across the audience on the floor. Very cool, the balloons were tossed around like beach balls, then eventually all were popped, and each time this was done a buch of large golden glitter went everywhere below. Another unexpected thrill was during the second to last (or so) song the lead singer dissapears from stage during an instrumental part, and suddenly appears climbing up the section next to us in the audience, who are going crazy all around him. He continued to sing til the end and I swear he was like 15 feet just to my right, a clear view, very cool. and of course you see him in the center of an army of kids with cellphones all around pointed his direction for a picture. In fact there was a glow of cellphone cams all across the floor when the concert started which I noticed as something new for me at a concert more or less.
SOme songs I didn't know so well, I would sort of lean on my chair or just sit down all together, but when all the hits were played I was standing and began moving around enthusiastically listening to every note and beat. I think the audience was about 15,000 people, and the roar was deafening. The lead singer also did a cover of Johnny Cash's "ring of fire".

Well, my next two concert events will be march 11th in Tulsa with "the Strokes", I've seen them twice already in OKC and they are awesomely one tight band live. and the next is Morrisy (sp?) from the 80's band "the SMiths" on March 14th here in OKC which is also the night before I fly out to Tampa for TESOL during spring break. wow! I better start saving up for the dang t-shirts, Coldplay cost me $35. yikes. ALthough I'd love to see them play, I'll have to pass on "death cab for cutie" when they come to Tulsa though, too far a drive for that band.

I went to the boys Bball game Friday night, they lost. Saturday went to gym, lunch, and bible study. I like the small group of 8, there were 4 guys and 4 girls, and I didn't feel like any of us was there to scam, just a good friendly bible study, also the leader, Paco, told all about his return from building a church in Peru. Saturday night I mostly visited with mom and dad, and my sister Paula and her kids in town. SUnday church. THis weekend was pretty laid back and I got a LOT accomplished SUnday in the yard, spread both weed and grub killer, watered some, moved my 88 ranger into the backyard, laundry etc.. I bought some shoes during my lunch break on Monday from the ESL testing training seminar up in North OKC.
I also woke up feeling like crap on Monday morning, ALLERGIES! but I'm completley used to it and all, but still was drained energy wise yesterday and today. I got all my ESL stuff ordered at school today also. Here are the extremely cool shoes I bought, sort of converse-style but not converse. the trim is all leather and the top part is not canvas but a durable nylon, what do you think? .....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dude, where's my world?

My life became a little more intersting today when I checked email and found I had 2 emails from friends in two different countries. I did recieve 2 this week from a bud in Germany (a man of few written/typed words, a really rare rare thing to recieve even one much less two in one week). But the emails today were from a young missionary family in Africa and the other from Colombia, a friend doing social work for a couple weeks there in Supa.
I received an email this morning that I have a budget of $1000.00 to spend on ESL materials and it has to be done by March 1st. Gee whiz one week. good thing I already know what software and books and materials etc that I plan on getting. The real challenge is learning the "Wengage" computer process of getting all the requisitions in on time. Man, writing it down on the four-ply paper forms and filling in the blanks just used to be so much easier, wasn't it? well so much for progress. Ahh.... but enough about the burdens of spending American dollars......

world news this week:
**More rioting and deaths due to the Muslim prophet's cartoon.
**More deaths in Iraq, today talk of Iraqi civil war in media due to attack by one side on another's Mosque, although the security Iraqi leader dude said it really wasn't as bad as what you here, Iraq really want to live as one.
**More hype on anything that makes the white house look bad. THis week it was letting Dubai take owndership of a country that owns some US ports. I agree with Senator Lieberman, If all is secure we have no right to discriminate against a foreign nation just because they're arab. ( my stand here would be why cant' USA own USA stuff all around, but I don't begin to understand free trade in this world)
** mudslide in Phillipines covering an entire village, reported during the week children may be in the school that's covered, but probably rumors of them making cell phone calls were jsut rumors. ( creates awkward moment for a pre-taped episode of Martha showing Monday, discussing Filipino foods to cook and culture with no mention of the tragedy, although a note tags along the end of the show wishing them well and giving support etc...)
** miners buried in Mexico, making me wonder did these things happen a lot before but just get reported more now after the ones in US? (they report of regulations for safety, but come on its a 3rd world country, reglations? you buy yourself out of any regualtion you want there, I'm sure) which brings up next....
** roof collapse on a Russian market. I guess Russia is not 3rd world, but probably something was done wrong to make more $$(rubles?) or save more rubles?
** 8 middle class people won $15 million each in a US lottery, let's hope they can go against the statistics that show most lottery winners end up miserable and more than half back where they started without the millions and nothing to show for it. Or if they do blow it, let's hope it goes to job's and services and goods and will boost the US economy. ( This remains my theory with the billions spent on Katrina, you'd think that billions spent there would filter out and improve the US economy if spent on labor and goods, and yet... .I don't know..isn't LA known as the state with most corrupt govt..)
** The magic word for evil nations "democracy" resulted in a terrorist govt leadership in Palestine. This week Israel decided to cut off giving Palestine their share of border fees or something and western governments threatened to stop giving aid. Palenstine says, no prob, plenty of which muslim nations will support us ..blah blah ( So the US gives $$$ to Israel AND Palestine, and aren't they on oppisite sides or what?)

The Olympics were fun to watch although I was a little less fired up this week to keep up with it. The drama of Davis and Henricks was ridiculous. I thought it was hype, but actually quite real, they both commen did finally shake hands...ahhh. I have to admit it was sort of surreal and oddly captivating to see them sitting on the other side of a table about 7 feet apart and responding to the interviews , they spoke of each other in third person stating the other's name or use of pronoun, however never a nod, glance or any acknowledglement of the other sitting RIGHT THERE! hilarious.

I plan to get some things done OUTSIDE this week since I was frozen indoors all last week. I need to spread pre-emergent weed killer on my lawn, and grub worm killer, (lots of chemicals but really I'm green at heart). and then I need to seriously get my dad's mole trap and hopefully kill a few. I have to purchase some rabbit manure from this local feed store who are the MOST UNFRIENDLY non-helpful owners of a local feedstore I could imagine, but I have no consumer power when its my only source of rabbit manure. This wil be spread about my beds and then covered with ground up leaves from last fall for mulch to keep weeds back. Next paycheck down the road I plan to get weed killer spray for my gravel driveway.
I'm not at school Monday because I'll be an ESL teacher meeting and then Monday night not here at my night job because Monday night will be Andrew West and I enjoying "COLDPLAY" baby!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

creative future?

The picture today is one I found on JBU advocate newspaper online. It shows on the leftJenny Castro, and on the right, Dianna Sasso. They are singing telgrams fro Valentine's day at JBU. I taught both these girls in Honduras in 7th and 8th grade. What a joy to see thme in Siloam Springs at college at my alma mater.
Yesterday's post wasn't really inspired just some thinking down through my hands to the keyboard. well anyway, tonight I wanted to remark on something I considered while watching tv last weekend. I saw some really awful comercials. ONe was an actor in a camel costume, and another was an a girl in a goldfish costume. Is the really the best they can do to promote a product? men in costumes goes back to the fruit of the looms guys which goes way back. I guess I just expect a little more. I saw another comercial repeating that was cartoons, even the movies gave up on cartoons (some Beautiful japananimation excluded). Well all this sort of reinforced an idea I have been reading lately in this book "Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative" by Ken Robinson. The author states the world seriously lacks creative minds, and that a huge shift in education is needed to provide the "thinking man" that corporations are currently finding a shortage of. This doesn't mean only an artistic sense of creativity, it means a strong sense of critical thinking skills, ability to envision, to consider possibilities, regardless of vocation. The book is critical about current education not keeping up with culture and technology. Robinson reports that many corporations seek the over 50 generation as more reliable and capable as corporate workers, thus the predicted shortage.
Somehow, we must teach the next generation of children to CREATE, INVENT, INNOVATE.
We must CHALLENGE children to think and discuss. Questions such as:
CAn you think of a different ending to this story/movie?
What if something different happened..?
What if they were cowboys? What if this were in the future? etc..
How would Superman/whinnie the Pooh/Dora..etc.. have handled this situation?
Would the characters have felt different if.....?
Why do you think it happened?
I don't know those are just things that come to mind. In ESL work, the teacher needs to constantly take the questioning further than just repeating back facts. But crititcal thinking skills desperately need to be included in all teacher's classrooms. Well I'm not writing a paper on this just sharing an idea. have a great third week of February everyone... that means 3 weeks til Tampa spring break trip....ah yeah

I can't believe I'm posting this

I've stated before that all the online surveys drive me crazy but Michelle's and Feanor's results hooked me into trying it out so..... (link does not work below, sorry....)

Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss"
You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship.
You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you

Your flirting style: friendly and sweet

What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance

Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive
What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


hello. I've been insidet he house for 3 days straight now. although I did go to the mall Saturday for a bit, church cancelled Sunday morning cause of the icy roads, and then School cancelled Monday. SO man oh mna is my house picked up and clean. Well what that really means is the front room completely vacuumed and picked up, and the kitchen drawers organized, and the hallway closet. My room still needs help. but really that just means put clothes away somewhere.
I have decided to get cable this summer, but not until the world cup starts. with any luck I should be able to watch most of the coverage, other than when I'm at work 4:30-9pm Mon-thurs. But I do not plan on getting any summer jobs. Although I have considered doing some ESL tutoring at UCO.
Did anyone see Davis win a gold for speedskating, and why was he such a jerk about it. I was sort of wondering/hoping if now he'd get less sponsors and deals for $$$$ since he was so pissy and bad attitude about winning gold. I don't know maybe its some personal reason.
However I'm excited to see the skate off of Chad and him tonight. There supposedly was some sort of drama between the two, although prolly tv plays that up more than reality.
I liked watching all the icedancing couples this weekend, that was cool. A lot of them fell. Also the downhill skiing was very cool. man talk about attitude, Bode miller has tons is all his promos, but too bad he has yet to get a gold. ahh well.
This kid that wants me to go rock climbing ask me about it today, and he was holding his hands and saying how they hurt from the boulder climbing he was doing, and how he could be really messing up his tendons. So that was not a great way to sell the sport, kid.
I keep my heat temp at 67 at home, and the house feels pretty cold, so SUnday night I made some chocolate chip cookies, and just for fun I added an estra tsp of powdered sugar and a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder. The oven sort of helped heat up the place a bit. So the funny thing is while sitting and moving around Sun, and Mon, I was eating the cookies and snacking on them the whole time. Also I played lot of cd's and put in a DVD documentary about Andy goldworthy. it was awesome just to glance at the tv and see his work on the screen. I also did my taxes yesterday. I get about $300 back from US, and I owe the state $200. ahh well at least I came out ahead. The pic is some of Goldworthy's work. ....d.ean

Thursday, February 16, 2006

GO Matalin, and Dawson!

I was really cracking up at a seemingly very very subtle catfight this morning on the today show. The Icequeen liberal media interviewer, Katie Couric about to interview Mary Matalin and all ready to role Cheney's name around in the mud again. But She's caught off guard immediately by the greeting from Matalin who says "Hi Kaite, having fun?". Katie quickly segueways with,.".. uh.. yes(fake half smile) thankyou, we are busy here, and I guess things are busy with.......etc." That was the worst and funniest fake friendly greeting. Basically, and maybe I'm reading between too many lines. But I couldn't help to think Matalin is making a point. Couric is in Italy, reoporint all the important world news, the Olympics of course, and lots and lots of coverage of katie and Matt, these serious reporters clowning around Italy with athletes, and British murderers, and oh yeah other very important news, Cheney finally made a statement. The best thing is they are so long distance and not in person, and when Katie, for the sake of saying it on air as much as possible one assumes, asks the "hard" hitting question of why the delay, and doesn't this just hurt Cheney's already bad image of having a secretive nature blah blah... Matalin rolls her eyes. it was awesome. She gets to have her say, basically, which I believe is true, that the media had to get it from some Texas paper, and not the first scoop. I believe in the right to have information and all that. But I get real tired of watching news when nobody even knows anything. Sometimes you just have to wait for things to really happen, then I expect to have an intelligent summary in the report with clear solid facts. I don't want a stupid play by play and conjecture. I suppose the media really would have liked to create tons of hype minute by minute before anything was made clear. I think its great they had to wait. One thing Matalin said was that the media seemed more bothered about the delay than the public. Well I'm the public and count me in, didn't bother me one bit.

No plans this weekend, just volunteer at the Memorial Museum and everything usual routine except I plan to watch a lot of olympics and probably vaccum, I found this really gets me warmed up when I get cold in my cold old house.
Was great to see the Toby Dawson, a Korean-AMercian ,win a bronze last night, And I thought Blooms reaction to not winning was great, you could tell he really enjoyed just being there and trying for it. I mean really he's still got football and his stardom of sorts anyway. DTR

and the teacher of the month is.....

I don't go to the after school meetings at the North Middle School because it's no longer my "home" school and because I'm at the high school at the end of the day. Well, yesterday was the monthly teacher meeting and yours truly won Teacher of the Month.(I get the first parking space by the front doors for a month and some InterUrban giftCerts.) I found something mentioning this in my box this morning and I was really surprised. My life sort of seems to run routine and at times I feel anonymous to those I don't work directly with (anyone besides my students). So I was really shocked, especially since I'm not even in the building all day. But overall, my efforts to keep in contact with all the teachers of my middle school kids, tutor them on math, make them do homework and turn in, even if its late, and teach them English etc.. have not gone unnoticed. SO it was a funny feeling, unexpected, I was smiling, then felt I'd like to cry ( had I been alone of course at home or something) and then overall, just went on with my day off to a great start.
The really cool thing is on my application for Morrocco there is a space for rewards, and I don't really have that in my resume, I was thinking, like, well I got a tuition fee waiver one semester, and then i got the FourStar program govt grant to attend UCO. So now I have at least one thing to put down as a real reward. Thank you to the teachers, working with the ESL kids takes teamwork from us all. Also thank you God for a really rewarding job, and I mean time with the kids in general.


Every now and thenthis CD gets back in my little stereo in the kitchen and becomes the soundtrack of my mornings for a few weeks. I've had it for about, gosh, I don't know, 3 or 4 years, since a friend of mine made me a copy. Anyway, the band is "The Aluminum Group." And this album, Pedals, is some of the best background music. Its muscical and lyrical, what I like the most is probably all the electronic sounds, but a lot of instruments used as well. Each song different, on one song a girl vocal. easily sung along to. its laid back, winds down some, rhythm picks back up. The first song has this part that says," Mr Duchamp, we just want to play here..." I have no idea what that means. Well, I finally decided to look this band up today, ( thrilled to see there are two more albums since Pedal that I'll soon collect) and found out they are two brothers. How cool, like another soundtrack of my life cd "Kings of COnvenicence," two norwegian brothers.
Think lounge music, with some catchy beats and tunes, I think some brazilian influence maybe? I don't know. But every morning these last two weeks I'm turning this music up and down between Olympic updates n the Katie and Matt Lauer show.

here is a link:

How could anyone.....

How could anyone not like this song? I can't get enough of it, and whenever I hear it come on, I first think... is that that one song... and then, oh yeah it is... then I want to sing or move to it... its just all good and fun. I'm talking about the "Killers" song, All These Things I've Done. Strange how you can think a song is so great and cool, and yet it's never played on the teenage-drone marketed radio stations. ACtually thats not so strange.
anyway, I love this song. I saw the Killers in concert last summer in OKC and it was a great show, big lights behind them, and then this little British guy in front with a resonant pop vocal sound. Anyway, this particular song is not on the cd "hot fuss", so after hearing the song today on my internet radio on my classroom computer, Virgin radio live from London, I've decided to just get the single cd on ebay or something. The song has some great chords, catchy repetitive lyrics, and has a great break in the song where the music starts back up and vocals build again, and at one point chant- or cheer-like joined in by a black choir sound in chorus. I think maybe I've danced to a remix of this song before at a club or something but for some reason its dang infectious. "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier, I've got soul but I'm not a soldier, I've got.........etc."
there is a video link here if you have high speed net:


If you ever hear it, let me know how/if you enjoy it. DTR

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I received my bobsled t-shirt in the mail yesterday and wore to school/work today. with khakis and some converse. I made a poster to hang up in the high school cafeteria for International Student Awareness day comin gup in March so I can see how many students from my shcool want to go. I have to get approval and bus for the field trip to the state capitol. If I get a good enough group I think it should be a really special day for all the foreign born students at my school. I spoke to the superintendent of Mustang schools on Tuesday after a meeting at the administration building. Basically I have to get him to aporve my leave of abscense before I send in the application for the teacher exchange to Morrocco. It was funny introducing myself and my job. He said it sounded like a good opportunity and that I needed to have my supervising principal ( my brother-in-law) fill out the paper work and reference first and then send a memorandum to him to approve and take before the board. What I thought was really nice is that he asked when my application was due, March 24th, and then said he'd like to take it in front of the board during their special meeting called next Wednesday. SO get everything back to him by Thursday. woosh, So I'll be checkkng in the prinicipal's office tomorrow to make sure they got all their part done and ready to send over to superintendent. SHWEET, I really hope I can make this all work out. There are two other reference letters I need prepared one by a colleague and one by a non colleague (sp?) at a different institution. So I gave one to the teacher whose room I share at the the middles school, and I think the other one I will give to a former teacher at UCO, Dr. Van ANderson, because she seems to like my enthusiasm and also mainly because she is the Director of Bilingual Education at the Oklahoma State Department of Education and I think this would look good as a reference. NOW, the hard part of course, is getting my 1 to 2 page essay written on my personal history and why the program and I are a perfect fit based on my background and previous experience etc.... well I am putting that off to write all of next week. Although I've already printed hints for applying from the Fulbright Scholars website and made some notes what I can list about myself.
I also wrote an email to my professors at OU where I had taken some classes that I thought were graduate credit but werent. long story short, I've been appealling to change them to grad credit and everything seems to be going well but my professors were supposed to email the Dean's office to say I did the coursework required for grad credit, and they've been sluggish so I'm waiting to hear from them, and then also the OU graduate office to see if I'll reicieve credit. If all goes well then I am FINISHED with all my graduate work and can pursue graduation, if not I have to reppeat two classes this summer at UCO before finishing ( the OU courses were free this summer won't be! dang!)
what a productive week so far. Tonight I'll go home and watch to see if Jeremy BLoom got a gold or not, I've NOT been looking online to find out yet. I'm amazed at athletes that can do everything like this guy is a black belt at age 12, then he's a receiver at Colorado, and also an olympic skier. wow. I forget if I wrote about the shelf project I worked on last week with my dad in his woodshop, but as soon as they are actually finished I'll get some pics online.
good week to all. looking forward to more Olympics when I get home tonight. We have winter coming next week, get ready Andrew because the cold wind cuts like a Knife as Bryan Adams would say.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

she's down, she's up

last night, another great gold win for USA on speed skates. This guy also used to be an inline skater switching to speed skates on ice. very cool. Also the girls snowboarding was awesome, this girl gets a gold and she's like only 19. They asked her this morning what she was listening to on her ipod, and she says its her brother's band etc.. and she's talking all California. so funny. but how about the end last night when the Chinese couple Zhang and Zhang went on the ice as the last competitors and then the first jump she lands sort of straddled into the ice. OUCH, she could barely skate when getting up. Just before the couple that eventually won gold, had a story playing about how in 2004 the guy had her lifted way high and drops her, they show it, and she falls in position laying on her side straight down bam on the ice, and not moving at all. Anyway, so they do great, but the back to Zhang and Zhang, he pushes her humbling over to the side, they talk and move and talk, then eventually go back out to finish the routine no matter what, to the amazement of the audience, and me the viewer watching every move to see if whe's in pain or will fall or what.

well, I worked out big time my shoulders today with my friend Scott, I hope to make this a weekly thing for the next month before his Y membership runs out. Also a student who works at the rock climbing building downtown invited to come climb with him sometime. I may just try it this summer. I need to do some physical exercise out of the gym. good week to everyone.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I had a good weekend, Friday night was great, just sitting at homea nd watching the opening ceremonies. I like to see what the different countries choose to include in their uniforms, like a cultural design or hat, or what style and color. For example the UK's trenchcoats. got a lot of picking up around the house down also. bed by 11:00 cause I had to give an ACT test Saturday morning. Did you knwo there are 7th graders that show up to take the test these days. Its so funny, the seniors in there sort of looking at them like "gee whiz", and for the senior it's like their second time to take it, because they are just now realizing how they SHOULD have studied in school etc..
After the ACT, I went and ran for 35 minutes at Y, then tilapia lunch as usual, then bible study. I had planned on seeing a movie this weekend, but my friend decided to stay in Lawton, so I took up the invitation I got from a girl at bible study to watch Olympics at Dave's house. he had a screen on the wall with the picture in digital projected from across the room. very cool and lots of singles that I've met before at previous functions different groups and churches in OKC.
SO I'm all excited for the Olympics now, just watching and enjoying seeing people's hard work pay off. I mean really any country, they are all people the same, you watch all the background stories of the Americans, and yet really if we spoke the other languages we could hear just as amazing stories of trials hopes and dreams of each competitor. SO enjoy all. The speed skating was very cool saturday night, the guy Chad henrick form neighboring state TExas, and he sounded just like one, and kept smiling and talking with sheer joy and sticking his tongue out. Crest is sure to get this guy in a commercial soon. Also the snow boarder Sean White who was going on about its all about family and really didn't want to be emotional but it caught him way off guard. Bode miller's disapointment skiing, but the French guy was just so fast, and kept bending down and just shooting down the slope. wow. It will be interesting to see how much I can get into my evening between 930pm and 11:00 lights out in bed and still watch what I'm taping or whats on tv.

ALSO watching Apollo hit his hand and get thrown out of making the finals for his second gold. yikes hard to watch...Tomorrow I'm working out at YMCA in Midwest City and gettign some training from my friend Scott Wanish. hpefully going to help me get my shoulders and back in shape, its the area I work out the least ( as in never, just figure ddoing backstroke is helping.....) well, have a good week!

When news ISN'T news

I was listening to a report about why the press had to wait 22 hours before The Vice President's accident was reporting. And I thought to myself, because I could care less hearing about it. BUt of course I did, the past remarks Cheney's made about hunting, who he's hunted with in the past, etc... wow what a news story. How about, Who Care's, Cheney was trying to recreate on a hunting trip and then had an accident, which happens to a lot of hunters old and new. Of course, I guess being Vice President means your personal life is an open book, and apparently that means right up to the split second on any mistake you could possibly make. Oh yeah, that's right, people do still make mistakes, and, old people still make mistakes. For some reason though I didn't hear any of the usual mundane statistics thrown into a report like percentage of hunting accidents per year that result in injury, or that result in death, or percentage of men over 50 who still hunt, or have had an accident, or accidently crap their pants, or percentage of women who hunt, or percentage of men who have been shot by a friend and live to tell about it, or average amount of time allowed before a person makes an embarrassing mistake and the world is obliged to know about it, or average age of men who've had heart attacks yet continue to hunt with a shotgun, the price of quail meat raised "free range", how to eat the animal and not the shot, did Elvis ever hunt and why, They left all that out for some reason, but boy there was plenty of comment on the suppossed cover-up by the white house. Hey, maybe they secretly wanted to make sure the guy wasn't dead first ya know........ All I know is hearing it once on tv was enough, the endless banter on NPR was too much.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

OLYMPICS are starting UP

I'm going to have some trouble getting to work the next couple weeks because Olympic time is my favorite time to watch Good Morning America with Katie and Matt. They will be talking about the events, showing travel shots all around Italy, and interviewing the athletes. anyway, that was my favorite part of the summer Olympics, watching everything about Greece and the Olympics in the moring and then watching the events that I liked.
So I did the wrong thing and saw this guy on tv talking about this Olympic t-shirt, and ran right to work, got on the internet and bought one..... the one shown.. but I also like these: (click for larger)

This weekend I will be watching opening ceremonies on tv Fri night, and then Saturday morning I am working at the highschool giving an ACT test, then mom and dad's for some shelf help and visit time, then the gym to swim for 30 min, then lunch at the art museum cafe, and then bible study. Maybe a movie with Andrew West, the Squid and the Whale, on Saturday night. Sunday church, and more help from dad in his wood shop with the shelves for my house.
good short!: http://www.youtube.com/w/life-as-a-guy?v=KOuAiTZEiAI&search=life%20as%20a%20guy

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tunafish sandwich

I had a tunafish sandwich tonight with baked lays chips and my last 2 Pinwheel chocolate and Marshmallow cookies. I've been out of milk and eggs since Monday so I plan to get some on the way home tonight. I'm sick of having only a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I had a good run and swim today. I have been off of creatine all week, so I"m looking forward to getting back on it next week since it seems to really help my workouts. blah blah.
I decided that one thing I look forward to about not teaching in a public school anymore is the in-consistency of rules. Either I'm getting old or I just have an OCD problem about things, but I really have to stop myself from fighting the little fights with students I don't even know when I see cell phones or hear bad language at school. However I ALWAYS stop children from running in the halls.
I am applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to teach ESL in Morrocco for 3 weeks next fall as part of a teacher exchange program. have a good day all.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

pic from the seminar I went to last week

I described these clothes as one of my favorite things to wear, and what I wore two days in a row, this is the first day at the meeting I was late getting to......

Monday, February 06, 2006

JUNEBUG a Triumph !!

Actually I think the word triumph is overused in Movie headlines, and may even insinuate that previous movies by the same people were failures. However, the movie "Junebug" is definitely triumphant in giving us an inside view into the lack of communication which exists in every family. I went to see Junebug Friday night, and then again on Saturday night. The main reason for this is the first time, I get a little tense not knowing what's going to happen next. So the second time is fun to just sit back and really enjoy the acting on screen. In this case, Amy Adams, Oscar nominated for best supporting actress, does indeed steal every scene as the pregnant "Ahley". She is the cutest of cute. She perfectly portrays a smalltown girl wowed by everything Madeline does and says. She follows around her brother-in-law's wife like a puppy. George and his wife Madeline come to NorthCarolina to court the work of a local artist, and while there stay with George's family. Ashley's husband is George's younger brother who is not thrilled about the visit. This movie fairly shows the separate worlds of small town and big city coming together. It's done fairly as stated in this review:

"Junebug is that rare kind of movie that contrasts 'cultured' big-city characters with devout, 'simple' folk without being condescending or judgmental of either camp."--

There is no drama or confrontation in this movie. We almost wish somebody WOULD say something, but instead we just see them persist through as Madeline learns many things about this part of the world that her Husband has come from. What I liked most was the visits and inclusion of church and faith. It all seems so completely novel to Madeline. Ashley's husband never says much, and I think the direcotr tried to make this his movie as much as he's on screen, yawn, but the movie is completely Ashley's. wait til you hear her every line. One feels too for Madeline, and we don't hear or see as much of George as you think, he's sort of in a funk while he's back at home. This movie also reminds us how some people can be completely different back home in the presence of mom and dad or other family. The two different worlds we live in, or personalities we take on with different people. This movie is rated R, with some sexual content and brief nudity, however among characters who ARE married, imagine that. Also some adult language. However there is also prayer and a really inspiring rendition of a church hymn. Oh yeah, the artist's work that Madeline is trying to get for the Museum is Chicago is quite graphic. completely bizzare actually, as is the artist's character. wow what movie, I don't think such a small movie will get Amy Adams the Oscar, but I would probably root for her based on this performance.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

When you're dean

I can entertain myself pretty easy. anyway, today I played a little game called, wear the exact same clothes (underclothes excluded) that I did yesterday. how fun. basically I had on my favorite pair of khaki pants that about to get too worn for work, and a pair of black converse hightops, and this really cool short sleeve white polo shirt that i bought at the mall years ago. it fit me just right, has orange on the sleeves and a light blue button in front. the light blue button in front is because the top of the sleeves and trim and collar used to be light blue, but I was trying to use bleach to get a stain out and while soaking all the blue disappeared. anyway, I still love to wear it over a white thermal with the sleeve pushed up to my elbows. So I enjoyed it so much yesterady I thought, I'm going to wear the exact same thing today. throw 'em in the dryer with a wet towell, and its all freshened up good to go..
I had a pretty good day today, always a nice one when you can start out with Katie and Matt L goofing around and cracking each other up in front of the camera, I always love those personal moments.. ha ha. over all it was an average day I guess. I was praoctically singing out loud at the gym after school. I was killing my legs, getting a good work out (430 now on leg press), but the reason I was in a good mood is because THrusday is like my Friday night. On Firday I work at school only ( which by now you know I love my job - going to school and being with people, the kids, etc.) and then after school, NO NIGHT JOB. just home....ahh ( or mom's maybe first)
This week I plan to see the movie Junebug at the art museum, and the the squid and the whale on Saturday night, This time of the year the museum will show the obscure movies that have oscar nominations in them. Sunday night I plan to go to Dave Dickens house to watch the SUperbowl. he's asked me too many times to come over and hang and I always have to shoot him down because of work or other plans, so finally I get to respond to his offer of friendship. married dude about my age with an 8th grade daughter. He and his wife are both ex-military and extremely nice people, and it's about time I get some friendships going at work. (not just the kids). Dickens actualy approached me two years ago, asking me if I liked football. I responded no immediately, thinking that he meant playing football. Since then I've clarified (half truthfully) that of course I love watching football when its team I can get into. FOr example MUSTANG BRONCOS going to state last fall. A BLAST TO WATCH! anyway, surely I can get into a superbowl game. have a good one all... DTR

One more for the weekend.....

Have you read about the muslim outrage over political cartoons depicting their prophet ?http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4669210.stm
I've been reading it all week on the BBC webnews. It started in Denmark then other European countries joined in by reprinting, I suppose to stick it to them muslims because they have the right to! disregarding as usual any common respect and courtesy for others, you know, modern times.... I'm on neither side here but making an observation.

Can you believe people could act so passionately over their Faith? Can you believe Christians would actually watch and enjoy "South Parks" or whatever its called, laughing along as the cartoon Jesus is part of the joke on screen? Its too bad that people can be so culturally blinded and numb in this country by just going along with, jumping full force into the American culture. Yes, we are so proudly aware of the RIGHTS of others in this country ( perhaps due to lawyers more than mom's raising), and so in love with America's FREEDOM of EXPRESSION. BUt the more the envelope is pushed with disregard for respect of others' beliefs, the more irreverence is displayed and becomes the norm, and what becomes popular is assumed as "OK".
What is always popular is not always right. I think people have to make a really concerted effort in just what part of this world they are going to willingly choose to take part in. ( Of course the change comes from changing the hearts of PEOPLE, not a religious war on politics and laws, hopefully those people are consciously voting for the lawmakers...)
"Witness in all you do, sometimes using words," St. Francis says. I am not validating the uprising among muslims, but can we observe what is happening there without awareness about where that passion and concern is regarding the supposed Faith of this country?
another link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4672958.stm
I'd love to hear any comment. have a great weekend all, back Monday DTR

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I don't work Fridays nights so....

I pulled a "Feanor" today by not showing up at a meeting I was supposed to be at for professional development. I was going through my school emails as usual during first hour planning period, and found all these emails from the other ESL teachers about where they would meet and hot to get to the seminar today for ESL teachers in OKC. oops. so I taught my second hour class, made arrangements for the next hour and highschool 4th and 5th by phone. I arrived about an hour before the lunch break at the meeting. Basically stuff I've heard before since I almost have my Masters in ESL instruction at this point. However I was encouraged that there were many content area teachers and principals from other schools there today. It is hard to make that a priority for administrators at my school because we are 6A and I have only a handful of students that are ESL. All my admistrators completely support the program and if I were more of an overachiever I am sure I could get them to call up a meeting with the teachers for me to train if I wanted to. For now, I basically try to make myself available as possible, and I put handouts in their boxes with strategies for teaching ESL kids in a content area class. ALso I go to their rooms and say, hey this kid needs MORE TIME, or hey, you need to reduce the work or YOU explain all the word problems....etc My job is awesome, I love that I have a specialty field to work within that involves teaching kids and teachers. I am also blessed to be at Mustang with complete financial support for the program although its for just a few. ( the photo above is Hyssop.)
Here is an obit in the Art Museum newsletter, in another life I think I'd make a great library scientist. I find it interesting because she is my same age, and because of her ancestry, also sad because of her young child:

Our hearts are heavy this week. Sorrowfully we are acknowledging the untimely death of museum employee Wendy Mahsetky-Poolaw, our librarian, who was killed tragically in an automobile accident last Saturday. Only 37-years-old, she leaves behind her husband, her precious 8-month-old son, several family members, lots of friends, and her museum family. She was a 1987 graduate from Yukon High School, received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, and then her Master of Arts Degree in Library Science from the University of Oklahoma. Wendy has been our librarian since the opening of the new downtown Museum of Art. She was the great-great-great-granddaughter and direct descendant of Chief Quanah Parker. Wendy was an accomplished artist, who also enjoyed music, and took great pride in dancing the Traditional Buckskin and Cloth. We are heartbroken at the loss of this truly unique woman, as you can imagine. No one was more thoughtful nor as kind as Wendy.

SOmetimes its just better if I have two of something. For example I always buy 2 deodorants, one for home and one for my gym bag. I also like having 2 bibles, one for my car, that way I always have it with me for church or bible study, and the other I keep at home and its always near the table or in my bedroom. Well, tonight I have brought the bible from my car inside so I can type up Psalms 51, 7-12. I am going to print it out and hang in the bathroom, because of the analogies to cleaning and the uplifting message in general. This is from my preferred NIV:

Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean;

wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.
Let me hear joy and gladness;
let the bones you have crushed rejoice.
Hide your face from my sins
and blot out all my iniquity.
Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Do not cast me from your presence
or take your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of your salvation
and grant me a willing sprit, to sustain me.
Psalm 51, 7-12

Doesn't that sound refreshing to wake up to in the morning. It's true if we don't sometimes feel connected to God and doing His will, or not keeping up with daily conversations, one must pray for a willing spirit to do so, that He will sustain us.

Yes, I saw Katie interview Kerry this morning. Didn't he look nice and tan having returned from skiing in the Alps? And what about all that concern for the average American? And how about the Democrats' choice of a Christian former missionary governor to give the rebuttal to the state of the union. Did it sway the religious American public to swing over to Democrats who have yet to find a central message beyond " our party not that one!"
cheers to all. Dean

guilty pleasure.....

I don't read many blogs really, just a few I've found here and there, and some friends who have commented on mine before. but overall, If I read too many, its boring, too many opinions and life stories I jsut can't get interested in. The more you see into the lives of these people the more you see people are really just the same all over, like notes I find in the halls at middle school, its always the same thing, " I'm in class, and I'm bored... etc"
anyway, there is one blog that is really great. This guy is single, way into sports, and consistent at updating. He keeps all identities hidden, providing a key to the nicknames. I appreciate that he's all into sports( which I am not at all), and also completely a great writer at expressing his feelings about his life, dating life, sports, etc. Lately he was dating a girl named " alumni girl", it didn't work out though , and he analyzes why. Then his Grandma dies (last week) and he discusses the impact she had, then lately he's dating a new girl, seriously better story than you see made up on tv.. anyway the blog is:
If you ever have time to check it out, leave me a comment on thumbs up or down on what you find there.