Thursday, April 27, 2006


After we flew across the country we
got in bed, laid our bodies
delicately together, like maps laid
face to face, East to West, my
San Francisco against your New York, your
Fire Island against my Sonoma, my
New Orleans deep in your Texas, your Idaho
bright on my Great Lakes, my Kansas
burning against your Kansas your Kansas
burning against my Kansas, your Eastern
Standard Time pressing into my
Pacific Time, my Mountain Time
beating against your Central Time, your
sun rising swiftly from the right my
sun rising swiftly from the left your
moon rising slowly from the left my
moon rising slowly form the right until
all four bodies of the sky
burn above us, sealing us together,
all our cities twin cities,
all our states united, one
nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

- Sharon Olds

I remember in college thinking this was such a great funny sensual clever poem, what do you think?

thanks Mr. Bradley

one of the assistant principals at my highschool sent out an email this week that said:

Subject: Block Scheduling is not movie day

Please keep in mind that block scheduling is designed as 2 hours of instructional time. Some movies do provide relevant instructioanl material. Please make sure any movies are on the approved list and that the students will be engaged in an instructional activity. No Free days!

WE had block scheduling for two days this week and last for EOI testing ( that's End Of Instruction for you nonteachers). anyway, can you believe teachers actually have to be told, hey, keep teaching your classes, don't just show movies. well I know I'm crazy and a little obsessive about wanting order and regulations and everyone consistently doing the right thing, but man I loved this email, and I replied thatks for sending it.
I work in a building with 3 coach/history teachers and I see SO MANY MOVIES being played all the time, yes some pertain in one or another to something historical, but I've also seen just movies in general. WHY WHY do these classes of History always seem to be like this: read the chapter, do the section worksheets, do the chapter review, test.......
In my opinion, (in case anyone wondered) My school should have a policy that every video shown in class needs to be approved(or from an approved list), and a log should be kept of the minutes of classtime used for the video and how it relates to/teaches the content. If you think that sounds lame, other schools do this as a normal thing!
Truth is, and this is a fact, you can show a segment of a movie to get the same point made/example given and its just as meaningful than wasting the entire hour with the entire movie.
It would be very easy for this ESL teacher to jsut show movies ( liek the one before me) and say it all relates to them learning English but NO, my students will tell you we see one to three a year. usually a christmas party type day, and MAYBE JUST MAYBE right before spring break, and yeah of course I'll let them when end of year, senior grad party day comes up.....

just got to work

hey , I'd like to know what your opinion anyone is on the Duke controversy, man I have to hear about it every morning on the news. There's a new movie coming out called "RV" with Kristen Chenowith. man I love Kristen Chenowith , you know she is from the Tulsa area, Okie born and raised.
I just got to work a little early to get an extra hour in, but I'm already "trained" or whatever by the day guy so I'm typing a little bit on here to see what comments I can get coming in, if any.
We are on the last 24 hour countdown to having short hair all summer long....... tic tic tic tic. I say this 'cause I'm getting my hair cut after school tomorrow and man you should see the curls going on this shag rag bushy ball of hair I been growing all winter and spring. Honestly I got to say I've been in requiem all week for my long hair 'cause I knew Friday was coming, and I guess I think I look younger with it long, but one hot sunny day, and that's all it takes to remind me how much I hate it all sewaty and hot in the summer yuck. so it's coming OFF. I hope it doesn't add too many years to me since I got a little receding going on up there. tic tic tic
I went and worked out before work today, it's my last before work workout for a month, since I'm coming in earlier the next four weeks. The only thing I can think to do is just work out Fri-bakc shoulders,Sat-legs(ugh), and Sun-chest arms. only a month though then this summer I can be more free and get workouts in before lunch and going to work here. I will also begin swimming mornings next week to get in the cardio. sorry just thinking out loud here.
side note--- the day guy was trying to print a report to show me something, and then it started printing the wrong thing and now its going like 200 sheets wasting and so he's calling someone on how to stop it... .. ahh man... I don't know......
I'm going to do some work now.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You know you're from Oklahoma if.....

1. You can properly pronounce Eufaula, Gotebo, Okemah, Tahlequah and Chickasha.
2. You think that people who complain about the wind in their states are sissies.
3. A tornado warning siren is your signal to go out in the yard and lookfor a funnel.
4. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor onthe highway.
5. You've ever had to switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day!
6. You know that the true value of a parking space is not determinedby the distance to the door, but by the availability of shade.
7. Stores don't have bags, they have sacks.
8. You see people wear bib overalls at funerals.
9. You think everyone from a bigger city has an accent.
10. You measure distance in minutes.
11. You refer to the capital of Oklahoma as "The City."
12. It doesn't bother you to use an airport named for a man who died inan airplane crash!
13. Little smokies are something you serve only for special occasions.
14. You go to the lake because you think it is like going to the ocean.
15. You listen to the weather forecast before picking out an outfit.
16. You know cowpies are not made of beef.
17. Someone you know has used a football schedule to plan their weddingdate.
18. You have known someone who has had one belt buckle bigger than yourfist.
19. A bad traffic jam involves two cars staring each other down at afour-way stop, each determined to be the most polite and let the othergo first.
20. You know in which state My-am-uh is and in which state Mi-am-ee is.
21. You aren't surprised to find movie rentals, ammunition, beer andbait all in the same store.
22. Your "place at the lake" has wheels under it.
23. A Mercedes Benz is not a status symbol. A Ford F350 4x4 is.
24. You know everything goes better with Ranch sauce.
25. You learned how to shoot a gun before you learned how to multiply.
26. You actually get these jokes and are "fixin" to send them to yourfriends.
Finally, you are 100% Oklahoman if you have ever heard this conversation:
"Wanna coke?"
"What kind?"
"Dr. Pepper."

I qulaify for most of these. :) Thanks Sayshsa for the email it is pretty funny, of course I also appreciate it sociologically as a local cultural marker...and being from OK,can you okies think of any others? how about -- You can sing a jewelry store song that's only sung at Christmas time....

Mr. Reusser, slow down....

I have been making great effort to go no more than 65 mph on the highway from now on... supposedly you spend 13% less on gas if you keep it between 60-65 on the highway, ( I usually am always hovering around 70, I'll admit, I'm a sinner I know) THe thing is I'm not even in any hurry, I just like going that speed aorund everyone else. SO now I'm trying to just go slow and steady and maybe save a buck or two.
I began watching tv when I got home last night, on PBS ( OETA in OK) channel, a show I try and catch called "Independent Lens", last night was a documentary about Bowling, and how three Microsoft retirees bought the Noational Professioanl Bowlers league for $5 million in 97 and are trying to rebuild its popularity etc... anyway it was actually sort of interesting, I had to tape the ending and watch it this morning. was actually pretty cool seeing all these guys from the 70's still going at it to beat each other in the world championship... well sort of cool, I don't know.
nice cool day all day to day, I paid my city bill that I had lost at home and today was the day it was due. sweet. I currently work 19 hours a week at my night job. and for the month of May it will change to 25 a week, that will be like an extra 2 nights on each paycheck, awesome, and then this summer I think I can get a schedule of 1-9 going on Mon-Thurs, which will really really be awesome, I jsut can't go over 40 a week I've been told.
called OU today, office of record hasn't yet recieved the paperwork... I can wait, it's cool, I'm going to go ahead and apply for graduation with the last two classes pending....
I came in early today to get more "training" for my night job... basically learn how to do paperwork and computer work as far as enrolling new students in the system and dropping them and printing reports.
I'm supposed to go to the ARts festival this weekend but there may be rain, yeah yeah I've heard that one before.....

UPDATE preacher preacher

He emailed me and gave a good response, rest assured my church remains Christ centered overall, and that he gets exactly the same amount of letters and calls with exactly the opposite position. Basically I was just glad to have been heard, and called him today to say thanks for listening....DTR

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

busy day...

(i put this pic as background on my computer at work tonight) click here, and then click on all sizes for a screen size:
I got home fine last night storm had mostly blown over already. I gave some more English tests today and that was about all. I look forward to getting all this testing done so I'm back into y routine of teaching and seeing my 8th graders ( I haven't all week :( )
anyway, the letter below explains itself, hopefully it doesn't sound too strong balck and white on the page, and if you have time to read it, leave me any comments please.
one good thing, I'll be coming in early to work here all next week and until school is out - which is great for more hours and more $$. however, it REALLY cuts in to my gym time !!! that will not be fun trying to schedule in now. I hate wroking out three days in a row. ( for example now I'll have to go Fri, Sat, Sun), I like to stagger it out during the week, but I will start swimming at 630 every morning again next week because otherwise when will I get any cardio... good week to all.

anyone know what's this I hear about OSU calf fry... something planned or what?.........

a letter I wrote today to my pastor...

Dear Pastor Carlon Tschetter,

I was listening to the radio news the other day about the soundbites of music they always play after a feature story. They mentioned the solemn music chosen to play after the news of 9/11, and how all the music is specifically chosen to reflect something from the news. They mentioned how important this was to give listeners a time to reflect and think silently about what they've just heard and experienced. I thought immediately of how I missed this sort of quiet time during a church service last month after communion.
During past Sundays I have noticed a slow trend beginning of joining in song during offering time, in place of the usual offeratory music or performance, but was somewhat unpleasantly surprised to find that during communion we were led into song again by the praise band on stage. "Where was the time for silent meditation and prayer," I asked myself. I can't think of a better opportunity for a serious time of quiet reverence and personal reflection than commuion. I was confused by the experience. Indeed the entire service was too loud and felt like a "sing-along marathon" for any free moment on stage.
Sometimes on Saturday evenings (in the past) I would visit Life Church's north campus. I went for the sermons, and I did enjoy the music, although it's so loud I would sit in the very back, and then when the pastor comes on stage I moved forward for the message. I have experienced lately a similar irritation while sitting in my usual pew at Covenant Community Church, but I don't want to sit in the far back pews. I can physically feel the volume in my ear, sometimes seeming painful. I am not sure if this is because of the new sound system or I'm just getting old or perhaps the worship is indeed much louder these days.

Actually, I have been somewhat disenchanted with worship at CCC ever since you told the congregation to "stand or sit while singing", depending on if you feel like it. I think the worship "leader" should lead us, and say when to sit or stand during worship. You had mentioned that some were not comfortable remaining seated during music. And so perhaps you are offering the choice to sit or stand in response. I understand it is is impossible to please everyone. However, I think a church body should be united in belief and worship, not separately doing what we feel. Otherwise it's like a Burger King " have it your way" ideology which hints at a consumeristic cancer of individulism.
I am afraid that CCC will become one of those "feel good" churches where the worship experience is an emotional high or just a show. Standing or sitting "when you feel like it" seems to mean if the worship leader's wife stands and a few other people stand, then everyone else had better eventually also stand or it may appear that you don't really "feel" the true sense of worship. Surely there is room for consideration of the elderly and others who are not "moved" to stand, yet cannot see around those standing. When the leader says "please everyone stand" then what if I prefer to stay seated.

I had attended "Crossings Community church" for quite awhile participating in the singles group there. I found the Music wonderful and the preaching ok, but overall, a comfortable feel-good on Sunday, "don't tell them what they don't want to hear" sort of service (I prefer the sort where the congregation is challenged and made to feel uncomfortable, and left questioning or reminded of the sinners we are). Regardless whether that is true or not, I began returning to CCC after the music ministry leader had resigned. This has been my favorite time attending church. The worship seemed really sincere, no rock-and-roll bang up show on stage, but an inspired time of praise song, and raising-our-voices-together-in-praise time. I understand the need for a part time worship leader, even though I enjoyed either "Lowell" leading worship. I do enjoy the current part time leader's enthusiasm and cheer. However I feel like the all the new songs purposely include lots of key changes, loud, and with the word "stand" in the them. So I'm confused that my "home church" is becoming like any other mainstream church, sort of combination of Crossings worship/ CCC preaching.

I also am confused by your statement about how not including a lot of new music in worship might leave the new generation feeling like they cannot relate to the church experience( this was in reference to the usual hymn vs praise songs). I felt like I'm part of a younger generation, and I've always preferred hymns or at least a mix of both. But I've never felt like we have to include all the hit-of-the-moment radio praise songs during every worship. I prefer those for the car rides from place to place for encouragement. I also don't understand how this would make anyone not want to attend a church if there were only a traditional set of songs sung.

Anyway, these are not meant as complaints, the bible is clear about not complaining (and this is why I haven't emailed for so long, I thought I should just silently press on). However, another communion Sunday is approaching and I did want to share my thoughts and feelings about the church. I continue to learn and grow from each sermon and this is why I remain at CCC. I understand and agree that how I worship is not the point of church. I love the people at CCC, and I appreciate the drive for getting our church involved more serving in different ministries and with each other. And you continue to do an astounding job as pastor of the Word at CCC.
I trust you, pastor Carlon. Can you tell me why I'm wrong, and assure me that CCC is not changing into a feel-good emotional-worship-on-Sunday church? And could I ask for direction in what prayer I may ask of God so that I am not noticing things during service that I feel are for the sake of building up emotion only? Or perhaps your opinion on a time for calm, quiet reflection and meditation as a part of worship?

thank you,
Dean Reusser

Monday, April 24, 2006

globally warmed spring.....

the weather today.... man it was like 91 and in the south building no air working today, doors open and no window in my classroom. and this one student from Mexico, sweet sweet quiet girl in her second year here, anyway she put on her sweater, she was cold from the fan. I couldn't even feel the fan! well clouds were out by the time school was out and then tongiht, typically here in OK, a thunderstorm is moving through. man I love weather like this, so exciting and dramatic when the thunderstorms and tornadic weather sweep through the state. nothing better than being home and hearing all the thunder, lightning, rain, hale, and then silence, nothing once it's gone. My dad grew up on a farm so as a kid, my memories are of the siren going off and my dad going outside on the driveway looking up to see what he could see. Well, nowadays of course, the technology is so exact, the radars tell you just where the rotation is heading, so that helps. tonight the radar shows a tornado west of OKC in El Reno that already touched down once, its' heading west through Yukon, and then the storm passes maybe right over my house in Bethany by 830 hopefully no tornado by then. I just put two tall succulent kalonchoe plants back outside this weekend, something told me there'd be a windstorm yet coming to knock 'em over, well they've lasted storms before, maybe ok....
you know, why I like unexpected weather, because of the very real proof that there are things yet man cannot control... we think we are in control, but we are not, God is in control.
I had some great phone conversation time last night, then winded down in bed watching some british tv. at point I was laying on my stomach with the fan on overhead with my head in the pillow just listening to the show and it was almost perfect because my back was all warm from the sunburn on Saturday, and the fan cooled off just enough not too much to be perfectly comfortable... ahh
anyway, weekend was good, I put in a small semicircle flowerbed on each side of my front walk, stupid wheelbarrow went flat as soon as I filled it up with a load of dirt, but otherwise productive day, had the wheel stayed aired, i was going to dig up the north side of my house and put in a bed there too. another weekend. after the prject I went to gym at 1pm and then lunch at 2:30 (tilapia and museum cafe) then bible study at 4, which was a good samll group, and after I heade towards a really fun barbecue at Andrew West's friend Monica's house in Norman. man I ate a ham and cheese croissant and apples ( grapples tasted like grapes and apple) at bible study, then ate a banana and granola bar on the drive to norman, then a big ole hamburger and snacks and brownies at the barbecue. I was stuffed and came home falling asleep on the couch barely able to get up and shower up and get in bed. ahh restful weekend.
well all my students have left, I could go home now, but that prolly means driving right through the storm, I'll prolly go north first and jigger up around it then turn west to bethany, I dunno, depends on the roads.... later

Thursday, April 20, 2006

it means, "will you be my friend?" in Hindhi
well I'm hoping to get out of town memorial weekend but sad to say it won't be Germany. However I haven't killed the dream yet. I have to find out how long I'm welcome with Brady in Frankfurt still. I would like to travel SOMEWHERE this summer because I think it's a good policy in life for single guys like me to TRAVEL and take a vacation once a year, I especially think it good policy for guys liek me we with two jobs to take a vacation and travel once a year. maybe if I had someone to travel with, maybe more fun, although I'm a great solo traveler. I like talking to people and can easily conversate with myself or make jokes and laugh at myself, it's true.
hmmmm.... summer ain't here yet though. I need to share some interesting news. I found out yesterday that OU WILL be giving the GRAD credit I needed!!! YEE HAW!, now I will not have to worry about paying for classes, or driving to classes or spending time and effort on any more classes! my MASTERS should be right around the corner now. wait, I will need my advisor to verify that the classes count the same at UCO, but I am pretty sure its red tape from here on out. awesome
other news; the daytime guy at my night job is quitting. I had a meeting with my boss here last week and we were thinking they might end the night program instead of trying to replace him.... however, it turns out that at the meeting with the big boys, they actually want to increase the program and get it really really going, more than the daytime guy was willing to do.... enter Dean. I've been told, off the record, that I would be a candidate for the position which is two steps up from trainer and the position would be trainer/coordinator and after the first year more of an administrative Coordinator position, and basically he was feeling me out to see if I'd be interested. I don't know, what's it pay? I guess it's about the numbers, although I can't help feel that God has been preparing me for something like this 'cause I'd continue to work with adults, but also go out into the businesses in OKC to see how we can fit the needs of their workers learning English. I don't know, sounds so grown up, and maybe I could do it, I could definitely use the challenge, but I also love my current job at Mustang. but making more money doing only one job seems like a brainless decision. looks like I have some job prayer time ahead of me this summer, sounds familiar ( last summer's non-move).
hope all have a great weekend, those who are reading, I'm getting less comments these days, prolly everyone's busy like me, spring is HERE! :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

9:02 a.m. APRIL 19th 1995

I saw a news story about a movie about 9/11 regarding the apssengers on the flight that went down in Pennsylvania. I have to say I could barely view the trailer without getting a feeling inside of losing it and wanting to bawl. (well I don't cry much so this means a sudden rush to the tear ducts and they may water a bit) anyway, it was showing the actors boarding the plane, just the idea, these people going about their daily business without any idea of the terror ahead of them.

That's what gets me every time when I consider the bombing of the Federal building here in OKC. When I volunteer at the musuem, I will share the information of the number of victims, 168, and how 5 of those were not in the Murrah building but across the street, 2 in the Water resource building because the roof collapsed suddenly from the blast, and the person in the Athenian building, and the lady who was getting out of her car in the parking lot across the street where the survivor tree stands today. The fifth person was a nurse who was struck by falling debris while searching for victims on her third attempt into the building. While explaining the 9 rows of chairs, I discuss the smaller chairs representing the 19 children who were vicitims. 15 of them from the daycare of 21 kids on the second floor right above where the truck was parked on the street, and how 2 children were with their grandparents on the first floor in the social security office, and how 2 others were on the 5th floor with their father who had come that morning to show his family where his office would be before starting his new job. while stationed at point in the museum, when it's slow, I have time to read the information on the computers which you can pull up about the victims. wonderful stories and memories collected from family members. The most touching is from one man's sister who said, that the Easter weekend before, her family had unusally all been together, and how uncharacteristically her older brother had told each of his adult siblings he loved them and given a hug when saying goodbye, and how that morning of April 19th he had spoken to one of his siblings on the phone and had said to "take care of her." anyway, stuff like that.
You can read about the real victims with real names here:
(or just check out the site)
Today was a beautiful spring morning, and although last year was the big 10 anniversary, today happened to also fall on a wednesday morning. WHen you consider how the world has changed now as we go about our daily lives and morning routines, comared to 1995. It's sad that good ole bible belt Oklahoma had to be violently awakened into the new age of domestic terrorism by what happened. of course, now we live with memories of 9/11 and live daily with news of war in the middle east.
There is a computer screen provided with a display above it in the museum which asks "Where were you?" I've seen many go by like " I was in school and my mom picked me up and we went home and prayed for the people in Oklahoma CIty" or " I was outside in the front yard talking to my neighbor" or "I was at work and we all turned on the tv" among others. I'd like to ask YOU to please comment and say one of TWO things, either where were you at 9:02 am April 19, 1995. OR how about, where were you this morning at 9:02 am, what were you doing as part of your day to day routine? ( COMMENT by clicking on ANONYMOUS all you non-bloggers!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

picture's worth

It's a Japanese festival where they carry a shrine, this was taken by the artists Kozyndan, from their blog.
anyway, I like this picture because the way all the grey and blue tones are reflected off the white. Also things in uniform series are pleasing to my eye, in this picture, the men's shoes(socks?), the white things in the shrine, and the electricity poles in the background. Of course the Mask is so mysterious and really gets one's attention. enjoy the photo, any comments?
I have one; we see in this photo the modern-dressed boysparticipating in traditions of the past. The single bright yellow object, a tractor, could represent the coming change of the future. the river almost divides the photo into the conflicting old and new....

Spring, Kozyndan ART

To the Garden the World.

To the garden, the world, anew ascending,
Potent mates, daughters, sons, preluding,
The love, the life of their bodies, meaning and being,
Curious, here behold my resurrection, after slumber;
The revolving cycles, in their wide sweep, have brought me again,
Amorous, mature—all beautiful to me—all wondrous;
My limbs, and the quivering fire that ever plays through them, for reasons, most wondrous;

Existing, I peer and penetrate still,
Content with the present—content with the past,
By my side, or back of me, Eve following,
Or in front, and I following her just the same.

- Walt Whitman

Monday, April 17, 2006

did I mention it's spring

well you would have thought summer this weekend, 90's already. BUt the best thing is last night I came home from all day at my parents, stripped down to just shorts and old converse sneakers, went back outside and mowed! The best thing about spring is the mosquitoes have yet to hit, so you can really enjoy just hanging outdoors and doing anything. I love it. I'm a little strange in that I will walk across the street and go up and down the street looking back at my house to see what it likes like from this and that viewpoint. especially after mowing, looks good.
anyway, this time of year I am also up every morning at 7:30 or so walking back and forth along the borders of the flower beds on the side of my house, just checking to see what new green leaf or bud is pushing its way forward into the morning and sending up a hello. What I'm really doing is seeing if the mole trap got anything, and if I need to push down a tunnel near one of my bulbs, its bad for the roots.
This weekend I'll be digging up some dirt around the front walk and putting in some new beds, and over all getting some SUN on this white boy. ( thanks to dad for putting air back into my wheel on the wheelbarrow, you know so much depends upon........)
I began English proficiency testing today. It's sort of frustrating because on the listening test I can't repeat anything, and the part of me that wants to help and explain and repeat to my students when they don't understnad has to be held back. over all I hope they test well though and show improvement. (that I'm doing my job)
had a busy weekend, volunteered Saturday morning at the museum and then had a lunch date with a girl from high school after that. I took her to the ARt Museum Cafe where I usualy go on Saturdays. This girl was two grades ahead of me in school and now she is a veterinarian in OKC. I forgot how intersting and clever and smart she is. We had a great time just catching up. Her father is from Sweden and her entire family has light light light blond hair and high cheek bones, serious she looks like she could walk right out of any Swedish or Danish film! She looked great, and I couldn't help but think back to how she wuodl drive by the middle school when I was in the 8th grade and pick me up in her truck when she was in the 10th grade. we lived in the same neighborhood in Mustang. ANyway, I plan to contact her again before the summer and try and hang out again sometime. since we're both single and all, and she really is the sweetest thing in the world. One thing I like is the way she thinks of something and then asks you aobut it right there. In fact on the way home she said she'd like to see my place, so we went over there for about 2 more hours just sitting back and chatting some, and the place was a mess!
Lots of good times for Easter this year, without my little sister there no kids to fuss over or manage so although I missed her a lot, it made for a good atmosphere for just hanging and visiting with the young adult and teenaged neice and nephews, and my Uncle from Wshington who we've never really seen and got to know before his last visit in November so that was a lot fo fun having him there. There's a real joy about him since he became a Christian during his last visit, we all noticed.
Well I should be going home to some chocolate rolo cookies tonight, I made some to bring yesterday to my folk's but I burned the last batch so no extras for me. Better anyway, I'm wanting to get my abs in better shape before summer gets here.
SHOUT OUT to my friend who had a birthday last Friday, 33! Happy Belated birthday to you! anyone else read this blog remember your 33rd? I won't comment on mine. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

good thursday too...

anybody give up something for lent? Easter is coming! Remember if someone comes up and says to you "He is Risen" or "Christ has risen", you respond with "He is risen, indeed!" Easter really is so wonderful and importatn because it's the true miracle of resurection. I am off work tomorrow so I plan to go to the mall and buy a tie for church SUnday. I have been deciding on either a tie or just a fresh bright green izod polo shirt. the later I am not likely to find in any OKC mall though.
David is here tonight. He is a student who took 8 days to walk across the border from Mexico 6 years ago. I found this out when he told me last week that he took off work from welding to support the protest at the state Capitol the weekend before. He became a legal immigrant 3 years ago when he married an American Mexican girl, they now have a 3yo daugther, but he confessed to me that the marriage is in trouble.(not sure why people are so open and honest with me, I'm a terrible listener I swear).. anyway, it sort of got me seeing the other side of my anti-illegal immigrant rant. He's the nicest guy in the world, clean well dressed, nice red truck, tax payer, church goer etc...I don't know. anyway, last night he told me all about how this circle blade saw flipped off aluminum a couple years ago at work and cut his leg, and that since then he's seen a mexican friend cut his fingers off at work. yuck! the funniest thing is ( cause I told him my point of view also) was last night we were laughing because he is here studying for his citizenship test next month. he was telling my right now there are many legal residents finally pushing forward and wanting to take the test, I said why is that, and he said, well because we want to be registered voters by the next election... ahh man! well I like this country regardless, I'll say it again, my biggest stand is LEARN ENGLISH, all I ask!
so no work tomorrow, yee haw, I plan on being in shorts only and old converse shoes and outside! I also plan to shop a little at the mall, and then some gym time, and I don't know not much more. I saw this thing on tv where they dyed easter eggs and I thought I might try that tomorrow just for fun. I volunteer at the museum Sat morning, should be a good morning since the holiday. you know I almost cry at least once no matter how many times I've told the story or answered questions or given information on the bombing during the museum tour. I don't give tours, but I stand in one spot before they enter a room where you hear a recording of the even from another building where they were having a hearing. I love being there able to share information. Also will most likely get my Tilapia lunch at the art museum this weekend, i missed last week, also no bible study group this week, I will prolly go to my moms instead and hang out since my uncle is there. Good Easter weekend to all! The Lord has risen indeed!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

good email

had a nice email from a friend today, and read some good things on Feanor's site today. Also read some other sites and apparently the word Feanor is some sort of lord of the rings thing, I don't know. have I mentioned before that I subscribe to the New Yorker. I find it's articles well written, though I realize its editorials may have a liberal slant, its the other stuff I like reading. I'm a reader, although I don't make enough time for books, I read the heck out of magazines and this is one of them. The articles will tell you everything you could possibly want to know and then more, Two favorites come to mind from ten years ago, about a man growing Hostas, and then another all about a Hyena. I get these in the mail each week and sometimes forget to read it before the next arrives. the weekends that I am volunteering is when I can usually catch up, also its always a good lunch date when I'm eating somewhere alone.
spoke to OU today, they are taking my file in front of the Dean tomorrow and I'm supposed to call back Monday. I have no idea what that means though because the office of record sort of told me something weird.. anyway
high of 82 or more today, I had on my "they might be Giants" t-shirt which has kids on the front with a big ballon saying NO! I recomend the documentary titled "Gigantic; a Tale of Two Johns", of course only if you are slightly interested in the band or remember some of their tunes.
I watered the back yard this morning. Uneventful school day today, ran 30 minutes and swam 15 before coming into work tonight. wednesday are of things I'm bidding on.( I found out I don't owe the state $200 after all, I sent my taxes in yesterday and getting $300 from Federal and$ 71 from state.. yee haw)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

don't you love it when....

you don't have to work on Fridays. Well I am off work Friday for Good Friday. The day was worked into our schedule as a snow day, but we have only missed one this year so now we have this day OFF. I hope to be outside with only my shorts on getting some sun and digging around the yard.

I killed my back and shoulders today with scott helping me at the gym. I just finished my meal here at work and ate my last chocolate cookie from Saturday. now I'm just watching the clock, there are no students in the ESL lab where I sit, only a few in the other adult learning rooms.

I had to "counsel" one of my students this morning. He is a great great kid (8th grade) from Central America. Apparently from what I understand the father married some 47-ish year old woman so he could move hear and work and live with his two kids legally etc... which makes sense why the daughter (in 6th) refers to the step-mom as "that woman"... well anyway, they are both having making friend problems and the mom that they love is back in Panama and remarried with a new baby sister. WELL, the boy "O" is very studious, respectful, inquisitive. the girl "E" is not very studious and getting into catty name calling with other girls at school ( 6th grade girl politics YUCK!). the father was in yesterday morning asking to have a family counseling meeting with the teachers or soemthing, he was a little confused. It turns out that he didn't realize that E had in schoo0l suspension, and he was upset because on the way home from church the two kids ( who hate each other and fight a lot apparently) were arguing and he shoved O and suddenly O is jumping out the car and running away from the car saying awful things. The dad was surprised cause he thought E was the trouble kid. HE spoke with me about what he can do to punish the kids or to understand what is the trouble with E at school, and the trouble with O, the boy, at home. ( dude I have no idea, no I don't have any kids) anyway, nothing we can do, the kids are all doing testing this week AND we are not family counselors etc....
However I spoke to E and got some info, basically that O says awful things to the dad like "i hate you" and other insults etc.
Well I you know I love my students, hard not to get attached when you only have 9 at one school. SO I had O come and speak to me in the counselor's office this morning. I asked him about his goals and plans, for example living in the states or returning to panama. I ask him about his father coming to the school and told him what I think is normal for brothers who fight with sisters and fathers etc.. and what I think is not good. I tell him I don't want him to become an angry hateful person. I ask him why he's not proud of his father, and he says 'cause he's a car salesman, so then I explain what a good job that is, and what skill it takes, and how this is a great opportunity etc.... he tells me he'd like to play football next year and that he and his father practice throwing the ball every weekend. So I'm glad to know they get along sometimes and have fun, then he says, yes, but sometimes later he says dumb things and then O feels like saying mean things. I ask him, is his father an ugly hateful person, does he call you names and insults, and he says no he doesn't, SO basically, which was my goal, I end up discussing with him about growing up and communicating how we feel, and how much parents love their children, and when he feels angry , he needs to tell his father why he's angry and that he hates what the father is saying or doing, but not to say he hates his father, because I know that he doesn't hate his father...etc... anyway, what do I know, counseling 101, all this in less than 30 minutes. But you'd be surprised, the kid was pretty receptive and thoughtful and overall I think it went well.

my worst fear was that he'd get nervous, embarassed or cry, but instead jsut a good conversation. He knows I care which I'm sure he already knew because I'm always encouraging these kids as they adjust to a new school and culture anyway. dang long blog....

ebay again

I really need this shirt and will buy it as soon as they tell me it's size Medium! SHWEET, snow patrol, awesome!

Monday, April 10, 2006

weeknd over

Hello from Oklahoma City. I survived the weekend. everything went smashingly well on Saturday night. made lasagna and a double chocalate pound cake, and even whipped up some chocolate rolo cookies for snacks before group. anyway, I signed up for May 22nd for next time at my place. By then maybe I'll have my shelf project done, and my yard will look a lot better.
I brought the leftover lasagna and chocolate cake and salad to my mom and dad's after church and had lunch there. I had no reason to go home since everything was already picked up and clean and laundry done. I left there about 3 and went to the mall with my friend Scott, and like the good white boy I am bought a couple tshirts at the Gap. My inspiration for going to the mall was to get a tie for Easter next weekend. But the only one that I really really really liked was $60 and I just couldn't do it.
SPOKE with OU today, apparently now the Dean's office at the Graduate College says I need to be speaking with the office of record, and they can make the change.... UGHHH so I called at spoke to someone, and POSSIBLY POSSIBLY, I think MAYBE, it might work, apparently if I get ANOTHER,ugh, letter from my professors saying I did all my work, it just might be possible to change the course numbers to reflect graduate level. I DON"T KNOW. but like my best friend ex- co worker and mother of 5 used to tell me, "the sqeaky wheel gets the grease" ( This also just reminded me of the Japanese phrase the nail that sticks up get hammered down, not exactly same sentiment huh?) so I continue on to make this work! so much time and money to save from my summer!!! BUT I am open to either way God chooses to answer this one, although it remains difficult not knowing what I'll be up to this summer. If I am free this summer I plan to maybe travel ( have not given up on Germany YET) or get a job at UCO at the Englsih Institute tutoring the International students there.
I was reading the Economist magazine this weekend while giving the ACT test Saturday morning. man, it put a lot of ideas in my head. not in the mood to blog any right now though, but I'm considering subscribing, it was recomended by my best buddy Jeffy up in Arkeensaw---

Friday, April 07, 2006

When I went to work this morning....

i was looking in the rearview mirrors and it seemed like my eyebrow was hanging down with the skin underneath trying to go down on my eyelid and eyeball.... I thought, has it always looked that way or are the years catching up with me or what, well maybe it was just early morning face sag.. ha ha.. I thought it was funny though.

I stopped and got a dozen doughnuts, and then during 3rd hour today with my seven 8th graders, I asked at the beginning of class who had their workbook homework finished. For the 3 (girls) who had finished, I said well you probably deserve something, how 'bout a donut? what kind if I had any doughnuts....etc then I pulled out the box, and the 4 (boys) who weren't done got some also after completing theirs. I ate my apple fritter. man it was good, this doughnut place just near my house on the way to school. A Vietnamese family own it and they make good stuff. the fritter was fried perfectly frosted, and little apple pieces inside. yum.

weekend is HERE my friends, I'm checking emails before returning back to the school and setting up rooms for the ACT tests tomorrow morning, I'll be in one of the rooms administrating all morning, easy $80. Tonight I'm making cookies and lasagna for study group tomorrow and cleaning up my filthy bachelor pad. Also bought some plants before lunch today at a local nursery, two purple fountain grass, a succulent, and red phlox. should be a good busy weekend...

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Iwas listening to another author (yeah I know selling his book) on public radio talk about adults with attention deficit disorder. Well I'm a teacher so usually my first theory on any kid with ADHD is "there wasn't a dad or mom around to punish him and learn him some discipline". I don't believe that everyone needs a chemical prescribed to make the brain work like everyone else, I guess I feel God designed us with strengths and weaknesses and personalities, etc.. However, I believe in Science, so yes real cases need real drugs. ok enought said, anyway so I'm skeptical to begin with.. the show went on about people who need to learn how to live with the disorder, to help them get organized, and turn the disability into a "gift". To help them learn to get projects done and focus. One of the things they mentioned were people who feel they are not living up to their potential and feel like underachievers at work. That's when I started thinking.... could it be me.... I do feel like I have potential to do bigger and more creative things, but I don't have the "ganas" or ambition to go for them. also I always feel like I could really be doing a LOT more at my job than what I do. Anyway, it sure sounded tempting to say, yes I need help, how can I get my life organized, focused and reach my goals. And at home sometimes I have the music on in the kitchen behind me and the tv on in front of me... but I'm admitting to nothing. you may know I love my job and kids and I feel like I continue to move upward and onward with my career. and I find plenty of creative outlets. ... Was intersting to hear though........

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'nuther wednesday

worked out back and shoulders today after school. work tonight ultra boring. plan on going to grocery store on the way home, there was no milk this morning or eggs. I am non-motivated to do anything other than get up out of this seat and got eat another chocolate pinwhell cookie.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ouch ! and Moroccan DELAY !

I didn't get to see my kids today, i was at the administration building doing test training. Oklahoma has adopted a new test program to mearsure the amount of English the ESL students can speak (acquisition/proficiency etc..). So now we are all well trained on administering the test. THe difficult part is keeping the scoring consistent on the speaking part of the test which is scored by the person giving the test.... so that means a rubric to check and understanding exactly what passes as meeting expectations or exceeding them.

No time for running or working out today, my trainer/friend cancelled anyway 'cause he was busy writing a story about the special olympics where he works as sports writer for the Midwest city Sun. SO now my workout schedule is up in the air this week! I hate not sticking to a routine. since I missed today, and I like a day in between workouts, which is why I like doing back shoulders on Tuesday, arms chest on Thursday, and then I cheat and do Legs on Friday without skipping a day. the other days I run and swim... excluding Sunday, day of rest! so today I was only able to swim before work due to the meeting at school. ahh well...

I cut my finger while stuffing papers into my satchel/bag whatever leaving school today. Imagine using your left hand to straighten out some papers by pushing them down, and then while lifting your hand out of the bag, a stray sheet gets right in between your fingernail and pinkie... slice and ouch. well they had a bandaid there for me, and then when I swam it fell off, and it looks ok now, just dark red under the nail.

NO news from OU yet!!! i emailed Monday and now in prayer that the news back will be GOOD ( i.e. they will give me graduate credit for the courses i took down there under the assumption I had been admitted into the program)

now for MOROCCO, I'm not going this fall. ahh well... the good news is that I remain a strong candidate for fall of 2007. however, my school does not currently have a board policy for giving a teacher a short 3 weeks of absence, also, the issue of getting paid $3000 by Fulbright while getting paid on leave is considered double dipping and not allowed. shucks! however, my prinnicpal and superintendent remain in support of the opportunity, it was from the business office that keeps me from goin' next year. I was disapointed, however I remain encouraged that God has shut this door and so now I know He has something else planned for me next fall other than the teacher exchange program.

(I next plan to see what options there are teaching with the Department of Defense in another country. For example they have one year commitments you can make to teahc in countries like Cuba or Iceland. BOTH of which I've always dreamed of seeing.)

WORLD NEWS: protests in France today. Israel bombed Palestine in the Gaza strip in retaliation for getting bombed yadda yadda.... and They mentioned on NPR that US Congress propsed something where illegal immigrants that have lived here 5 years can have a path to citizenship. That's just what they've been waitiing for, how stupid. It falls along the lines of "CRIME DOES PAY." I guess.....I've been wanting to write on the back of my pickup lately;




but I have no more shoe polish ( used it up back when I drove around with "no lottery" on my truck. he he )

Monday, April 03, 2006

soccer pepsi commercial...

this is a funny(read strange) commercial from europe in preparation for the WORld cup coming this summer, but I'm not believing the Pepsi in place of beer thing....

Spring sings sun some fun

What do you call a park and field almost entirely full of white people, some eating roasted turkey legs, some in alternative dress regardless of age or weight, booths of henna tattoos, crystal jewelry, or axes and swords? Well that would be a Medeivil Festival of course! not really my style but It was interesting and it got me out into the sun. If I were going to choose between dressing up for a Biker rally, Star Trek convention, or Medieval festival. I think I'd choose Star Trek convention and go in a basic red or blue skin tight star trek command uniform. However, these people were in kilts, robes, corsets, some make-shift toga top things, booth-purchased wings on their backs or horns attached to their heads. ( and like I said earlier, regardless of size and shape or how much flesh they wanted to share with the medeivil world) I couldn't help but walk around and think, so this is what happens to all those "speech/drama kids" in high school. Perhaps if the festival resembled the set of a TV show like "BeastMaster", "Hercules", or "Xena" but I guess that's the wrong era huh..... anyway, Andrew West talked me into going down to Norman this weekend for the fair, it was a lot of fun, lots to see, and people to run into while there. also the weather and sun great. The highlight was visiting his new friend "Monica" after the fair, a Norman native and complete cutie! she had a great little house, little Mini car, and real nice back yard. Go Andrew! I discussed with her how I want to go search out south of Norman this summer where there is a place near a river where you can dig up the "rose rock" crystals that form uniquely in the world only here in Oklahoma, and she may interested in coming along on the expidition.

I relaxed at home Friday night watching tv. Saturday morning I volunteered at the Memorial Museum. They have a current new exhibit called, "The Enemy Within". Its a little slow on the 2nd floor in the morning so I walked around and checked out this exhibit, almost cried a few times, don't why it affects me like that sometimes... the exhibit is a timeline of violent acts in USA, from immigrant anarchists fighting the rich for labor rights, to the KKK, the red scare, the Japanese internment, domestic terrorism today etc... great stuff.... went to run and swim after that, then Museum Cafe for lunch(same same), then singles bible study. After the bible study i went with 3 girls and a guy from the group to eat at "Cheeseburger in Paradise" a new restaraunt opened up here recently. It was allright, it was fun to hang with people from the group and acutally socialize, over all a great time. I left to return home to clean up the place a bit in prep for Andrew then watch the weather on tv as the front of thunderstorms passed through OKC(if you lived here, you'd know this is normal). SUnday I piddled int he yard, took outside all my plants I was wintering indoors,wow a lot more room in there now. Oh yeah, I will be cleaning all this week in prep for next Saturday, they volunteered me to host the study group. a good thing really otherwise I'd never really deep clean the place, also I'm going to fix a cake and lasagna to serve cause our group meets from 4-5:30pm. Its really cool because I never get visitors much at my place, hopefully I can get the shelves done before then too..... good week to all!

Do you want to play a game?

name of character who said the above quote, name of movie, or name of Mathew Broderick's co-star in this 80's movie? anyone?

anyway, here's a link to an online helicopter game........ if you have time and highspeed....and games aren't blocked...