Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Do you subscribe...

I mentioned buying certain magazines in a previous post, by that I meant I will sometimes buy a random magazine that I'm not subcribed to, or pick up a free copy left at the gym by someone. For example a Time magazine or Architect Digest, or I might purchase Vanity Fair or Outdoor magazine based on the cover or mood to read something inside. Here are the magazines I do subscribe to, except for Men's health which I buy about every other 3 months or more. Which ones do you recieve in the mail, anyone?

wednesday rain

I had a really good long night's sleep last night, in fact I woke up this morning and walked outside in my pj's to look at the flower beds around my house as I usually do this time of year first thing in the morning, AND, I saw all this water on the porch and streets and it was cloudy. wow a big storm came through and i slep right through it. the good thing is I didn't have to worry about setting any sprinklers going this morning ( or tonight).
I did nothing this morning but watch tv and bum around the house. It's a good way to begin the first week of summer. However tomorrow I shall make plans and follow through, for example getting some laundry done and then run errands before work. gym included!
I called about a rug this morning here in okc, all this time I've been wanting to buy this rug, but I wasn't really sure what to do with it, I just really like its dark reds and blue, pretty cool. DO this morning I measured out the front room and I think it will look and fit perfect in there, just hadn't even consdiered it for that room before. anyway, it may have already been sold so I'll find out if they call and leave a message before I get home tonight from work.
I've been walking around my house deciding where I want to dig up dirt to put in flower beds. One thing I need to do is replace the wheel on my wheelbarrow. It keeps going flat when I try and dig and haul dirt, so my dad suggested that I get a tube for it. SO I can't do the work until I get that fixed ( cause I have to haul the dirt back and forth etc.. for the project).

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm reusser ready

I did a lot of thinking over the weekend about how I have so many different interests and I get a lot of different ideas for things to do and try. for example certain magazines i love to buy and read, although sometimes I may never get around to actually spending time reading or going through them, but yet I keep getting them and stacking them up there, ready, for time to spent. I've decided that I need to start planning my time used for just sitting back and relaxing, and I also need to learn to stick to doing just one thing at a time. Usually at home when I have free time, I will just keep doing a million different things, like yard work, then back inside to watch tc, then in the kitchen, then see a box and maybe look at things inside, or start moving things from one room to another, or doing laundry or something else. I guess I'd jsut like to keep myself focused, and plan on doing things, and following through by comleting those plans. This is my goal now that summer has begun.
For example I mentioned before all these boxes of things in my house and rooms that I need to get through and organize and "put up". well, I bombed my house this weekend for bugs because I saw a big nasty black one last week in the kitchen. yuck! thsi is also my motivation for getting everything cleaned up and orgainzed in the house and back porch. I also some art project ideas I'd like to complete this summer, and installing afrew new beds outside for landscaping projects. So here we go ready or not...

Monday, May 29, 2006

summer shopping

I found these cool clothes by "Modern Amusement." So I'm considering getting these swim trunks and maybe these bermuda shorts, there are also pants like the shorts. I think they look pretty cool. The flowers outside the house are just starting to bloom there are plenty of buds just ready to pop open. sweet summer is here! now to get out this week and get some SUN!
I also have decided to hit the house clutter of boxes problem this summer. I want to empty the backroom and get things labeled and organized, this also goes for my back porch which has random boxes of stuff and a mess. I may also consider treating the wooden deck on the back porch if I get real ambitious this summer.

UPDATE: I only got the swim shorts, not the bermudas.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

reusser's summer begins

got everything boxed up today in my classroom at the highschool, I have everything separated into what is mine and what is the school's. That way in case I have a career move this fall I'm prepared to leave it all behind. It has been a great year, a little too easy, and I am more than willing to continue and do better next year.... right now I'm not sure what will happen. How exciting.
I'm ready for a long restful weekend. maybe some shopping in Texas or maybe yardwork. I will go visit my little sister and kids tomorrow at my parents after the school barbecue. We have a district wide meeting tomorrow morning at the highschool auditorium. This will some speech about the school year and then the principals announcing who's leaving or worked the 5 or 10 or 15 etc... years of service.
I finished training the new teacher tonight, she begins next Tuesday. We are going to trade off working Fridays, which is ok with me, I don't have anything else to do on a Friday so more hours for me. SHWEET, in other words pay of air unit that I had to loan out on my truck for.....
I wore my new doc marten sandals to school today,k they are extrememly comfortable although as I expected my feet are a little skinny for them, I'm going to have to devise a way to make them smaller, maybe styrofoam inserts somewhere or if I could resew them tighter. I'm sure they'll be fine without. I got out of school a little early today and went swimming before work here this afternoon.... wow I forgot how great it feels to break up the day with a vigorous 20 minute swim. a good weekend to all......

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I'm ready to comment on the new silverware I purchased online ( on sale ) last week. I got two 20 piece sets for 4 place settings for 9.99, a very good deal, plus it had a cool modern look. Well they arrived Monday and I used them Tuesday morning. They look and feel great, really solid and with a not too heavy weight. I have noticed they scratch up really easy when stacked upon each other or grabbed up in a bunch, but that is prolly expected in normal wear. The fork scrambles eggs really nicely, it's nice to hold on to the width and weight of the fork as I'm beating the eggs. The prongs are also just pointy enough to dig in and pick up the eggs ( I've noticed before some forks where the prongs are too square and thick without any space between them to pick up food unless you really stab at it). The spoon, at first I felt appeared to be too straight with no curve in the neck, but however using the spoon with my oatmeal and cereal seemed just right, not too wide to get in and out of my mouth, and just deep enough to pickup a nice scoop of food. I went ahead and ordered one more set last night along with the 3.99 set of two serveware( a big spoon and fork). is it weird that this morning I was scrambling my eggs looking down at the fork I used to use for scrambling eggs in the morning, and I said to myself, sorry fork you've been replaced, or that I threw it in the sink so that I wasn't scramboing the eggs with the new fork right in front of it. Maybe that's why i have a hard time with change, I feel sorry for the things that are being thrownout and replaced before their time... :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

summer summer summer summertime

I'm ready... got hte classroom cleaned up and sorted thorugh today,kt hings off the walls. much thanks to Mayra and Tam, two of my ESL students. much more to be done but today was last day of real classes at the High school. wed and thurs are block scedule days, so I only have to be at Middle school tomorrow and then thrusday 5th hour at the Highschool. so it's all about sorting and apcking up the classroom from here on out,( i dont have a final for my 5th hour on thurs).
weekend is coming and not sure if I'll make it out of town or not this weekend but jsut the time off in general will be nice, my little sisiter will be in town so I can see her and the kids.
I did some great multi-tasking today, I only failed on one thing I wanted to do and that is go to the bank between jobs, I went on 3 different exits on the highway and could not find my arvest bank, so now I will go before work tomorrow morning. oh yeah! I got my tax refund check back, shweet! $387 to put on my visa bill and it will be back to zero before memorial weekend. NICE!
Things I wanted to do and did;
Stop and get doughnuts for my 8th graders on the way to school. check
Stop by Walmart on way to Highschool and purchase lawn sprinklers and soaker hose. check
Bag up some ice and buy eskimo pies in the cafeteria for my 4th hour ESL class. check
sort out stuff that 'smine and stuff that the schools and clean up desk and walls and bookshelf. check
then go to bank..... nope
I want to post about how I've been getting 30-35 extra miles to the tank since I stopped driving over 65 on the highway. it really makes a difference!
(all this week I am training the new daytime ESL teacher for this job so I'm about to get pretty busy here at work, better start making my sandwich now....)
ps. anyone ever read the mixed up word post and have any thoughts, never got comments on that one.....

Dixie Hicks

Well it's nice to know that Andy W. is writing and posting about the D.C.'s because he's such a loyal fan, (I can only hope it's their music and not just his inkling to like those rebelious, underdog, against-the-system types.) But I have a sneaking suspicion that all the media coverage this band is getting lately with the new album has a lot more to do with their anti-current govt. stance or past situations than it has to do with the actual music. It's too bad we can't just let the music speak for itself. Maybe it does, but usually a great song or album you'd hear the music first and not all the hub-bub about their experience and beliefs and blah blah balh, maybe I'm wrong. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel sorry for them and buy the album, or get mad about American Country Music stations quelling their freedom of speech, (how dare they exercise their own freedom) and buy an album. I think in the long run the money talks, this band will never climb back up in popularity like when families seemed to love them, and mom's and daughters, country fans or no, were scrambling to their concerts, however they seem to be media darlings, but with the right promotion theyre bound to find some audience, I can only hope the success is because of the art of their music.
( guess who's sick of turning on the radio or tv and hearing about this band all week?)
I had this great idea of a movie where Toby Keith and one of these dixie gals fall in love and have a secret love affair and shock the country music world! gasp! somehow I think Toby would turn out to be the hero of that one.. he he.

P.S. the word "album" in this post means "c.d."

Monday, May 22, 2006

busy weekender

The Mustang High School class of 2006 included 530 graduates - the largest class in the school's history. It also include 58 valedictorians. Of those, 52 had a GPA greater than 4.0. Teddy Swang and Scott Cornaby, who tied for the top GPA in the class had a 4.5. Racheal Johnston, ranked just below them had a 4.4524. All three were National Merit Finalists.

Got to see everyone graduate from MHS. That was a really fun class, I loved having those kids in 8th grade and seeing them grow up each year was also fun. And today at school just wasn't the same because everyone I know is gone... well except for my ESL students... ahh well. Life.
Let's see did I accomplish what I said I'd do? well I went home from school and mowed Friday, then to the gym, then Norman for graduation. then home and sleep. Saturday I did some yard work adn clean pick up the house, fun! and I went downtown and ran, but instead of my usual tilapia lunch at the OMA I went home and had a sandwich and called Dave Dickens and went to his place to help him load up his Uhaul truck, then back home for bible study at 4pm , then I watched tv and relaxed at my place , later went out for beers with buddy Scott from OKC.
SUnday I went to church and then volunteered at the Memorial, they were short this weekend.
so its nice to come home to clean house. I shpped at this nursery downtown yesterday, and when I came home from the museum, I worked in the yard planting some annuals, cockscomb, petunia, lobelia, scabiosa, and some perrenial Euphorbia. ahh summer is here just about, I'll be watering everything again tonight, we've ahd a lot of 90 degrees days for a while now, no rain.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

weekend is coming

I plan to go home after work tomorrow and mow the yard, then go to the gym, then go to graduation in Norman. Saturday I will be cleaning the house spic and span for bible study group at 4pm at my house. and I'll be doing some baking snacks for the group. I have been invited to hang out with a friend from work who is moving and having a barbecue, so that will be before and after my bible study group. so Sunday will be church and then chill chill chill and prepare for the last week of school.
Monday night I plan to write my letter to seniors on here... how sad, they're all gone as of today.

Thursday -- more ebay bids

I like olive green and then the ligth blue for me eyes. I've always wanted this style of sandal but it will prolly fall off my skinny-a feet. (They're Doc Marten, of course)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


well I got another penguin shirt on ebay this morning, should be cool to wear this summer. I also bought some "flatware" off of an internet site that emailed me about this sale they were having, I mean how can you resist a 50% sale on flatware, 20 pcs for $9.99, (in the picture I'm not sure what the cactus is for..) I couldn't resist although they are a littlemodern and funkey looking... but so is my house sometimes the stuff I got in there.
what else to blog....
My heart was aching a little today for 'boy from panama' in my 8th grade class. He was asking me about if I ever played football in school, and was I always a "good boy" in school and was I ever bad... etc. I've had some talks with him before about his family and living with his dad and sister and stepmom, and then I've promised I wasn't going to bring it up again if it made him feel uncomfortable, so it was nice, today while I was drawing pictures for his storybook assignment( bob the fish, bob invites his best friend Jess to go swimming, he hits him ,then apologizes cause he realizes "it's better to have friends than to have nobody") anyway so we are chewing the fat, and then he starts asking me about when I was in school, adn will I come watch him play football next year, and then talks about his dad and how he sometimes doesn't like him at all, and how his uncle doesn't like him, and he's sort of just expressing some feelings, it was nice, of course I'm trying to have this conversation sort of discreetly with him sitting on my right at the table, and there are the other 6 students on my left and acorss from me and at another table in front of me, and they are staying busy and sometimes also asking me questions, so it was hard to really focus and get into the conversation.

yup, going to miss all these kids, I gave a few more t-shirts today, the kids are just glad to get something and be thought-of. I guess from what I can tell. I've always been pretty good at choosing gifts for people (with enough time ahead) I really nailed it with some of them like a couple girls who loved the make-up bags as a neat little extra thing, and a few guys loved the big heavy wooden desk cd racks because I knew they were into music and prolly had lots of cds, and I was right. ( all these things were found on internet clearance free shipping site, and I've shopped some of these things as much as a year ago in prep for grad of these students) anyway, I am surprised at how many students are going to junior college next year and not to university. when I graduated it seemed like everyone went away to college for dormlife and freshman experience. etc... but these days maybe families don't want to jump out there and spend all that money right off the bat...

more art from John lasater

Something tells me this guy is going to go places.....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

seniors have 2 more days

well I handed out some things today to seniors. first of all was the mad dash to the dollar store and drug store for drinks, cups, table cloth and some ribbon and tissue paper. I have senior girl from Venezuela so I decorated the room with red/yellow/blue same as the flag. Girl from Mexico borught a cake, and girl from Vietnam brought chips, and I got ice from the cafeteria. I played some "party music" on cd, and a few other latino students came into the room, we had a good discussion about bush remarks last night, love international students who will actually discuss that sort of thing. wow. anyway I had a lot of the gifts wrapped and one came by and then sent a few others from his class and then a few others came by and I got to hand out some gifts, small things like the wallets or gym bags cd racks, and then a lot of the gifts I gave were old Blue party t-shirts from a a year and half ago. I still have several in my attic, makes for easy gifts for the seniors going off to college, perfect time for an extra t for summer and college party shirt before heading to college. I wish I had made more time to write cards these guys though, I will prolly just post my thoughts here this week sometime just to journal it out.
I am keeping my students working and speaking and talking and this time of year I come down really hard on the discipline in class, because they are extralaid back and relaxed you really have to buck up so the whole system doesn't just collapse. the thing is teachers are just as ready to get out so we have to be extra cautious to keep school going etc etc..
Of course I'll be boxing up stuff all next week during the study hall class and separating things that are mine mine, and things that are the schools that I would leave behing IF and only IF i left this summer. ( my boss here at MetroTech keeps asking me when am free from my contract at Mustang... hehe) should be interesting to see what I'm offered here this summer.
Only the Sudanese student here tonight, all others have gone home already. I had two new student come tonight from Japan, an older married couple. They are very nice and had passports and visas the whole 9 yards ( I have a lot of forms to fill out on new foreign students) anyway, before they left I smiled and said, " I'm wearing a
t-shirt from japan i recieved just last weekend", and they smile and said how nice.

if you can watch these I don't know...

BBC Mistakes Cabbie For Net Expert & Broadcasts Interview

I had heard about this on the bbc radio news, but when I found the clip it was really nervously funny to watch.. what happened is there was this cabbie who came intothe studio for an interview for some job in the building, and the reception people grab him from the lobby thinking he's the Net expert for the interview, so they get him miked up and the interview goes on, and he just sort of tries to get through it, poor guy, the news said everyone was apologized to later and they found the real guy for the interview waiting in the wrong reception room.. ahh welll... THIS is the video if you have high speed net, otherwise don't bother.


ready for World Cup ?

I'm still considering going to World cup in Germany this summer, byt hat I mean just go over there during the games, I'd be there to sight-see not the games actually, well I'm waiting to hear back from Brady anyway, I don't even know if he'll be around this summer. I could be going to Honduras after all, ..............or screw vacation and just blow the money on furniture! he he he
anyway this is a soccer video of guys falling over and kicking themselves on the field.....

I thugot tihs was fnnuy form athenor wbitsee....

Berod so I deciedd to sohw erevyobdy taht it deosn't mttaer waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpelnig was ipmorantt! taht is all paece and gearse ddues!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

summer's coming, have I used that before for a title I don't remember

I had a great weekend, although it was pretty busy. Friday after school I didn't get home til after 9:30 I went to my mom's to give her a mother's day gift, she and my dad were gone all weekend in Beaver visiting my sister. and then I went to the gym, then to the movie downtown. Saturday morning also busy went to volunteer, then the gym to run and swim( a little), then lunch at museum, I went home to see if they delivered my package, I had recieved a note on Friday since I wasn't hom eand had to sign for it. so I signbed the card but then they told me I had to be present. So I went driving around Bethany and found my postman and he had the package in his truck etc etc.. He was being all nice about it because he remembered I left him some hot hands a couple times last winter on really cold days. SO I opened the package, put on the t-shirt, and went to bible study he he. I came home after that and chilled the rest of the evening. "Chilled" means I watched some tv, went outside piddling in the yard, and cleaned house up some. SUnday was pretty usual, I almost went to church but then remembered my parents were out of time and figured I'd just miss a sermon on Mothers or something, and have no one to sit with cause I usually sit with my parents ( I know lame excuse) and so I left for the gym at 1pm and did a hard leg routine and then went to a nursery and then to see SHannon and Jaymey Clayberg at Shannons house in N okc. came home later, planted some pants and watched tv and ate some Chimichangas. yum slept good last night. busy day today.
This is my next to the last week of school. in a way it is sort of my last week cause the last day is next Thursday, and the last two days are block schedule for testing, I don't have finals in my class, and then this THursday is last day for seniors at the high school. tonight after I run, I will be wrapping a few small gifts for the seniors graduating, one ESL girl in my class, and the rest for some of the students Ive stayed in touch with since I taught them in 8th grade.. ahh so sad, them not being around the school next year will help me not miss being there too much if I get a different job and work here at Metrotech. hope all have a great week!

web tv

I thought THIS was kind of funny

blocking immigrants, I mean the ILLEGAL ones whatever that means...

well I heard a lot of the news today going on about BUsh's speech tonight.... should be interesting to hear what he says. the Today show said he wanted to put 2000 national guard on the south border, and then the bbc on the radio said 5000 this afternoon. so I don't know. But I think it's not a solution maybe just ameasure because there is prolly an influx of Mexicans trying now to get across so that they are here for all the amnesty and handouts given to these illegal immigrants as a reward for breaking the law or something. I'm not sure. I definitely don't think a stronger border is the only solution, history shows that when nations start building walls it only brings decline ( the CHinese empire did this). I say regulate! start fining and raiding those businesses hiring illegal immigrants. if the jobs weren't here, they wouldn't come for the work. I hate the inconsistency of laws going unchecked. ( for example I won't miss things that drive me crazy at the highschool, if I ever leav,e because no one seems to care about the no cell phone rule and teachers are in the halls or in class ALWAYS taking/making cell phone calls. Its ridiculous to have a rule just for the sake of it being there, stupid, but anyway.......)
Apparently the President of Mexico, Fox, called the President today all unhappy about putting troops on the border. I've said this before, who cares what he has to say, Improve your own dang country, corrupt law and drug cartel and economy etc etc...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

we have no bananas

thursday already? well my student David came in tonight, he's the welder who talked to me about taking 8 days to walk to the US from mexico, well anyway, he's a legal resident now and he just passed his test Tuesday for citizenship. way to go david, he's a real nice guy.
I'm ready for the weekend, tomorrow is jeans day and I'm going to wear my washed out faded ones i got at the Gap last week with some interesting shirt and my khaki converse hightops. the funny thin is that my middle school principal just sent out an email about not dressing all slppy and "down" on Fridays, but that the jeans rule is if we wear a shcool shirt only! so I will wear a school shirt and then change when I leave that school,The highschool, I could wear jeans every day if i wanted, extremely more laid back there.
I love Friday cause I don't come to this side of town and have to work, i will prolly go by my mom's house and then the gym to kill my chest and arms, yeah!, and then I think I'm going to see movie at the art museum , one of my favorites called "umbrellas of cherbourg" a 1967 film in french and I can't believe I get to see one my favorite films on the bigscreen, I'll be there by myself but still looking forward to it.
Saturday morning I volunteer, then run and swim at gym, eat tilapia lunch at museum, then bible study at 4pm in yukon. all the rest of my weekend I plan to be in the yard working on stuff or cleaning and organizing house and all that fun relax and do what I want stuff.
what I'm really in the mood for is another weekend in tampa, but it's too close to memorial weekend to try and plan any flights. maybe a trip to AR or shopping in TX.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

latino baby, and end of school blues

My best buddy from Mexico,(not to be confused with my American buddies from USA like any in Louisiana or Florida, right Feanor?) anyway, he had his 4th child and only son last month! how exciting for him, anyway, He told me today he would let me know when they are going to church for the baptism, apparentlly I'm going to be the Godfather. wow don't I feel old all of sudden, hey at this point, I'll take it! I love kids and have definitely been missing out being single for so long.
anyway, I didn't want anyone to think I've been swimming in the morning, I did that one morning last week and then decided I don't liek swimminig up there in the mornig cause all the old people sort of go too slow for me, sorry but its true, and by old I mean seniors. Instead I am running every night when I get home from work, around the block and campus of SNU and then upa nd down some streets where I live. Its refreshing and I rest really nicely when I get back home showered up and clean. I am going on wednesday morning though to work out my back! I miss my trainer though reminding me to breathe out and adding weights and spotting me etc... nothingn better when you want to grow.
I'm getting sort of sentimental these days for my classes, I don't want it to end. I have begun to enjoy every siingle minute I have left with my classes. I also get very "teaching up to the minute" this time of year, as if I only have so many days to get what I can into their minds, which is true. It's sad things have to change, I guess it just all went a lot faster by this year than I thought it would. I just love the dynamic I have with my 8th graders, why they have to grow up and change, 9th grade hits and they will be to cool, or disenchanted with adults and not want to laught or listen to everything I have to say. well now youknwo why i like them 8th graders. the blend is perfect like this, Korean girl, Indian boy, Indian girl, Vietnamese girl, 2 Vietnamese boys, and I Panamanian boy. Its a nice bond when a kid speaks no ENglihs and over two years you've guided him and with the help of all his other teachers and classes, he learns English. This is true for the Vietnamese boys and one of them is changing schools next year. how sad I can't keep seeing him grow up. Its great when they have enough English to appreciate each others humor too. Highschool class is also the same, I get to this time of year and I always feel like, "wait, I could have done so much more" (like judge reinhold with jerry seinfeld's parents on that one episode)...I mean, should I have done more diagraming sentences? poetry? conversation practice? manners? oh well overall, I know I've helped them and they've continued to learn English this year. Acutally I may have anew job altogether next yeah.. .we shall see

online shopping

these chairs are cool. I saw them on Ebay, but I'm not bidding, no money and no room. I did find this rug online for sale in OKC for like $300, they say it's from afghanistan and cost $800 prolly some military guy I'm thinking...., but not sure what I'd do with an 11x8ft rug. I really do like the red and blue colors though.

expressions :P

for example "low and behold", where's that one come from, prolly the bible huh?

today a teacher was "venting" about her grades and getting the AP students figured out for next year, and she said, "these cotton pickin' grades", and I wondered where that came from the phrase "cotton-pickin' " as a curse term, the history can't be a good one, I wondered if it began as something racial, or perhaps from the hard work done in general. I think it's definitely and obviously a southern term, I learned it somewhere or 'nother. you hear this a lot, " now just wait one cotton pickin minute!" or " you're out of your cotton pickin mine!", or maybe " these ding dang cotton-pickin watch-a-ma-call-its!" (I've grown a sensitivity to idoms because ESL students would never begin to understand them......)

also this is sort of a fun way to kill time, unless you're not an English major.

so glad

I received a call from the OU records office last week that the petition had been sent back tot he graduate offcie for some reason... I was worried, then yesterday I called, and the lady said that some froms were missing and the classes had to dropped then added etc.. and they needed to verify the price had been paid for graduate level classes (they were free courses all of them through a govt grant), and then she checked my record online, and low and behold, the classes HAD BEEN CHANGED from 4000 level to 5000 level. I then got off the phone and faxed a request as I was told to do for my transcript to be mailed to me, my advisor at UCO, and the UCO admissions office. SHWEET,, things may just be getting closer to a master's degree. how exciting that I won't have to drive back and forth to edmond this summer, and can save gas and time and money, and ALSO I can walk around the yard every morning and dig and look and wander and wonder. I will be working at 1 to 9 this summer 4 days a week mon-thurs. hours. I have to remain discreet and constrained in trying to spend the extra money, I need to think of it NOT as extra money but instead save and put towards my heat/air unit loan.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I love Converse

always have always will

--- more Kozyndan art.....

the single life.....

I found these dogs for sale on craigslist tongiht, $150 for both of these sister puppies, 6 months old, maybe JUST what I need for my backyard and to raise this summer..... hmmm maybe not, but its tempting. they are half pom/half papillion something like that. I think they look real cute... ahhhh. well with my busy schedule maybe I should stick to getting a cat if anything, but I don't know if these are still for sale when school gets out....hmmm.

Monday, May 08, 2006

my weekend...btw

I had a busy weekend, I had to leave early after school Friday for an advisory committee meeting at MetroTEch which I choose to be a part of. It was funny because two of the ladies are Venezuelan and very opinioned on the "immigrant" situation and went on about how they hate going to latino functions and the topic switching to imigrant reform, and they say, excuse me, are we talking about Legal imigrants(like they are) or illiegal immigrants, and also went on about how awful the mexicans are in catholic church with the short skirts, midriffs and no child control... it was funny. also this guy representing the "BUy for Less" grocery store, I asked him if they ever get any comments about all the spanish signing and announcements at the store. he said, yeah a bunch of rednecks wrote in letters to the NW expresway store saying they wouldn't shop there if the Spanish contd, so they stopped. I told him, well I'm not a redneck, yet I don't like all the spanish because as an English teacher I want my students to HAVE to speak english out in the american world. anyway, we had a lot of good discussions. for example, how the mexican community cooks at home the most, and shop grocieries a lot and buy all the products that make more profit for the store, so of course they are going to cater to these cusomers and provide all the spanish. I'm ok with it, but I don't like it at all really.

after my meeting I went and worked out, then went with my friend Scott to this married couple's house for a "miss oklahoma state fair" fundraiser. which was interesting and weird and at a really really large big house, so the house tour made it worth it over all. SHe was blond and hot, but also 19 so whatever. Saturday, home, gym, museum for lunch, then dad's, and then a friend from bible study house for a barbecue, then home, SUnday church and then worked on cutting some wood at mom and dad's for my shelf project at home, then the mall and then home....

I mowed last night, I liek efferything getting green , neighbor's dog still barks all the time, I hope it gets used to me when I'm around more this summer.

well I hope everyone had a great spring weekend, I love the rainy cloudy weather, and liked it getting cool, sure saves on energy bills, also is nice for a change for OK not to go from spring to 100 degree weather in one week.

Discourse qualifiers

like, ya know, ummmmm.... this morning on the today show they were talking about how the word "like" has become part of the English vocabulary worldwide. Apparently it started with 80's flick "Valleygirl" (good movie w/ young nicolas cage) and then was gelled into the youth of today with "Clueless", they discussed that if you don't, like, want your kids to speak with like, inturuptions by saying "like" all the time, then you should try to, like, discuss with them using appropriate speech with informal situations, like, among friends, and formal situations or with those you,like you know, respect by not using "like". Well I always up for a linguistic discussion early morning or anytime for that matter. However I think my favorite discourse qualifier was always one used by Katherine Navorska which I think a lot of college buddies were infected with at one point during college, she would always speak and say " I was all..." or "he was all....." or "I'm all like,.....


I've been praying about my happiness with the music leader at church, and have felt like God is telling me to let go of some control issues. It basically just sucks growing up, and having things change that you can't control, and I guess I feel like the one thing I expected to remain the same and comfortable was my church. So I cannot control things will change and be different as I continue to grow up. I sat in church Sunday wondering if experience is the only teacher, or is there something my parents' generation knows and has learned that I do not know. And how can I learn this, you know, how to deal with change change change. And how do I deal with change when it just seems plain wrong to me.... I guess through gaining some sort of wisdom we learn when to fight and when to just observe those changes around us. Its sad but overall I suppose God never meant this world to last forever anyway, so things will change.
I had a little control issue Saturday when after my workout I decided to speak up and ask this guy not to shave in the steamroom as it was clearly posted on the wall about the bloodbourne pathogens and unhealthy issues etc... really I just think it gross to walk around on someones shavings flicked onto the floor, but still, later I sort of wondered why I didn't just keep quiet like everyone else would. you know, just sit by, and watch people not follow rules which are there to keep everyone clean and pleasantly living with regard to one another etc... For some reason I jsut decided, I'm going to say something!
In fact, I still feel like emailing the youth pastor from church about why the kid sitting near him during service wasn't asked to remove his hat while in the sanctuary much less during prayer, gee whiz. i dunno, I think I'm getting wound up in preparation for getting out of school for summer! he he I don't know. but definitely need to pray and relax my attitude this week, focus on something a little more meaningful than these small things.
Sometime you have to be a man by taking a stand, are we not to encourage one another(Hebrew 3:13) and provide some sort of accountability? is there a reason why men are too much of a weanie to speak up and say something to each other when some guy in the group begins cursing or talking filth, this "play it cool attitude". for some reason I don't feel like our culture models standing up for what we believe in lest we step on the toes of someone or take away their "rights". I believe it true we cannot expect this among non Christians, but CHristians of like mind should be striving to live in a certain way that will encourage one another away from sin, draw non-believers to them because of the joy and peace they witness in the lives of Christian men, not the complaining and griping and joining in of sex-sells culture we live in.(not becoming a part of the world)

so take a stand!

river spirit

I glide with ease above or below the flowing waters. Each tree root, plant leaf, insect larvae or egg, fish scale or fin, I know, each rock, stone, marble, leaf, living creature, and discarded trash, in the shallow and deep, beds and banks, and along the bend flowing just near downtown of a city I've seen form and grow. I can walk among those whose paths come near or want to linger here. My consciousness transcends the boundaries of time. I travel back and forth easing by minutes, days, years without regard to time. With a thought I can see the lone Indian take rest, early pioneers drinking and washing, town folk fishing off the pier, or ahead to cement banks and constant rush of machines and populous movement surrounding me. Youth and old of all generations come,and I have swam among those stepping or diving in, boating, at play near the bridge, or trying to catch my fish. I am most alive when the spring rains gorge the river forcing it to flow fast, flooding the streets and banks, which move me to soar among the clouds and look down upon my twisted curved and swelling form strung across the land. When the waters eb and slow in the days of midsummer sun, I am most calm, napping below staring up at the silouhette of trees and fallen leaves above.

-- anyway, this is a dream I had Friday night. I was actually flying in and out of the water and sitting among these kids fishing and at the same time they were like from 18th century and modern times. And I was swimming with fish and people, and then each time I'd come out of the water it would change to either just a field, new colonial town looking, or liek modern times. was a cool dream. I thought I'd try to write about it as if it were a river spirit or whatever....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

yesterday and "not summer yet but..."

man yesterday was crazy after work. I went out to the parking lot after turning off all the computers here in the three computer labs, and when I got in my car and turned on the lights, no lights. the parking came on but the lamps headlamps did not. I fiddled around then contemplated what to do, then noticed I could pull the signal switch forward and turn the brights on, so it wasn't the bulbs. Well, we have a mechanic garage tech school next to our building where I work, and a couple students were sitting outside so I asked them to take a look, they jiggled around and tested all the fuses but no luck... SO I had to drive home last night with parking lights, hazards, or brights on. To add to the stress I'm coming off a ramp from one highway to another and some idiot starts to change lanes right into me. ugh. The highway's pretty bright so it was no big deal, but still I was hoping not to get pulled over. The students said to bring it back over tonight maybe they could check it out, so I'm waiting now for the instructor to call me when they get the chance to take a look at it ( I hope that means fix it).

I taught at the highschool today and not at the middle school because i had some work to do at administration building. blah but man I'm ready for summer. since I got home late last night, definitely did NOT get up early this morning to swim. I got some wonderful news from my little sister, a fourth kid! due in November. yeah! all the others are so cute and now that makes my 12th niece/nephew. wow
I sort of wanted to get really really AWAY this summer as in Germany, but I think I might get to Honduras instead, I'm considering it now anyway. A former student emailed to say there are work teams coming down the whole month of July ( week at a time) from the states and that I could join any one of them for some fulfilling missionary work. Of course I'd probably want to have a few extra days to either go to Copan or the Bay Islands like back in the good ole days. For now, just a thought. I WILL have a vacation this summer.... just where and when at this point.
anyone want to go with me?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

now that's good television!

bad television is when you have a bunch of b-stars doing some lamely produced telethon (no matter how awesome the cause) and you can tell some A-list people are there 'cause they want to help but its mainly has beens and at the end there is a really cheesball big group song and no one really knows how to take lead, or what to do, and its just awkward for everyone including the person watching.
well good tv is like when Katie and Matt start goofing around and cracking each other up on the Today show in the morning. (or Sunday night ABC)
last night was some really good tv on Dave Letterman with guests Tom Cruise and Jamie Oliver. Here you have 3 experts one in nighttime show hosting, movie star, and master chef. They each handled themselves so well knowing just when to get a laugh and comfortably interacting it was as if they'd always been friends or rehearsed it, and yet this was just Tom deciding to join in while jamie showed Dave how to cook something, and it becomes this amazing display of joking around and goofing off in front of an audience and cameras and yet it runs smoothly and was really funny. ANyway that's good television, part of the captivation I had was prolly due to all of Cruise bad press lately and wanting to see could he would "act"(indeed) during the spot.

alright so my blog buddies are doing another survey of FIve something or just to participate.. here special order

kristen chenowith, teri hatcher, amy poehler, amy sedaris, jennifer aniston

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


How does that sound, electranscendic, thought that'd be a good title for the next CD I want to make or "burn" (as they say). I plan to compile some of my favorite electronic tunes from various cd's like Psapp, Pet Shop Boys, Pizzicato 5, and Postal Service, also one off of a Everything But The Girl CD, among others. The last time I did this was a year ago, one cd was Brit Rock, and another "Chill dude, Dude, chill." which mainly also british bands.
I bought some black leather wallets online tonight for $8 each on ebay. I'm getting planned and ready for graduation, some of my favorite students from when I taught 8th grade I thought I'd get a gift ready since they're graduating and all. I've already got a few things at home ready to sort out and wrap up, like backpacks that were clearanced online for $10, some cool posters for dormrooms, among other things.

I SWAM this morning. I played with the idea of not going upon waking up, but I went. yay. tomorrow I'll work back muscles, then swim again thur and fri morn. is the plan for now.l I've felt great all day getting started like that really give you a jump start on the day, and I can come home already shaved and dressed with time to walk around the yard and linger. For example right now I have 7 scapes coming up from the daylilies on the side garden. A scape is the stalk with buds on it that comes up from the center of the daylily as it prepares to bloom, they are prolly yellow buds 'cause yellows blooms first(btw).

work went smoothly today, taught some poetry to the 8th graders, always fun 'cause I'm a pretty good reader of poetry, and then highschool we read about Iraq in a Time magazine for kids and had some discussion questions and a map worksheet, so very cool, learn English and discuss current events... (I'll be repeating the lesson with the 8th graders tomorrow).

The picture shows a t-shirt i ordered on the internet today. I have always completely thought that Groovisions design firm in Japan are so cool clean neat awesome etc... so I decided to get some posters, stickers, and a t-shirt. I wonder if I'll recieve it before memorial weekend.... I'm still waiting for my Snow Patrol t-shirt from ebay!!!HMPH!! (frown frown) that is the last tshirt for a while though I have enough at home alrealdy, i need one like a hole in the head, I just like t-shirts that are cool and different and no one else has, who can blame me.

I'm doing a Summer Abs in 6 weeks program these days, I'm on the second week, so hopefully I'll have some "abs" whatever that means, by the time school is out. basically every other night you do three sets of 5 exercises, of course I always throw in some extra sit-ups and crunches at the gym when I remember to. as far as I know at this point, I THINK that the abs, calves, and butt are muscles you can work out every day and always grow and build.. am I wrong anyone?

My new neighbor introduced himself the other day while I was outside finishing mowing, and I asked him if his dog was blind, and he said, no, why. and I was like, I don't know I just thought maybe it was blind... It was funny 'cause I wasn't in the mood to be too chatty or friendly at the time and I could sense he thought that was a weird first question to ask a new neighbor. but the thing is I seriously thought it was blind or deaf... the reason is that it would bark at me after moving in but didn't seem to look at me, and then would stick its nose through the fence slats and sniff sniif as if I wasn't there anymore. anyway whatever, apparently it's not blind, just an old brown dog. When I'm out in the yard more this summer it will eventually get to know me and stop barking hopefully, although I'm glad it barks 'cause it gives a little more security if there's anyone wandering around my backyard/house etc..

did I mention the peonies in the backyard are beginning to bloom, although not many, I'll prolly move them this fall, they wany more SUN.