Friday, June 30, 2006

LUnch with Kyra

had a great lunch with Kyra. She seems to have found a winner, but taking caution because after all the last relationship was going for 3 years, so she just put herself back into the fish bowl and not ready to jump out just yet, from what I could tell. anyway, it was exciting to see what all she's been up to dating and all. The cool thing is she's not just looking for relationships to keep her life going but her education goals remain as well. wow, good luck with everything sweety K.
We had lunch at markie's deli across the street from where she works, then I came down here to work an extra 4 hours since I'm off next Tuesday and Thrusday missing a 9 hour shift both days, OUCH to the paycheck! of course, I think I'll be fine yeah.
I called Jose Interiano this morning in Washington DC. He's working at the Honduran Consulate? I think he said, and getting ready for his Junior year in college. wow so old so fast. Jose is a student i taught in Honduras in the 7th and 8th grade. I really had a special time teaching that class of kids. I called this morning and he and I are talking like we had last spoken yesterday. Of course I'm just proud of any one of my students from that school as they grow up, make decisions, continue through college. And I think they've always appreciated me for listening, shwoing enthusiasm for what thye are up to or like doing etc, and hodling back judgement on their decisions while at the same time knowing my expectations of keeping God a part of their life, regardless of how they choose to live their life or attend church etc. I mean I'd pretty much do anything for these kid, jsut takes a call, email, or letter.
Anyhow, plan to work out chest and arms after work this afternoon then see a movie tonight. Volunteer tomorrow, then lunch, and home and yard work and relax!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

thursday, (my Friday)

Today on the radio they were talking about how Colorado has the thinnest people and Missippi has the fattest people. This is not due to altitude at all, only that people eat less and are more active in Colorado and the opposite true for MS.
I went and swam before work today, on Tues and Thurs I work an extra long shift from 12 noon til 9 pm, boy what a long day. I worked out before work yesterday with my trainer friend Scott, back and shoulders. He's currently out of supply of the Nucare glutamine tabs I've been taking last spring, they definitely seem to help, and I've noticed I'm less sore after my workouts. SO I went online and ordered some more today but it cost me an extra $10.
Gas was down to $2.47 a gallon last week, now it's back up to $2.71 at some places. I'm not sure why after the hurricane in New Orleans, which is when all the pipelines in the gulf were messed up and gas went way up past $2.00 , and now gas has never come down from above $2.00 and its been a year, aren't all the pipelines repaired? If the hurricane had never happened in the gulf woudl gas prices still have shot up to over $2.50 a gallon in one year? Sometimes I suspect that once Oil companies saw that people would keep buying gas at that price they decided to hold it there regardless of whatever damage was done in the guld to make it go up that high, yes, I know, it was the hurricane AND the Iraq war on Terror, AND the Chinese driving cars etcc, but I still think its fishy.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


can you see the mouse the lizard swallowed? or the eggs in the python below....

make your own puzzle....

sometimes at work, just for fun, I'll create my own puzzle with the paint program, making a lot of squares or circles at times over lapping, and then the puzzle part is to not let any one color touch another as you fill them in with paint, and when they overlap there is a rule for the change of color, same for overlapping two times, or three times, a different color, I've tried to demonstrate with the picture above, anyway, I think it's a challenge and a lot of fun.

Something I always do, and a HUGE truck wreck!

Be cause I drvie a little black ford ranger, in the summer I am always searching for a parking place in the shade. At my house I have a car port, so when I'm leaving anywhere it's always nice and cool. At the gym I can park under the train bridge that runs just beside it over the crosstreet. Here at my computer lab metrotech job, I always park under a tree. I also always put up the windshiled shade and crack both windows. I find that cracking both windows keeps the car a LOT cooler than just one. anyway, so that's me alwyas looking for a tree to park under first in the summer regardless of what's close.
Today as I was driving south on macarther, just about to go under the interstate overpass, the semi truck in front of me was doing a right turn onto the entry ramp, ( SIMILAR to the pic but that's not it, although that is thew view i had) it was pulling a big ole flat bed trailor with packaged stack packs of something like fertilizer or dirt ... I don't know, anyway, as I ve seen truck do before it didn't turn wide enough and so the right side of the trailor went up on the curb some, usually no big deal, however, the freight was packed maybe a bit higher than he though, and the flat bed lost its center of gravity and went a tumbling over, wham, spill, and the cab almost went with it, was shaken some but then landed upright, but the flat bed was on it's side. This was so awesome because I was behind the truck as it turned, saw it going up on the curb and tipping as I slowly progressed forward so that I'm looking out my right window at the trailor landing and spilling some stuff on the ramp as I drive past. Sweet, like a movie scene but happening right in front of. just great. so i went to the store for my errand, and coming back up later before getting on the highway going the opposite directon, I could see the ramp all blocked off now and trucks over there etc... poor driver, back to driving school maybe...
This is the third time this has happened to me. Last fall I was right behind a dumptruck full of dirt who wasn't paying attention and came to the red stoplight and the oncoming cars were doing a left turn lane and so he quickly swerved to make a right turn so as not to hit a car and the dumptruck just went right over on it's right side, BAM!. I mean it's jsut so cool to see it right in front of you, because in the movies things like this are slow motion but real life it jsut happens and then, nothing, just a big silent problem there in the road.
the First time this happened I was right after college, I was driving south on a highway from Siloam to Fayettevill AR, and I was in a little grey Honda divic a friend had given me, right behind this truck with two big ole cylinder bails of hay in the back, and I remember following it, and thinking, mana what if one of those things just fell righ tout the back, and then a bump in the road later, it was falling right out the back into the orad in front of me. luckily the momentum of the thing made it continue forward a bit giving me time to slow down and swerve, I kept going seeing the truck behind me pull over, and wondered how'd they get the thing off the road back into that truck.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cape Cod Evening

Edward Hopper

Freedom of Speech

Norman Rockwell

School of Bunnyfish

I'm happy to say I did not win the deck of cards from previous post. THe bidding went up to over $190, which was too high a bid for me, however I am please to find that they are assumed to be of that high a value.
A good Tuesday, I made some phone calls today to a friend in AR and a friend in TX. I chatted away too long though and did not leave the house in time to go swim before work. man I"m gettin glazy this summer. I must begin swimming laps again EVERY morning like I did last summer so I can get in some good cardio EVERY day!

It's cold in the computer lab today.

ESL anyone?

Monday, June 26, 2006

we need more days like this....

high of 85 today, and only 78 by noon, that's the sort of weather forecast we had this morning, and boy was it a nice day. a really nice day. well I was in and out of the house this morning, putting dead leaves mulch on the bed by the front street, and a little weeding, and a little raking of dirt and transplanting of plants.
was a good weekend, I made lasagna Friday night, and I made an extra portion in a bread pan with sliced carrots and artichoke hearts. it turned out really great except the carrots on the top layer didn't cool soft enough I'll remmeber that next time around.
volunteered Sat morn and then the usual swim/run/Tilapia lunch... back home to edge the flower beds and front sidewalk and extra clean up arond the house and set the table. We were 11 in all having dinner Sat pm. a lot of fun just talking and eating and showing around my little place. Sunday went to church then mom and dads for Kentucky Fried Chicken and some more chitchatting... home Sunday and cleaned up some more, and fell asleep watching world cup soccer that I'd taped that morning, England beat Ecuador. ADnrew West Griffin stopped by, and the at 5 pm I went and walked around the mall til it closed. I bought some stuff and the only thing I'm glad I got is a new tie on sale at Banana Republic, because I NEVER buy new ties and I've been wanting some sort of different tie to wear ( like I ever wear ties anyway), and I got two jackets at the Gap because they were marked way down and I have a thing for jackets.

I'm bidding on another Eames collectible card game item on Ebay today, I've mentioned it before, I already have one but I want this other one to frame and display.
hope all are having an excellent Monday...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

weekends coming...yadda yadda yadda

I"m having my fmaily over this saturday night for lasagna and just hang out time, sort of celbrating my master degree completion, my mom's making a cake (right mom?) and then all my sisters I think will be there, also some niece and nephews maybe. Becaus of this I'll be madly trying to finish up my house cleaning schemes for this summer, getting it all done before saturday night. tomorrow's a big busy day for me because saturday I'm busy that morning volunteering at the memorial. I have decided that I may not get the back porch picked up or the back room definitley not, too many boxes. and that's pretty much my weekend in a nutshell.

sidenote- had a new student come in last night just got out of jail on parole so he's taking some reading GED prep classes, and he smelled terribly of alcohol and everything he said to me began or ended with "sir", then he left cause he couldn't focus, anyway, tonight I had to tell the security guys that if they saw him come in and noticed alcohol smell send him away. I'm more than willing to help someone get back on their feet and all but coming to school drunk is not even helping yourself.

Moroccan Dreams...........

well I'm listening to talk to the nation today on NPR as usual, and they are interviewing fulbright scholars who have lived overseas etc etc.... of course these are people who lived a year in a foreign country. So it reminded me to continue my quest in participaiting in a teacher exchange program to Morocco. The problem that came up with my school last year was they had never had someone ask to take leave before and also get paid while on leave... which is like "double dipping" and not allowed. So anyway, now that I know I will continue teaching at Mustang, I am going to be "on the back" of whoever to develop such a policy that will give my the three weeks leave either paid or unpaid. And this spring I will apply again for the experience of spending 3 weeks in Morocco and hosting ateacher here for 6 weeks the previous fall. got to plan ahead fact I'm also going to start looking toward working with the department of defense and maybe apply for teaching in some other countries. These are just ideas I"m having today.... have I ever mentioned before how much I love meeting new kinds of people in new places, and traveling just to see how other peole live day to day. This is why I'd love to visit Honduras again, or London, or someplace new. I have a friend teaching in Hungary next year, so perhaps I can seek that as another vacation dream...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My house....

in the middle of the street....................
Here is a picture of the shelf project I've been working on. you can see where I made them different and curvy in front, and the how they fit flush against the wall in back where we cut room for the poles. The bamboo poles were split and fit over the barckets on the wall, and then holes were cut in the pole for the shelf brackets to fit through. I still need to stain everything though to match the wood in the house, a sort of golden oak stain. I have been please overall with the project so far.

AND a few of the daylilies I have in the beds . This first is called " Siloam Butter and Cream" and the other "Siloam Pink Elegance."

did some yard work this morning and put some things in the attic. I really really for sure now have to get the house cleaned up, my family is coming over Saturday night for a celebration get-together. I'll prolly make lasagna as usual.
JOB UPDATE... God has made some things revealed this week, my boss told me that Metrotech will NOT be replacing the fulltime day position, so that means I remain part time night this fall. I'm not sure I was all gung ho for the daytime position anyway, I have decided to maybe serach out a different night job though this fall maybe at OSU/OKC 2 nights a week. If I can get a job there then I could leverage for a raise here or leave.. I'm jsut considering is all here.....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

blog survey...... can't believe i did this but....

You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!
Ok so you all know I hate blog surveys, but I took this just for fun, and only after it said LONDON did I know I HAD to post it, I just had on my Underground t-shirt from there yesterday and I've been telling friends I would like to go to London again this year, but I know I prolly won't go. anyway, there you have it, LONDON BABY!

More on the reunion

(Me with Traci Lovelace who I remember picking up on the way to school in high school sometimes and SHerry Oliver)
I got up and breakfasted early enough to get to Mustang by 9:30 ish. I changed into jeans and had my mom help me decided not to wear the "high school" style converse and put on some new style shoes instead.(the red and grey GBX previous post) I had dropped by to get their digital camera(no I don't have one yet). then off to the high school for the tour at 10am. about 21 people from our class showed up for the tour most of them with a spouse or kids along for the tour. We saaw the central office, the computer design room where driver's ed used to be, the new band addition back of the auditorium, the cafeteria ( same), north building, east building, and then the gym. The funny thing was ( I thought it was funny but I repeated it a few times druing the day and I'm not sure it was that funny to others), well when you are at a reunion you expect to try to recognize poeple and remember who they were, if not names, at least the face, I mean I only graduated with 265 people. so anyway, there was this married couple walking around with us on the tour and we kept whispering back and forth to people from school about which one was from our class, the wife or husband, well finally, since they were kind of walking with and talking to Becky Spencer, someone asked her, and come to find out the wife was cousins of Becky spencer and neither one went to MHS with us, anyway, we all thought that was funny, cuase you know, you feel bad not being able to remember or recognize someone from your class.( I admit I'm still reaching for who Tony Debray was at the evening event).
(how cool and beautiful are Chris Batson and Shelli Siebold, I remember how amazed I was in middle school when Chris was dating a guy in the high school who picked her up after school, it went against everything I had ever seen in any after school special! Shelli was in all of my math classes, and did indeed become an engineer out in CA before she became a mom and now runs a spa!)

SUddenly after the tour it was 11:15, wow the picnic was scheduled for 11:30, so I went next to Arby's for some lunch to go, and then drove over to the Mustang park pavilion to set up the banner( i rested it on a table, was nowhere to hang it), and brought this book of bound Mustang papers from the year we were seniors, and some table cloths and photos, then I got to mill around quite a bit, seeing peple for the first time in 10- to 20 years. I was also making an effort to really greet people and welcome them and catch up etc.. also I am usually the kind of person to try and make spouses feel included/welcome, or at least get some info about their kids etc... Seriously it was fun to talk to spouses of my freinds just to see what kind of person they ended up with after all. Eeveryone looked great, and their kids looked great, and I'm single and childless but I could see I'm not too far starting a family compared to some of my classmates that had babies or toddlers, granted most of them had an older kid or two.
Jeff and Dailen were there with their dogs, and pets always break the ice, and i think Dailene even got some good mingling in with other spouses... It had rained the night before so it started to fell muggy and i suddenly realized it was after 2pm and people were thinning out, goodbye, goodbye, see you tonight right?... etc
( Mike Sholl in the background, he rode my bus since elementary and is an actual rocket scientist now at Berkley, Tammi Nickel who's still thing like in HS, Jeff Price who I've known since 1st grade, and SHaun Linfoot who I had a geometry class with in hs, and Tommy Metheny who I've known since elementary also.)

I went home and made some cookies from dough I had prepared already in the fridge night before. I rested and relaxed, and pretty much was just in the best of moods all excited to continue my day and see who else would be showing up at the reunion that night. I washed and ironed some things and got my truck all loaded up with everything. arrived early at the event place "Rocky's" downtown and started setting up stuff inside like table cloths, handouts of 80's music and movies lists I'd copied for the tables, and then started doing nametags while people hung up our banner in front of the dj booth, people started arriving so I went to the back and threw on my clothes and changed from my comfy tshirt and shorts and flipflops. I ran around all night taking pictures, I realize now I didn't get everbody but oh well... and talked to people there and as usual it was hard to get into too long of a converstaion 'cause I wanted to take picturees or go talk to someone else come in, I guess that's how reunions are.
(gf of the next guy, Greg Murray who was always awesom ein hs, a laid back smart football guy, the company that he works for now in TX designed the bombs that blew up al-Jaziri Kawai(sp) in iraq last month. wife and Mike Sholl, and Shelli Siebold again, I think she enjoyed going around and talking to people as much as I did)

We took a survey on having a 25th or 30th, but I think I'll try and get one for both going, I mean it's pretty much a blast regardless of how many people even show up, and we can always make it way more casual and laid back, or really plan it up, we had some extra funds for next time around thank goodness, ( I'm debating whether or not to get reimbursed for the banner...)

Summer music

A friend from high school, Chris Batson, put together a cd for everybody at the reunion titled "class of 86" with small graphics of an Izod alligator on the left and a Polo symbol on the right. SHe includes many songs that are about frineds, growing up, years passing, and a few drink and party songs, the music ranges old to new including, Modest mouse, white stripes, roger creager, todd snider, kitty wells, johnny cash, cure, clash, etc.. anyway she also put a song from Paul Simon's new album. It made me think how I'd really like to re-listen to his Graceland album. Jeff Miller had this album ( it WAS an album) our freshman year at OSU. and so the songs are a time marker for me of fall of 86, hearing it in his dorm, or the videos on mtv, or just the time in general when I was supposed to be growning up and taking notice of things going on in the world. I'm not sure if ever really understood anything about apartheid in South Africa till many years later when I saw the musical "Sarafina". Also the Graceland album cover seems confusing to me now. However, I think this is one album that shoudl go down as an ultimate summer album. the acoustics of drums and guitar, all the instruments, the voices and beat. I think they scream of outdoors and sun and life. So today I just might get this cd on Amazon to enjoy this summer.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Reunion, A SUCCESS!

Dear Mr. Vernon,
we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole saturday in detention for whatever it is we did wrong, but we think you're crazy for making us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out, is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

these words were included in a cd that Chris B. was pasing out at the reunion. It rings all the more true after 20 years, considering my friend Mike S., who was all brains in high school, is now a rocket scientist (for real) at Berkley and is also doing triathalons. Or consider my friend Jeff M, who played defense football in high school, also went to boy's state, and is now a Dr. of Agriculture Journalism teaching at U of A in AR. And I'm sure everyone in the last 20 years has had there bad times as well as shining moments of beautiful glory in some way or another. What I appreciated the most was the way everyone there so willingly spoke to one another regardless where a word was ever spoken before during high school, and how willing everyone was to just hang out, relax, catch up and reminicse. And I have to say everyone looked really great with smiles of confidence on every face. No angry, nervous, cautious glances around the room, just fun fun fun. That's how recall the day anway. We took a survey that asked if people wanted a 25th or 30th reunion, and personally I'm hoping we can have both.
I spent a lot of time at the reunion taking pictures and wish I had spoken to more people, or at least spent more time talking to people besides smile and hello, and excuse me.... I will post some pics on here from the events.

these are the people who showed up for the tour of the high school:
bck; Chris myers, Becky SPencer, Darrel Arnett, dean reusser, Paul Munsell, Steve Holcomb, Johnny Randall, Scott Goosetree, Derek Anspach, Randy Tilley, Tommy Metheny. Frnt : Kelli Moore, Sindee Gregg, Leslie Underwood, Dontia Graves, Stacey Shrader, Radonna Waldron, and Staci ALbin. ( not sure 'bout all the spelling)

This is ME, Bill Miller, Robyn Vanderslice, and Kama Garrison. I was usally in the same places as these poeple during many high school weekend events and parties, the same "crowd" as they say. I also followed K and R around OSU my freshman and only year at OSU, where Bill's twin brother Jeff also attended. Many of my classmates and I were disappointed not to see Jeff at the reunion but he had an emergency involving his son, so it wasn't meant to be this time around. It was very cool to see TOmmy Hutchison and Leah Tennison, they did not graduate with us but had gone to school with our class since 1st grade, also Laura burdge! I was amazed at how many local people did NOT come to the reunion though, I think my goal in life will be to get these people to the next one, people want to see you!
more pics at the reunion website.

"...And these children
that you spit on
as they try to change their worlds
are immune to your consultations.
They're quite aware
of what they're going through..."

David Bowie

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mustang High School Reunion class of '86

I'm having a reunion this weekend, and since I'm on the committee I am printing nametags tonight at work, actually I'm waiting for a list of people who said they are coming first. ANyway I spent some time this afternoon getting a little bronco M for Mustang and then getting a template to use for the nametags. We have 3 events planned Saturday, a tour of the high school at 10 am, a "family" picnic at the Mustang park at 11:30, and then an evening event at "Rocky's" downtown bricktown OKC. I'm also bringing sharpies for the nametags, and maybe going to borrow my parents digital camera so we can post the photos at our class website, (you can find my senior picture if you click on the new one I posted).
Oh yeah and tomorrow I'm picking up the banner, hopefully it's not too cheeseball looking, the banner has a skull and crossbones in the middle, and includes our class motto; "Let it be written, let it be known, seniors '86 are bad to the bone" yeah I guess we thought we were pretty cool.

looking forward to a great weekend catching up with people I haven't seen in years, but people who shared all the same life experiences, peer pressures, teachers, 80's everything as me while growing up in good ole Mustang, Oklahoma. I'm runing errands tomorrow, picking up a screen for the reunion at the school library, and getting my neck cleaned up at the barbers shop, and I plan to make some cookies and hit the gym, tomorrow night i'm either going to a single's group cookout I've been invited to, or going to see the oscar nominated animated short films, or both.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Could you go Organic?

Tuesday nights I am at home after work watching "Independent Lens" on PBS which comes on at 10 p.m. I can't usually stay up during the school year so I appriciate staying up late in the summer for a good show. Each week the show presents a different doculmentary, sometimes something political, sometimes personal, sometimes both. I don't always like the content and will turn the channel but usually it s a topic interesting and/or new. Last night they had show all about a Farmer who's father died right before he left to college, and how he had to take over the farm, at the same time enjoying the "hippie lifestyle", and eventually losing the farm in the 80's. He stagnates in Mexico a couple years, falls in love with their organic style of farming, and come back to start up his farm organically, they become a coop of sorts where families pay intothe farm to enjoy it crops.
While at work today i was reading a magazine that just happened to have an article on a similar issue. It was not about the declining farmlife in America, but it WAS about organic famrs, and how Wal-mart is starting to cary more orgainc grown food, and discussed whether or not this was a good or bad thing.
Apparently the best thing about organic farms is the lack of chemicals used. For example they mention something called Atrazine used on corn fields ( later used in corn syrp, which is used in everything including CocaCola). A chemical that causes male frogs to produce eggs and become hermaphrodites. The small minute percentage per billion amount can be harmful to frogs, however no studies have been done on humans, althought the chemical's use is banned in Europe. Anyway, they predict that eventually even CocaCola will spout Organic ingredients. They also say that if WalMart sells Organic food, then they will buy from the cheapest source, which means other countries will be growing our organic food( they report 10% of organic food is imported).
Apparently America may turn for the better at having choices of eating organically grown food, better for the body, animals, and the environment in general, that's a good thing. Currently, organic food has yet to reach the mainstream buyers because although not always, it usually costs a little more to purchase organic grown foods.
I can't wait to ask my friend, J.D. Miller, who is a doctor of Agriculture Journalism about this at my reunion this weekend. OF course, he may or may not be interseted at all in discussing it.
put lots of things in the attic this morning. worked back today, and tonight am emptying and restocking/organizing the bathroom cupboards.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I spoke to the neighbor today

She was watching her 2 girls bike themselves down the street to play at another house, and i was standing outside movnig a hose wearing just my swimtrunks ( they came in the mail today from Modern Amusement, so i was trying 'em on, they are awesome). anyway she's also a teacher and we talked about how she and the girls got moved to Bethany distrcit so they bought the house next to me just to live in the district but hope to find a bigger house within the next year, maybe down the street yadda yadda....
Their dog, Sophie, is a Golden Retriever that they got at a petresuce place. I remarked how she doesn't bark at me anymore so I'm glad I'm not upsetting the dog, and how it doesn't bother me 'cause I like a dog next door who barks at people walking near the backyard or house, I missed that in the last dog.

ANyway, I emptied some dresser drawers today, clothes that either I won't wear this summer or haven't worn the past year. I'll sort them tomorrow. I plan on getting some things up to the attic tonight.

I ran some errands today, the banner place ( I'm getting a huge 6 foot banner made for the reunion), and then 200 nametags and 5 sharpie pens. I'm debating whether I should try and print our high school's name on them or just forget it and have people write their name.
Next I went to garden ridge pottery looking for frames, and they are still out of the cheap ones I want. I did by 10 bags for a dollar each, they are sort of like plastic with zippers, I'll use them for storage also. I got the hibiscus planted on the side of my house today.
I also wrote some checks today, ugh! two magazine subscriptions, 2 bills- Pikepass and Electric, and another to support a former student on a discipleship training thing in SC this summer. SInce I'm working extra summer hours, now is the time to get bills paid right up front. also swam at the gym before lunch, I'm moving around like an old man, 'cause my legs are sore from working 'em out hard yesterday...back and shoulders tomorrow!

The awesome picture is from Costa Rica, taken by a friend I've known since 1st grade! Jeff P. recently we've been in touch discussing reunion plans and then also he just got engaged to Dailene this awesome ESL teacher I had a class with once at UCO. COngrats again on the Engagement y'all!

president in Iraq today, SURPRISE!

The BBC radio today remarked that "the United States had stirred up a bee's nest in Iraq and now want to leave Iraq to sort out the bees". It's true but that's not a bad thing. Because Iraq was under dictatorship for so long, it would be very easy for another dictator to fall right into place and take over. America could probably have even done the same thing by installing a dictator and abusing the rights of those who disagreed, but that's not our goal or even acceptable in our culture as a republic. As I understand it, we're fighting for Iraq to obtain freedom which leads to personal rights and a democracy. As difficult as it may be for Iraq to "sort out the bees" themselves, it's an exercise they must be encouraged and forced to do on their own so that they can appreciate the freedom and democracy they have earned and learned to have on their own terms etc... anyway, those were some ideas I had after hearing that report

to the left or right?

The side part.
years ago, i was looking in the mirror and parting my hair to the side, and I began thinking which side looked better, and then I began to think, well what I see in the mirror is not what people see when looking at me. I have this theory that because we read from left to right, a side part to a person's left looks more open and welcoming, and a side part to the right looks more closed and mysterious. Of course the effect is exactly the opposite of what you see in the mirror. anyway that's just my opinion, and I'll admit I have parted my hair depending on my mood some mornings, do I feel like being friendly and welcoming and talking to anyone, or do I feel more calm, serious or non-social. lately I don't part my hair at all. It's really short now so I just let it go, or when I really want to make any effort at all I'll throw in some product and maybe have it stick up in front.

Monday, June 12, 2006

poly draw, wrap loyd, day prowl, word play......

the movie " Prairie home companion was GOOD! although I'm not sure if someone not familiar with the program would find it as thrilling. overall it just sort of documents the live broadcast of the radio program, not a real story just the broadcast from beginning to end.
I saw another movie I really liked though this weekend that was part of the Deadcenter film festival here in OKC. it was called "wordplay" and it is a documentary (opening worldwide June 23rd!) all about the crossword puzzle tournament that goes on each year in Stamford CT. The movie goes on about crossword puzzles, their popularity and creation etc, and then builds up to 4 main players at the 28th championship tournament of 2005. the really fun part was that the guy that comes in 4th(in 2005)was from Ponca City, Oklahoma. I sort of recognized a guy while I was leaving the theatre that looked like him, and sure enough in the lobby later he was standing there talking to a small crowd. he just showed up by himself to watch the movie for the first time, how cool, we all asked him did he win This year, and he said he goes every other year 'cause you have to fly yourself up there, hotel etc... Just a regular bookish guy. but overall it was fun. I'm not great at crossword puzzles but prolly if I started doing them over and over regularly I could become good at it, its not just word knowledge but it's codebreaking and analyzing etc..great film. I also mowed this weekend, went to a comittee meeting for my highschool reunion coming up this Saturday, and cleaned up the house. I emptied a closet and refilled in an organized manner you wouldn't believe. now I want to do same with the bathroom cupboards, my bed room closet and dresser drawers, and hallway closet, oh yeah and then there's the back room and the back porch, etc... you can see it's all or nothing with me!

Friday, June 09, 2006

WORLD CUP begins!

Germany beat Costa Rica today. Wow I prolly would have enjoyed seeing that game 'cause I would have rooted for either team. well I suppose it's too late to get cable now anyway, or I would get it MONDAY, hmm maybe I'll speak to my cable guy brother-in-law this weekend and see if they have a month only service plan. I really didn't want to get it 'cause I'm sure who could begin cable and then turn it off after getting used to all those channel options. he he
well I'm always working anyway, but I;m going to see if regular tv covers any world cup games ove rthe weekend, doubt it since no one in America really cares about soccer anyway. its great to watch the countries support their teams. and the enthusiasm spreads thoughout all cultures, Koreans love it, African nations love it, Europeans.... but well here in USA we take our pic Football, basketball, baseball, or all three in their convenient seasons.
I'd really like to see the Brasil games and the British games I've decided. I also like the small countries that surprise everyone with wins and move up in the standings. That's always cool. oh well enough about soccer before I lose all my American readers.

Maybe because I'm an English major

I am going to see A Prairie Home Companion tonight. i have listened to this public radio show for many years, and even saw the road show a couple years ago her ein Oklahoma City. The radio show is not for everyone, and that's ok. It is a very cleverly done show, and always entertaining. some jokes are hit or miss, but that's ok too. There is a bit that Garrison Keillor, the show's host, does about the Professional Association of English Majors which is always funny. And there are usually all sorts of guests and musical guests doing folk music or other. There was one with a university choir performing that was unbelievably great, and once a year they have a joke themed show which is always great, and there was one with Kristen Chenowith, wow.
SO I'm going to see this movie tonight. It's directed by Robert Altmon. I remember during my college years going through a phase of renting Robert Altman films. a good director. I haven't seem many of his films but I like his style of films, lots of stars, interesting cameos, storlyine all belnded together mixed in. "Short cuts" comes to mind as one of the creepier ones although still good.
Whether or not you've heard the show, I recomend you go see this movie or rent it someday, and that's a recomendation before I've even seen the film, talk about trust in knowing I'll like it.

This is a good time to mention I found a job opening for this fall as an adjunct professor at OSUOKC for a writing teacher one night a week. cool! This is only if I begin fulltime days at Metrotech in which case I'll have evenings free to maybe teach a night class, and I also hope to attend a night class ( horitculture) we shall see......

Lunch with sweet baby back

that's the name I always used when referring to babyk, my blog friend, who has met Andrew West a couple times and once, Feanor, at the calf fry whatever thing last spring in Stillwater.
Well, today I had lunch with sweetbabyback. While at "Markie's Deli" which is across the street from her place of work the DEQ. The power went out after we ordered so the place was rather calm while we had our lunch. I found out later that a private contractor had cut into some lines and burned his legs pretty badly,-- the reason for power outage. anyway, She's awesome and really sweet. At first we were just quiet, like who is this person, that I know from the blog but now here in person, strange. But of course I'm a real talker so we got lunch, and after a few mentions of Andrew and Feanor, and some ME ME ME conversation, it was all question question question. Sweetbabyk is really taking charge and branching out. real nice girl girl from Tecumsah who's ready to get something kickstarted in her life. SO yeah I asked all about her family and we talked about my reunion coming up next weekend, and about how she didn't go to hers, and then I asked about the boyfriend she had in Shawnee, and dating, and her kid, and single parent stuff. I can tell she's a great girl to get to know, so thanks for lunch K! I look forward to another lunch, and it's on me no worries, I want an update on all your summer romances since I don't have any. maybe sometime I can take you to the art museum also since you're always having to read about in this blog, it's not too far from your work so I'm sure we could swing it.

I got a lot done this morning, mowed the yard, went by the banner place, went by a fabric store, and had time to go by the Memorial to cancel my shift tomorrow before lunch.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

play it again sam

Sometimes while typing I tend to hit the keys at the same time so the letters are all messed up or a space bar is hit before the last letter of the word etc..e tc.. anyway I think that has something to do with me playing the piano. Sometimes I get to typing a little too fast and I think both hands try to hit keys together during a word. I don't know but I wonder what it would be like if you could type and it made music at the same time. and the music would fit the mood and tone of what you are typing, sort of like a movie soundtrack to the words beinig written on the page. Surely someone could invent something like that in the future maybe?
Speaking of piano, I decided to put on my before-I-die to-do list, to get a baby grand piano. I'm not sure if I'llhave the space or maoney for one, but I've decided once during my lifetime it'd be really really great to have a nice big room where you can go sit down and play this really awesome in tune piano, and just play and play. Like when I lived in Honduras. i would come back up to our apartments on the hill above the city after having been to my usual after school stops of the GOld's gym there, and "chomy's Cafe" where I had dinner almost every week night. I'd get back up "on the hill" and go to the school and play piano for hours, back home in bed around 9 or 9:30 as the montain air turned cool.... ahh those were the days.
today I'm wearing the gbx shoes mentioned on here. They are pretty comfortable although I think I'll need to break them in a few more days of wear. I am wearing my red strokes t-shirt today, and I didnt' mention that I went to the gym wed with my trainer to work back and shoulders so I feel it today, which actually makes me feel like I'm standing up straighter all them muscles tightened up and recovering back there. I need to contact Jeff and Dailene about going out again sometime and catching up. you guys call me!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


there was a story yesterday on Today show about how parents play too much of a role these days in college students lives when it come to making decisions. THis is due to the cell phone, apparently some parents will call to wake up their kid to go to class, or the kid will call mom every time a decision has to made during their daily lives etc... The guest suggested asking your child what options they came up with and are considering, and not give advice unless asked etc. Well, how about CUT THE CORD. maybe no longer are the days of kids going away to college, away from home, parents etc. making decisions bad or good and LEARNING and growing up.

I thought about how my high school has a rule about no cell phones, which is followed about the same as Amercia's illegal immigrant policies, and when the cell phones do ring its usually parents, and yes the parents are aware that the child is at school, in class, and that tere are rules that the student can not call or recieve calls, but why teach a kid to follow rules right? all right, so there's my rant for today blah blah

I was thinking about what role communication has in community, and do communities really exist anymore, technology keeps us from having to share anything, much less a conversation. It started with everyone having their own tv in the house watching their own channel, and then now everyone has their own phone, which can be used anytime anyplace at will,(and they will!) and we have mp3's connected to our heads which of course means, don't talk to me and don't expect me to talk to you, not to mention self checkouts, is life better not having to talk to anyone? i don't know........

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Ethics lessons for US Iraq troops"

"The US says it is still investigating what happened at Haditha. US-led troops in Iraq are to undergo ethical training in the wake of the alleged murder of civilians in Haditha."

This was the headline for this BBC online story. and I thought, how stupid, that we would wait until NOW to teach ethics to troops. I mean, isn't that sort of training included before sending troops into any foreign country or no? Or should I go on about the lack of manners taught or even expected in modern American society at all?... etc

landscaping future on the horizon?

I've been researching landscaping programs at OU and OSU/OKC this afternoon. OU has a Landscape Architecture Masters program and OSU/OKC has an associates of science degree for horticulture/landscape design. Probably the program at OSU/OKC works better for me 'cause classes are part time and offered all times of the day. COOL! anyway, for now I'm just dreaming a little. It'd be cool to drop everything and attend OU for 3 years full time and get another Masters degree, expensive too....then again the part time program at OSU/OKC would have been cool to start up with this summer, but the introductory "priniciples of Horticulture" started yesterday and the lab calss is already full. Some day I want to study all about what and how to grow things here in okc, if not for a business then just for my own personal satisfaction of the knowledge. also classes at OSU/OKC only $80 per credit hour. sweet! someday......

Would you serve?

Atwork this afternoon, and I was listening to "the Diane Rheem show" on NPR on the way over from swimming before work. They were talking about parents dealing with their children serving in the military. One caller mentioned "Starship Troopers", a book where only the citizens that serve in the military are allowed to vote. Personally I've always wondered why serving in the military isn't mandatory in this country. I guess it's one of the luxuries of living "free". I think it'd be really interesting if they did require it, consider the social skills people would be forced to learn, not to mention the personal discipline, I can just imagine all the money lawyers would make from rich parents coming up with this or that reason why their child shouldn't have to serve. The program also had some great discussion on why keeping out the upper class is a detriment to the military in the long run in this country, as well as ROTC taken out of Ivy league schools.
On another note, the picture shows some Eames modern design chairs that I like and found on Ebay, however they are priced too high. Update on my committe job next week; they filled the commitee when I called this morning except for Friday. I relieved really, better to not try and do too much, or the summer goes by too fast! :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Back to Work

well I just can't say no to $$ sometimes, it's true I'll admit it. I got a call from the Oklahoma State Department of Education asking me to be on a standards committe next week for Reading and Writing, pays $150 a day with optional hotel stay and paid lunch. gee whiz. SO, I am able to work Tues(Olivia will cover me 12-5) and then Wed( Maria will stay late until 5) and then Thursday I'll have to work my usual 12-9 shift here, and then I'm off Friday so good to go at least 3 of those days, and thats $450 I didn't have before (well BEFORE taxes anyway) although I am missing 8 hours of work here at MetroTech, but that only adds up to $152, so I am ahead $$ plus it's a good experience and looks good on a resume etc etc... adds up to a busy week next week huh.
I saw Cross Canadian Ragweed in Concert last Friday night with Kevin Fowler and No Justice. They performed at the Lawton Speedway in Lawton. I stayed the night with my friend Andrew West Griffin from JBU who lives down there and loves those bands. had ad fun time.
Saturday I bought the RUG (previous post) and then cleared everything out of the guest room to put in down, man my house is still a mess but I'll get eveything in order soon, no worries, its summer so i got the time.
Today I took the old 88 ranger to Minnick land fill and bought a load of dirt. The engine is real loud cause of the bad valves, and then I shoveled a ton of dirt myself then crept back home, I went slow I was afraid th ething wouldn't make it and the tires were looking low and I was hoping they woulnd't blow on the way back. I put in a bed on the side of the house so I filled that with dirt today, and then I put in a bed between my house and the neighbor's. The neighbor mowed part of my lawn yesterday which sort of drives me crazy, so today I planted a shrub along the imaginary line between our yards as a clear marker, I'd been planning on planting something out there sort of anyway. But now was a good time, I just go crazy when the neighbor mows into my yard, I dont know why, it just seems pretty clear where the fence is in the backyard where the line would be in the front...ahh well.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ready for World Cup

If you're an American you're probably wondering, what's that, oh yeah soccer, who cares.... right? we are the only country that doesn't LOVE LOVE LOVE this sport. Anyway I thought theseare cool pics of a bridge made out of Oliver Khan from Iran I think.
UPDATE: HE plays on the German team

thursday is like a friday

becuase I'm off on FRIDAYS.. hehe well I called the girl today and I'm going to get the rug on Saturday, in case anyone was wondering.. yee haw. my house is still a wreck but maybe tomorrow I'll clean up some maybe not. I am going to go to Home Depot in the morning and get some pavers for a new flower bed I'm putting on the side of the house near where the yard slopes down to the street, that's why I need the cement pavers to make a wal on the street side of the bed since it slopes down from there. I planted 2 purple smoke bushes today, I recieved them in the mail last week, bare root and in dormant stage, so I'll be interested to see if and how well they grow. It's ok if they don't do much this summer becaues I'm one who can plan to the futre what things WILL look like....
I bought these shoes today online, I jsut couldn't resist, they were in a magazine as a good choice for all these outfits they were putting together, so I said yeah I'll get those shoes, why not.
hope everyone's having a great thursday.....