Wednesday, August 30, 2006

gas prices

I've been menang to log this. last weekend I filled up my tank at for $2.65.
Then Sunday arriving home in okc I filled up at at $2.53.
and then this week I noticed it was $2.49 here in Midwest City, and then today at WalMart in Mustang I noticed it said $2.33. sweet.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Individualistic society pressing on....

I have been having some thoughts lately that I feel might be too old school and old fashioned. I say this because I'm currently reading a book "Out of our Minds" about the great changes needed in Educational Institutions today seeing how the world has changed greatly last centruy and the educational system remains pretty much the same in this country. So obviously changes are greatly needed. however....
What got me thinking was this article in the paper about the new style of student-living on college camuses these days. The trend is to get away from dorm style and move toward apartment style. The article lead one to believe how much better this is and how awful life must have been before with "cell" like rooms and shared bathrooms, and no co-ed dorms,( oh the humanity ). Society coninues on separating and isolating us, catering to our individual desires and wishes. But i don't see the old dorm style living as a bad thing. Seems to me it was the first time a person was forced to step out in the real world and SHARE and ADJUST and LEARN to DEAL WITH OTHER PEOPLE no matter what. Sure, it's great having your own apartment-like "town house" for students with a few sharing a kitchen, and maybe a room or two to a bathroom, common lounge area. But college students are not adults. Sure there is FUN to be had in college, (just look at the entertainment and advertising industry and you'd think that's ALL college is about), but really college is a time to learn - meaning an Education, yes, but also learning about your self, yes. A time to make decisions and learn from what happens next.(refer to previous post on kids always calling parents even when going to college etc...)
Sharing the hall lounge and bathrooms gets you out in front of other people, living communally, learning how to socialize and how to exercise all those manners you learned from.... wait a minute where do they learn manners... oh yeah from either the parent or teacher who cared enough to show them the light of how having manners works FOR you not against you in public. In a ME ME ME society, it's sometimes hard for one to remember not to put ME first all the time. I'm not sure the pendulum will ever swing back, by separating ourselves where we live, how we live, what we do, watch, listen to,---- not having to share anything, I don't guess it really has to.

Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker

if you hadn't already seen this, I thought it was very cool;

Monday, August 28, 2006

no camera yet...but

Was at the lake all weekend with friends and had a blast, mainly getting sun and playing cards. I met this geologist from Tulsa who said the Salt Flats in Alfalfa county have some really cool crystals to dig up, that's my next destination after my Roserock project.

This week should be ar eally nice busy quick one. I am working three days of school, the last two I will be at ENCYCLOMEDIA convention downtown okc to hear sessions by language aquisition theorist Stephen Krashen. and then Friday evening flying out of town to Austin for the weekend and back Monday night.. SHWEET! can't wait to get away, relax, get to lake travis, shop some, and the main thing is just getting away from OKC! yeah boy!

tonight I am enrolling people into the system, backtracking to those people coming in May and June because for some reason they have JUST updated the system with codes for the May and June classes, don't even get me started!
I am also copying some test results of students to pass out to teachers tomorrow, and I have been helping "Caesar" with how to multifply and divide fractions.

I heard this great story about this snake who crawled up onto this lady's kitchen island and got into the parakeet cage where there were two parakeets, and then it swallowed one, and apparently the lady came inside the kitchen just in time to find the snake, who could not get out of the cage after swallowing the bird, and she cut it open iwht an exacto kife and found the bird was still alive! can you imagine.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

microbiobal pens

this is the time of year for free pencils and pens, you just look down in the hallway after the bell rings. The best place is near lockers. I'm stocking up!

Busy at work tonight making copies of test results to get back to my teachers of the esl kids who went here last year.. etc etc.

weekend almost here! enjoy everyone

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hillstreet blues...

does it make you think of the song, and a police car driving up an alley in NYC? well something dawned on me for the first time today, the title "Hillstreet Blues"... I've always had it signed off in my head as meaning ,you know the "blues", like when times are down and you sing the blues... so that show was about the hard times on Hillstreet. today there is this military guy that runs on the machine at my gym, I was looking his direction and saw him and thought, I wonder why he runs on the machine and not arou8nd the track, then I thought about his NYPD shirt, and thought why do guys where those shirts if they are not policemen.... then I started thinking about the title of the tv show NYPD blue. and I thought.. hmm I wonder if that means blue uniform.... and then I thought, but of course! hill street blues! maybe that means the Hillstreet blue uniforms of policemen... wow. a first after so many years. sort of like when I was in college and realized that Samantha and Serena were played by the same actress on Bewitched. ha.

now I've posted about it as planned.

The pic is from
Kozyndan, graphic artists on the west coast.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mr. Reusser back at school and on task!

I swam before work today, so maybe I can get into a sort of routine again, not sure.
anyway, very busy at the day job. I have decided to give up my first hour planning period and schedule time to work 1st and second hours with the newcomer students. and then during 3rd hour I will work with the more advanced 6th graders in the school. However this could all change is I find out I am needed at the other middle school. let's keep our fingers crossed for no.
I had w new students today. one, a girl from Mexico who speaks some English but still needs my Englsih help, and then a completely new guy from Vietnam. He is 19 and is only enrolling to learn Engish, even though he has no transcripts and will not be able to graduate because he needs 4 years of school and can only attend for 2 because the law says we have to enroll students up unto the age 21. SO basically he's not there for a diploma just using it as free English lessons. AIn't that great, nothing like working the system. ahh well, he seemed nice anyway, and either way he'll be better off learning English once getting out in the work force with or with out a high school diplloma.
I am making some lesson plans tonight, and copying worksheets. I also need to prepare some handouts for the teachers, and also email teachers about the students they have. sounds fun huh.
It will all be worth it once riday comes and after school i am driving up to north of Tulsa to meet some friends and a cabin on Grand Lake. A weekend at the lake is just what I need to get away right about now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

no time for cameras...

out I was in Arkansas this weekend so I had no time for any camera shopping. I drove back SUnday morning in time for paint lessons at the museum. this weekend we did landscapes, and I copied one froma Hopper book of mine, and the teacher said "this can't be your first time painting, is it?" ahh what a nice thing to say, so I am encouraged to keep trying. This time I was getting into making short brush strokes and doing them in a straight motion, at an angle, curvy etc.. was fun. also I was mising some colors, lot of dark purply browns, and yellowy salmons, and then I just couldn't get enough white on the pallette to get different shades for the sky and water... it really is great fun to mix different colors, the trial and error of trying to get this shade or that, fun timeconsuming challenge but all worth it. I was still remarking about how I'd never get this color again..

Anyway, here is some more artwork by John Lasater, titled " Goforth Valley"..... his art keeps going up, so I may not be enjoying any in person for a while, only enjoying them from his website here. Remember when it went from $100 to $500 or more? now the paintings are in the thousands.. sweeet! watch him go! I said it before some real talent at work there --and he's going for it-- making it work, ah yeah.
next weekend I have plans to go to the lake! sweet! will be a busy week because I'm getting all my students figured out what hours I can teach or "service" them, this may jsut be consulting with their regular teachers during the semester. hope al lhad a great weekend. please comment and tell all. :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


yawn, oh man. another busy day at 3 different schools today. what I really wish would happen is that my certificate would arrive from the OK state department, so I can take it to the Admin building and get my raise kicking in before next paycheck! he he
well I went to the highschool this morning and found where they are putting me and all my stuff, it's an old office in the back of one of the special ed rooms in the south building. ( Mustang campus is sort of like a little college campus in a J sort of shape with a South, West, Central, "commons", North, and an East building, around a circle drive with sidewalks connecting across the campus. anyway of course it's normal to me 'cause I graduated from Mustang.)

my office is big enough for a desk for me and one table with cahirs around it and one bookshelf by the wall. We shall see exactly how it works once I get my students in there.
Does anyone understand exactly what is dangerous about hand cream? apparently they found some on a lady on a plane yesterday near Boston. The Ramsey girl was bigger news this morning apparently its all I heard about ( some guy is saying he killed her but I'm skeptical thus far). anyway not like I even care anyway, what do they put stupid news on tv, Is there really that big of a market of viewers who care? for example the endless reporting on that horse that maybe had to be shot or not, who cares, and now this guy who may or may not and nobody knew anything this morning but that didn't keep them from reporting on it every half hour on the Today show. stupid. It's hard to want real news when you're watching fluff morning news shows, but I like some blatant fluff, like summer vacations, movie star interviews, msuci performances, what not to wear or buy or do to your family, or when they cook food. all great, this and real news would be awesome, but the stupid news, is just stupid. my two cents blah.

oh yeah, also CONGRATS to Jeff and Dailene again for the engagemnet!! i got a very very very cool wedding invitation yesterday, they are getting married in Mexico during my fall break with a reception in Mustang. they even have their own website !

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mr. Reusser returns...

back on track to day at work, introducing myself to new teachers and meeting at the administration with the ESL department. Today was a busy day, and tomorrow will be the same. I am making copies tonight here at work, and also deciding what things I can use at this job or the other job. I have decided to begin giving classees of conversation here at this night job starting in September on Tuesday and THursday evenings.

I bought a plane ticket for Phoenix Arizona last night. I am going there for Thansgiving break, hopefully to have a rock and rolling good time with my college buddies Erik and Trish Pegg. I plan to get outdoors, hang out and see their place, shop around some, and take some pictures.

there is hope people. I am going to maybe purchase a camera this weekend ( or next) and will soon have digital capabilities for this computadora sistema thing a ma jig.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

summer OVER,

Hugo Chavez visited Cuban elected dictator Fidel Castro, and they reported a picture was taken of him standing at Castros bedside, and how Fidel looked great for an 80 yr/old man having just undergone surgery, that he hadn't lost as much weight as other old men.... yadda yadda. Chavez meets Fidel Castro
Do you think Cuba will change if Fidel dies, or do you even care?
I dream of seeing the country, if I could be invisilbe or changed into a cuban looking person and go and see the culture, how people live, the rich, and poor, the customs, how they relax, have fun, dance, learn, do they worship, what foods they eat and how they prepare them, the streets, the cities, historical all. I can't completely hate Fidel for at first taking over the country, kicking out the monopolizing rich, and the sex tourism industry, however obviously his abuse of power and communist theories and loss of personal rights can only be condemed as wrong.
BUT i want to see the country, the beaches, the land, the people, the music, the schools. What anti American/ pro fidel curriculum is taught in the schools (like htey do in N. Korea).
I wonder what a Latin American country might look like without having been Americanized, like when I traveled through Cetral America, always coming across a Mcdonalds or TGIF in any big city. The economy and ecology have been stuck in time, the coastline are eventualy bound to change, with the pollution of land development and tourism destroying caribean life around the island I am sure once things begin to change. I'd also like to see how they drive around in all the old cars and keep them running there.

and us?
I read something the other day about how the USA mirrors Rome before its fall. It said "Modern America is a lot like the late Roman Empire, circa 300: impossibly overextended, beleaguered by barbarians, aware that all its glories of law and engineering might yet be demolished by incomparably less sophisticated peoples, for whom destruction is a vocation and life is expendable." True or not, it is an interesting comparison. I still say we need Jean-Luc Picard to go delegate between these contries in the middle East.. In Star trek the terrorists blowing up stuff are always the good guy misunderstood oppressed victim in about any episode. Perhaps if the world had continued to follow the old testament commands of doing justice -- by taking care of the poor, not discriminating among poeple of color or religion, but sharing our wealth as a nation with the poor. The rich nations of this world have not enough over the course of history, and now we see that poor nations are peopled with those poor enough to believe their own lives and others are indeed expendable, and now those rich nations shall reap what they sow.
Just thoughts, I have no idea, I'm an English major not a history or political science major, and claim ignorance any further than what I hear or read really.

feeling back to normal today, was good to be back at the school and see all the teachers. the next few weeks wil be working out my schedule and identifying which students need my help.

Monday, August 14, 2006

feel like cr#% tonight

man I got this really awful slight headache, by slight I mean when I turn my head a certain way or sit down and lean a certain direction, hard to explain, not a pounding one like I"ve heade just a pain, the weird thing is my stomach feels nautious. it's nt like I'm throwing up, it's just like I'm either hungry or want to throw up, like gas. just a terrible feeling right now, I'm also feeling very sleepy. and I haven't had my tuna fish sandwich cause that's the last thing I can imagine anyone eating if their stomach is not feeling well.
for some reason I feel less nautious while walking around. so I've been doing that, walking around the halls, the auditorium, the front of the building, the classroom next to mine. ugh
anyway, I can't wait to get out of here and go home and take a hot bath and then collaspse into bed. oh yeah i also want to take an aspirin and i'm getting ready to snack on some carrots although I can't imagine carrots being a good thing to snack on while nautious but I don't have any crackers here.
I had a great weekend, you can read about the saturday night concert I was at and see a picture at
my friend Andrew's website here. also HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrews West, you young pup.

UPDATE: I started feeling better after sitting down and typing, well anyway, I'm home now and took some aspirin and a hot bath, and I was laying there eating cheerios out of a box, and then I got really thirsty so after a while got up and dried off, checked email and now am hitting the sack...this teacher's summer comes to an end......

Thursday, August 10, 2006

"de-clutter", new word of the day....

as in de-clutter your carry-on bag....
I was laughing at the Today show this morning, they seemed so apalled that the adminisration knew an investigation was underway which led to authorities thwarting a bombing attempt in the UK this morning. They were sayingt something dumb, like how the public would be begging to know what there was a delay in sharing that information.... I laughed and thought, I don't want to know, let whoever do their job, that's how they were successful in the first place. so dumb.
Anyway, Summer news must be really slow when the only thing to report is how people have to wait in line longer than expected today. OH the horror!! what, no shampoo on the plane???...another liberty taken away in the name of safety, DEAL WITH IT and move on! We got used to taking our shoes off, although it's a shame things do change, I feel safe when I fly, so it's worth it. Time to put more faith in the baggage terminals I guess.....

found this picture from a photolog of a sailing trip in's now on my wallpaper background on this computer...:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Freedom.... at what price?

brennan manning...

"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."

my neck hurts

must have done something strange at the gym the back right side of my neck feels tight. oops, I think it was the standing front rows I did -- where you hold the bar hands close together in front and pull it up infront of your body to about chin level. anyway other than that, excellent workout today, I weighed 169 pounds on the scale before my workout, but some of that is due to the creatine which cause a bit of water retention. or maybe I'm growing!!! nah... anyway,

only one student inthe lab now, and one in the GED lab. I just sent an email out to the counselors' offices at the high school and mid-high about enrolling ESL students and how not to put them in advanced classes if they are fresh off the boat, so to speak.
I'm looking forward to getting back to work next week and being all professional again and getting the whole system back up with my job there. new challenges await, for example I know i lost my room at the high school, so I haven't found yet where I'll be teaching or if I'll be traveling from room to room.
Another thing is whether any students return from last year and how many bew students to the district or country that will be to have their English tested. anyway stuff like that..

I was going to try and go see "little miss sunshine" last weekend but it wasn't palying in OKC, so now I'm readay to see if it wil lshow up this weekend or not. Regis Philbin even said he liked it this morning.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

new job someday......mebbe

I filled out an application online for a teaching job with the department of defense schools overseas, a few days ago. It was a pretty long process but I had my resume in front of e to help and I also got some info on the internet about all the old schools I've worked at.
well anyway, most assignments with the DOD are for teaching for two years, but there are some for only a year. I marked my interest in theses schools; Italy, Iceland, or Cuba. Cuba because it's spanish speaking, but I'd only work there if I wa allowed off base and could see the country for real. Iceland because it's Iceland, how cool and random is that. and Italy because it's Europe and perhaps I could grasp Italian language a little easier after knowing some Spanish. The application was made for the school year 2007-2008. so basically I'm just looking forward to see what opportunities lie ahead of me if any. with my masters the govt pays teachers very well and if you get the right position in the right country your expenses are usually very minimal. So I could still make my house payment while away seeing another culutre and country. anyway I look forward to the experience.
On another vocational note, I was at the bookstore alst weekend and grabbed an application. I don't know why but I jsut think it'd be awesome to work in a bookstore. I was thinking weekends or during the holidays. However when I think about actually working there, I'd probably become hateful to the people who just sit around and read stuff and leave laying around for the workers to stock back on the shelves.. he he.

Monday, August 07, 2006


sweet I just won a lot of graphic novels on ebay.... I thought I'd post something I do win I'm bidding on ebay. I lilke to se what other things the guy is buying who bids against me, for example the guy who beat me on the frankoma fish ashtray, a lot of his purchases were dumb pottery souvenier stuff and 60's cd's. Another guy who I beat on the graphic novels buys trading cards from the 50's and a reciept for a beef purchase from the civil war. he alse sells things like a Bell contract from Canada which went for $125. anyway just random stuff like that.


hot lazy days of summer, meaning so hot I don't feel like doing anything, not even biking this morning. a nice weekend, dinner with my trainer buddy Scott on Firday night at Bahama Breeze with some of his single christian friends who I've met before, but let me tell you it was extrememely boring, but the food was good and I cracked a few jokes with Scott. That particular group of people was just not for me, too serious and masked, no one really open and real, that's just how I see 'em.
Saturday, volunteered, lunch and then went back to my singles bible study after a month hiatus. They were all glad to see me but, the leader couldn't make it, and so we all talked about just having social time, but then this one guy lead us into some long drawn out discussion trying to make really too many points, but his main error was that he just kept speaking and never asked questions or let us give feedback, in other words no discussion just his long rant......
but it was good to see everyone there again. I went by a bookstore on the way home, I dont get up to that north side of town a lot, and I discovered something. Barnes and Noble up there has a really large and varied graphic novel section. wow. so I bought two. "Flight Volume 3" and "the Push man". Flight is a collection of stories by many different artists, and the push man, is an interesting japanese reprint and the stories are all sort of adult themed, the general theme being a hard working man's wife cheats on him, he can't take the frustration and something gives etc..
good works, both.
enjoyes my cd's on my computer this weekend, and shopped on ebay. We painted this week at my class, making color charts where you take two opposite colors, mix to make borwn in the middle, get all the shades down, then go up and down making it lighter with white or darker with black. a lot of work actually!
I didn't shave today, it's been 3. dark jeans and a grey/black t-shirt here at work today.

"July" by Potter

Thursday, August 03, 2006


while running around the track today,( and time really just passes so fast when you get your mind going on some ongoing thought), I was thinking about how I miss playing the piano. I thought about how playing the piano is the one thing I can do where I really feel like I"m expressing my "voice". What I mean by this is by playing the piano and the way I'm playing the speed or volume and all the dynamics in general can be palyed differently each time depending on my mood. I miss playing it because the more I play the better I become really.
Next I thought about how I've been searching online for teaching jobs overseas lately. In Honduras I had lots and lots of extra time to practice the piano, and I did. So as I ran around the track I was thinking up a list of which music I would bring from home if the opportunity to teach in another country ever comes my way. I would bring these books in order of preference:

Beethoven Sonatas book I and II
Chopin Nocturnes
Debussey (whichever includes both thePetit Symphonies and Claire de lune)
Brahms Hungarian dances
Gershwin (includes Rhapsody in Blue and prelude in C# Minor)
CHopin Polanaises
Gershwin sheet music of American in Paris
Other various....

what a dream, to have one job, ina foreign country, learning all about the culture and ways of new place, and having all that extra time to just play and play.....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the dummy

While walking to the office or men's room in this building, I take a hallway which goes up some steps and then around the entrance to the auditorium room. However sometimes the side doors down at floor level are open and I can walk straight through, so tonight I did.
They have some sort of nursing classes going in there currently, so there are three hospital beds I had noticed, and then right as I approached close to one, I did a mental jump, only a very little, at the surprise of seeing a human figure in one of the beds. Well of course its just a training dummy. but I laughed 'cause you know things like that are always fun and funny.
Before exiting through the doorway, I paused and stepped over to the bed with the dummy in it.
It was all tucked in with a sheet laid flat across its chest, hands inside.

lets see,.... I pulled out the right arm and saw that the joints all moved correctly the same. I carefully rotated the limb back up on the pillow on the right with its hand sort of just resting in air palm up, like I sleep sometimes actually. so far, looking good, then I walked around to its left side of the bed and reached in to push his left leg up as if he was laying there wiht his knee bent, and then the other leg, its foot needed to be pointed up like a normal foot would appear. I stepped back and noticed one more thing, the head lay facing up, I thought it might look more natural if was turned slightly to the right into the arm up on the pillow. It is a sort of creepy feeling reaching for a life looking head on a dummie, I felt like it was slow motion as I reached down to twist it to the right, as if any moment it would turn on its own and look at me with its hollow carved out rubbery eyes. Nah, I succeeded and as began to leave, turning back to appreciate my work.

now, where's the maintenance lady so I can get feedback from at least somebody.....

Pennsylvania Town Enacts Strict Illegal Immigration Ordinance

This story (or just do a google search for Hazelton Pennsylvania Immigration Ordinance) explains the changes attempted in making it against the law to hire or rent to illegal immigrants. Key word here is ILLEGAL, hello. I can't say that I disagree and seriously why not enforce it for the entire nation? They say there is a whole labor force issue, but I'm sorry I don't believe it, jobs would be forced to pay more and the economy would be shaken up a little, but I think we could handle it, then again I'm no economist just an English Teacher and web surfer and news reader and listener etc etc

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

World Peace

I know how we could solve all the war and problems in the middle east. It seems to me like like if we could just come with an alternate power source besides fossil fuel, then we'd no longer be paying middle east muslim countries for their oil, and they'd no longer longer prosper from the profits as rich nations, and therefore would not be able to fund the wars and violent movements against israel.

here's my plan;

*discover new fuel source,
*stop funding Israel as/when muslim world stops funding terrorist groups.
*require world governments to help those in poverty in their countries before sharing the new technology of energy resources.
* Enforce laws in this country with the resources required to stop drugs AND immigrants from coming across the border.
* more Tree ordinances!
* and while I'm at it NO vending machines at all in school, students are required to buy school lunch or bring their own.
* parents absolutely stop buying everything that their kids want, by doing this all the marketing will be geared towards things the majority of living people like, and we will not be forced to listen to all the youth marketed crap on the radio or all the crap marketed to kids on tv.

I'm sure I could think of more, sort of fun actually.
anyway the thing is that the very extremely rich of this country will never let the government create new laws that require new energy resources as long as they can profit from the need for fossil fuel which now exists.