Thursday, September 28, 2006

still going strong...

great mix on virgin internet broadcast tonight from London. right now I'm sort of considering how I can get to London again, I think any single guy deserves to try and travel around some befroe hitting the big four zero, don't you? well I considered London, but you knwo the exchange now with the pound and dollar is NOT good, I also thought aobut getting to Budapest to see Brady during Christmas break, but not unless I can find something less thatn $800.

today they said something about congress trying to pass a bill that says any illiegal alien in the country could be arrested and tried for war crimes against the country. It's an interesting issue, becasue on one side I am all for our civil liberties, and also the govt's accountability as far happens in the prisons and questioning techniques etc...., but on the other hand, HELLO ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, so why shouldn't they be included.
When I lived in Honduras we had a VISA that we had to reapply each year, and I knew some people that didn't have our benefit of work visas, that went in and out of the country each 6 months jsut to renew it. I wouldn't imiagine living somewhere and expecting all the rights of that coutnry if I had entered illegally, maybe a cultural thing, after all we are a rich nation, with mainly enforced laws.

Head, Heart and Hand

well not sure if any JBU'ers have checked into the blog as late, but I will explain.....
I am going to John Brown University homecoming next weekend. I always enjoy running into former classmates and roomates and townspeople I befriended while living and studying there in Siloam Springs (or was it "heaven"... ha ha)... anyway, good great times I have to say. such a mix and variety of friends with different cultural geographical sociological etc..backgrounds but one common faith. In other words, these are treausred friends worth keeping up with in life.( ok enough of the greetings card)
SO at JBU, they have a motto of getting a "head, heart, and hand" education; the knowledge, spriritual guidance, and experience of hands on work. ALthough in the past this meant nurse studnets working in the enfirmary and the airplane polits actually flying and the construction students hands on building, etc... I'm not sure about times now, i guess my student teaching experience coutns as hands on training.
so there you have it. Mr Reusser is out of the t-shirt business, but I still get ideas rolling through my head, plenty!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

t-shirt idea

I want this on a t-shirt before homecoming weekend, if you went to JBU, you know why.

What's in your car right now?

this does not include you neat poeple who actually take things to your car and leave them the same trip.

my car: school books, workbooks, records and files, gym bag with gym clothes. gym clothes on floor from day before, a mole trap I plan to treturn to my dad this week, gas receipts, empty cups and water bottles, glutamine tabs, a bible behind the seat that I use in church on Sundays, windshiled shade folded up, empty water bottles, empty large arizona tea bottle for emergencies, 4 or 5 pairs of sunglasses on the passenger visor, photographs of students past, and some of my house and a few of a trip I took above the drvier visor, along with parking pass for museum downtown, name tags for my jobs, and paper stuff stuff in the glove box.

received this twice on myspace today

Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae.The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs rpsoet it.

well its still working

so I'm allright tongiht listening to virgin radio !!! sweet, it's the UK stream from london and its 12 midnight there so you get a nice varied program. so far they've played;
KEANECrystal ball, KILLERSWhen you were young, MEATLOAFIt's all coming back to me now, SCISSOR SISTERSI don't feel like dancin', SNOW PATROLChasing cars and others... ahhh.
I have also been grossing myslef out on this website where they've posted all these medical deformities of cats. no reason why just random google serach for the word "conjoined" and then chose that page. ; not for the weak and weary...

great day today, I'm now eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chips, and then going to do some filing soon.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm not holding my breath but.....VIRGIN RADIO

for some reason the website is working tonight, how THRILLED I will be if it stays unblocked.... oh lets please hope it does.
for example, right now they are playing "74-75" by the connels. ahh what could be more perfect to hear at work! I"m in for soem great new bands I just know it!........ still its RHCpeppers.....

hello blog

I want to make note here and now that I'm sorry for the rant and whine last week about stupid chair stuff at work. I went to church last weekend and really got a lot of encouragement from the sermon, also just get some focus back in my life about my faith. The thing is I don't usually let dumb stuff get me riled up too much, so I can see I let my focus on God in my life down when I start to just complain complain complain. yuck! who needs or wants to hear that.
Truth is, that "this too shall pass" regardless of what chairs are in this computer lab, regardless if the labels on the walls are in Englihs and Spanish, regardless of what posters we hang up or whatever. I really jsut need to learn to swallow down mr. pride sometimes. ha.

I am really busy at the school (day job) with testing students and finding out what students still need me to "speak with" their teachers or "explain" how to modify and help them in class. My boss gave me some ideas today about always saying "our" student. so that I am expressing ownership by the teacher of the student but including myself with the process. I have a lot of filing to do in my office, and by that I mean a lot of files to find from the previous language tests given. They want to get some sort of record going of prgress made by studetns. oh boy!
I sort of strive on having a lot to do sometimes. as long as they are things with concretes goals to reach. I am also getting more into helping out these new kdis that have no desire to rush into the world of English. they can't get enough of using the dry erase markers ( coiming from some third world poor schooling background), so I let them stand at the board and write words in English or label somehting I've drawn etc. lot of hands on. tomorrow we will have scissors and paste. wow.

I found this plant online, very cool dark leaves, and would like to buy one for the garden next year but I'm holding off on spending until I get my visa back down to zero!
I am about to get back to work and read some more of "wicked" it is sort of interesting so political and theological at times plus the sensual parts and philisophical parts, she hasn't turned into evil yet, or turned anyone into the lion, tin man or scarecrow, soI'm wondeirng where it will go with all that.

Monday, September 25, 2006

weekends were made for micholob.....etc...

anyone remember those comercials?
really great weekend, and although busy it was restful as well.
I went straight home after school Friday to mow the yard before Jeff and Emily arrived. After they pulled in after 5pm . they changed and we left for dinner at "Chelino's" on N May, and then headed downtwon where I had tickets waiting for us to see the Manhattan SHort Film Festival at the Museum of Art downtown. 12 interesting films from all around the world. I voted for the movie about this blind guy in Spain who's guide dog dies and then he wants to shoot himself nad then is told his dog was also blind or something like that, and he has a new puppy at the end and is happy. anyway, that's a terrible synapsis. it was the only film that made me almost think I was going to tear up a bit. the best thing about the short films is that each one was different and made you think.

Saturday morning we were breakfasting by 9 and getting out fo the house before 11am , I think? we went to Penn Square mall and shopped and shopped. I found some slacks on sale at express for men. Next we drove downtown again for lunch at Cafe do Brazil at 2pm, then back up north to Quail springs mall to check on grey jeans at the Express for Men store, and also for some coldstone creamery icecream. next the bookstore, then home to relax and change, then dinner reservations at Cheevers at 7pm. YUM
I slept good saturday night, Sunday morning they left, I went to church. scripture on Psalms 51, which I actually have a part of printed up next to my bathroom sink.
after chruch I volunteered at the museum, then back to the mall to get the slacks 'cause I had forgotten my $10 off coupon the day before.
I bought the novle" wicked" and can't stop reading it, was up too late last night, and I've been reading it all night to night at work. good week to all

I've decided I'm not racist......

I think I am just culturecentric and nationalistic. Sometimes the whole loose southern USA border thing and the waves and waves of Mexican immigrants making this their home to raise a family to live and vote in just gets me thinking and makes me feel a little crowded. The whole "problem dealing with change" thing again I guess. There was actually a Spanish speaking family that came through the Memorial museum on Sunday afternoon while I was volunteering and the one guy who was translating everything to the family said to me "you need things in spanish." and I replied to him in Spanish " he was doing a fine job translating". But I was driving home thinking of things I wish I had said.

here is a video if you have high speed. so tell me..... What do YOU believe?

(that's sigur ross in the back)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

good ole okc

I'm not sure if anyone heard the "talk of the nation" npr radio program yesterday but it was pretty funny, The guy, Neil hardcastle, I think, was interviewing the author of this book about zombies. THe funny part is they kept referring to it as the Z-war, as if a zombie war had already taken place all over the world and now they were discussing exactly why was our military unprepared to take on the zombies. It was well planned and acted out, they had callers from all over, one asked what he should do about his brother-in-law zombie that had locked up in the attic because they couldn't bear to mutilate him and all, and the author was reminding the caller that the undead are no longer the same living relative, so the caller says, yeah I guess you're right,k I'm going to get the chainsaw and get this over with. They were referring to past wars like WWII and "the Iraq war" as if they were both in the past. cleverly done.
tomorrow is Science Friday, and I love Science Friday on talk of the nation, there I admit it.

I was singing this song for quite awhile after seeing the movie Junebug. found this clip from the movie. the family is reminded of how they were raised what to believe, and the wife just sits there, this is all new to her.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

better day

today I fell like accepting any challenge I face with teachers at my school. I've decided that the training I do with one teacher this year is one less teacher who will need my help with ESL students they have in the future.
I am finishing getting some testing of kids done, I have also seen the 2 kids with NO SKILLZ make baby steps this week. also I don't have a 5th hour this year so that gives me time to score the tests, check in at the schools and counsel with students and teacher. I'm not sure if that schedule will stick, but we shall see.
I am also at peace with my co workers at my night job, the biggest hangup I have now is jsut getting our computer enrollment system caught up, It's pretty bad but the school hasn't even created the course number in the system for our Jul, Aug, and Sep classes. SO we are not even enrolling the new students in the system etc etc....
I may not have mentioned, but I will probably be offered a position teaching at Francis Tuttle in Oklahoma City soon. I know this because a former coworker here at MetroTech who now works there wants me to head up some of their new ESL/bilingual Ed classes. It really is great having those connections among the other ESL people in OKC, is why I stay involved in the meetings and conventions etc...
However it will be all about the math prolly in the long run. for example, will htat job pay any more or equal to this one. I'm thinking now that it already pays more but maybe less hours. I don't know.
I've been watching a lot of YOUTUBE tonight. Hynotist clips. and I've been checking plane tickets for fall break, Tampa, Grand Rapids, Austin and Chicago....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a tunnel

well the good thing is there is a light at the end of it, unlike Iraq. well anyway....

I"ve been super busy lately with my day job testing al lthe new kids. and it gets pretty discouraging because there are some really great ESL kids with teachers who will do nothing to help them along and make it fair for them in class, and that's discouraging when you are part of a system that just may not work. really is nothing new but there is just a lot of need this year with my various English abled kids in different schools and classes. Another things that sucks is thaat the tests I am giving students would probably identify any kid as ESL, even some normal American white kid. The state of Oklahoma adapted a new test "ACCESS" last year and its horrible in that it tries to test their ENglish in all the content areas, but you end up with all these dumb problems about science or math or history that they are required to listen to, read, speak about etc.. and seriously some of this stuff has nothing to do with language if they don't even know the concept behind the questions. SO it can be a good thing for the school funding to have more student identified as ESL, however some kids may never "test out" as I see it. Some kids maybe speak another language less often at home, AND if they have national percentage reading score less than 35% then we test their English for ESL needs. HOWEVER you could have a kid who just has an authentic learning disabililty that is never normally service because its read as an ESL problem, and just today a kid like this said, he never speaks English at home and just barely understands it when used at home, and if you translated problems to him it would not help at all. OOPS guess we need to send him for some special ed help or testing, NOT ESL.
once I get all my tests done at the 4 schools and reports done, pester and pester someone until the computer in my office/room is connected to the network, then order some materials I've been wanting, things will be better.
ALSO this year I have 2 new latin kids who were so poorly educated in their country they have no drive to even learn Englihs here, and are not even trying. that's a real problem, because I'm only so motivated to teach them when they get little bratty attitudes or don't even try, but I've also considered how i will continue to press on with them as well. Also all their teachers don't know what the heck to do with them since they are not trying, and how can they give them a grade for doing nothing.
I will probably make a call home in the next 9 weeks and threaten to hold back the students a grade next year if they continue to make NO effort.
( prolly only Dailene will read all this, so thanks for listening..:) ............)

don't even get me started about why for some reason the stupid chair issue at my night job is bugging me. it's completely not that big of a deal, i just hate the blue chairs. I've decided not to let it bother me, just ask the chick at work not to discuss it with me. I've also decided I have lost all desire to give converstaion classes there, since I don't really have to anyway, not part of my job description. I want to just show up and then leave and I've lost a lot of enthusiasm for the job. but that will end as soon as day job turns back to mor steady and normal....I have to figure a way to find respect for the other workers... for example the morning person has just now gone to college for a degree in education after being an assistant for a few years, and then the afternoon person is only working there until December so I can't understand why i should care about any change she wants to make, although I really like the way she's smart cute and double science degreed and working on a microbiology masters now. However the way she's pushing the chairs makes me want to not even speak to her. weird I know. My boss wants us working as a team, and I did a lot of thinnking, the problem I have is that I like to either be a leader with some vision and ideas, or I want to be the busy bee worker who can confidently follow a leader with vision or a plan etc... I can't just be this neutral one of three. I think maybe thats what drives me crazy at the night job sometimes....... but anyhow... blah.
house cleaning to do before Jeff and Emily arrive Friday after school for the weekend. I plan one night to take them to the Manhattan short film festival going on at the art museum this weekend.

Monday, September 18, 2006

weekend blah blah blah

I had a pretty wonderful weekend, it was chill and social. I had been out of town for 3 weekends in a row, and then last weekend busy volunteering Sat. afternoon and then my last paint lessons on Sunday afternoon. so this weekend was a first to just stay home and clean and relax. I wanted to clean up the place because my buddy Jeff and his wife plan to visit this next weekend. so I vacuumed and everything. ( still lack the kitchen and bathroom but do-able before Friday!)
I got out of the house a little bit on Friday night to go by Academy sports store. I've been living on 2 pairs of gym shorts for a couple years now, and one of them I left in Austin, and the other I couldn't find last week so it was time to restock. I bought 2 whites, a navy, one black, and one grey, also some sockless socks.
then got a graphic novel and Manu Chau cd at Borders and back home.
Sat I chilled some more that morning, eventually at the gym by 12:30 and then my Tilapia lunch, then from downtown to Tuttle south of Mustang to hang with Coach Dickens and his wife form the North Middle School and watch the OU get ripped off by the officicials, they were only beat by one, which isn't too bad as far as playoffs are concerned. after the game I went back to the city for the state fair. yee haw, I met a group of singles form Quail Springs Baptist church, even though I don't go there my buddy Scott had invited me to come along. we were a group of about 12 and just walked and walked, was fun and a nice breeze. by 11pm we headed to IHOP downtown bricktown and then I was headed home by 12 after eating the breakfast sampler. yum.
Sunday I chilled at home some more, moved all furniture out of the way to vaccuum, got my roompicked up, etc... listened to some music, enjoyed the rain and cool weather. I went by the mall looking for grey jeans but didn't find any 32/34 on 32/32 pairs. ahh well.
I spoke to a good friend in Florida last night for about an hour or more just talking his head off, but it was good to catch up, had been a few months since last we spoke. Hope you are enjoying the rain as well down there.
I worked out my legs today, just got more glutamine tabs in the mail this weekend , they are a great grape flavor too. I'm beat now getting ready to check out of work about 5 til 9pm now.

just because

Thursday, September 14, 2006

"I'm for me, and you're for me"

This blog life and "community" supposedly is replacing the "neighborly porch" community of the past according to one speaker in a discussion I watched on PBS last night. They were speaking about our government and why people are less involved and dont seem to care.
It was ag reat discussion on the change in community in general and went right along with I have been commenting about lately as far as how we are all more and more learning to live in our own individual world.
The quote in the title was how someone expressed today's world and attitude in society. They also discussed how society has bicome more isolated, fragmented and consumeristic, and how Media just discusses political issues as each party's marketed pitch -- instead of seekingn out what is actually best for all. They mentioned the drive for spending money on more and more and more and forgetting to give that 5 or 10 % to donate to somebody or something or organization or non-profit etc... Also the way we can come home, pull into the garage, shut the world out, go inside and watch tv, etc. It's true, like I've said before we all have our own tv and channel, our own phone, our own music hooked into our ears, pump our gas and pay ourselves, even the grocery stores I dont' have to talk to a single person, just check myself out.
One panel memeber asked why does it take a hurricane or what happened on 9/11/01 to force us to get out and help each other and come together and serve.----- saying that we all had this inner desire to get out and help each other, yet our society seems to be pulling us apart as a community at every turn.

One old man mentioned that what ruined the society was air conditioning, tv, and no porches.

anyway, look here -- -- for more on the discussion.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TODAY show R.I.P.

This is the post about how I decide to no longer watch the TODAY morning show on NBC.
I kind of want to quit watching it now that Meredith what's her name has begun hosting with Matt Laur. I feel really bad for Ann Curry because she really did an excellent job all summer and the other girl, I don't know her name, the brown haird pretty woman who also filled in, well they could have just made a new team with those people. All the hoopla at NBC about the new "family" this fall with Meredith joining, but they really went overboard when this morning they went on and on about her joining and her past school and career and BLAH, who cares. I could have easily continued watching Matt, experienced expert and charm and class and style and sense of humor,and how you can sort of always still see that inner nerd inside regardless of his success, and Ann Curry who was really cute and personal with the outside crowds this summer when she got to get out from behind the inside news desk. There is sort of transparency to these people, and with Meredith it just seems more like superficial charm and dance. I don't know. perhpas I haven't accepted Katie leaving yet. ha!
Of course we all realize these morning shows are NOT news shows, they are entertainment shows which include news also. How could we consider such a dumb focus on who the new host is going to be and take it seriously as a news show anyway.
Well anyway, if there had been less hoopla about Meredith, less marketing, and just a simple strat up with her suddenly doing the job on there, I might have considered the show. but I think now I will always start with ABC news in the morning and switch to others when bored, instead of NBC Today show being my anchor morning channel like it was in the past.
side note, Al the weather guy, total cheese humor, and he's not so bad really but he doesn't know when to shut up and stop making a dead joke sometimes.. he sort of tries too hard to be funny or something. anyway...
not to mention how I've missed KElly Rippa since school has started and I'm not home for Regis and Killy anymore.....ah man!

dude, chill.... just chill dude.


on you tube it moves faster but here at google video it's a clearer pic but frame stops up some.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

where were you...........

I had just arrived a little late to work at the middle school that morning, I had first hour planning , I was going to my room and as I walked by the teacher's room next to me, Jason Speaks, he says dean check it out. He had his tv on and an airplane had just hit tower one. SO I turn on the tv in my room, and watch and then go to his room and watch, and consider what is going on, then when the second tower was struck, that's when you know its something really awful. I remember thinking, so this is what's ahead of us this "new millenium".( we had just experienced the 2000 millenium fears and woes etc..) a new chapter and dawn and age unfolds, is what I was thinking, and how awful. Then the news about the PA plane and the pentagon, and all air traffic being stopped. wow.
was an awful day, and we were actually told not to have the tv's on in class as it may frighten the kids, a lot of students did go home. I had to stop and get gas after school before I could go to my second job, all the gas stations had jacked up their prices, it was ridiculous, but I was on empty and paying 3.80 or something like that for gas, some stations were 4 or 5 $. I remember thinking CRAZY ( funny now that we've gone up and over $3). all the AMerican flags had been put out by the city that day along the main highway through Mustang. That was a memorable odd feeling, all this red white and blue outside waving in September.
the saddest part was watching the news that night and later into that week, all the many many flyers placed on any vertical service, a loving hopeful tribute and memory of the many many victims put up by the loved ones who had lost them. So sad.

I put the flag out and bunting on my house this morning, and I wore a shirt and tie to work today. Mainly just because I remember wearing a shirt and tie to work 5 years ago, when America was still I think mainly loved across the world probably for its Entertainment industry mroe than anything, and the economy was good and computers and internet was new etc.... and probably most of the country thought we'd never actually be sending the boys to fight to the extreme that they are again out in live battles like to day.

being dean again...

You ever find yourself doing something you're always preaching to others about? Today I came to work and the new co-worker was all upset because last week she changed all the chairs in the computer lab to these gross nasty old used ones that I had snagged a couple weeks ago for the soul purpose of getting extra seating around a table for the morning conversation classes. Well, suddenly the daytime people decided that the pretty blue chairs would be better than our current brown ones and she made the switch. She leaves at 5 on Thursday, and at 5 on Thursday I am putting all the blue chairs back in the back room and replacing with our original brown chairs. I also notice that she has put labels on everything on the coffee table, which is great, except they are in English and Spanish. So I cut off the bottom half of each one, losing the spanish part. ( I had just made a point in our meeting a week ago that I thought it best to stick with using ENGLISH to teach ENGLISH, (hello I have a Masters in Bilingual Education!! but I didn't mention that of course) and that any signing or labelling in the room should be with English words only. although the majority of our students are Latin, not ALL of them are.)

well we dont' talk much when I get to work oday although we mention she's upset about it, but we like each other as friends of course, but we are having differences work-wise. She leaves and I read her email, about how unacceptable it was, and how we all have to work as a team, and how she expects it all to be put back etc..

so I write her back to say both of us changing out all the chairs was equally inconsiderate of the other. I apologize for changing her labels, yet say that I thought we had agreed on only English in the meeting. I tell her I want to learn how to accept changes, but that we can both learn the best approach to making changes with patience and consideration etc...

Of course I'm not changing anything back tonight, I begin to feel that I don't even care that much if it causes all this drama, who cares I'll just sit here and come and leave if it's that big of a deal, but you'll find me with less pride in the job I do here overall.

In fact I was sitting here really considering how to just leave this job and find somewhere else to work.

And this way of thinking is exactly opposite of what I tell young people to learn how to do. How important social skills are in the workforce today, and how you have to learn to accept not getting your way, and learn to work with people and accept their ideas and changes. So apparently I'll have to work through this, hopefully they will respect my experience and education enough to see that no spanish in the room is best. The chairs I could really care less about, they are just ugly is all. (They say the coffee stained bright blue-green synthetic fabric chairs are more comfortable, but in my opionion that means for fat people.) I seriously just would like to come into work and then leave at 9 as usual without having to deal with any of this.. time to learn and adjust again. ahh man!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

hungry, homeless, menopause, GOD BLESS

that is what was scribbled onto the usual torn off piece of cardboard sign on the street corner today after the exiting the highway on my way to work. there is always someone there. TOday tere was this lady 50 or a lot more, nice clean hair pulled back in a pony tail, cute short sleeve collarless white shirt with thin blue stripes, tight jeans rolled up to above the calf, and some black slide in sandal-shoes. bronw leather bag, and a 44 ounce 7-up drink on the ground near her feet. clean clothes and all, I don't know is she REALLY homeless and hungry, but I have to say the "menopause" included on the sign sure was a new one with me.
this is Norway, let's go!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

forget the road trip

I flew to Austin buddy.

I'm moving file cabinets around on a dolly tonight at work.
yee haw.
about to go home from work.
this morning on the way to work, I was thinking about this year, just focus on work this year. Try to separate myself from everything else at the school. A lot of times I have control issues where I expect everything to run consistently at school, i.e. students and teachers following all the rules. well this year my goal is to ignore all other students other than mine, and get in the school and get out. I guess its a mood swing thing, you know how you get into a period of not going to any effort to talking to anyone just doing your job. that's me right now.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I had a great weekend in Austin, the lake, a party downtown at some nice place, some shopping and a few clubs, and a great time relaxing back with friends in Austin.
I'm back at work today and ready to jump in. I did a lot of thinking yesterday and decided that I will begin to focus on my job only at school. What I mean by this is I'd like to try to just do my job and not concern myself with all the other things at the schools that I think would make it better, or things that bother me or get on my nerves etc... I've also decided to consider who my real friends are and like a stock portfolio, begin keeping the blue chip frineds only and cull all others. ( something a friend had mentioned over the weekend and I thought, gee could I ever do that, I don't know)
I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. September moves FAST so get ready for fall. I woke up to a wonderful 60 morning here in okc. ahh was so nice to have a reason to keep the blanket on when I woke up instead of waking up 'cause I'm too hot after the sun comes up and warms up the house.
I bought a maroon shirt but never got the grey jeans I wanted. The only ones I could even find were at this fancy store and were $216, but it was fun trying them on. I also got some cool antiqued red wooden boxes at thsi furniture store, although I never got the chance to get out and shop for the puma socks I wanted. saving money always better. OH yeah I went to this great Cuban place and had a Cuban sandwhich. It tasted awesome , but was nothing like the ones I had down in Florida last spring. Also ordered something out of the box at a Mexican Restaraunt for a change and got the ChiliQUiles. although they were a little too spicey hot, I liked them overall.
I was kidding around with this new phrase in Spanish I heard over the weekend "Que pasa calabasa?" with the response " nada nada limonada", and my students today were just laughing and acting like I'm retarded or something today when I was saying that to them. ha ha.
I lost my 5th hour kid today, he moved or something so now I have an extra hour free and can service the 9th graders more. shweet!