Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

ahh fall

the colors are gradually changing and the best thing about fall is when it's cool out and breezy and when you drive there are leaves falling down or blowing up on the road, and I really like when I first leave in the morning and when I get up to a certain speed on the way to work and all the yellow fallen redbud leaves from the tree by my carport blow up from the back of my pickup and I can see thme in my rearview mirror.

Geese in Muddy Water
John Lasater has some new art posted on his website here. He has them divided now by scenery, images, and still lifes. I couldn't resist posting both of these. Really beautiful stuff. He has a "painterly" style which means when you can see the brush strokes, and you can just imagine him working up a storm of colors as he goes out to a site and just puts what he sees on canvas right there with a view in front of him. Check out his site and support this upcoming artist.

Day's Last Light
I am also excited to see the smooth sumac on the south side of my house and in back on the east side between the road and my driveway that is turning a brilliant red. This looks great just under the yellow turned redbud trees. next to turn is the red maple just next to that, and then just behind that behind the fence to my backyard are two crepe myrtles which are begining to turn orange and golden. We have a freeze warning tonight so I am going to cover my purple fountain grass, I have yet to dig it up and bring it inside, maybe this saturday....alas.

Jeff and Daliene ! more WEDDING

first of, sorry I've been spelling her name all wrong! its' jeff and Daliene, as above. well anyway, I finally figured out the spelling and found their website, so if you want to check out their wedding plans go here. OR if you want to just go straight to the wedding pictures then go here.

It looks like it must have been an awesome time, and the pictures are all creative and beautiful.

¡Felicidades amigos!

Monday, October 30, 2006

FUN/BUSY weekend

OI did not make it to BestBuy to return some software or to buy a digital camera but I'm planning to next weekend.... also I need to dig up some fountain grass I want to try and winter in my basement. I have to say this is a magical time of fall this week. cool breeze, cloudy bright skies, and the tress turning and changing faintly yellow and then more, and lots of other growth turning orange and red, I knew it'd be a nice fall what with the recent rain we've had....

here's one smart kid:

had a great weekend, did everything stated last post, EXCEPT I never made it to the memorial to volunteer. but I was just having too much fun at the reception. Jeff and Dailene looked great btw, she looked completely gorgeous in her wedding dress and turquoise flip flops(sandals?) and Jeff in a smart khaki suit. THey had the video of the wedding in Cancun playing at the reception and it looked like a fun time. CONGRATS again guys!
I spoke with some people I graduated high school with, Toby Perkins and Melissa Bostic, and then a great conversation with Jana (Shipman) Gausman. Jana I've known forever and we spoke about visiting the art museum together some time, I hope we can.
I had a nice time visiting with my folks after church Sunday, they are all excited to get new dining room furniture and a cabinet, and in fact moved a pinao out of that room into the back shed yesterday.. Now I am left with coming up with rexources to get the pinao to my house because it's better sounding than the one I have now.( I have to find a place to put mine and then clean up a LOT to make room for the other one etc etc etc)

The church bulliten at my church, Covenant Community Church, had some notes in it about the last elders meeting mentioning consideration of having two services, one with traditional music and another with contempory. I hope to make some time to write a note to Pastor Carlon Tchetter this week. Of course I'd be against the idea of two services, you know how I always carry-on about the separatist socieity we live in. WE need to unite and communicate, not divide and separate, people. Basically I plan to state something like this.

The church is for believers not consumers, give us what we need not what we want.

and then If I feel like it I could mention something about balancing the current worship time with a little more tradtional music. as of now its pretty much always contemporary. but hey Im' going for the preaching more than anything. I will say that yesterday was communion Sunday and we had real llive tradtional organ music playing hymns during that time. it was SO NICE! in the past they ahd a rock and roll music show going on and that like a last strw with me and the contemporary band on stage. anyway....

I was going to take ANOTHER pic of me at work to post on here tonight with my sunglasses and memorial cap on, but I can't find the camera.

(listening to virgin.uk internet radio... Keane "somewhere only we know".... ahhhhhhh)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


well I forgot to mention about the dinner Tuesday night.

I had a lot of fun. THis year the Oklahoma City National Memorial had Deep Fork Grill from here in OKC cater the event at the Boat House on South Lincoln on the Oklahoma River. They were serving red and white wine, so I went for a glass of white Chardonnay upon entering. then chose a table and sat down. The crowd moved into the room from the reception area, and I ended up next to Morris and Linda Blumenthal. A very classy retired couple who visited with me about the many places they have visited and driven to in Oklahoma. I gave them a great recomendation of going to see the Ozarks up near Rogers and/or Eureka Springs or Branson. Morris told me they had driven down to Altus to some small town down there, I forget what it was. and also way out to the end point of the Oklahoma panhandle jsut west of Boise City. He had been volunteering at the memorial for 3 years, and the Cowboy hall of fame for 9 I think. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren who are all between the ages of 16 and 10. very cool.

The food was very good, a plate of mashed potatoes with some roasted chicken and salmon on top. yum, cheescake following, although I have to say they should have thawed the desert earlier, I hat eit when it is still forzen in the middle.
there were many awards given and videos played showing all the wonderful things OKC is doing and the state is doing in preparation for our 100th anniversary of statehood in 2007.

I'm looking forward to a pretty busy weekend coming up tomorrow.

Most important I have a meeting tomorrow at administration to give the numbers on a report I'm working on tonight here at work, it's about the test scores of ESL students this year compared to last , showing improvement etc...then at 4pm I will be serving on an Advisory Commitee at FrancisTuttle which is another "tech" school here in OKC which pays a lot more than this one.. he he, so it s agood thing to stay involved with, you never know. the gym for arms and chest will be next, then HOME, to jsut CHILL, and clean and put all those plants in the hallways and backroom and kitchen floor near some windows for the fall. Saturday morning I work early an ACT test at the school, then downtwon for running swimming and eating at the museum cafe, then home to REST, and prepare for costume party in Norman with Andrew and his fiance Monica. I'm looking forward to it!
SUnday I have church, and then a reception for Jeff and Dailene Price and then off to the Memorial to volunteer ( I overbooked myself so I'm going for the second half of the day after the reception in Mustang)

well there you have it my weekend plans. hope everyone is enjoying this wondrous fall time of year ( wanna know a secret, last weekend I played a Christmas CD jsut to get me all cheered up and homey feeling with the cold weather changing. ha)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I went by the grocery store to restock for food here at my night job. the usual chips and pbj. My concern lately is to try harder to eat more fruit and less suger and sweet. That's my goal for now anyway. I worked out my back today and tonight I wil be working on entering people into our computer system, and finishing this report due Friday at my school.
I was also really interested to read about some new rules passed here in Oklahoma regarding education. I can't wait to hear the outcomes of schools in and near okc this year who are trying out classes with all the same gender of students in a class. I'm fascinated by the concept, because having taught middle school for so long, I have seen first hand all the crazy moods and emotions and attitudes between all them teenagers dealing with the opposite sex. I also like the old school idea of education divided by gender. Even in the highschool classes, studies have shown that girls do better in science class for example becuase they are not afraid to show that they outsmart the boys etc... what do you think?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thank you Fabiola

I am only working for an hour and a half tonight! Fabiloa graciously agreed to work for me this evening..... thank you.

I am going to a Volunteer Banquet that the Memorial puts on each year for the volunteers. ANyway, I took a friend from highschool one year but have gone alone the past few years wich is no problem really, although it would have been really cool to invite a sister or mom to go with me, but they are not really up for going out late at night during the week and the dinner is like from 6 to 8:30 or so.... anyway I'm excited to get some awesome food. they always have a really nice fancy set up for the volunteers and then we usually get a tshirt or plaqu or something, like a small pin etc... he he.

I am completely booked this week with things to do. I have some reports due on Friday to all the principals at my schools, then on Friday afternoon I am part of an Advisory commitee for Bilingual education at FrancisTuttle Tech School here in OKC ( a maybe future employer btw). And then Saturday morning I am working an ACT test at the highschool, that afternoon I'm free thank goodness ( for the gym and lunch!) next willb e a drive down to Norman for the newly engaged ANdrew and Monica's halloween party in a fun constume I've worn twice before and always makes a great hit. Sunday morning church and then a wedding reception for Jeff and Dailene Price in Mustang that afternoon. (they were married last weekend in Costa Rica, so I jsut wasn't able to make it, sorry. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you though!) so the week and weekend should just cruise by. we shall see, I just know my Thanksgiving weekend trip to Phoenix will be here before I know it!

Monday, October 23, 2006

BACK at work!

here I am in a new shirt, guess who went shopping over break, It's a nice plaid 80cotton/20wool Brooks brothers plaid shirt. It was pretty cold this mornign so I wore it to work, also because I wanted to look nice for my ESL meeting at the administration building this afternoon. ALthough the shirt looks more winter or Christmas-y really. I got to bed late last night because I was digging up all these potted plants out in the flower beds, there was a freeze warning so I couldn't just risk leaving them all outside. SO there are all these plants in my kitchen and back entrance walkway that I'm stepping over to work this morning. tonight I will clean them up and place near windows in my house for the winter, as usual.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the pictures behind my desk

here's me working away on a wednesday night. I just got finished wasting time trying to understand this 46 yo vietnamese man as he told me over and over while pointing to the website address on his computer, "help me, get outside." and then when I don't understand it he tells me louder. and then he keep repeating, and then ask me how long I work here... I don't know. anyway, I gave him our "payment due" letter tonight becuase he shows up about twice a month just to use the computers and is not even officially a student here anymore, so he needs to pay or I'm getting secrurity next time he comes, after all, if he can't even communicate with me how to help him on the computer and is not even coming here to study then, LEAVE BUDDY.

anyway, the pictures behind my desk are a foot with the Copan Ruinas in the background, a valley in the countryside of Honduras on our way to find Guinope waterfall ( notice the pine trees and palm trees), and the thirs a thinkis another waterfall, Chiflador, also in Honduras. My roomate and best friend while in Honduras was Brad Van Beek and he would take us teachers every now and then on drives through the country jsut looking for a certain village or waterfall or other landmark. dont even get me started going on about Honduras..... sigh....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


These are the shoes I wore to school today. PUma, I had them about a month.

Busy day today, I left the north middle school to meet with a histroy teacher at the highschool during his planning period, then right before lunch went and had my neck and hair trimmed up before having pizza with the teachers at Mazzios. We usually meet up there every Friday but since fall break tomorrow we were up there today instead. Busy with my highschool classes preparing for finals and doing a few activities. then ran for 30 minutes, swam for 15, and then came to work. tonight at work I am busy putting togehter a list of names and test scores of my students at Mustang, and then I taught a quick vocabulary class. and then next I will be doing some computer enrollment in the next hour or so here at this job..... fall break tomorrow!

Monday, October 16, 2006

MONDAY..... one down, one to go...

I had a great weekend, tried lots of different beers at the art museum thing, saw some of the waiters and waitresses I know form the Museum cafe working some of the tables. My favorite was one by Kriek, from Belgium, and it was the cherry flavored one, anyway, it was nice.

I volunteered Satruday morning, and then ran and swam and then had a big ole Tilapia lunch at the Museum Cafe, man it filled me up, made me just want to go home and sleep! but I mowed the yard when I got home instead, and then rented some DVD's of the 2nd season of American Office tv show.

Sunday I was a bit late to church. it was a wonderful day though it rained all morning and afternoon, cloudy and cool. just right. Rain is a good thing this time of year because it feeds the trees and gives them more color when they change for fall.
I cleaned the house, laundry, dishes and went to Best Buy to get a connection and software to convert my camcorder videos to DVD. I'm going to attempt it tonight when I get home from work. I'm hoping to maybe post some old college memories eventually, or maybe me but it feels pretty stupid talking to a camera just me.
hope everyone had a great week
this is my current computer desktop at work, its from a Danish family's picnic, I found it on a random photo album online....

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I thought this was pretty funny, I watched it a few times and kept laughing each time, I think it's the way she frowns her brow at the end, cracks me up.

more camera fun thursday

I'm going to another "Art on Tap" this weekend at the Oklahoma City Art Museum. SHWEET! I'm going with a friend Scott from my single's group and should be a good time. I like the different restaurant tables mroe than anything, and just seeing the mix of downtown crowd, ( you know, for little ole OKC).
Otherwise I plan to get some cleaning done at home this weekend. I have had trouble locating things I want to wear lately and I have 3 empty dresser drawers so time to organize, also the back room and kitchen need HELP etc etc etc... blah. ANyway this pic of me shows my grey jeans I finally recieved from a store in the mall that were out of 32/34's for ever, so I had the order and mail me a pair.

NPT today spoke a lot about North Korea, apparently if we install any sanctions they will take it as an act of war. Oh brother! and then they discussed the whole cochlear implant issue among the deaf and how it digs a deep divide between those who feel you are robbing children from having the beautiful deaf experience and that society thinks deaf is something you can "fix" and you can't.

THis reminds me of a conversation in class tonight about the phrase "she fixes breakfast in the morning". My student told me that she thought fix meant "repair" and so then I was trying to explain, well with food, it sort of means prepare, like " Mom, can you fix me a sandwich?". I did NOT use the example "I'm fixing to go see a movie" although that is common use here in OKC, to the chagrin of many. Good weekend to all!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

n korea

crazy to begin with. I read this graphic novel last summer called "Pyongyang" about this French computer animator who goes there on contract to work. He illustartes his time there and the glimpse he had of the society. Yes France is doing business with N Korea. Every foreign visitor is assigned a guide which must be with them at all times when not at the hotel. The country has already been through a recent famine killing many North Koreans, and even now the "dear leader" beilieves he only needs a certain number of people to actually fight and then rebuild the country should any more deaths of citizens occur. so sad. hopefully with the situation lately of North Korea and the nuclear testing, there can be some extreme sanctions made to carry out and hold out against North Korea, the sad thing it is the population who suffer. Did you know they are suspected of actually counterfeiting the dollar in that country?
I'm hoping that the world can stop all aid and all support of everything until the country stops nuclear proliferation or the world will be heading in to another cold war era, what a shame.

office wednesday night

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

more ART from John Lasater

ok I mentioned I saw John last weekend. Have you checked his site lately? He has been off for three months on sabbatical from his job with Dayspring Christian card company in the design department. During this time he has been traveling around and painting views on site. Wow check out the new stuff he has posted up. (Like I said, I did not leave Siloam without a painting and was surprised to have done so!) I was thrilled to see his studio and some of my favorite past artwork in person on the walls of his house. He continues to express and move expertly through his choice and use of color. How he gets that subtlety in change of light and shadow. To see the works in person --they display his blend and variety in use of brushes and stroke.... so cool. anyway the one I've displayed here is called "Mt Sherman Scene."

dreaming in the stars

last night I found myself as a sort of luke skywalker character, and I was in this enormous atrium that went up three stories high to the glass ceiling, and there were sloped and spiral walkways and escalators with crowds of people going up to the main room I suppose for some sort of ceremonious occasion, like everyone was in robes copper and silver and grey etc, sort of like a star movie etc etc.. anyway iw as standing on the ground with some petit cute brown haired girl and she was wanting to leave and we weren't sure how to slip away and so I began to fly up to look at the thrid level entrance where everyone was going in, and it was so very cool flying up and down somehow just by running a little bit and then moving my arms at a certain angle to work against the wall, this got me to go up come down. man that was a fun dream, later she left and then I came back down and followed her out of the building and across a bridge and then she turned and was like she was going to cry, and then suddenly I wasn't sure what she was saying and I started to become aware, wait is this a dream or a movie or what is going on... and awoke.. wish I could have flown around outside a little first.

Monday, October 09, 2006

John Brown University Homecoming '06

arrived in town Friday night and had an excellent homade pizza dinner and Italian soda with Jeff and Emily. They let me stay over with them while in town weekend, thanks y'all! I left after dinner and went to see Jamie and Shannon C. and chit chat with them and play with the kids some before they went to bed, then we watched a movie together, it was AWESOME, ( movie post later....)
I got up Saturday morning just ready to take the day socially as it formed, I've found its the best way to enjoy homecoming, to relax and run into whoever is in town and just see what's going on around good ole siloam. I had breakfast prepared again by Jeff and EMily; eggs, bacon, pancakes, pumpkin bread yum. some great conversation with another alumni who was way behind me, Alicia Hanson, daughter of one of my professors at JBU actually. She lives in OKC now so it was a lot of fun getting her impression of my howmtown after living here a couple years.
NEXT: over to the Claybergs again to see what was going on, jamey doing roof repair and Shannon with the kids and getting ready. I watched their kids play around some and even played some piano tunes and sang along. went next to the ALumni rugby game at JBU.
THe best thing about homecoming is the random peolpe who show up every year, it's pretty cool living close enough I can go every year and thus catch different peple the year they decide to trek back into town. this year's return to town was Brian and Jason Marshall and their wives and family. they were all sutied up and playing as rugby alumni. Jonathon Greisse, David Murray , Jorge came from Cincinatti, and then the other alumni were all younger guys I had no idea who. was pretty cool, got a chance to speak to Stephanie Marshall about what they are all up to. and chatted some with Murray although I regret not speaking ot his wife Melody, they are both so easy going and SHARP as tacks. who else......APril Obholz came this year, she showed up with Heather Johnstone, Heidi (Johnstone) Demairas and Janet Bethke Hill. I later met up with Shannon and her boys and Casey and Becky Marietta and we went to lunch at la Hacienda 2.( what was up with our waitress, she acted so bothered the entire time, I hope it was'nt my attempt at using Spanish)
>>> after lunch<<<>

and Yes it was also awesome, Lasaters, Averitts, Toenyses, and TOny and Jane (Farine) Molina all there. (Craig Kelly and MIke and Suzy where were you?? Mellissa M or Mellissa E?) It's very refreshing to spend treasured time with John, Kara, and all these other friends who I first met and lived with while attending my first two years at JBU. They are friendships that just keep a lasting bond over no matter how long a time. DO you ever look back and see evidence of how God was at work in your life? Well the way He had me living next to Craig Kelly and John when I transferred into JBU was a sheer true blessing. Christian guys who were also fun crazy and good good people, and I was able to get involved immediately with a group of friends who couldnt' have been a better influence on me at that point in my life. thanks guys! and thank you God. we had smores, yum, and got the chance to discuss what we are doing now, the college, a few memories, and how do get more friends there for homecoming. ha! also saw John's studio-- future post.

SUnday morning, I was going to drive home.. but at 11:00 am while I was lathering up to shave, the phone rang and I thought it might be for me and decided to answer ( who would be calling JEff and EM during church?). It was Janet calling to invite me over for lunch with Brian and Heater, and April and Heidi and sisters Harmony and Hope. so yeah, I decdied to stay and hang out with the Hills, some good food, more conversation with April and the Johnstones, and an aweomse cool sunny day in the backyard in Siloam Springs. ahhhhhhh. left at 3:30 and came home to Taco Bell, and just crashed and flipped the remote... great weekend!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

SIloam Saturday night

had a great homecoming this year. I'll post more later about the sweet breakfast, sports events at JBU, and the evening time catching up with friends. was going to go back to OKC after the soccer game today but decided to stick aroundin town antoher night and I'm glad I did.

strange, I haven't yet seen Andrew here, and already heard he's gone back to OKC. HMMM!

check out andrew's blog......

new's is there were some serious conversations going on in the woods here today in SIloam Springs.......... that's all I"m saying....

having a GREAT time here at Homecoming weekend.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

office space

Here is where I am working at night. my desk, the view I see while sitting and working--- taken from the window behind my desk. I keep the blinds raised so I can see the room when I go back there to help another student or make a sandwich or grab something from the printer/copy machine. you can see the radio on my right which I use up until about 6 or 7pm for NPR news. and then on the left the computer I'm typing on now, with its speakers that I use to hear Youtube clips or Virginradio over the internet. the table in front of my desk on the right is where everyone stops and signs in and out.

this is the view of my desk that people see when they enter the door. the three photographs I just have resting on the window frame. They are pictures I took in Honduras, one is the foot of an ancient mayan statue from Copan Ruinas, the next is a mountain valley, and the third is a waterfall, I believe it is called "chiflador".

this next picture is taken from when you walk in and see on the right of my desk, the room full of computers where people learn English and Math skills and GED preparations etc..

this picture shows you the brown chairs I was getting all excited about the day girls replacing with some nasty blue ones. See how natural and unobtrusive they look to the eye, soft woven fabric etc... blah blah

Here are the stupid blue chairs I never should have taken from the other part of the building when they were trying to get rid of them, now they sit int he back room until the girls trade 'em all out again, believe me they will eventually....

this is me taking my picture, hello.

here is where I sit and make a sandwich every night

this is me at my desk with the sandwich. btw I have not purchased yet a digital camera, I'm usinig the one at work which is really old and has a floppy disk inside.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

organ music

I have been playing the piano after work lately, really great way to wind down, I've been wrestling with some Beethoven up until last night when i decided to jump into some scoot joplin. it's more fun to hit and play the joplin on my honkeytonk old piano. I have begun again because the nights are cooler and I can open the back door and feel a breeze while I practice in the back room, which all yuck and hot during the summer.
they had a thing on bbc radio about the CHinese selling organs of executed prisoners. Apparently they say that they are all "donated" but the world at large is skeptical and asking them to stop the practice. however there is BIG BIG money in the trade and many foreigners go to china for an organ transplant. The exectued prisoner's are cremated and the ashes returned to family so their is no eveidence of what was taken if at all.
I couldn't help but wonder, what if these people with transplanted organs from CHinese prisoners on death row began to develop criminal behavior after the operation. Or perhaps they'd become more compliant in conforming to society having come from communist china. who knows....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

more talk nation

NPR today they had more about religion and its role in society when it comes ot public policy. Today they had 2 ministers representing the non-atheist side to things. which was only fair. a good discussion, both were unpleased with Harris's barkings yesterday, saying that his own atheistic philosophy was his form of religion remaining intolerant of others'.

life is good.....

I couldnt' stop smiling at the grocery store today. I dont' know if I just felt thrilled to be getting all my shopping in between day work and night work, or if was just the nice feeling you get from swimming for 20 minutes and wearing yourself out but feeling all the more energized for doing it. I was walking around the store pushing my cart and wearing my sunglasses inside for no reason, and I was walking slow and peacefully and just sort of went here and there looking for the items i wanted (bread, eggs, cereal, Pinwheel chocolate cookies, arizona caffeine free tea, mini coke six pack, archie comics for the ESL kids etc..)
came to work and caught up on some paperwork here. now just listening to virgin radio, STILL UP, and helping the students. I'm just ready for this weekend and the homecoming. Last year was a fun relaxed year up at homecoming, not trying to see everyone jsut talking to the peole I came into contact with at the big saturday afternoon soccer game. and the yaer before of course the big, well not so big, BLUE PARTY reunion. ha ha.

Monday, October 02, 2006

natioanl public radio

Talk Nation today on NPR had some atheist author crowing about how useless religion is in the world and how he cant the worlds has yet evolved to forsake it all and rely on science and all that. It was an intersting discussion though, the radio host certainly did her best to make him qualify what he was saying by adding her two cents. One thing I thought interesting was his claim that humans have a moral sense of right/worng regardless of any religion, and his comments on how the bible backs up slavery, but it was man's common knowledge that obviously human's should not own other humans that pushed this country to fight against slavery. He was upset at religion for motivationg people who are in the governmen. although one caller did sayhe beleived that church and state shoudl be completely separate, yet it was ok for an elected official to make decisions based on the moral teaching he was brought up with. I noticed his choice of words when he said that over 50% of Christians believe their Christ will come back in the next 50 years and as he puts it "commit genocide against the world" ( speaking of non Chirstians I guess). that was pretty strange and of course you don't know where he's getting the numbers.

weekends ...

It was a good weekend. I got a lot done at the house. Saturday I was mowing and weedeating and then volunteered at the museum and then went to dinner at Garfield's and had the pick 3 special. I had a salad, cuban sandwich, and chocalate icecram. yum
Sunday, church and citybites with mom and dad, then they came by and dad helped me chainsaw down a branch that fell a couple weeks ago on the redwood tree on the side of my house.
Church sermon was good, an introduction to 1st TImothy. was going to share a verse from it but didn't bring it with me. I'm looking forward to next weekend at college homecoming.