Thursday, November 30, 2006


was home all day today because of all the snowy, make that icy, weather. we had a storm come through last night and today that was snow sleet rain ice, thunder, lightening, all the above etc..

It was awesome getting to sleep in this morning! and then I drove to citybites for lunch and now I think I will call the mexican restaraunt or go to subway for dinner. or maybe the grocery store. If simpesons dowsn't come on a 5 then I'm going to shovel the front sidewalk for a little cardiovasular action.

I've been cleaning and organizing things and moving stuff around all day. it's getting only a litt e better around the house. I am going to do some laundry next I guess.

I hope all are having a great week and getting ready for the weekend. I plan to shop some and watch the OU/Nebraska game.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

here are some more pics from Arizona last weekend, Erik DRIVING and me in the front seat on the way home from clubs Saturday night. and then their living room, very cool colors and decor. and one more near my school of this house I couldn't help taking a picture of because the pale blue color on the trim contrasting nicely with the yellow leaves....anyway, if only I had had my camera in the car with me today, there was a dead deer on the side of the road... I'm going to start keeping it with me just for moments like that. he he

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Arizona outdoors....

here are some pics of the saturday climb. i was wearing this thing on my back to drink water from. it worked wonderfully. Erik and I both brought our Medium format cameras for some pics. Eric is in the black t-shirt and Trish's brother Bren is in the green shirt. I don't ermember running out of breath or sweating up a storm during the hike, although we took breaks now and then. how awesome to live there and go on any random trail any ole time. This is wehere we hiked up to the saddle of superstition mountain and saw the view of "weaver's needle" on the other side. its a beautiful place....(of course, IN NOVEMBER mind you)

phoenix memories

here are some pics from Friday when we went to " Ticoz " restaruant on 7th and camelback in Phoenix. It was a very snazzy place and the food ( i had and caesar salad, although when I ordered it I didn't realize i had a salad coming with the sandwich with a yummy fruity dressing) and atmosphere were excellent.

Thanksgiving dinner table

Monday, November 27, 2006

on autopilot

plane left at 7:15 (8:15 CT) and arrived around 10:05, I had my luggage by 10:20 and was walking in my house at 11pm. boy was I tired. I unpacked everything first and strung it all out over the place, checked email, showered and HIT THE SACK!!!.
yesterday was a lot of fun, we were up early after staying up til 3am saturday night, up at 8:45 am to get ready for church. after church we went to see the property where Erik and Trish are going to have a house/condo built to move into next summer. next we had lunch with her brother Eric at Del Taco, and then went to Ikea. I almost started going crazy wanting to get things, but then I mrememberd that there is an Ikea store in Dallas so I could actually just go there for more Christmas shopping, like maybe this weekend or the next etc.... we got home by 4 pm and I was repacking all my stuff and weighing it over and over. I've beeen tired all day today, but that keep me from going for a swim after school. I will get some pics up here soon. This computer at work won't let me connect my camera, so at home I might have time to upload some pics.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


man what a day, we left early this morning . Bren, Trish's brother came over this morning at 8:15am! wow. and we left for the hike up to the Saddle of Freemount for a view of Weaver's needle. WE got home at 2:30 and prolly hiked up and down for a total of 5 or so miles. whoosh! I went to an import store called world market this evening with Trish and got some stuff while Erik stayed home and painted some. now we had some dinner and are watching "metoer man" on tv veofer going out to hit some clubs in Scottsdale.

Friday vacation

wwwjust got finished watching "the whale rider" with Trish. Erik was working on his computer. we had a nice LONG day. breakfast and chill this morning and out of the house by 10:30. First stop was an art supply store in Phoenix where I bought some water based oil paints on sale. Erik also bought a small box set to try out. We went next to a few vintage stores and vintage furniture stores which was COOL. I bought some magazines and postcards and matchbooks. We had lunch at this very cool restaurant called "Ticoz" on 7th street just north of Indian School Rd. It was awesome. Trish ahd the chocalate chicken strips, Erik the pollitos sandiches, and I had the a chicken sandwich with a soirt of pitz bread thing. everything was really good.

Next we went to see Trish's brother at work at a music store and I bought a piano book of Debussey, Wicked, and Chopin Mazurka's. We brought Erik home and then Trish and I went to this reaaly really awesome mall in Scottsdale. oh man! I got all the gifts I wanted to buy (Michael you know what I'm talking about), and then some little things for me, and for my students etc... it's 1 am and I'm now going to crash into bed....posting pics tomorrow

Thursday, November 23, 2006

riding in the car

here we are in the car. Trish is driving and Eirc behind me and i'm in the passenger seat.....The weather is perfect here this time of year. These are from yesterday. This morning we had breakfast and chilled in front of the tv a little bit watching 9 to 5, old 80s movie. and then we got ready for the day, had some lunch and i made brownies so that the oven would be free for the Turkey which Erik put in a while ago. I just got back from Albertson's with drinks and ice. Now Erik and Eric(Trish's brother) are playing video games, and the table is set and ready.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm in Phoenix

Eric and Trish Pegg picked me up at the airport after my flight was delayed about an hour. Btw, I had the great opportunity of running into a former student, Varghese George, who works at the airport. He and I had a chance to catch up while i waited for my flight which was very cool.

We went from the airport to an Irish oyster bar called "Casey Moore's" and ate and drank, then came back to hang out at their place and talk and visit until about 1 am (hello, 3 am for me). we watched "Doyle and the laptop" on DVD also.

I woke up this morning around 8:30 am (10:30 for me etc...) and had some eggs and cereal for breakfast and let their dog out of its room to play with. we left after that to drive into Phoenix, (they live in Mesa).

Today we drove to see Trish's realtor office at the very very nice Biltmore hotel. And then had lunch with Trish's brother, Bren, at Delux , a pretty snazzy restaurant , next an Italian icecream place for Gelattos. And then to Eric's office at Bell where he does graphic design and packaging work for Automotive accessories of the sort they sale at Wal-Mart. i got to meet Trish's work frineds Eric Geyer and Danielle le Clair. both very sharp and great looking and seemed a lot of fun to work with. Eric's friends at work were Todd and Reed. now we are at their place here in mesa and tonight's plans are to go to a soup dinner at their pastor's house. usually they have bible study on Wednesday nights but tonight is just a fun social get together.

I am looking forward to many of their friends coming by tomorrow for our thanksgiving dinner, hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. I'll post pictures if I'm able to figure it out...

Monday, November 20, 2006

how was your weekend?

had a wonderful weekend. got a lot done and also did a lot of things.
Friday I came home after school and got an estimate on getting double paned windows on a few that are single paned in front and in the kitchen. next I ran/swam at gym, and then went and saw a movie at the art Museum, "Mums The Word". It had rowan atkinson in it among others and was a pretty witty movie if you like the british humor, although I was a bit offended with the religious setting and humor (the father is a vicor).
Saturday I got a lot of laundry done and organizing of things in the house. I eventually made it over to my buddy Coach Dave Dickens house to watch the OU game and have some lasagna and garlic bread. Dickens and his wife Annette are a very cool ex-military couple and both are teachers, they have become friends over the years teaching at Mustang. OU WON! awesome. next I went downtown to eat at the Oklahoma City Art Museum Cafe around 3pm. sort of a second lunch/ early dinner. I ordered the Boars Head Hot Italian Sandwhich. While eating it, a waitress walked by and gave my plate a second look, "what, you're not eating tilapia, is this a different universe?" . that was funny. (btw, the entire staff there is pretty nice and chill, as professional and classy a demeanor they must take on while working, you know at heart they are all more or less the same freindly Oklahoma City sort.) The Italian sandwhich gets my mouth watering as soon as I get one wiff of the dressing they use on it. it is a buttery toasted bun with salami, pepperoni, ham and melted cheese and onions and lettuce, and drenched with some sort of tangy dressing etc etc. you get the picture. it's really good.

next up, that evening I met Monica and Andrew at the BLue Door Cafe. this lace is some old 40's style building on some back road north of OCU. They have a lot of small time bands come through and play. WE were there to listen to "shane Henry". and it was an excellent show, that guy has tons of talent and soul. could really play the guitar and really through himself into it on each highnote ending. WE left next to review the "Shane Ingram" concert at the Wormy dog salloon. This was also a great performance, although I'm not familiar with any of the songs, you could tell by teh crowds knowledge of all the songs that were a loved band. was a great crowd and agreat fun venue, as always. I told Andrew I'm up for the Wormy Dog anytime he's got an extra press ticket.

Sunday in church was another great sermon from Timothy II. Pastor Carlon Tschetter sticks to his points, explains meanings of the greek words, and always delivers the message convicted to tell it exactly how it is. It's why I keep going back, well that and my family is there and all.
WE had communion SUnday and too bad it wasn't like last month with some nice organ background hymn music. Instead there was sort of praise song sing-a-long. Personally, I feel like the praise team should stay off the stage and let us meditate during communion, but I really must be considerate of those who would prefer only praise mucis and no more hymns at all. Therefore I'm glad they do things different and don't just always keep it one way or the other each time.
Although I conintue to be uncomfortable sometimes during worship time when we are just singing the last verse of some praise song over and over and over. It's pretty typical actually and I always just stop singing unless its a song I really really lliek. To me, that's just mood building, doesn't seem authentic. But then again I was raised on hymns.

I got a camera last night!! Canon Elph 600 on sale at Best buy, so far I'm loving it. and ready for Phoenix tomorrow!!! good week and THanksgiving to all. I am going to try and post pics while gone in Arizona.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanks again for letting me have off last night fabi.

had a blast at the lecture last night. Well, I'm not sure if you'd call it a blast, it was mainly grey haired poepple dressed nice and then me in corduroys and a red sweater. But i did thouroughly enjoy the lectur on Dali, it was a retrospective of his work and life. The guy had come from a museum in Philidelphia and they had just had a retrospective exhibit there and he was an expert. Nothin better than an art lecture from a true expert. THis guy had personality too and told the story as if he was there with Dali, but only factually stuff. Id on't like the lectures where they, "he probably or rumors were...", this guy was right on. ALso there were things I was told about some art I have seen before that I never would have guessed. For example I have a new respect for the artist with a meaning behind the work he has done, more than just funky weirdo images etc etc. For example this painting, "boiled beans", is in response to the civil war in Spain, and I had not noticed it makes the shape of that country. I hope to get back to FLorida and visit the Dali museum in St. Petersburg again SOON.

John Lasater continues to excel....

Just noticed this painting posted on the artist's, John Lasater, website here. Can you tell what a master he's becoming of what he's doing. Can you imagine what direction he'll take in the future or what he'll end up doing on larger and larger canvases? It's like waiting for the next "lord of the rings" film, you know, like you know you will enjoy it and its going to be really good.
Anyway, this piece, titled "Amish Clothesline", you can see how he composes the picture so nicely and has a use of color that is so pleasing and natural without looking they were chosen to force it to look "pretty". You can see it's a hot summer day, the clothes are not pushed by any wind, the grass behind going yellow, and the sun so bright (the colors make me think of Napolean icecream, yum),yet you can't help think it would be a pleasant scene to witness personally, perhaps enjoying an occasional breeze and the isolation of just getting away from it all while here at the Amish homestead.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I will be at Cain's Ballroom on March 8th in TUlsa Oklahoma for SNow Patrol in concert. PLEASE PLEASE let's hope the play some songs from "Final Straw". I love the nw album but it gets a llittle mellow and Final straw is just golden!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

some recent thoughts

The publicity campaign is ON for the new Robert Kennedy movie coming out by Emilio Estevez. It has many hollywood stars appearing in the film. Anyway, a lot of the talk goes on and on about he was a man of the people. In the eyes of the film this was turning point in our country, when innocence and patriotism sort of petered out. ANd I get the impression that they are trying to say that Kennedy, as a great democratic hope for presidency, could have helped us be a better country, get us out of Vietnam, take care of the poor and oppressed in this country etc....maybe so maybe not, but it made me think of parallels of other "revoultionaries" of sorts who came from privileged backgrounds and were thought of as the man to fight for the "little guy" for example Che Guevera in Cuba. I am now wondering what other revolutionaries in the world's past who stood up to the rich who were oppressing the poor and who came from the rich priveleged classes themselves.

Thanks again Fabiola

man oh man long day. I got a lot done today, swam, shaved, breakfast at home, to school, taught short "a" and short "i" sounds to my 2 students there, then help another student write a paper the following hour. I brought some framed pictures to the offcie at the north middle school to try out on the walls, they've been needing some help.
lunch next at the highschool and writing sentences with the students there, also doing a crossword puzzle. They love the crossword puzzles serious.

I worked legs today, went by the stroe for chipps and now am here at work.

The good news is that Fabiola has agree to work for me tomorrow night so I am going to go to take off early and go to the Dali Lecture tomorrow night. should be interesting...

Mustang High School is in the playoffs again this year! sweeet, I won't be attending the games though, just not getting into it this year after last year with Matt Edmunds and Donnie woodard and josh cooper action... was a sweet ride. anyway, I wish them best of luck and iwll have to watch the games on KSBI UHF channel 52 I guess.

Monday, November 13, 2006

what a weekend

well nothing that great, but still very fun. I finally got the kitchen counter cleared off, which means a log of things stuck on my table right now. I am going to become the master of organization. I am a collector by nature, so I am going to consider all the things in the kitchen cabinet as things I have collected and decided now how I want to store or use them. All things that I have not touchedor used ina year will be boxed up and stored or gotten rid of. Hard to do but this is my goal for now.

I volunteered Saturday morning at the memorial, I am going to try and get more hours this year so I can break 100. last year I only had 88 I think. so that's a good goal I thought.

Saturday I went to the gym and worked out. went to lunch at the art museum and had tilapia and also orderd a hot italian sandwich to go and ate the sandwich as soon as I got home.

I watched the Nebraska/Texas A&M game, an exciting second half with Nebraska senior quarterbackZac Taylor running 57 yards for a touchdown and then throwing down the field little by little to break the tie and win with 20 seconds left. I had to be in Norman by 7 so I drove down there and met up with Fabiola from work. we shopped at a used CD store, and then got hot chocolate from a chocolate store downtown Norman and then saw the play "Shakespeare Abridged" is was ok, sort of funny, but I don't like it when the actors ham it up too much.
SUnday had a great lunch with mom and dad and aunt Judee after church then relaxed at homethe rest of the day.

this morning I slept in, and then ran for 30 minutes after work. I plan to swim tomorrow morning though, and then work out legs at the gym after work. I also am asking off Wednesday night here at work so I can go to a lecture at the Oklahoma City Art Museum about guess who....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

warm week

highs in the 80's this week, that's Oklahoma for ya. I wore a t-shirt to school today, and tomorrow JEANS day. I wont' be swimming before breadfast tomorrow like I did this morning, because I have a teacher meeting at 7:45 and I thought I'd try and go this time. I don't always.

I'm listening to Brick in THe Wall by Pink FLoyd right now on Virgin Radio via internet. always a great variety on this channel from UK. I have really wanted to get a Dark Side of the Moon CD lately, I used to have the 8 track of that album in college in my 72 FORD Maverick. man I loved that car, a nice big white four door, and for a big ole car, it had a real sporty style to it, serious. Anyone reading this remember it?

I have made plans to go see a "Shakespeare Abridged" play in Norman on Saturday night with Fabiola the venzuelan grad student co-worker here at my night job. SHe's going with a group, and I'm not doing anything else saturday so that's what I'm doing now. I also volunteer this weekend saturday morning. I have over $300 in my checking account and I get paid again tomorrow from my night job. so as a treat I am going to spend that $300 on a digital camera this weekend I think. They have a Canon 660 on sale at best buy for $249, of course I also have to purchase the memory chip. I live off of my day job at one bank, and then my night job goes into my checking account for writing checks to utility bills and using for gas and food with my check visa card. My house payment comes out of the other paycheck and account, and savings and other automatic paid bills like student loan, truck loan(the heat and air unit), and insurance and missionary monthly payments. Anyway the goal is to save $ from the day job by not charging too much junk, and then live off of the night job as an extra fund.

This week I really got some stuff going with my curriculum at the high school, and I'm beginning to expand my time with other students, jsut checking in more with their teachers adn trying to work out pullout times once a week for other students who I never see.

I'm ready for some cooler weather next week and the "holiday season".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

wenzday, isn't brown nice

so obviously we can't just pull out of Iraq, for one reason Iran might take over and they are the next ones to attempt Nuclear weapons. North Korea sort of setting a precedent as to what happens to a country who goes against the united nations, as there are a lot of other crazy countries out there who'd like to have nuclear weapons also. but back to Iraq. obviously we can't just pull out, but hopefully we can cut back a little more. maybe protect the borders and let Iraq police itself somewhat or in some parts. I don't know.
I'm glad that we have a fair split of parties more or less in congress. that's the way it should be really. It forces people to come together and work more in the center. seriously I wish they would just work together. UGGHH. ahh well. anyway just watch the next 2 months to see what happens with Iraq and between the parties, come December you will see all sorts of stuff starting to happen and line up for the 2008 elections. I think you will find more conservative Americans out there regardless of political party, so Democrats will not be too fast to take stands on far left liberal issues.

I swam this morning again before breafast. I started doing this last week. so Now I'm swimming in the morning, then working out or running between jobs in the afternoon. fun fun
we had another note left yesterday on the bathroom wall that all students would die 11/8. so many students did not come to the highschool today. If they chose not to come it was considered an absence though. My students were all there today of course. I think I can handle it though, like 8 or 9 this year each day that I meet with.

I have been shopping a little bit on Ebay for vintage Christmas cards and gift wrap, there are some cool ones. I include a pic of one.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Greeks, the whale, and the weather

I went to the LEbanese festival on Saturday and it was really really intersting. I wish I had bought some food but the line wa so long, so maybe next year I'll plan on more time for eating.
I took a tour of the church, and it was really cool, everything painted with byzantine style iconic art portraits and biblical scenes. The Priest told us all about the history of the church. How in the musical "Oklahoma" they portray a Lebanese pedler and how that was very true of the times, and how a Lebanese community began to form in Oklahoma City and by 1950's they sent back to Lebanon asking for a priest for a church, now there are a few orthodox churches in OKC.
anyway this one was called St Elijah's Antiochian Christian Orthdox Church. and everyword has a meaning. St Elijah named after the prophet, Antiochian because they cliam to come directly from the first church in Antioch formed by Paul in Acts, and in ANtioch is where they were first referred to as Christians, and Orthodox meaning True teaching. I learned how the orthodox church ahs always been, and it was the Catholic church, who, as one of five patriarchs of the Christian church at the time, broke off to form Catholicism,(maybe Pope Leo??). and every part of the church had meaning.
If I didn't work nights, I seriously would consider going to theit Wednesday night classes which are open to the public and teach all about the history of the church and their doctrine.
I ended up at the ARt Museum Cafe for lunch by 3pm and didn't get served til practically 4pm. the manager came out and said the food would be comped, and then the cook came out and offered to buy a desert on him. THere was mix up or lost ticket or something. but serious I was fine no big deal. And the tilapia was good!
I saw that movie, "Drawing Restraint 9" on Saturday night and it was FREAKY, basically 2 and 1/2 hours of a whaling ship in Japan, the crew, a tank of petroleum Jelly congealing throughout the film, and Bjork and her husband who created the film as love interests who have a tea ceremony in Japanese garb, and afterwards, a bit of the petroleum jelly is melting and overflwing into their room, and they begin cutting off each others legs, and grow whale tales. the soundtrack by BJork, NOT GREAT. was an interesting experience over all, and of course great color and photography, but that doesn't exactly save the film.

I got a webcam yesterday and will try and post a video blog this week if I can make it work and know what I'm doing. I dont know.
listening to Snow Patrol and Martha Rainwright on

Thursday, November 02, 2006

also this movie......

I also plan to catch a veiwing of this movie, it sounds completely strange and interesting....

FILM: Is that Björk we see but don’t hear?
Drawing Restraint 9 screens Thursday – Saturday, Nov. 2 – 4, 7:30pm; Sunday, Nov. 5, 2pm. Writer, director, and artist Matthew Barney (The Cremaster Cycle) and longtime partner Björk offer their first creative collaboration, a love story in which they star as two occidental guests who board a Japanese whaling ship in Nagasaki Bay. The film has almost no dialogue but is marked by the fantastic theatricality that fans of these two artists expect. It includes a tanker truck filled with liquid petroleum jelly, a parade of animals, a tea ceremony in which Barney and Björk wear costumes inspired by Shinto marriage rites, Japanese pearl-diving girls, and a climax of alarming transformations. Original music by Björk. Director: Matthew Barney 2005 USA/Japan 135min. NR 35mm

Klinger, is that you?

I bought some spanish books today at the book fair at school. Basically these are for my students to read so they can remain litereate in their Spanish language. that's the theory anyway. It really does help them to gain literacy in both languages the more they read in either.

I also bought a graphic novel "Bone: The Dragonslayer". it's book 4 in a series by Jeff Smith. they're awesomely drawn and the storyline pure fantasy of course.

Is everyone else getting sick of political comercials? I am. remember when the current president was eleceted and they were spouting off about the "bipartisan" work they had done in Texas and how that was going to happen in Washington? well I don't think we've ever been more polarized. I think it's pretty idiotic that we only have 2 parties anyway, like every issue is clearly divided between two groups, what if someone is pro-life but also anti-gun? or someone who is anti- gay marraige and pro-abortion? I mean surelyl those people exist. Why is there not a moderate party? I think the most dividing issue at this point is the war, and it's a hard oint because most people still think we have the luxury to just withdraw without and detriment to the security of our nation. anyway.... blah blah

this weekend I am going to a Lebenese Festival here in OKC. It's Friday - SUnday at the St Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Christian CHurch at NW 150th and May. It includes a bake sale, food festival, church tours, and ithnic dancing and music. I look forward to the cultural interest on display, and the church tour should be interesting to see the art and hear about their beliefs. I'm FREE this weekend, nothing on the agenda, no volunteer, no trip, no work, just plans to do HOUSE HOUSE stuff like winter the garden and plants, and store some stuff and clean some stuff. etc.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

when the peanut butter runs out

I think I will return to eating tuna fish sandwhiches here at work. It must be healthier than pbj. but I'm lazy and it takes a bit more effort but ahh well, although the break was good, because you know it can't be too good eating tuna fish every single day, or at least they say that due to mercury or something? anyway....

weather turned cold this week, and its wonderful and sunny and windy and trees are changing. same as yesterday right?

I wanted to give a shout out to "Kings of Convenience" is you haven't already heard this band. Well you just might like it. I LOVE listening to this band, basically its two brothers from Sweden? who play guitar, think a European Simon and Garfunkel meets Gilberto of Brazil.