Friday, December 22, 2006

had a family dinner tonight at my place. was a lot of fun, I made some lasagna, since its about the only thing I know to make, and also some mexican chicken casserole, and also some chocolate cookies. they brought salad, bread, and corn. I had my parents, aunt, and 2 sisters and brother in laws over. a really great time, and I had my table all set up for 8, and showed my unique Christmas tree. I'll try to get some pics up later...
enjoyed my day off today and yesterday. although I didn't make it to the gym today, too busy cleaning up my place and planning.
tomorrow morning I volunteer downtown and its been a while since I've done so. I am excited to have a nice chill day though. just the usual volunteer, catch up on a couple new yorkers while I"m there, then to the gym for chest and arms, then lunch at the museum as usual . next I'll chill at home and RELAX some more.. ahh just wait for CHristmas, maybe get a creative bug and wrap some gifts real nice. I rented "little miss sunshine" so I'm looking forward to seeing that also. hope anyone reading has a great weekend. merry Christmas! Enjoy the season while it lasts!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"I hope a third thing doesn't happen to them......"

hello world

last week, btw, I ended up staying home much of the weekend, and it was wonderful! I fnalyy did my tree prject thing I wanted, and ung blue Christmas lights on my front porch, and cleand cleand cleand etc.. laundry etc . I am now looking forward to getting off Thursday and Friday because I can do nothing or everything as I see fit. ha! basically I'll be getting the house sort of spic and span ready for my family coming over Friday night for dinner. yup, that means lasagna again and then whatever else we get together. I have most of all my shopping done , only 2 more people to get stuff for and I already know what I'm getting them, just going to have to make myself run errands BEFORE the weekend gets here I guess. went to the mall and did a little running around Sunday, it wasn't too bad, and twice I was going to by something I didn't need and looked at the long line and said, no I don't even need this... yay dean.
was back in church this weekend at Covenant community church after having been gone 3 weekends in a row. Carlon Tschetter had a great sermon about what is masculinity and femeninity , the world view compared to biblical view and roles etc... was awesome to be back, and we had communion after the seromn since our usual 4th Sunday next week is Christmas eve.
tomorrow is last day of school before break, and I will be coasting through the day more or less, a few vocab quizzes here and there is all, and then the rest will be active dialogue with the kids all day.
Merry Christmas all, I hope you are enjoying the holidays. leave me a comment.

Teacher lunch, commons builiding Dec 19 06

oops I haven't posted since last Thursday.... well either a lot has been going on or not much. its the former. I was pretty busy getting all prepared and stuff for the teacher lunch today. Was it a success you ask? well here is an email I received from a teacher that made me grin;
"You have been such a bright spot in our building. You are the energy we have been missing for a couple of years. Thank you for making our Christmas lunch so nice. It looked incredible. You win. From the decorations, the poems, the CDs, to the table arrangement, you transformed our cold faculty room into a five star and our negative spirits into renewed souls!!!!!I love you!"
So yeah you can say it was definitely worth it. I had been bringing bags full of decorations and stuff up to the teacher lounger little by little each day since last week. also last week I began arranging the tables and practicing how I wanted them. and then last night I was going to sleep and rehearsing in my mind what I would do first when I arrived at 10am this morning. an hour and a half later.... and wallah we were ready for lunch. and all the teachers came in and ooed and ahhed, and when they had their food and sat down and we turned off the lights they applauded.. he he. yeah I know syrupy sweet, but we are a bunch of English teachers.
each setting had a red placemat, on the placemat was a circle cut out of silvery grey light cardboard, and in the middle of the circle I pasted printouts of various winter or Christmas themed poems(under each circle was a burned cd full of Christmas tunes), each setting also had small bottle of water and a german chocolate truffle candy. red plates, plastic forks and knives, red and white napkins. Running down the length of each table were pieces of aspen wood with that light grey papery bark, sprinkled dark red leaves, some reindeer finger puppets, candles, red and silver decorations like little packages. a candle abra on one table etc... the rest you'll have to wait til I get some pics posted up here.
On the walls I hung a huge abercrombie poster of this boy and girl lounging around inside near a cabin window, and the opposite wall I taped half sheets of the same grey paper on the placemats and on them were taped dried red smooth sumac leaves (i had collected and pressed this past fall). that about sums in up, the teachers brought all the food, the only shame is that we couldn't sit around and lounge and talk and enjoy the atmosphere, our lunch is only 30 minutes long... alas, no time to stand up and read the poem at each setting.. ha, yeah right. after lunch, I took my 4thhour class in there and we had our "Christmas party also.. the last few pics.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

weekend approaches

they were talking today about the gaza strip and how there were 3 children of a Fata vice president or something who were gunned down, which brought terrorism to a new low in that country and apparently now there could be even more unstability in palestine, they are trying to put off a civil war between hamas and fata by finding some solution to meeting (american supported and funded) Israel demands. something like that, anyway pretty sad for the 3 year old and other 2 sons that were killed.

Also all over the media is the status of the brain hemmorhage of the democrat senator. And of course no one really cares if he will have a good recovery or about him personally so much as exactly how much of a possiblity of him dying is there, the cold hard facts are if he dies the Republican governor of S. Dakota could appoint another senator, most likely Republican which split the senate in half ah yeah!!! however even he were just in a coma or any other living state, if he doesn't resign the post cannot be filled unless he resigns, and what chances are there of him resigning regardless of his health or any family personal choices etc... breaking news folks.zzzzzz

I won the cards btw. ahhyeah! and I am getting more and more excited and pumped for BREAK! actually I am just glad to be home this weekend. hopeuflly wrapping gifts and getting atree up and also I need to bake a lot of cookies, they make the best small gifts to put in small bags for my special teacher friends and principals etc etc.

I ran a mile and half today out doors! how awesome it was feeling the warm sun, the perfect southern breeze, and joggin around the park near the south branch YMCA in my shorts and t-shirt before workingn out my back and shoulders today. I wasn't sure if I should enjoy it while I was running around or feel guility about supposed trend of global warming. It was a funny feeling a week before getting out fo school for christmas break ha!

mmm sandwich

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


got this shirt in the mail today. really getting into grey shirts lately. anyway its size medium and fits perfectly, I'm going to throw in the wash/dryer and wear it with dark black/blue jeans on Firday, high is supposed to be 70 it's been GREAT weather all week-- nice!

Eames computer house of cards

I dont' know, these things just really fascinate me. I'm bidding on another deck of cards tonight on Ebay. I already have one the top drawer of my dresser, so this one is just a sort of indulgence to put in a frame......

I'm working a lot at work tonight, by that I mean I'm doing computer enrollment, records, etc.. It's really ultra broing and frustrating because the system they use here is SLOW SLOW and STUPID and not at ALL convenient or user friendly. it's like sick mind game on the user in fact. and this is 2006! gee whiz come on metrotech!!

I switched to Tunafish sandwich every night for dinner as of last week. no more peanut butter and jelly and I swear I've noticed a difference. well also I am eating carrots and an apple every night also. sweet! and no more chocolates and also for a month now I've switched to yukcy plain boring bland bland bland diet coke after lunch at work instead of coke, I know big deal, but I also started some abs stuff in the afternooon about 3 weeks ago, the thing is I wasn't doing it at night so I started doing it after my stretches after running during the afternoon and now its routine. wah la!

I am excited for CHristmas, and I'm very excited to be HOME this weekend. I'm going to do a tree and wrap up some gifts and the endless cleaning and organizing that goes on in my place always. I am helping put together the (english dept and others) teahcer lunch next tuesday, so I'm going through all my Christmas stuff and taking the stuff I want to use on the tables up to school so its all there ready to go.
well back to work hope all are having a great week.

more pics

Arizona love birds, ERic Pegg with his ultra cool jacket and 2006 Suzukie Katana, and Trish Pegg with her realtor laptop.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Pegg Christmas PARTY

lots of couples at the party, of course..Ann and Eric Geyer , and Leslie and Brian Ward.

AWESOME Christmas tree huh

Trish painted the sinead picture in college....

CHristmas party

the surprise was huge success!

(I have to borrow from an extremely overused cliche, but there's no easier way to express this thought at the moment);

roundtrip airfare --- just over $112
one day rental car --- $25
6 pack of Micholob ultra at the Mesa one stop --- dont remember
the smile and look on Erik and Trish's face when I walked up to them at the party;


well the weekend was indeed completely busy. I did everything I said, and after working the ACT test Saturday morning at 7:30 am to 12pm I went to the gym, and then lunch at Mueseum art Cafe, and then home and the adrenelin was pumping while I packed up some things in my one carryon bag, and made some cookies for the party.
I found a message on my machine when I came home from Trish saying she had just recieved my CHristmas music CD in the mail and was sorry I couldn't make it. he he he.
I flew out of OKC and arrived about 7:50 and was knocking on their front door by 8:45 pm, (weird long line at the store where I stopped for beer!! lost 15minutes)

I had an awesome time meeting Trish's friends from work Eric Geyer and date Ann, his brother with the funky and very cool beard Josh and gf April. ERic's friends from his work who I don't remember, Trish's brother ERic was there with new camera,(sorry no pics of you eric)John Higgins and date, Robyn and CHris who came later. BRIAN WARD was there! so cool old JBU buddy and his fiance Mandy. was awesome catching up, also their friend Tony and his brother Scott, TOny played some awesome piano during the party. Man I cant' tell you how much fun all these people are out in ARizona and i swear everyones in shape and beautiful out there. People were also very friendly and easy to talk to and meet. Erik and Trish kept asking me "what are youdoing here? and laughing, they really were surprised and glad I popped in for the party.

Sunday morning I went to church with them and lunch, then I raced around Phoneix in the rental PT Cruiser to fashion Square mall and then Ikea store again. ha. got in late last night and unpacked all the Christmas shopping.

ran for 25minutes around the track today, going to sleep well tonight-- but my place is a BOMB of unpacked stuff and boxes and stuff and clean laundry.... next weekend i plan to STAY IN OKC.

here's a short short video of Pegg, Brian and his fiance, Mandy, and TOny singing a Billy Joel song at the piano. This was towards the wind down of the party, place was PACKED out when I arrived over 40 people in there.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


sup, I am watching a stupid video clip just now of a show I don't watch anymore since Meredith whats her name started on the show, The Today Show. The clip shows matt laur interveiwing the black guys who were insulted by Keith Richards. anyway, what a stupid interview and entertainment news show going strong dipping into the filth to report on. Granted the idiot ruined his career with the racial tirade, and I'm not sure what his apology is supposed to mean if anything. just words. the really stupid thing is some lawyer on there talking about a suit... for what? whatever....

I'm about to enter a marathon weekend after work tomorrow. I am going to get a haircut and then go run/swim and then go to a singles Christmas party with various single people I know from other social events and two different bible studies I've been part of. SHould be a lot of fun. the host, dianne, has asked me to bring a chocolate pound cake so I'm going to bake that tonight when I get home from work. the recipe has sour cream, chocolate pudding, chocolate chips and 4 eggs etc.. yum
Saturday morning I am working the ACT test at my school again, then that afternoon I'll be making some chocolate cookies and this time instead of rolos I'm going to try using these German chocolate truffles I bought at an import store last weekend in dallas. I will update on Saturday night s plans later. Merry Christmas all.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

winter weather

we got a real cold blast last weekend. Here is a picture of me while driving to my mom and dad's to visit last Friday. I'm all dressed up for the cold.

WInter wonderland?

this is my house last weekend with snow out front. those are the address numbers I put on last summer. they match my front door.

this is the CHristmas wreath on my front door, I've had it for 3 years now since I first moved in and made it. Even though its kind of really funky, I like it because I made it, it's mine, and I know there is not any other like it out there. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 04, 2006

good times are here

I really like this holiday time of year. current thoughts running through my head today while jogging around the track for 20 minutes after school....were when is the ENglilsh teacher's lunch at the highschool, how do i want to put up a tree if at all and how will I do it.(more on that later if it happens) some exciting plans I have for this next weekend, and also my current budget and how am I sticking to it etc..

I had a great weekend. wow with 2 extra days off from school I got a LOT done at the house. well that means I got some stuff put in the basement at thome, and lots of laundry. In fact I got so many things donw around the house I decided to go to Dallas Saturday afternoon and do some shopping andn I did just that. I got into Dallas around 4:30 and went to my buddy's house. He just moved down there last summer, following his ex-wife and kids. I said hey, and then went to Ikea to shop for a couple hours in Plano. I got way too much stuff, but the good thing is although I shopped for myself I also got a lot more Christmas shopping done too. THis weekened I will prolly be finished with all in fact. I also need to get out all my Christmas cards next weekend! jsut remembered.

tonight I am back at work, and I need the hours, I missed 3 days the week of thanksgiving and then one more alst week when THrusday night was cancelled 'cause of the snow.