Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ever heard of Milton Friedmon?

there was great show on PBS last night about the life of Milton Friedmon, this great economist who apparently is responsible for economies around the world today with his Free Choice Market ideas. during his time, many economists were making their formulas using the idea of people spending money based on what they earned. But Friedman began theorizing with formulas that said people spent money based on what they thought they could earn. Apparently this revolutionized economics, his idea of free market also set this economy into spin as well that of china, India etc etc. It was really great show. made me want to read the book he had out from the lectures he gave on his tv show back in the 70's. "freedom of choice" or something like that.....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

i had this dream last week

just thought I'd write about last thursday morning I woke up from this dream, it was pretty long, started out something about flying in a small plane and then it landed at night.
anyway the last part was cool because I was flying around. we were somewhere nw or ne lots of mountains and forest I remember, anyway I remember to go up in the air higher I would reach up and pull down like a breast stroke, and then to move along faster while above parrallel i would wave my arms at my side sort of like when I'm underwater swimming. anyway this was great fun. I had a vivid dream of following this map and the streets and hills matched the features of the map. eventually I arrived at this cabin up in the mountains on the hill side and landed on the front porch and my aunt lavon was there and my cousing diana.... that was it, then I woke.

lame NEW blogger

not to complain or anything, 'cause i do like to blog and stuff, but it's pretty lame when suddenly blogger forces me to sign in with a new name, which the really make you do is use an email address. what if I didn't want to give google/blogger one of my email addresses? and why do they need one, I suppose it's "security" or something. but it sure was easier when I only typed my name and then password..... ahh well, they own it after all.

I saw some short films today at the art museum downtwon. there was one called "Si, se puede" which was a short about these two older mexican brothers working illegally at a restaraunt in Princeton New Jersy. It was a short whine about how they are treated bad by people and had to leave there families to work and make money here that they can't make in Mexico, and then the ACLU of princeton people talked about their "rights" and they showed some protests that went on last spring, you may remember, and then they showed this sad apt where the guy had to live w/ 2 other guys.... didn't really make a good point thought, the whole time I was thinking, it was your choice to come here, yes you are here illegally, and also, if people aren't treating you right, have you considered learning English after being here 4 years?

UGGHHH dont' get me started!

these are pics from AR

from a couple weekedsn ago when I went up there to hang out with jeff and get away from okc.

Shannon and son after we had pizza with Jamie and other son before I came back to OkC SUnday.

Jeff at his place and the homade pizza and roasted carrots he made for dinner. yum

jeff and his wife after she got back home sat night

Jeff and I going out to eat dinner friday night, and the next day out shopping around rogers

Thursday, January 25, 2007


well I've had a real busy week. but I got most of things done I needed to and now am ready for the weekend more or less.
I had some numbers due tomorrow on a report of my students. ANd this couldn't be done until I finished testing the new students we have that speak another language at home. well I thought it was going to be long process but the good thing is that one student moved, 2 of the students went to this school last year and had already ntested not qualified for ESL, and then there was just one new 9th grade girl, she is super smart and nice and from California but lived in the US for about 13 years. anyway I got her tested and she does qualify for ESL. SO i turned it in since I won't be there tomorrow.
I am not going to be at school tomorrow because I am going to Stillwater for a conference on the Holocaust. Topics to be discussed are "Role of Teachers during the Third Reich", "Genocide after the holocaust", "Guidelines for teaching about the holocaust" and "Elelectronic resources for teaching about the Holocaust", and then presentation from a Holocaust Survivor. I am looking forward to going, but bummed that its an hour and half drive and I won't get back to okc until 6pm. ahh well. then starts my weekend!! I'm free no volunteer, just getting a haircut and then I need to check something out at the Vitnamese store in town.

oh yeah i have also been busy at my night job gettin gstudents enrolled in the really awful computer enrollment system they have here. anyway from the last 3 months I'm trying to get the data bases updated.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Immigration reform? ... yeah right

we really need immigration reform. but I'm not sure how they can develop a legal visiting worker pass for Mexicans who want to work in this country when we can't even regulate the people hiring and paying the illegal workers as it is.President Bush mentioned the work "melting pot". well with the majority of illegal Immigrants coming from Mexico, it's not really an even mix. Especially when they don't learn English and instead seem to change the English speaking culture of this country forcing everything to change into bilingual Spanish and ENglish. ANd all those illegal immigrant workers have legal born children who become legal voters. and you will see this country change. WHole cities in Mexico have been depopulated by families who have little by little made this country their new home.

I don't know anything about economics but there is debate about the cost of illigale immigrants to this country versus the benefits. Surely any higher minimum wages and inflation that occured would be offset by the better quality of living produced from governments and institutions who suddenlyl have funds freed up and not being spent on the education, health care and so forth of those people living in this country illegally.

I've heard promo's running currenly on VIrgin Radio from London, where they talk about not working illegaly, and then state if you are employing people illegaly expect to go jail also, and the background has cell doors opening and closing and you hear some guy with an accent saying "hey boss". etc... WHy can't this country really try to push that? what year is this 2007, right? does any in the govt REALLY care about the influx of Illegal immigrants not to mention all the drugs that come into this country. impossilbe, NO, just not a priority.I have an idea.

we need to ENFORCE the laws against hiring illegal immigrants. IF the jobs were not here, they wouldn't come or stay. These people need to stay and force their own country to reform.and while I'm at it, I also think putting an end to all lobbying of interests groups would help. how about basing the politicians salary on the percentage of votes that put him into office. blah

Monday, January 22, 2007

back at my desk...........

but really back at school much today....
I had a meeting at the administration all day today, we were basically inputting our numbers of students and all their info into the school computer data system. And in turned out to be pretty bad when some of my students turned up NOT counted as bilingual on our national report, something that holds back thousands in funding to our school if we miss students on the count etc etc... anyway, it is a process, so we learn and keep it from happening next year.

I'm glad to be back to routine and working again. last week was long, let's just say.
tonight I hope to get a room booked in NYC and then get caught up on updating things here at my desk at the night job.

man this day has been tough since I got to sleep in for 9 days in a row, and then up early this morning. you know it's going to be a stressed day when the first thing you are doing out of bed is throwing on pajama pants and slippers to run out the door into the cold grey morning and grab the trashcan and run out over the iced over snow covered yard to the street and place it there for the truck which is at the house right before yours. Thats how my day started.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

wednesday off school again!

I thought of 2 things yesterday while jogging around the indoor track. (It's the best time for zoning out and really focusing and imagining things. )

first thing. I watched a documentary about Andy Warhol on PBS last fall and one thing that stuck with me was what they said about Warhol making art for the sake of creating it for himself and not whether or not anyone else liked it, but because he liked it. That idea really is what made me want to start being a little more producitve with my creative when I get an idea for how I want to try doing something.

second thing. I rented a lot of DVD's last Saturday in preparation for the long iced in weekend and one of them was "Sketches of Frank Gehry". (architect) One of the things that got filed into the same part of my mind was when Gehry mentioned how he was building all these buildings because that's the way people wanted them, and then a client saw his own house and asked why he wasn't designing his buildings the way he really wanted like his own place. And from then on that's exactly what he began to do. Next, director Sydney Pollack, who made and appears in the film, is discussing with Gehry why the artist does what he does, and Gehry said how it's not to please everyone, its because the artist (architect ,film director, etc..) has something to say, and he may not be trying to say it to everyone, but to that small percentage of people who do "get it" and who do like it and can relate. It's done for that percentage.SO that motivates me, to express my ideas/confusion/anger etc.., to learn to express myself somehow and have my say because there is a small percentage who will understand and will get it, and will like it and relate.... I have no idea how, but I'm motivated this year to be open to creating and producing when I get the feeling to express.

another thought. I"ve been watching "lost in translation" today and it makes me consider teaching in Japan. I was thinking all the things I could learn and take it while living in Japan.
I begin to think how i have this interest to live in other places and to know about them and all things there. For some reason i have an interest like a sponge when it comes to appreciating the differences in places and people. and perhaps I feel like my life is somehow incomplete without having experienced all these different places in the world first hand. I feel like I need to absorb so much more of the world, it makes me think of how as a kid, I would mix all the soft drinks into one, a "suicide" drink they call, just for the sake of trying something different. I consider travel like that, sampling the world, maybe not the food so much.. ha ha, but how they daily live, what they see, how they act with each other, styles of living and clothing and entertaining etc..i want to know.

well obviously I've been off school a lot of days and when you're stuck at home, when is a better time to be forced to self reflect. ha!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


out of school again tomorrow, prolly night school cancelled too. I don't mind having days off 'cause I"m paid anyway, well, except we'll probably make up some days before getting out for the summer. but my night job, oh man! I don't get paid for missing those hours. shucks!

so how is everyone doing this week. just blah cold snow ice here. I did go to the gym today and then I had lunch at the Art Museum Cafe for my usual Tilapia meal there, yum. then it was PBJ for dinner tonight. I have done a lot of picking up and cleaning around the house though, I guarantee tomorrow I may just be bored enough to break out the vacuum cleaner!
still ice covered all over the yard and streets, although the highways are fine by now, maybe tomorrow will be above freezing and melt a bit of it away so we can go back to school thursday.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

snow sleet ice etc....

hello from shut in weekend. I've had a very uneventful weekend what with the weather. although I have been watching some great dvd's. I borrowed Office Space from jamie and shannon and also Lost Translation which I'll watch tomorrow. I rented the Office 4th disk and also a documentary i watched tonight about Frank Gehry.
I've done laundry and put up all the christmas stuff. made a mexican chicken casserole tonight for dinner. here are some pics of the "weather".

Thursday, January 11, 2007

another one from Honduas......ah


i found this video on youtube has lots of pictures of Hondruas after hurricane mitch, and it brought back a lot of memories 'cause I was walking around the city after wards and it looked just like the photos. well actually we were out of school for like 3 weeks and we formed work teams to help dig the mud from places and houses etc.... wow, hard to believe it was 10 years ago!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New york city?? (get a rope)

Mr. Reusser goes to New York City in February.
just bought the tickets and now have a couple months to plan out all the details. it's a quick trip but the flight was super cheap during winter travel months.
This trip will be an intro to the city until I have time to go back and see a lot more of the big apple. This time around I plan to do some shopping, see a broadway show, and visit a few museums, thats about it.

i ran for 30 minutes after school today then stretches and a 15 min lap swim.
I'm hitting the gym daily now in way or another, and next week plan on returning to bigger breakfasts and maybe even reinstating my 6:30 am morning swims. But I definitely want to eat eggs for breakfast again + instant oatmeal + cereal + cran/grape juice.

I have this shirt project I'm working on this weekend, basically it involves putting two shirts together as one, and I'm not even going to explain it, just wait for a picture.I need to get photos up of last weekend but keep forgetting to brin the cam to work. so will to that soon. good week to all.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

John Lasater, don't stop!

here's a new one I found on artist John Lasater's website. Which one is your favorite. I mean it's a hard choice between the clothesline and the geese, but this one titled "Morrow house" had a real nice blend of color, it screams fall and late afternoon with a cloudless sky. check it out.

great weekend

had a great time in Arkansas. I forgot to take some picture of some of my past residences in Siloam now that I have a camera... ahh well next time.
Jeff and I went to Fayetteville for an Excellent dinner at Bordino's on Dixon street. Saturday, we hit some Christmas sales at a gift shop in Siloam, and then the bank, and then the mall in Springdale, and then lunch at Stone Mill Bakery, and next to the Promenade, a new outdoor mall towards Rogers. Had a lot of fun looking around, the only thing unfortunately I left my liscence at the bank that morning in Siloam, oh well they shoudl mail it to me soon. We rented the movie Talehdega nights saturday evening and it was ok. I went to my former church in Siloam, Siloam Springs Bible Church. I love vistiing because I know a lot fo people and fmailies who still attend, including some colelge friends from JBU. ALthough the preacher is different now and with a different style of preaching. On eof the things I really enjoyed is that we sang 2 praise songs, and then two church hymns, and the very best thing was on the last verse of the second hymn the music stopped and we could all jsut sing our parts, what a great feeling that was to worship with everyone singing a part etc...I wish we could have more of that at my chruch here in Yukon, Covenant Community Church. But their style is more big rock band praise style... but I go for the preaching and worship and my family etc...,not the music anyway...

I had lunch with Jamie and Shannon after church sunday at Pizza Hut, and then hung out a little bit with them at their home. They have redone the bathroom and room downstairs and it looks awesome, good job guys!
I am back to work this week. I am also hitting the gym now with a gusto of keeping it regualr and while taking supplements. I have decided that I need to go back to 4 or 5 small meals a day also. well that is my goal anyway, but I bet I can only get 4 in.
I am going to begin morning swims again next Monday. you heard it here first, hope I can stick to that.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

going to AR for the weekend....

I took these pics because the sky, Wed morning there was the moon to the west as the sun came up behind my house, I took a shot from my front porch. the next, the blue and pink sky over the wahlgreens at intersection near my house. I went to luch with andrew on tuesday and we shopped around some furniture stores I wanted to show him. we had lunch at "Cafe do Brazil" which is where I used to go every Saturday before switching to ARt Museum.. Andrews new apt downtown in the montgomery building, in my truck and both of us. I like his jacket and maybe will look for one for me this weekend. ha!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

museum lunch!

here are some photos i took during the break, the museum downtown where I like to have my lunch on saturdays.....

great highlights !

new years goals, i decided to consider getting a cell phone, and also getting to New York city before I die would be nice, so that's another goal for this new year.
didn't do much for new years, I was in Dallas all last weekend, I drove down there in the rain Friday night and then went to Ikea and shopped around with my bud Randy who lives down there, and then we came back to his place and put together some bookshelves that afternoon. chilled Saturday night and drove back SUnday after checking out the West Elm store, they had tons of Christmas stuff on sale.

I called a lot of freinds whose phone numbers I had in my wallet, was suddenly in the mood to call and say happy new Year! Happy New YEar to call by the way!

I rented the 3 disc of 2nd season of The Office USA. was awesome to watch that all during break, also renter Little Miss Sunshins was last funny althoug some strong cuss words throughout.

SO iw as searching plane tickets to NYC and they are like $300l SHWEET. although I'm so cheap I'll have to figure out who I know in NYC that I could stay with, if anyone, and I'm talking by spring break or at least this spring!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas 06

here are some pics of Christmas. I made a tree this year with branches and ribbon, in a cone shape, and then I put the ornaments hanging from the inside with a string of ball lights, and a red start light on top, the pics without flash sort of show the light effect. also a picture of my parents dining table decorated for dinner, and then some gifts I wrapped, the striped one was a lot of fun and I basically wove the wrap all around the present, it turned out very cool and my sister hardly wanted to rip it open.

the picture of me in the truck, I'm wearing one of my favorite flannell shirts I got as a Christmas gift from a student, Alejandra, my first year teaching in Honduras and it remains a favorite.

here is the table setting for my family dinner I had the friday before Christmas. also 2 of my 3 beautiful sisters, and then everyone around the table, also my house with the table cleared and the front room with no flash.