Wednesday, February 28, 2007

English Only bill Oklahoma state legislators

reading this online news story today about how some Indian tribes here in Oklahoma are asking legislators to not support the bill for English only. They say it could hurt their efforts to keep language preservations in the school and makes this state look like we are against diversity.

I have to disagree, I can't imagine why it would have anything to do with schools, but I think the state can be unified with one language while keeping all the other languages at the same time. The bill only states that legal documents and dealing are done in English, it's pretty simple. I think this is wonderful because it makes people who CHOOSE TO LIVE IN AN ENLGISH SPEAKING COUNTRY OR STATE to learn the language. Just show me one Oklahoma native american who doesn't speak ENglish and only their native language? I doubt it!

I really really have to wonder the real reason they have such a lack of support for this bill. Do the casinos emply a lot of illegal immigrants or something? that can't be it, but there must be some other reason they are not for the bill. I mean drivers liscnese tests aren't given in Indian languages, why should they be provided in Spanish?

This state remains diverse and acceptiing to all cultures regardless of native languages, and I completely agree that conserving your native language is indeed very important. I also believe that immigrants who choose to live should learn the host country's language, and there is nothing wrong with providing documents in only that language, English, if that helps encourage them to do so.

furniture from the armory show arts fair 2007

tables have a wooden based cut out by a machine most likely or laser, i dunno. and then the light fixture involves using cocoanuts...

The Armory Show arts fair in NY

I saw all sorts of stuff at the international arts fair at The ARmory Show
in NYC last weekend. here are pictures showing some sculpture of pilgrims and indians, and then a chess board with hands. notice one side the gestures are aggressive and the other side more laid back.

Monday, February 26, 2007

general rundown

Ok so I left Friday morning and got stuck in Houston for a couple hours due to our flight getting out of OKC late. There was a guy next to me on the plane and turned out he was a travel agent from France who had been visiting his gf in Mexico for a week in Cancun. His English was limited and I don't speak French, but we both spoke Spanish for most of the trip which was fun and cool. I tried to explain to him my suduko puzzle from the airline magazine. before landing he suggested that we share a taxi and save the money since he needed to go to a bank before going out to the island on east side, so that was a great help since he’d been to NY many times and I had not. Went straight to the hotel and checked in my things, and went out and started walking up to 42nd street and taking a subway up to 76th? I think to find the Whitney Museum, spent a while there. Went back to the hotel room by 9pm and studied some maps and went walking around a bit more on 6th and 34th.

Saturday morning, breakfast at "PAX" on the corner of 40th and 6th ave. then back down to 34thst, Macy's, H&M, other stores, north on Broadway shopping and taking pictures of stuff. picked up my tickets at the George Oneil theater for "spring Awakening". then back to the hotel to drop off stuff. next went shopping toward west and downtown.. by 2pm I was back at the theater for the show! was AWESOME. I was on the 5th row back from the stage although left of center. I walked up to 55th and over to 12 ave to the ARmory for the International arts festival going on there. (tons of pics will be posted for a while from that) was there for hours, walked back towards time square at 8pm, more pics, eating, hotel to relax and clean up, then debated to just sleep and crash or go out and check out some night life. I eventually crashed and packed and prepared for the next day.

Sunday, went to PAX again for breakfast, so nice, and then more shopping on 34th, and generally made my way down to greenwhich and then SOHO, pictures, shopping etc... subway over to Brooklyn at 2pm when the Steve Keene gallery opened up. First thing I noticed walking off the subway in Williamsburg was how quiet it was like normal outside, compared to NYC all weekend with traffic always. Was on a tight schedule, only in Brooklyn for about 15-20 minutes before I was walking back to L train, going to hotel for my luggage, and then walking up 5th avenue to 42nd and gran central station for the bus to the airport!! everything timed perfectly.

I stopped just south of the public library to take a picture, walked up north around the corner east a block to get to gran central, and noticed I was missing my lacoste sack. with my (by now) heavier carry-on, back pack and 2nd carry-on with other clothes purchased inside, I sort of walked and then ran back to the corner to look around, then turned back south to where I stopped to take the photo and low and behold, there is a lady with the sack at her feet and my new shirt taped up in the store paper in her hands. "hello" that's mine, thank you thank you.. .as I take it from her, pick up my sack and she was like... ok... luckily no tiff ensued. man I was glad. Had two of my favorite "finds" of shirts while shopping in NY.

that's it, trip over, I smiled all the way home from the OKC airport, couldn't believe I had just been to BIG BAD BUSY NYC and back in just one weekend, or maybe I was smiling to know there was a shower and my bed at home ready to jump right into.

so I survived. I can't say that I began any big love affair with New York City, but I definitely want to continue the romance. I'll be back and hopefully soon!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

back from NYC to OKC............

survived the NY trip, lots of shopping and walking around. more posts to come all about the international art fair, and getting around town ...about to crash now, so good to be home.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I was delayed just a little bit, arrived at 3 instead of 130, but on the plane was a French travel agent with whom I shared a cab and he helped me find my hotel. how nice. he had been visiting his girlfriend in Mexico so we spoke Spanish mainly on the plane etc.. was fun.
long day and COLD here, I went to the whitney museum tonight after some back and forth on the subway. more later.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

number 7 "home" is my favorite

I got this cd in the mail last week and have been listening to it ever since. Bole to Harlem. I heard a thing on NPR all about the people in NY who put this cd together working with people from Ethiopia and using there lyrics and beats for the music. I think it's awesome and love the cd. check it out!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fat tuesday

New Orleans has had 27 murders since the new year, as reported on NPR today. Yet, people are still moving back, I guess, and plenty there this year for the usual Mardi Gras parade. I'm not sure why my tax dollars should pay to rebuild a city under sea level just so they can have this great tourist trap of a city. but oh well, the history, the tradition, I guess. Or is it the money made from visitors that pushes the rebuild........hmmmm

I found some great things online today pertaining to my upcoming NY trip. The Moma museum is free from 4-8pm on Fridays, and then the Whitney Museum is free from 6-9pm of Fridays. I want to see the Fred Katz exhibit at the Jewish Museum and that one is free on Saturdays. so things are shaping up. Not to mention there is an art festival going on call the Fountain Exhibit art fair. or something like that. tons of new artists and "outside" art on display.

"February 9, 2007, Brooklyn, NY - The avant-garde has always laid claim to history through its challenges and victories over the status quo. In 1917, at the unjuried Society of Artists exhibition, Marcel Duchamp unveiled the world's most famous ready-made art object: "Fountain". It is in this spirit of the unexpected that some of Williamsburg, Brooklyn's most forward-thinking and cutting-edge galleries, Capla Kesting Fine Art, Ch'i Contemporary Fine Art, Front Room, Glowlab, McCaig-Welles, and Outrageous Look have collaborated to present "Fountain New York 2007". Expect floor-to-ceiling displays of brand- new works, bold installations, impromptu performance events and the best parties of the weekend, as this exhibition makes its mark in a massive 5000 square foot space at: 660 Twelfth Avenue, a few blocks from the Armory show at Pier 94. "Fountain" is a guerrilla-style art fair - under the radar, independent and highly influential. This independent aspect gives Fountain its edge: young Brooklyn based galleries showcasing fresh work without official booth spaces or selection committee juries. In form and spirit, the artwork shown truly reflects the avant-garde and in-your-face attitude equated with the Dada movement. "

I don't think that one is free. but still I'll have plenty to do at this point, between shopping and trying to see museums. I'm sure the weekend will fly by. I took my two best pari of jeans to the cleaners today so they will be drycleaned and ready by Thursday. These jeans I have never washed, only drycleaned once before. therefore they keep there storebought stained denim look without having faded away from all the washings. Usually I just throw them in the dryer with a wet towell I'll admit.

Monday, February 19, 2007

dean's favorite things 2...

This gymbag. I got this at the Tate Museum of Modern Art in London when I went on a trip there the summer of 2001 before 9/11. It was a blast. I also remember eating lunch at the restuarant and ordering "corn fed" hens. The one small thing I decided to purchase at the museum gift shop was this drawstring bag for 10 pounds. I just liked the simplicity of it. I didn't really use it at all until about a year and a half ago when a drawstring gym bag became cool for soccer guys to use and I noticed students carrying 'em at the school I teach at , so I started using mine. It really is perfect for just my shoes, shorts, t-shirt and socks. It's also a great reminder that I once was overseas in the mother country in big city London.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

weekend awaits

lots in the news this week. I'm glad that they've laid off the stupid Libbey trial a little bit this week on the radio news. got sick of hearing about it, and kept wondering why NPR had to give a stupied paly by play daily, and who really cared.

SO do you know where your money is going? For example are you purchasing fuel for your car that comes from Venezuela and supports the Chavez dictatorship in that country? ARe you investing in any mutual funds that invest in corporations in Sudan which benefits the govt who support the rebel forces commiting genocide against those in Darfur? How much of your taxes provide free hospital bills to Illegal aliens hvaing babies and legal voters in this country? How much is going towards educating all those children? I have two that I'm being paid to teach at my school, of course I love them both, it's not the kids' fault after all.

Which Oklahoma governor do you think has come closest to selling his soul to the devil? Was it the current governor ( former deacon at his baptist church in shawnee) who turned our state into a casino state by supporting a lottery vote in the name of education. Or was it the former Governor Keating who supported the business of privately run prisons in Oklahoma and brought in the bill legalizing cash advance businesses in Oklahoma, those places don't benefit the population in any in the long run, and they go unregulated, so that people continue to mismanage their money and continue to pay interest on the advances. stupid. not to mention the grand dome he put on the capitol supposedly not to funded at all by the state, but in the long run yes , part of it actually was.

North Korea agreed, as if they can be trusted, to disband their nuclear reactor and stop making nuclear weapons, and if they do it in the next 60 days we'll give them some fuel oil, followed by tons and tons more. I guess for free, like a payoff for not doing something bad. I can only hope that sactions continue. Apparently how we treat north Korea is closely watched by Iran in case they want to make the same threats of developing Nuclear stuff. deaths in Lebanon this week, and also at a private college in IRaq. how sad, but perhaps we are becoming numb to bombs killing people in far away countries. not to mention soldiers in helicopters being shot down.
The conress going on about a resolution against sending more troops, but I can't help but think its just a bunch of politicall jargon that speaks to their constituents more than anything. WHy not jsut work together and come up with real solutions. I refuse there are only 2 sides or solutions ( dem or Rep) to this dilemna of the Iraq war

have a great weekend everybody

WHite ford

I drove by this car parked in the college parking lot near where I live. I have always dreamed of having alate model ford mustang. they're so awesome, the closest I got was having a 72 Ford maverick in college, which I've mentioned previously on this blog.

I'm having a great week, just teaching English and trying to get the new Vietnamese kid to speak English and the 2 honduran kids to not speak Spanish during my class. ALso I am ehlping 2 boys who pretty much speak English jsut fine, but they don't take homework home, so I'm making them do it 3rd hour with me instead of having an elective class. not exactly my job but it does serve a purpose since these guys are still in the ESL program.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the Kooks, "ooh la"

I've been into this song and band lately, from UK. anyway, how cool would it be to have a hit song and play in the streets and then just walk into some crowd that knows your song! so cool.

Gene Dougherty

This painting I bought at a local gallery. It's called "Hopi dancers". I think he still teaches some where up north east, maybe NWOSU? is that a school, anyway, there used to be a gallery here in Bethany where I live that sold a lot of his paintings, I have three oils and one water color by this guy, I'll share the others sometime. I really like this one, the colors and shadowing with so few strokes are very cool.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Dean's favorite things 1.....

I brought back these chairs 2 at a time from Honduras, with the seats facing each other and put in a large box with all my clothes and things stuffed all around inside the box. Anyway, this happened during summer visits home, christmas breaks, and then a trip I made down there for graduation once. They are handmade in Honduras and cost about $6 in Lempiras at the time. They have animal hide stretched across the seat. I've always thought they were pretty cool ever seeing some old ones inthe Pinares library and then I had one in my classroom, so they always remind me of Honduras. The smaller one I bought for neice or nephew but ended up keeping it for some reason.

less than two weeks....

a great weekend over all. had a nice Sunday relaxing some yesterday. I cleaned up quite a bit in my kitchen and did some laundry and put clothes away. I am less than two weeks to going to NYC! ahh yeah.
This much time before a trip, I stop wearing anything that I'll be taking on my trip with me. if that makes sense, so I have time the next two weeks to separate and prepare the few things I plan to take along. I'm only taking one small carry on, and most likely will wear the same thing SUnday home that I wear out there on Fri. ya never know, maybe buy something new while there ha....
anyway, I've done very well at not purchasing anything with my credit card last month. so it's still down way low. so that leaves a bit of space for anything needed on my trip, and also I have money saved from my night job so that should pay my meals and transport.
I've decided to try and find the bus that takes me to another bus that takes me to manhattan. I arrive NYC at 1pm so I have plenty of time to get to my hotel and then back out to walk around and eat something quick and then maybe try to get cheap tickets to a show. that's my plan. On saturday I have plans to maybe go on a walking tour of manhattan according to my guidebook, "timeout" and excellent source of information I received from a good friend in Tampa who knew I was going to NYC. (thank you!) also I may try for some museums on Saturday I don't knwo for sure now. Gagosian, Whitney, MOMA, Fleck.... etc there is a Katz exhibit at the Jewish museum I know.
I will interupt my walking tour at 2pm to see the broadway show "Spring Awakening". and then find some place interesting to eat Saturday night, also I will try to get a last minute ticket cheap to another show if possible Saturday night. Sunday I have plans to visit art galleries all day until I have to get over to Newark for my flight back. should be quite the adventure.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My gorgeous date and I...........

my sister Dana and I had a wonderful time at the Memorial Museum Lincoln Exhibit opening dinner Saturday night. Valet parking, reception and view of the newe exhibit about Abraham Lincoln, dinner of salmon and chicken, and a nice speech by a professor all about Lincoln rise in politics, the excellent Gettysburg address, and his death, with comparisons to the current president included. Was a fun time!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today ends my week. no school tomorrow! we had teacher/parent meetings this week so off on Fri. I swam today for the first time in about a month. UGH, I could feel it, but it was some good cardiovascular going. I didn't want to have a long run today because I worked legs yesterday so I just warmed up by running for 10 mintues, did some stretches and then swam.
Its been a real busy week. I had 3 new girls from India this week, so I was busy testing their English during my planning periods. THey have good English , actually, but will need a lot of time to adjust to hearing English and processing faster.
I also had about 5 new students start at night this week. so that is cool, more students always means job security I guess.
I plan to do nothing tomorrow, watch Regis and Kelly in the morning, and I don't know maybe try and plan a lunch with a friend. I don't know but I'll definitely be going to the gym at some point. then maybe a movie at the museum tomorrow night. Saturday I am working an ACT test in the morning, and then Saturday night there is a dinner in honor of Abraham Lincoln Exhibit at the Memorial Museum, I asked my sister Dana to go with me os that should be a lot of fun also.
I've been a gettinb bored of hearing about the Scooter Libby trial all week. There HAS to be more news to report about besides their dialy updates on NPR. Genocide in Darfur maybe I don't know. ALl the Libby Trial reports seem to be just Liberal media porn at this point, I guess that's why they like to keep reporting on it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"snowy heights"

Just found this new painting up on Lasater's website. You can see he is still doing studies of light and weather and time of day. And of course he's a natural born colorist. just look at the blends of cold winter morning greys he has in this picture. and you can imagine the cold blue back of the hill he's facing , yet the sun shining just enough on the snowed over field in front of him.
He's back at work now, but let's hope at honme with his wife and in the midst of all his kids he can keep producing and churning this stuff out.

halfway throught the week...

I have had 4 new students this week in my night classes. so cool, even if they are from mexico and most likely without any legal visas to be here ( we have our new any Photo ID policy open now for enrollment ). It's good job security and when you meet these people one on one, ofcourse they are the nicest people in the world. BUt don't get me wrong, I'm still completely anti illegal Immigration or amnesty. I dont' see why this government can't enforce the laws it made about hiring illiegal workers.

I've been reaading a lot of Psalms 37 this week. about "delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart..." something like that. also later in the verse about refraining from anger and turning away from wrath because If you're living as righteous a life as you should be your causes will be heard and known... etc really has helped me get focused on important things in life and less becoming this old crotchety gripey person. ( when I linger too much on illegal immigrants blatantly being hired all over this country, no enforcement of the laws, and all the legal status children they have that are born here, that are future voters and will turn this country into a half mexican spanish speaking country in the next 20 years. I'm serious!)
I'm having tunafish on saltine crackers tonight because I forgot to get another loaf of bread, so I borrowed some of the lady I work with's crackers, and actually its not that bad, and I'm considering of buying a box of saltines instead of bread and eat that from now on. it has to be healthier( calorie wise) than bread of a sandwich... hmmm

Monday, February 05, 2007

february is here!

had a GREAT weekend, not too busy, just about right. Friday night I went and saw "Pans' Labyrinth" with Andrew West G. and it was awesome, in his own words after the film...."Spanish movies are intersting." THis movie has been called "narnia on crack" well that's not too far off. It's a really captivating movie, I mean halfway through, suddenly I had no idea what was going to happen or where the movie was going next. And while this sort of fantasy adventure is taking place, at the same time there is all this horror-of-war story taking place as this Fascist captain is trying to beat down the local rebel faction on the hill. HE's ruthless and cruel. As the girl discovers the labyrinth and what creature and adventures is in store, the story of the film goes through a labyrinth of its own, going back and forth from the captain, the rebels, the girl and her mom, etc. Wow and the movie being in Spanish made it all the more exotic and unfamiliar and strange to watch take place. It's definitley rated R because of the violence. and it does an excellent job in showing just enough of the blood and violence so that you're not seeing too much but you're imagination can feel it in just fine... I was glued to the screen at every turn in this film. check it out!
I volunteered sat morning, and then went to the Museum Cafe for a quick Boarshead Hot Italian sandwich to go, and then I ate that in my pickup while driving to ElReno for my grandfather's 90th birthday. it was a lot of fun to see my cousins, aunts and uncles, take pictures and then to see all my brothers and sisters and neices and nephews there. It was at the same church where my parents were married in the small downstairs chapel. so that was neat also, although I wanted a picture of that too and didn't get one.
Superbowl was fun to watch , the rain made it a bit more intersting. although the commercials weren't all that way out there or anything. good week to all.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

my sister brought some puppies over to my mom's sat nt.

these puppies were so cute, 6 weeks old and so small. they are half pug, and half pomeranian , so you know they will be perfect size for a little house dog, If I were home enough I'd take one instatnly but alas, I'm not home enough...:(.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

from the movie "junebug"

i think this would be nice to have sung at my funeral.

a friend at work recommended....

this book, "A Case Against Accident and Self-Organization" by Dean Overman. I put it on my wish list on Amazon as the next non-fiction book I may want to read. Supposedly this book mentions some criticism of theories of evolution which state life began from a "primordial soup" in the beginning.....

sounded interesting.

I'm ready for another weekend. it iced up bad after school yesterday so no work last night ( cutting into my hours again!!!). ANyway I ran for 30 minutes at the gym yesterday and then went home and slept a bit on the couch, watched some tv, and wrote some post cards. we DID have school today, which ran pretty smoothly, although today was one of those days where I really told myself I have to find something different next year. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I am volunteering Saturday morning, then going to EL Reno to for my grandfather's 90th birthday. The fun part is that all my brothers and sisters will be there and also some aunt and uncles I haven't seen in a while. I plan to chill this weekend at home and keep warm. SUnday is Superbowl so I'll proly be watching with some teacher friends.