Thursday, March 29, 2007

weekend approaching.

I will be volunteering this weekend downtown Saturday morning.
I also hope to do lot of yardwork outside my house, and then Saturday night I have been invited to a birthday get together for a frined of mine from work. Always cool to hang out with new people.

there was an author on talk of the nation today talking about the word "ghetto". She wrote a book about how sad that a word representing something from the ghetto, had becomd a fashionable and wanted term to use. There was some confusion between what was considered ghetto, or just from being poor. Basically there was a distinction that things are changing and no one is taking a stand for offensive behaviour in kids anymore, the usual children raising children discussion, and a mention of BIll Cosby, and a introduction of the ideals and standards no one seems to have anymore. I thought it was interesting that YES we do want and need standards and to react based on our morals, and yet no mention was made of the role of religion in society or lack there-of these days. sad indeed.

there is a quote somewhere that states the decline of society begins when the upper classes start emulating the standards of the lower classes. I was looking at a 1990 yearbook a while back with AWG who went to a high school in Wichita Kansas, and my memory was refreshed by seeing the AFrican American students wearing the same clothes as the other students. for example polo shirts and jeans. I'm not saying everyone but most. hair styles may mary of course but otherwise there was no big difference.
It's strange when being bad becomes so cool. WHy would parents let their children dress like a gangster, or even listen to it in the first place. IS it fear of appearing old fashioned or uncool? Or what about wearing basketball shorts and tanks as everyday fashion. cant' we leave that for only on the bball court? ahh well, the funny thing is that the whole gangsta rap thing is so cool the style became emulated by caucasion and african american kids both.
No manners or courtesy for others is taught or even demonstrated these days by parents, it seems. If people are talking out loud in public rudely without care of what is going on publicly, the kids see that as normal. I keep waiting for a time when cell phones are no longer are seen as for the rich and important, but instead seen as a hassle and nuisance and calls will be handled more discretely. there's nothing worse than being in an enjoyable environment and then hear someone take or make a call and speak so loudly its going all over the room. stupid! not to mention having a conversation with someone and then they stop it to answer their phone. If I had a cell phone, when this happens I could get out my cell phone, call their number, and leave a message that says, I'm leaving, let me know when is a good time to call and finish the conversation since I don't rank high enough in person to have an uninterupted conversation that's not trumped by a random cell phone call. ( UGHH! well anyway, enough ranting...)
I hope for shift in this country's culture of accepted behaviour someday that goes from the individuals right and again stresses the right of society as a whole, the way we want to live and give the individual their rights to do as they please but in regard to the public civil rights of the whole. or at least people having more sensitivity to how they are viewed by the whole, to be seen as polite, humble, courteous, considerate. boy it kind of sounds like Collosions in the bible and how Christians are encouraged to be with believers and nonbelievers. And yet I know there are Christians out there.... who'da thunk.

I remain Optimistic

because I have faith in God and know He is in control. and perhaps there is some sort of "victory" ahead in Iraq for somebody, who knows. But I'm not going to blindly follow a president regardless of what his faith is whose administration has so badly handled the entire Iraq issue. It's true. I do remain loyal to the troops and their service to this country, and overall I guess I agree with what the USA is trying to do in Iraq, but they seriously got way over their heads and it's too bad, I mean in this millineum I expect smarter judgement, thinking, and preparation.

bad news from the illegal immigrant family who has 2 students at my high school, a brother and sister. ANd the brother is the nicest most humble guy in the world. no gang banger, just a hard working student who has learned English and tried his hardest to succeed in every class. Anyway, I asked him how his spring break was and did he earn some extra money helping his dad at work. he said no, his dad is not working right now. Apparently the builder he was working for was fined for hiring illegally immigrated Mexicans, and he said they were doing that with everyone in Mustang so his dad couldn't find work right now. ( he told me months ago they were here illegally...) anyway, of course on one side I am surprised and glad that someone was actually doing something, but then on the other hand, I sure would miss this one student. but overall I stand behing the fact that the government does indeed need to enforce the laws and penalize those people who hire people here illegally! Its the best way to solve the abundance of foreign people living here and not learning English which will eventually change our entire American culture. If there are not jobs, they will not be runing to get here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I think we're screwed in Iraq", or "When God says no"

obviously something is not going right over there, I mean come on 4 years and then more!
regardless of all the politics of supporting the current administration's policies or supporting a pullout of troops or not. The whole Iraq situation affects the entire middle east when it comes to the whole Shia/Sunni thing, which most Americans really have any idea what its about. And we keep waiting for some happy movie ending when in reality Iraq's own forces are not even 100% on our side at times, and really might just want us to stay so they can continue to profit off of it.
Where is Captain Jean Luc Picard, when you need him to come settle these matters anyway?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm going to start
doing this more in the spring. nightime shots of the flowering trees and shrubs. ha. anyway, I thought they turned out pretty cool, and just sort of interesting the view you get using the flash from below.....these have all leaved out by now though in just 1 week...


I met my friend from work, Fabiola, at the WholeFoods grocery store for breakfast last weekend while I was in Texas. Great food, I ate there a few times actually during spring break. I pretty much woke up and put a hat on and drove over to the store. here I am in my "old man" hat. ha

spring projects

these are some pics of my house. I put a flower bed into the side of the house last summer and moved some bulbs into it last weekend. and I also started a front flower bed, but I'll need to amend the soil here some more and then put in some plants that like the sun. it will be nice to have plants out front of the house near the street and corner. If I can make it work....

Monday, March 26, 2007

really funny at the end he can't believe she did it

spring break OVER

well I can't say I had as much fun as last year in TAMPA, Florida! that was really something, and believe me I had in mind when thinking back a year.
But I did have a lot of fun getting down to Texas last weekend for some shopping. cool furniture stores, and crafts, and clothes and shoes and IKEA. DIdn't buy too much much although I got some new rocking shoes, 2 paris of sunglasses ready for summer, and some stuff at IKEA of course always interesting.
I did a lot of yard work last week and just chilled! was great.
I planted some Spirea shrubs, which have white flowers all over in the spring. and moved some daylily bulbs around to new places in the yard closer to the street where they can be seen.
I also raked up all the dead leaves from last fall and remulched the flower beds, and then put out some tropical plants back into the yard. the ferns will be next.
usually April 15th is the rule for last frost. but it was cloudy on groundhogs day, so between that and global warming maybe I'll be safe getting things out a little earlier this year.With the new camera I can take pics of all the progress this year. ha.
getting ready to figure out my taxes some more and try to get it finished. I made a lot more than I thought I did last year. I wonder where it went though. uughh!

I found some Pinares students on Youtube

the girl in the middle is JEnny Castro, and I am pretty sure the girl on the far left is Diana Sasso. I"m not sure. anyway, I taught both these girls in 7th and 8th grade at Academia Los Pinares. SO cute! been a long time though, now they are college girls singing in some video. THey go to my same college at John Brown University that I graduated from. sweet!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

teachers' lunch.......

I made this canopy and then I put some cheap giant plastic straws on strings and hung them across the ceiling for color.

I used maps of different countries from an old almanac for placemats.

here's the table by the door where food was put. The branches were tied to two pieces of string and lined up and down the walls (same ones I used at Christmas).

I made all the flower arrangements, mainly from Alvertsons, and some from a florist. I put some bamboo shoots in the little bottles, and also some small palm leaves from the florist.

I used a bunch of Hondruan statue souveniers on the tables and asian coasters for the mix of international theme.

I bought this stem of orchids for 50% off last Saturday and they should be good for another couple weeks.

I put an asian dragon in this one.

I used these $1 shell candles I had in a drawer from a PB sale, and the some juice jars I brought back from NYC for the tulips.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

busy wed

I have this 1964 world almanac I bought on ebay for $12. I cut out the pages with maps of different countries to use as placemats tomorrow at the teacher lunch. today was a crazy day. I left after school to the bank. then forgot to go in mustang and had to call and find the nearest one between me and the florist on the northside which was my second stop. went there, then the florist, then my home to put the flowers in water, then to the Vietnamese grocery store for a few more things, then here to work. now I"m going home for final preps and ready to go to school in the morning. oh yeah and the other thing, is after lunch tomorrow I'm being evaluated at the high school because they forgot to do it in February. ahh well, even though we are reveiwing, is should be a good hour with the kids and the evaluation only lasts the first half of class, and I cleaned up my room/office/desk/ bookshelf etc today and wrote my objectives on the board. TIP: always state objectives to students, do the lesson, then say again waht you just taught. IMPORTANT for eval.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

always time for this song.....

Lasater still using his talents......

look at the colors in this one and how they are extremely appropriately balanced and distributed. NICE!

he sold my current favorite, the amish clothesline. I can't wait to find out who acquired it, still though, marshall's field and the one with ducks remain stand outs, and more to come I'm sure.

check out more recent and beautiful output by this new artist at his website HERE.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Andrew west's engagement party at swanky Nonna's....

I had a blast Saturday night down in bricktown at this party. Monica is really the sweetest most cheerful and smart smart girl and just perfect for Andrew. they are so in love! ha! just look how cute they are together. I'm really excited for these two and I'm so glad Andrew came to OKC. Here we are at Nonna's upstairs in the private party room , the food was excellent, the meatballs oh man! and there was an open bar. I think this was my first adult party where there's an open bar and you just tell the waiter what you want to drink. I has only one btw.

I wore some pinstriped black pants, white doc martens, and my OKGO tshirt from the concert. even though in the pic it looks like I'm underdressed, I was going for a sort of rock and roll look I guess. anyway, was great to spend time with Andrew and get to know people who'll be at the wedding and stuff. CONGRATS AGAIN ANDREW AND MONICA!!

CONCERT!!!! last thursday

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

---SNOW PATROL---- tomorrow

no the greatest video, but the song!!! so good!!
I will be living out a sort of dream tomorrow night if the band performs this song and I get to see it live and sort of sing along. I'll be going to Tulsa tomorrow night for the SNow Patrol concert, opening band OKGO ( the band with the treadmill video) and a band called SUpersun pickup ??... getting really excited and even took off work tomorrow night to attend the show.

BIG weekend ahead!!
I will be volunteering Friday afternoon after school until 5:30 because of the big 12 college basketball tournament in OKC they needed some extra volunteers to help out. at 7pm I will be going to a birthdya party for a teacher, so that will be a whole new social group to mingle with, very cool.
Saturday morning I have a special errand to run by 9 am, concerning the teachers lunch next Thursday. then I plan to go to the car show Saturday afternoon with my bud Scott here in OKC at the fairgrounds. Saturday night a happy engagement party for Andrew West Griffin and his lovely fiance Monica downtwon bricktown. SO my weekend is definitely full. Sunday I will be piddling in the yard no doubt. Watch out I have a digital camera now and gardening season is coming. ha.

Monday, March 05, 2007

fun, busy weekend, except for allergies........

little sis was in town this weekend with the family. her husbands team,. Beaver Dusters, class A went al lthe way to state finals, where they played against Okeene and lost. the funny thing is Okeene's coach is the brother of the girl who married my brother, in other words, my sister in law's brother. so they were there watching and my parents came to support both, so to speak.
I worked out arms and chest Friday afternoon, a good long workout, then went home and relaxed, i had allergies all weekend driving me crazy, SUnday I finally went and got some Clariton D which really didnt' do much yesterday or today for me. I guess I'll stick with drixoral next time around.... Saturday I volunteered at the memorial downtown and then ran at the gym, next llunch at art cafe, and then ran some errands and ended up back home the rest of the evening trying to catch up to my running nose. blah
lot of laundry done SUnday, and I tied up all my winter branches to a few pieces of string with about 2 or 3 inches between 'em. This little project was done in preparation for a lunch we are having next week in the ENglish dept at the highschool. I plan to line the walls of the room with the branches on 2 sides.
Another good sermon in church SUnday from pastor Tzhedder (ap?) from TImothy. What stuck with me most was his question about what are we doing daily to SEEK and SEARCH for God's truth. I know I definitely need to be reading the bible more and put God into consideration more constantly throughout each day. The toehr part I liek was about " do not conform the the ways of the world". I think too many Christian families just easily and happily follow the AMerican culture of me me me, and what I deserve and what I want, and the materialism in general. Too many families are afraid to break away from convention, and those that are inspired or convicted to live somewhat differently are considered too extreme or radical. that's the wholel point, to seem different than the non Christian world. If the Christians are living and acting the same as every one else then whats the point, who's making any difference, why bother picking and choosing which verses you want to follow that suit your own personal needs, when the whole point is to reach out to the needs of others who struggle understanding GOd or may not even know Him. It's a sad stagnate place to be in, and believe me I know, hard to move out of.
I am glad that only 2 weeks until SPring break, shweet!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

more art from the Armory international art fair New York 2007

these were all war related.

Dean's favorite things 2

These are my favorite pair of shoes. I bought this pair of shoes at the Doc Marten Shoestore in London. I found them on sale for 25 pounds which in August of 2001 was about $37 US. I have always regretted not buying the blue pair as well ( the whole blue suede shoes thing) but I didn't want too much to carry back home at the time on the plane. Anyway, even though these shoes look bulky and big they are extrememly comfortable. I wear them a lot in the fall and winter with khaki's at work, although they really look best with jeans on the weekends. I was pleasantly surprised a year ago to find another pair brand new my size on ebay. (second picture) what luck! Nothing better than knowing my favorite pair of shoes whenever worn out or lost will be easily replaced.