Wednesday, May 30, 2007

schools out!

last day of school today.
boxed up some things and will do a bit more tomorrow.
I am supposed to order supplies for next year but I"m not sure what I need at the moment. hmmm
some good rain last night here in. hopefully will be dry and I can mow this weekend.
waiting to see if the guy is going to rent my room or not,
if he does I'll have quite a project Friday getting things out of his room and somewhere else in my house! also I will need to clear out some kitchen cabinets that are not really being utilized like they should be. and then also decide on some furniture options.l my parents are giving me an old couch.

my grandfather passed away yesterday morning. He was 90 years old and has been failing in health for a while so it wasn't quite sudden but sad nonetheless. funeral Saturday with all the family. My dad has 4 siblings so I'm expecting to see more of that side of the family than I have in a long time. My grandfather raised a big family and was a really hardworking dedicated man to his work and family. I was fascinated a few years back to learn that he had spoken German as a child and even went to a German speaking school at one point. He was one of 10 children and not many of his siblings are left I think 2.
teacher meetings tomorrow all day. blah. I'm ready to get summer started and out in my yard! many plans and taking the hort class is bound to give me all sorts of ideas for more projects.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

HAIRCUT weekend...... ha

somebody got a haircut, and was about TIME. I went longer than usual this spring. It feels great having my hair short and ready for hot summer.
I had a very good long weekend and am still a bit tired tonight here at work.
I saw a quartet perform at this dinner party last FRiday night in Austin, Miro Quartet. They are about to go tour the world with a new set and wanted to perform in front of an audience. the dinner was Morroccan with an apple, red pepper and tomato salad, kooskoos, and lamb meat stewed with almonds and onions it was really really good.
I did a bit of shopping in Austin, a pair of sunglasses and a used jacket.
I might be getting a roomate this summer. I had an ad on posted for a while, I wasn't really looking that aggressively, and this one guy came by last night and will let me know if he's intersted. that means I will have to do some major clean up and storage organization in my house and SOON. but I am looking forward to the extra rent money.
I enrolled today! Principles of Horticulture at OSU OKC. the class is 8-10am on Mon and Wed with a required lab class following until 12:30. that will be a great activity to get me going this summer for June and July anyway.
I include a picture of myhosue yesterday, I had the buntings up all weekend and then yesterday afternoon I put up the flag.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

halfway through the week...........

well it's very difficult to consider moving over seas again to teach when I have a house and enjoy doing stuff to my yard so much and have so many plants started out there. But you never know....
one thing I am planning to do this summer is taking some classes. I have been considering 2 different programs at OSU OKC. One is Horticulture and the other is Architectural design.
I'm leanign towrad Horticulture at this point, the class is Mon and Wed mornings at 8 am and then the required lab is Tues and THurs mornings. I'm excited about getting started with the program although it would hard to ever pursue an associtates degree seriously because I can't really go in the fall and spring unless I had a different night job or worked less hours. (less money + yuck)
I may be getting a roomate soon though and that would be an extra $350 or so rent a month which would help if I did work less at night. He's coming over Monday night to check outthe room.
I can only hope to get it cleaned out a bit since I'll be gone all weekend in AUstin. I'm returning Monday afternoon and then volunteering at the Museum OR going to mom and dad's to hang with family. I think odds are we may not meet with family though
I didn't see students all morning today because we had an ESL teacher and administration meeting. It went very well and we discussed ordering materials for next year and testing and keepig up with paperwork and documentation on our students. ALSO of note was how the new illegal immigration bill that passed in OK affects our students. first of all we do NOT ask any student for ss#s or if they are illegal or not. HOWEVER the new bill means that none of them can apply for the OHLAP Oklahoma college scholarship program, and also they can't ride busses because that is considered transporting an illegal immigrant, shoudl get very interesting after November 1. I of course let every one know where I stand on the issue, and I don't believe that we have very many of these students anyway, however the ladies at the meeting seemed to act like it'd be bad to lose them, and I was confused unless they are worried about less money funded for the ESL students, but then we are spending less materials and time with them as a school in the long run which only benifits the other students.... hmmm

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

great weekend

Feanor and wife are here staying with me during Andrew West's wedding weekend. It's been a lot of fun. I came home from school Friday afternoon instead of going to mom's or the gym, and I vacummed and cleaned like a mad man making a few final touches to getting my place ready for guests. THey arrived at 5pm and then we went to dinner at Chelino's on N May. next back home to get ready for the welcoming party.
We got to Norman at 8pm an hour late but still a great time meeting all of Andrew' and Monicas's family and their many friends here in town for the wedding. home by 11pm.
THis morning we chilled here at the house, then went for lunch at the Art Museum cafe, and then Feanor and wife left for Norman to visit a friend. We'll meet up at 5 in Norman for the wedding and then at 7pm is the reception at the Natural History Museum in Norman. should be a cool time
Sunday I plan to go to church and see my family and also my mom's brother and my brother who are visiting this weekend. I plan to hang out with the fmaily SUnday afternoon and then come home and mow. Wow next week is my last full week of classes this year, went by FAST which is not a bad thing really....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

T oo z dey

great day!
I woke up early this morning and went swimming before breakfast. Then home for Scrambled eggs and oatmeal and a bowel of cereal. yum
I found a baby robin egg in the grass. I brought it inside and blew out the yold, it was so small and yellow, and i sort of wished I had tried cooking it up but it was so small why bother, plus I don't know how long it had been thrown down on the lawn.
anyway, the best thing about getting up and around is I had lots of time to prepare to leave the house this morning. that was nice. I am now swimmig every morning since shirtless summer is coming and plus it's easy for me to wake up with the sun coming up earlier at my age.

Remember the kid I mentioned that I didn't want to test, he was very hateful coming in to take the test and when I went to check on him ( it was a writing test) he had hardly written anything, and when I asked him to pease try to do more and if he was upset to miss gym class that hour and what was the big deal, he got a little angry inside and started crying. gee whiz. anyway he went on about how he speaks only English at home, and why does he have to take the test, and his mom didn't put him as having a second language etc etc.
so I told him, relax, go back to class, we won't bother you again with the test. and I got him to talk to me about his horses and how he hurt his leg last week, and that was that. anyway, we'll mark his test invalid for testing probably and then get the required form on file where his parents sign that they request to opt out of the esl program. blah blah. who cares....e tc

I worked out after school, back and shoulders today. and then tonight at work I've been working on the usual hassle with the non user friendly APECS system they have here.... will be turning in early tonight hopefully after scrubbing down the shower a bit.

Monday, May 14, 2007

flash floods in Bethany OK.......

I took these pictures last Wednesday morning of the street out front of my house with all the flash flood rain we got that morning. I had to go north and then west over to college street to get out of the addition, because of all the flooding and some roads closed off. Good thing I drive a pickup!

it's GREAT Outdoors tonight

of course I'm INSIDE here at work. I just went outside to get a pullover to wear here at my desk. I was getting really cold drinking some ice tea and with the air conditioner on inside.

I had nice weekend. lot's of house cleaning in preparation for next weekend's house guests. Feanor and his wife are coming for Andrew West's wedding. should be a fun busy weekend.

I volunteered this last Saturday morning downtown, and then went and ran a couplep miels at the gym, and then over to CAfe Do Brazil. I am glad to report that Johnny Papas has returned to doing his one man bossa nova show on Saturday's 10 - 2 pm. It's an awesome experience to enjoy the music and club sandwich and apple spiced cake. yum. OF course they have some great Brazilian food there, I just happen to get the least brazilian thing on the menu.

that afternoon I mowed the yard after getting home, then continued to clean house, took a nap, ate some cookies from last weekend. and then I watched an 80' movie I rented "New York Stories".

Sunday went to church and then lunch at Rib Crib with mom and dad. after that went to their house to get help from dad making two more shelves for my wall shelf project I started last year.

This week should be pretty steady. I've finished all my ESL testing except for one sixth grader who is a big jerk and could care less about trying on the test. I still need him to do the writing part of the test since he was out with an injured leg last week. What makes it all the more uncomfortable even though the kid is a real jerk, is that I really don't like the test that the state adapted for testing English. It's really really awful. It's what I consider "over thorough". a normal ENglish speaking AMerican kid would probably not even pass. Ah well, I think once the state see that no ESL student is testing out of ESL because of the difficulty of the test, they will feel it in the pocket book and perhaps make some changes. or not... who knows.

this is the last week with seniors, and then next week is actually the last week of classes. We do have to come back after memorial weekend to make up 2 days from when it snowed, but those are just final test days.

I plan to fly down to Austin that weekend and then come back for tests Tuesday and Wednesday.

more plants

the first one is Euphorbia, I took another close up shot of the funky looking blooms it puts forth. THe second pic is "Helleborus" or commonly known as Lenton Rose. both are perenialls.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I ordered some peonies online today.

They won't arrive until this fall of course, and then I won't see anything until maybe next year, but most like the following summer 09. Good gardening takes patience that way.

Here are three that I chose. Green Halo, Hot Chocolate, and Coral Charm.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

this JBU bud is quite the artist...........more from LASATER

I found a few new paintings on John Lasater's website. So I'm glad he's still painting. the kids on the beach, Amish clothesline, and marshall's field remain my favorites.
This new one is titled "Grey", Obviously this artist grew up around horses,everything is right about this one.

hometown baghdad

good internet video series all about iraquis living in baghdad, documentary style.

Immigration reform in Oklahoma 1804

the bill 1804 passed here in Oklahoma Tuesday.
the law states that public businesses are required to check a national database now before hiring anyone who could be illegal which doesn't go into effect until Nov 1 2007. And then private busineeses have until July 8 2008 to comply.
I guess we'll have to wait a year to see if the bill actually has any impact on taking away the jobs, this is what will have the biggest impact on illegal immigration because without jobs, they will not come to this state.
The law also makes it illegal to harbor or transport illegal immigrants, which I think will be interesting to see just how it's enforced.
I got this quote from
"We have room for but one flag, the American Flag. We have room for but one language, the English language, and we have room for but one sole loyalty, and that is a loyalty to the American people. " - - Pres. Theodore Roosevelt.

more JBU buds..... where are they now etc....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

jbu buds always.... etc etc

here are some pics I found online of some JBU friends .
first up is Andrew and Monica who got engaged last fall and are getting married in a week and a half! Next is Brian Hill at a cafe downtown Siloam, and then his wife Janet with their cutey daughter. And then from Janets birthday party, a picture of Heather Goehner and Heather Johnstone and my bff Shannon Clayberg. what a crew.

Monday, May 07, 2007

rose bush on the side of the house


rained all last night, was nice. We are going to have weather all week. and tonight I can fell the pressure system because my sinus pressure is giving me a headache. yuck!
I was speaking in a normal voice today though, after having a froggy lower voice all last week.
I spent TOO much money at stupid TLC nursery this last weekend. I have weakness for cool plants, and they have many cool ones, only thing is they charge a LOT. so lame but anyway, I got some very good stuff.
THe ARkansas Amsonia I was calling and waiting forever for, was finally put out and so I got 3 of them at 8.99 each, ouch. and I got two nice Euphorbias, and some lupine anuals, and a coupe tropical small rubber tree plants for some reason or another....
well the good thing is all the rain last night and this week will water every thing in nicely.
I finally got my back room cleared out yesterday. and now I have stuff everywhere but it is part of the clean up process. my motto in times like these is " a place for everything, everything in it's place". the trickis finding a place for everything. I have a basement with shelves but it gets reallyl damp down there with all the rain, and then there is the attick but I want to be careful what I put up there also. fun.
I made chocolate chip cookies last night and I also put in white chocolate m&ms that I had in the fridge. they turned out pretty good, this time I added the flour gradually and it really made a difference.
I'm working some extra hours this week at the night job so I won't be working out any this week. I am going to try and make up for it by getting up early and going swimming but I'm not sure I can make myself do that if I fell all stopped up or headachy. going to try thought because Memorial weekend is coming up and I think I might try and get away to Texas for a sort of vacation, even though I'll have to teach a few days after mem weekend...a h well.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Penguin !

i found these 2 shirts on ebay today, one is short sleeve and the other in long sleeve. maybe cool for this summer....

more plants

here are pics of the blue delphinium which is new this spring and maybe planted too close to the daylily, the next is a plant I got last year which I don't remember at all what it is but it has been the most interesting yet this spring, and I'm going to go back and look for more this weekend. the others are Peonies which haven't opened yet for lack of sun this week, lots of clouds and rain but no complaints. hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

sleeping with allergies

My allergies kicked in Saturday night with a little bit of sore throat and some non-drainage, thus the sore throat. anyway I woke up Sunday stuffed up and made it through the day although not thinking too staight, and then Monday and today I went ahead and took claritonD which I rememberd having in my bathroom drawer.
well, I tried to sleep better Sunday night by using two pillows lying on my side with an arm up under the pillow. the goal was to keep my head elevated so I wouldn't feel the pressure and everything would drain better. i don't know. so last night, Monday night, I decided to try something unusual. I tried sleeping sitting up against a bunch of pillows rolled up into a ball.
I got this idea from a show once showing old dutch houses where they slept in cubicles in the wall with a bunch of pillows and just rolled up inthere and leaned againt the pillows and walls. so that was my theory, I took a big stack of pillows on one side of my bed and a stack of three against the headboard and then I sat in the inside corner they mad. I pulled my blankets up over me and the pillow and sort of held my legs with one arm and lean my head against the pillow on the one side of me. I actually slept that way all night, but I can't say that I remember it being any more sound a sleep. I didn't wake up feeling congested at all, but that could just be the effect of yesterday's rain cleaning some pollen out of the air, for all I know.
when I woke up this morning and hit snooze, I laid back down in bed normally and it felt pretty good I have to admit after sleeping like that all night.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

blog shmog

man I've been crazy busy with work. night job a big report on all the students and hours they came each month since last July... .aughh and the day job I've been going to all the schools trying to test the ESL kids... long story ongoing this week.
anyway more posts AND pics soon.
I lost my camera last weekend and assumed the worst that it was lost or stolen, but I had just left it on my desk at the high school. so more garden shots coming up soon.
great immigration bill passed today if the governor doens't veto it.
more on that later too.