Friday, June 29, 2007

rain all week

these pics are of my neighbors yard down the street, i thought the purple and orange looked nice.

End of the week, rain ALL WEEK~

was a good week, not too busy, I had a test on Wednesday in my horticulture class. I had studied the section on plant hormones, and photosynthesis, but forgot to look back in the notes at grafting and propagating. oops. so I might have missed a couple, which is no big deal really but I would like to get straight 100s!
It's been raining all week so not much yard work getting done, but the house is a lot cleaner inside, so that is good.
I joined "facebook" last week so I've had some fun getting in contact with former students of mine in Honduras, that is very cool.

the Immigration Reform bill was shot down yesterday. This is good news. The only thing tha basically needs to happen is enforcement of the laws against hiring people who are here illegally. If the jobs weren't here they wouldn't come in such big numbers. it's true. The new bill would have given amnesty basically rewarding all those who have broken the law with residency, which is unfair to those who spend a lot of time and money getting visas to come here legally. it was also a bit unrealistic, considering there are around 12 million illegal immigrants here expected to "go back home" and them come back legally.
It will be interesting to see how the issue plays as a part of the presidential race. it's obvious that the majority of people want English spoken at all places, they don't want to choose and option of language on the phone or at the bank, and they believe laws should be enforced and borders protected. that's obviously the majority.
the candidates will be playing to the minority latino groups to get votes, and then the corporate business interests who don't want to increase the poor low minimum wage they can pay to migrant workers will be lobbying candidates as well.
remember to keep your langauge stating ILLEGAL immigrants, because those defending illegal immigrants use only the word immigrant, or act as if their is racial bias against all latino immigrants. I welcome all legal immigrants to this country, I love there varity of language and culture they bring, but I am against illegal immigrants and those who take geographical advantage of the easy crossing into this country from Mexico.
Was Nafta's effect on our trading economy really worth it when jobs going to Mexico pay almost nothing, and the country does nothing to improve its economy and this is why they all have to come here for work. Do all the illegal immigrants living here really boost our economy, or just keep Mexico's economy going with all the American dollars sent back home to Mexico? things to consider blah blah

Monday, June 25, 2007

great movies weekend.

i saw this great movie last Friday night called "Rape of Europa". It is a documentary about World War II and the systematic culling of art from the museums around europe as Hitler moved his armies throughout. It was shown at the Museum of Art downtown here in Oklahoma City. was fascinating to hear to sories about the Louvre in Paris, or the Hermitage in Moscow, and also the museums in Florence, Italy, and how all the art had to be taken down and removed and hidden. Some successfully and others not. Sad to hear about Warsaw Poland and the complete destruction of the city. The movie speaks about the architecture of cities that was destroyed and the allied forces success and failures in attmepts to not destroy important landmarks. One bit shows artwork of Hitler and others even done by Hitler that are in the national gallery and are considered too controversal to be displayed. Great film. I have the book and remember reading it poolside at the Gold's Gym in Tegucigapla on weekends.
last night I rented"born Rich". Another great documentary.

Friday, June 22, 2007

some yard work today, was a nice day off work...

on the side of my house....
this is TExas Lilac I planted last year and it looks great this summer.
the other pics are today's yard project I extended out one of the flower beds out front.

and these are flowers from the yard.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Paul Potts from the British show Got Talent...etc..

recap of last weekend........etc

had a good time in Siloam Srings last weekend, My Friend JEff and I chilled back and had some very nice calazone's he made by hand, they were extremely tasty and saucy and meaty. YUM!
Saturday morning I went with Trish to JBU for Early REgistration Weekend to give her a little support while she went through enrollment. SHe is moving back to SIloam SPrings.
the rest of the day I was with Jeff N and we went running around Fayetteville, to the photo store and then to ROgers and the Promenade Mall, and then back home eventually. CHilled with Jeff adn his Wife Saturday night, they made Chicken Parmesan, which was also awesome and soft and tender and very tasty.
Next to the Coffee shop to see Heather and her sisters, and the Janet Hill dropped by to say HEY.
I went to church with Shannon and Jamey and TRish, instead of visiting SIlaom BIble CHurch like I usually will when visiting. It was a nice service and Janet's husband Bryan even preached the word that morning. HAcienda MExican food after church and then I came home.

It's been a good week, clases and work and mowed yesterday. had a test this mornign I missed a few though, I could remember the parts of the Pistil, the stigma but not the receptacle, and then other tough questions.
SUnday night I rented DOdgeball and watched it with my new roomate Jason, and then last night we watched Pan's Labyrinth , which is awesome yet violent but pretty fantastical. LOTS of rain all last night. I ran today and now at work catching up on things.

Friday I'll be off all day , and am planning to go to mom and dad's to get furniture they are bringing from Paula's.
This Saturday I will be volunteering at the Memorial Museum, then the gym and then lunch.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Andrew Wyeth at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa

I really enjoyed stopping by the museum in Tulsa to browse over the special Andrew WYeth exhibit now showing. THw works were watercolor and drawing, including many studies of Christina and brother Alvaro Olsen, their house, and tools used around the farm. He had a relationship with the two beginning on the day he met his wife. She had taken him to meet the Olsen's to see how he'd react to the state of Christina who was not able to walk due to a case of MS. He grew a deep admiration for Christina and fascination for the house and land. The property dated back at least 4 or 5 generations there in Maine. He felt the house had a certain connection with history, tradition, and spirits from tales of withcraft in early America.
Many sketches, studies of hands, objects, views around the house, some paintings done in aggressively swiftly stricken watercolor and others carefully done and composed. The solitary house there among the grass and bush, such variety of greys and brown, light and dark, detail and painterly dashes of color in the foreground or the solitary figure with wooden expression that tells many stories in a wooden shadowed room. A view from the porch, down the hall, the window, the chimney, Alvaro in the field. The boots or tools resting near the house...etc The Exhibit is like an illustrated display of artifacts, of location, and abbreviated documentary of the lives of these two.

There were no paintings quite as detailed and colorful as what I've seen online, and none were found on any merchandise in the museum. however I do include some art here with this post, the one of the window is most similar to those in the exhibit.

( To the Gilcrease; poor signing in the gallery.... at one point a sign alone on a wall refers to the last portrait done of Alavaro, and why he said it would be his last that he'd pose for, and something about the knickel lamp in "this portrait", and yet I had no idea which of the five paintings on the adjacent wall it was referring to, the third painting down was dated the latest with'52, but in another gallery I saw a painting dated even later of ALvaro in the doorway. poor job.
.....and again, a sign refers to the last portrait made of Christina done in tempura a few months before she died mentioning the look in her eyes, and yet I had no idea if it was referring to the watercolor on the right of Christina's profile next to a bed in the room, or the pencil drawing portrait study on the left. Once again poor job. )

Overall I'm glad I made the stop driving through Tulsa to check it out and would recommend anyone do the same. During the drive home I thought of the inspiration Wyeth felt in returning to this location and the Olsens and painting things over and over again and what might parallel that in my life. Of course I thought immediately of 616 College St in Siloam Springs and Mr. and Mrs. Henry. What might I draw, paint, or photograph given the opportunity long ago....The panelled walls and case full of antique dolls inside the back room of the house, the sewing machine near the fireplace, the tin cabinets and stove, the furniture draped with plastic, the chicken ceramic plates and accessories in the kitchen, or the bathroom where the ferns would hang in over the bathtub in the winter. Or perhaps Mrs. Henry walking through the yard using her walker, Mr. Henry digging up something she ordered from the other side of the yard, resting on the porch in front or the the porch near the side entrance, the view from inside the garage looking out to the drive, the "marching soldier" rows of seedling lined up in the large seedling bed behind the house, the long beds clinging to the fence in the narrow alleyway in back, looking down at the water faucet behind the Azaleas outside where Mrs. would train everyone NOT to put your hand on the white brick when leaning in to turn it on or off, the iron gate and wallkway under the large oak tree in front of the house where twice I'd heard squirrel land, thud, from falling out of the tree, goldfish pond, the hillside where we dumped the unwanted daylilies, Mr. Henry's trapped Raccoons or cats who'd mistakenly entered the gardens... I thought of those things, pictured how each might look framed as a drawing, sketched study , or painting,and then quickly took in a deep breath and changed the subject in my mind before feeling too much of anything.

pics fo the yard this weekedn

Friday, June 15, 2007

from SIloam Spring

Im 'in Arkansas.

I left the house just before 11 and got here by 1:30.
I stopped and filled up my pickup in OKC< then I drove through downtown Tulsa because I ws going to stop at the gilvrease but now I think I will do that on Sunday on the way home.

I came straight here to Fatigas for asandwich and then the French Hen, and now I'm at Channon's uploading pictures onto the daylily forum at I know I"m such a nerd.

plan to relax here and hang and then go to see Jeff and pregnant Emily at 5. the weekend begins..............

Thursday, June 14, 2007

thsi one is "siloam ebony doll"

I would like to multiply this one and plant it in the yard with the dark rubber tree plants in back. looks great with some of the purply hedges around my house also I think.

daylilies in the yard...

busy thursday, whats new

got up this morning, lots and lots of rain last night.
watched some tv, the roomate came back from work he was rained out from working.
I cleaned the kitchen and tried straightening up around the house and my room, and then some laundry done.
went to lunch at Jason's Deli to meet Andrew West and an OKC bud Scott the banker.
nice good long lunch great conversation, they're both sharp guys. then to Academy sports store so Drew Wester could buy some softball gloves for he and his wife's work team, and I got some mouth guards for when I grind my teeth in bed at night.
I had noticed my automatic draft had not been paid to my mortgage and had called the bank, so after lunch I went to get a check and take to my bank. they are sending it to my new bank which now has my mortgage. I of course have been throwing away all mail from any bank other than my own, so I called the new bank and asked for another form to get the automatice draft going again...
went home and threw my friend SCott's bike in the back of my truck then took my truck to the get an oil change. biked home and relaxed, played piano, walked around the yard and got 3 mosquito bites, came in and shaved and got ready for gym then biked over to get my truck and brought the bike back home and then to the gym and then here at work!
good day. tomorrow I'll be driving up to SIloam Springs, I am going to try and go to teh Gilcrease Art Museum in Tulsa on my way and see the Andrew Wyeth exhibit there. hope all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007