Monday, July 30, 2007

summer vacation part 2

Friday morning, Brad and Ruth took me to Saugatuck and Holland, Michigan. Suagatuck was a really beautiful quaint river side town, with lots of shops, eateries, and art galleries (mainly modern sculpture and paintings). it was tons of fun. Their son Allan came along and we walked all over and took some nice photos. When we went to Holland we got to walk around downtown and shop the huge annual sidewalks sales going on there. I bought some shoes on sale, go figure.

summer vacation part 1

I got to the airport by 5 am, but the flight did not leave at 6 am thrusday morning as expected. A LOT of rain in Chicago delayed our flight from taking off so we sat there until 7:30 am....arriving near Chicago later, we were told we couldn't land because of the back up, and because we might run out of fuel the plane would have to land in Peoria, Illinois...luckily in the nick of time we were given clearance to land in Chicago.However my flight to Grand Rapids had already left and there were only 2 other leaving that day and both were completely sold out. The entire airport was a mess with tons of people who had also missed flights and were all trying to fit in on others and continue traveling.... yuck.I was given the choice of taking the next available flight to GR which left at 10 pm Friday night. OR fly to Detroit at 2:30, and then also try flying standy to GR at 1 pm. I decided to fly to Detroit if I couldn't make it on the GR flight at 1 pm.... Of course there were many other people hoping to get on the same flight, so after chatting with some people while waiting a long time. I agreed to rid ein the car with two other guys trying to get to GR. One British Salesman, Marc, from massachusetts who was going to rent a company rental car and did not mind us coming along, and the other guy a young cowboy type from kansas City. so we left by 2:30pm and had a pretty nice road trip, each taking turns chatting up some and asking questions, and then sometime cracking jokes. the business guy is the sales rep to Asia for his company so he had lots of really interesting culture clash stories to share with me, and the kid in the back seat was a bullrider and getting ready to start his senior year of highschool where he also played football. We were surprised he was so young, but he said he's travelled all over the coutnry riding bulls so he's used to travelling etc...These photos are of Chicago and then the two guys from the road trip at the airport when we finally arrived at 9pm. The reason it took us so long is we stopped along the way to eat, and then took about an hour driving around GR trying to find the airport without a map just asking people alone the way. ha

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm in Grand Rapids

I'll pst later about the airport delays, and have you heard the one about the British salesman, the cowboy and the ESL teacher sharing a car from CHicago to Grand Rapids?
drove aro7nd Saugatuk and Holland yesteday, today Brad's birthday party, and tomorrow Grand haven and the BEACH....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Great birthday weekend !!!

had a great extra long weekend in Siloam Springs. went up THursday and arrived in time for lunch at the dowtown cafe (across from the city barber). I wanted to get a haircut from my college barber, Bill, but he was off until Friday. I hung out with Shannon and Jamie after lunch, and then Trish at her new house in SIloam; we went to lowes and bought plants for her yard. Then THursday night Shannon made us all dinner. I relaxed with them some and then went to Jeff and Emily's to visit and stay the the night> FRIDAY, I got a haircut at the city barber, yeah BILL! and then went to watch Regis and Kelly at Trish's and help her move some things around. next, lunch with Kirk and a friend from his work, went to visit Kirk's wife Heidi after that, and then went to hang out a bit with Trish before getting back to Jeff and Emily's and relaxing and getting ready for dinner. We met everyone else at la Hacienda restuarant for my birthday, and then over to Brian and Janet Hill's for drinks and hang out time in their beautiful house and back yard. I also went by the coffee shop and chatted it up with Heather and Heidi's sisters, Hope and Harmony.
Saturday I slept in! went to see the Claybergs, then lunch with a former student from Honduras who I taught in 7th and 8thg grade there, and she just graduated from my alma mater, JBU. saw trish later and then we went to meet jamie and Shannon to leave for Rogers and see HARRY POTTER movie 5. it was Awesome. Trish and I went by the downtown cafe for a bit after getting back to siloam.
I came home yesterday morrning, ate in Tulsa at the mall where I bought some shampoo,. and then mowed the front yard when I got home.
here we go. 3 days of work and school and then GRAND RAPIDS on thursday morn! sweet!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm leaving tomorrow morning for ARkansas for the weekend. so it will be nice to get away, I had a test this morning in class. then I've been working ever since here at Metrotech from 12:30 to 9 pm.. long day but worth it for getting off tomorrow.
I found a house this week that is a fixer upper in Bethany near my house, so I'm considering in investing. I also heard the news today that Mrs. Henry's house is up for sale again... boo hoo. I'm not at al lready to get back to Siloam at this point, my home and job is here in OKC now.
I also bought these stamps off of ebay tonight just because they look cool. and I can frame them or stick them on an envelope when writing to a friend jsut for decoration. ha.
this song is very good. Amy Macdonald, "Mr. Rock and Roll"...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

speak English

one of my favorite parts of the SCRIPT from the movie TRANSFORMERS.
I love the way in one scene there are these guys talking, and one of them keeps going off in another language, and each time a different buddy says, We Speak English, or We don't understand you, or Speak English!. I think that is awesome to be included in a summer blockbuster, it just sort of gets my message out and demonstrates what everyone must feel when hearing other language used by people who refuse to learn English and relate and communicate with the majority of citizens in this country who speak only English. I'm not against speaking and learning and continuing using a native language when coming from another country. BUT I am completely for everyone being required to speak English before becoming a citizen of this country.
ahh well, sadly enough, the is the same as always, its money that drives everything. And because of the unregulated huge explosion in illegal immigrant population, it has created a non-English speaking market who have many American dollars to spend. SO of course everything slowly changes to other languages being broadcast and used in signs and at the counter so as to fight for that market. Your children and grandchildren will someday be turned down jobs in this country for speaking only English and not Spanish....and most of those jobs will all go to the people who are legal American citizens born in this country from illegal immigrant parents.

Monday, July 16, 2007

a Mighty Fortress

this isn't JBU but I've sung it many times while in college, and I look froward to getting the chance again someday......

also "this is my Father's World" is one of my favorite hymns.

fun summer

had a nice weekend. I rented harry potter 3 Griday night and watched with my roomie, and then Saturday I have lunch with a friend from work at the Cafe do Brazil, went to the art museum , and then went home and mowed the yard. Saturday night I watched harry potter 4.
Church SUnday morning and then to mom and dad's to chat a little, and then I went to a new movie theater in Yukon on the way home.
what? you haven't seen it yet??
go to the movie theater asap and check it OUT!!
great great movie, never slowed down or stopped. excellent film.
SUnday evening I clean out my bedroom closet and I can actually walk in there now. and then I kept cleaning and practicing piano now and then all night.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

anyone recognise the shirt?.. it's my favorite Strokes t-shirt. we were horsing around with the camera yesterday at work, since Faviola, the cutie behind me there at the desk, is leaving Thursday to prepare before leaving to South Korea next week to teach English.... So you can see it's not all work all the time at my night job. ha. will miss you Fabiola!

THe last photo is from my Horticulture class's field trip this morning. we went to the FoodBank here in Okc. they are testing out in the greenhouse a system of growing Tilapia fish for food. There are about 85 or more fish in the tub there that the man bought as tiny inch long babies in March. they should be ready to eat by September. In this photo, the tub on the left drains into the lower shelf and then water is pumped up to the top shelf and then drained into the second and then back to the tub. It's an orgain way of filtering out the fish waste and also feed the herbs growing on the shelves. pretty interesting set up!

more flowers this summer in the yard outside

Sunday, July 08, 2007

what a day!

very busy Saturday and weekend. wow. Friday I woke up anad went to the Memorial Museum to volunteer and then had my usual Tilapia lunch at the Art Museum Cafe. went home and mowed, then got ready to go downtown to my niece's wedding rehearsal dinner at Joe's crabtown in bricktown... very nice and lots of people. I woke up Saturday morning in order to drive to Delaney's flowers when it opened at 8am. t pick up more flowers needed for my niece's wedding and then went home to gather the other flower's I'd picked up at ALbertsons and then took them to the church by 10 am to help set up. got home by 12:30 to eat lunch at Citybites then back to church by 2pm for the wedding. Congratulations Matt and Haley Wycoff!!! ..... after we had the reception and cleaned up, I went to my parents, then back home to change and get ready for an Island style party in Norman at Andrew and Monica's... got home late! whooo

Monday, July 02, 2007

what I did last weekend.....

excellent weekend.
although it did rain a LOT.
I had a nice lunch at the Cafe Do Brazil on Saturday and then walked around the OKC Art Museum for a bit before heading back home to relax a bit and watched some tv with the roomie. Next I was driving downtown again to make an outdoor play "Midsummer's night Dream" by shapespeare in the park, at the Myriad gardens outdoor amphitheater. Was a nice setting ot see the play. 18th century dress and the faeries all had on East Indian costumes.
SUnday church and then lunch with Mom and Dad and my aunt Judee.
went home to my parents all afternoon to scan some photographs and post on facebook, and then wrote an article review which I turned in this morning at my hort class. I mowed the lawn last night right before it rained, again, and took this photo before going inside to relax - looks nice with the flag up and the clouds in the background.
going to watch the ben stiller movie tonight museum watchman or something like that...


this is an asiatic lily.
and this is the shirt I wore to church on Sunday; I was talking to a friend about finally wearing a shirt for the first time that I got in NYC back in Feb .

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Siloam Dean Reusser and Siloam Dean's double...

I thought I'd post some photos from my weekend.
Friday I went to lunch with GRiffin. I took a close up of my shirt and awesome QUickSIlver jacket, and ANdrew getting in his car and the bumper stickers on his car and the one next to us. we ran errands after lunch in the RAIN.
Saturday the rain broke and I we did some flower boxes out front with red white and blue for July 4th and the pink geraniums represent firecrackers... that was my goal anyhow...