Tuesday, August 28, 2007

projects outside

some photos of the flower beds outside where I extended the existing bed around the side of the house to the front, planted some hostas and more flowers.
The picture is of me on my way to church Sunday with the funky chin beard.

yucca plant bloomed last week

Monday, August 27, 2007

nice weekend

the weather has been great for August here in OKC.
I had great weekend getting things done. I planned on mowing after school on Friday, but it rained so I stayed in side and cleaned up my room and the kitchen. Saturday morning I was able to sleep in a bit. shop online some, and then around 10 I went outside and weedeated all around the flowerbeds, looks a LOT better, it's funny I only ever do that a few times each summer though.
I piddled in the yard and then had some lunch, came home and mowed, went to the mall next and bought some easter stuff marked way down, also some CHEAP sunglasses at a booth there, then I went to lowe's for to change a lightbulb and I also bought some of those outdoor solar powered lights for my yard. Next I went to the bookstore and bought some books wiht pictures of fish in them that I have a project for in mind.
I don't remember what I did the rest of Saturday night, I guess watch tv.
I had a great time yesterday also. After church I went to lunch wiht my parents and aunt and uncle. and then to my mom and dad's to see there vacation pictures, and came home and got outside and planted some things in the beds, mulched a little, and then I got my record player on the back porch and played a some albums while I painted the picket fence. It takes a long time and I never finished last summer so I'm going at it little by little again. I listened to a Meatloaf album "bat out of hell", and Mama's and Papa's and John Denver's Spirit.
when it got dark I went inside and pidlled around, talked to roomate, and then played piano a bit before heading for bed. very good weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurricane Dean

well now there's a timely heading.... I'm a category 5 hurricane right now going across the gulf of mexico to dump flood amounts of rain on the mountains there.

I dove right in last week and have been busy ever since. Students came last Friday back to school. I have a good number of students this year. I'll be going to the other middle school so there is one more trip I'll be making but no big deal; there is a need there so I'm willing to teach the girl in 6th grade there. lot sof new teachers that I still need to meet in our district, I am looking into setting it up next year with administration to make me a part of new teacher training so I can introduce myselfe and explain our ESL program...etc.
last weekend I mowed the yard, spread some leftover grubkiller, and then a bag of pre-emergent killer Friday afternoon and napped, and then rented a movie. timing was just right because of the rain friday night. I volunteered at the museum sat morn, ran at the gym and then llunch at the art museum. I asked who the cook was, and told the guy how my tilapia was undercooked and something tasted a bit different in the sauce and mashed potatoes. I also got a boars head italian sandwhich to go, which I ate for dinner Saturday evening.
Sunday morning Hurricane Erin came through OKC as a tropical storm. I was out very early in the morning checking out the wind blown damage, just branches here and there really. but I was stepping in some puddles and mud in the back yard trying to cut off some branches hanging over my power lines to the house, and I noticed the water and air felt really warm and tropical.. serious. after chuch I went to the rabbit rescue place way south of okc to get some Rabbit manure for my new beds. It was only kind of worth the trip, the manure is mixed with some shavings and I prefer just manure, so it looks like I will have to go back to the bethany country store. even though they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE sense at all. place is really weird and rude and just awful. I would never go back if they weren't my only source of rabbit manure.
The rabbit rescue place had two barns, both airconditioned but smelled awful.
I'd like to find a place like in Arkansas whered they raised rabbits for meat and Mrs. Henry got manure for her beds, but I couldn't ask the lady about a rabbit meat farm since she has a rescue operation going on.
sunday rested well, been working at the schools ever since getting names and students identified at whatever school they are and finding who their teachers are and communicating with them..etc... all my goals this week.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

transitional times

well I've obviously been pretty busy lately, no posts since last wednesday.
had a very good weekend, and was busy last week just enjoying my last free days at home. ha. I dug most every morning last week in preparation of tilling the new flower bed on the north side of the house.
I rented some very excellent movies last weekend. Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremecy, and Hot FUzz. awesome movies. Hot FUzz ahs the same guys from "Shawn of the Dead" british movie.
well anyway, Sunday morning my roomate brought home a tiller from work ( i've since shopped at Lowes and found hand tillers for$199 or $299....) anyway, I got up and tilled and worked outside from 10 am until 2pm all day Sunday. ( I watched St Luke's church that morning on tv) I tilled the dirt on the bottom layer, mixed in more peat most and another layer of dirt and tilled again, and then I realized I was going to need to add MORE dirt, so I kept wheelbarrowing more and more dirt from the back yard back into the front beds, and throwing out more peat moss, eventually one final tilling back and forth with some potting soil, humus and manure, and alfalfa pellets thrown in. THe bed now stands with daylilies towards the front and lots of new hostas in the shady part. This weekend I will drive down south of Norman to a rabbit sanctuary and get some manure to spread all over the new bed, and then mulch with leaves most likely or pine bark mulch.

I went back to work at Mustang Schools Tuesday this week. so I'm back into a busy schedule of working day job and night job. students return Friday. I'm going to miss my house and piddling around outside and cleaning up inside.

I have 4 more days before I have to decide if I want to live without as much money as usual and take one night off a week for a night class, this time Deciduous plants 1. I don't think I will take the class though because I'm not sure why I'm taking it and it's just easier to stick with my usual routine of working. blah

also I saw a 62 red VW beetle for sale for 1200, it runs but needs a lot of interior work, I almost wanted to buy it immediately but the guy on the phone sounded sort of like a redneck and didn't seem to care there was no seat belt. I don't know for 1200 I think it'd be nice to have that car parked in my back yard. or maybe I could spend 1000 and put a new engine in it and refurbish it eventually. I was explaining to a friend how that's always been a dream to have a vw bug or van, so maybe this isn't the right time but later in life?

I"m drinking white tea tonight and have an hour more of work.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

pick up ranger 2000

I took my pickup in to Rons' Goodyear tires in Bethany yesterday and got it back before coming to work tonight. what a smooth ride! It's been vibrating over 65 mph and making a click sort of noise when I come to a stop. dad suggested the Ujoint, and sure enough I had both of them replaced and it drove much better!!! I'm so glad it's been repaired and back to working order. all for just $178 within a day, not BAD-- Thanks Len scott for some great service!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

pictures of the snow patrol concert, and this week's project

I dug up some bermuda grass last weekend and continued this week to get the dirt out. so here are some pictures before and after, but just wait for the real AFTER pic next spring when hopefully we'll see hosta's and tulips coming up...
the other pic is Snow Patrol at OKC Zoo Ampitheater and me in my goofy rock and roll sunglasses ( and lot's of grey hair!)... ha

Plain White T's, Hey there Delilah...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tricolor Beech, I want this tree!

Mrs. Henry had this tree in her yard, and now I want one. but they are extremely difficult to find I am finding out. there was one online at a nursery for $199.99 and that is the ONLY one I could find serious. UGHHGHGH.... ahh well, I"m going to have to see what I can do at local nurseries to see if I can actually find one reasonably priced.

It really is a cool looking tree, it has dark green leaves, and then some that are dark purple, and the the leaves have this white edge around thme that turns pink to dark pink. this tree will look awesome in my yard. someday!

summer vacation part 3

Saturday morning, Brad and I discussed getting up early and going for a swim at the gym, but instead we went out for bagels. His father and a friend of the family were coming down that morning with a pig to roast all day for Brad's 40th b-day party that night. SO we had a lot of fun preparing the backyard for the party. I went with Brad and a friend Steve to get the rented grill the night before.
Sure enough right after Brad and I returned from getting some breakfast the two men were there. they laid the pig out on the grill with strips of foil underneath and started cooking the pig. Brad, Ruth and I set up tables and chairs in the backyard. I ran some errands to a grocery store, garden store, and the library to check email.
I bought a bunch of coral/pink geraniums marked WAY way down and put them all in Brad's front flower bed. THese pics show the pig, and then the party going on that night. there were over 60 people there, Brad's friends from church, all his family, and teacher friends etc... a LOT of fun. also a lot of cutey kids running around. the one kid is Asher, the son of Lisa and James. I surprised them on their doorstep in Grand Rapids Saturday afternoon. I taught with Lisa in Honduras, we were new teachers together our first year and she and Laurie lived below me in the apartments, we'd hang out a lot, share meals, adjust to the country together etc... was a true joy to get to visit with her and James (who I'd met before when he visited once in Tegus) and their kid was super cute little blond.
the last pic is Ruth, Brad, me, Lisa, and James. SUPER SUPER time.