Monday, September 24, 2007

Mike Gundy was really mad on tv this weekend!!!!

in case you missed it...

water heater

I walked down to the basement to look for something, and it was warm down there, usually it's cooler in the basement. well I see it's still wet on the back half of the floor but we haven't had any heavy rain in a long while, and the water feels warm to my barefeet. I then hear a drip drip drip and it's coming from the water heater... NO!!!!
so now I have to research and find a fair plumber to come replace the water heater, maybe this Friday since I'm off all day for teacher meetings the night before.
good thing I have the savings set aside to do so, but yuck, home ownership!
i will also have the plumber look at my house and tell me why my bathroom sink doesn't always drain, why the laundry drain overflows onto the floor sometimes and why the dishwasher leaks onto the kitchen floor at times, I suspect a clog in the line somewhere..... $$$ bye bye

spoke with the guy from Lockheedmartin and ILS

We'll be working with DLI... so many abbreviations huh, well ILS is International Logistics Solutions, and DLI is Defense Language Institute.
Lockheed has the govt contract and the subcontracting to ILS which is who sets up everything and pays the teachers. Yes, they provide health insurance; plus they pay into a defense base insurance policy as required by the govt.
from other questions I asked.....
The teachers apartment and the classrooms are in the compound.
It gets very cold there and snows in the winter.( it's funny but on the globe it looks like the same lattitude as Oklahoma City actually.)
they want a team of five teachers working with groups of 10 students at a time. The students are chosen from the top students from college wanting to be pilots. I think it involves training them enough to get 80% on their English before they can become pilots?? something like that.
we get 4 vacations a year to travel wherever, sometimes its a long 4 day weekend or it could be up to a week.
easy to fly anywhere in europe, flights are going daily to Dubai, and from there anywhere.
I'll get my own laptop and cell phone. big deal.<-sarcasm
Something about not returning to the states for a year or I can be taxed on up to 85,ooo that I've earned while out of the country.
Their are more civilian contracted workers on the base than military, it remains well protected and "safe".
They were impressed with my experience and interest and are ready to hire me. However we have yet to discuss salary or when the program would start up. I do know we would be training for 6 weeks or so in San ANtonio, TX at the military base there with the definse language institute, getting familiar with how they run their programs. apparently they do this stuff all over the world but cannot supply all the teachers needed which is why the govt put out the contract.

that's all from the lunch meeting. I will say I find it difficult to actually just jump in and decide, although while teaching my younger students I dream of leaving asap and doing something else. the high school students are the most rewarding to teach, we laugh a lot and they write words down, do what they are told, show sincere interest and do any and all exercises. but the younger kids are BORING and stubborn and make me all the more ready to push forward to that next career. i have to consider this move to afghanistan as a career move really, not just a leav and come back quick move. which I always have wanted to do, be involved with something important and meaningful, some thing interantional involving meeting new different people.
on the other hand, I really really would miss my yardwork and seeing the garden all green and fresh next spring and summer. however,it remains and will always be there to come back to if I get the right person living in my house. I'll be praying a lot as I consider my options more and more. I've decided to negotiate a salary highter than before and also I'll need them to give me some sort of time frame, because once I sign a contract for mustang ( which we teacher have yet to do this year do to negotiations...) it would be harder for me to just up and quit.

btw , they do have sattelite tv and internet in kabul, also universities etc etc etc...

more projects this weekend.......ahh yeah.

here are photos of the north side fo the house, you may remember seeing the bed full of plants, I dug everything out and tilled it and put things back with labels made from some old blinds from college I've kept this long. bascially lot of daylilies, some mondo grass, an amarallis bulb which I'm hoping is deep enough to over winter...
on the south side of the house I tilled it up and cleaned it up quite a bed including some earth infront of the cannas you see here. more daylily bulbs and some smooth sumac and texac lilac shrubs.
the last pic contains a row of seedling I'v put in from seed pods this year, these hopefully will grow nice and big next summer and then bloom summer 09. Gardening requires patience and hope.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Opportunity overseas again......

well I've sent in my resume and already heard back from the guy that I'm exactly what they are looking for. He can't discuss salary yet because they are waiting on the award. Basically what's happening is Lockheed martin is contracting ELI (English Language Institute out of San Antonio TX) to begin a school in Kabul Afghanistan at the International Airport/army base.
The one cool thing is that our training will include being trained in the U.S military's Language acquisition programs at different bases before leaving the country. ALso we are able to travel each quarter and take vacations anywhere in Europe more or less. I think I could handle living there as long as there is a church, a gym, and a piano. ha.
The contract will be for one year, with option of 1 or 2 more years. I should be able to negotiate a salary 2 times what I'm making now. SO it is only a little bit exciting because I'm not sure if they'd want me to start this year or the next. No decisions yet, just pursuing other options, after all this is my 7th year doing the ESL public school thing. Absolutely nothing holding me in OKC other than my family is here, but they all have their own lives, no reason I can't have my own and seek some adventure in life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

yardwork indeed.

NOTHING I can't do with my tiller... no holding me back. ha. well maybe too many tree roots...or funds for all the stuff I need to amend the soil..
anyway, here are pics of the yard where I've extended two flower beds last weekend, and some fun pics of me outdoors......(click for better view)

last weekend.. on no

I got a speeding ticket last Friday after school, going 58 in a 45. I was really careless it's true, and I hate it because I try to save money in so many small ways. but ahh well, at least he wrote it for 55 to save me $50. now its jsut $160. I took back a shirt to the mall saturday, and I have a paycheck from a while ago for $45 so that will help go towards the ticket. IT's because I turned off of 92 from going SLOW behind a large load and went to fast on 15th on the way home, I also think I wasn't paying attention to my speed becaues the weather was SO NICE Friday afternoon, I couldn't wait to get home and outside to mess around.

I took this picture of me in my truck, I"m wearing a shirt I made last summer but couldn't wear because it had long sleeves. I thought about it on the drive home from Austin last spring. I have purchased two shirts and sort of combined them. I don't know if you can see in the pic.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


had a really good tunafish sandwich tonight at work. for some reason fox is showing family guy instead of king of the hill, so I have switched ot another channel and watch friends, while I make my sandwich in the back room.
I have been very busy at school trying to maintain my student classes and also gather info for all the reports needed on language surveys for this years enrollment... not too stressing just keeps me really busy.
I am looking forward to this weekend because the weather is so nice this week. I plan to till up some more beds outside.
today I began the puzzle activity time with 20 students. oh boy. tomorrow I have to work out a way of storing the puzzles between the times we meet to work on them, so either I'll roll them up or stack them up, haven't decided yet.. ugh.
I ddint' swim this orning, so I plan to do so tomorrow morning, I did run 2 miles after work though.
I got an email froma teacher at work about an ESL opportunity over seas, if its 6 figures should I consider??? I don't think I could ever leave during the school lyear though. well maybe I could. ha

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hello tuesday

been a great week, I got up and swam this morning. I'm trying to get back into a routine of getting up and swimming before work. also running and hopefully soon working out after school.
I have been very busy at my day job working on the language surveys and finding out who I am supposed to be testing for ESL. also working with lots of teachers with ESL kids in helping them modify class assignments. Some of these teachers havent' asked, but I see the ESL students homework assigned the same as everyone else and that is pointless and discouraging, so I have to again make suggestions or help in general train these teachers so they no what to do,( when willing).
The n orth middle school has a new thing where second hour is 25 minutes of ENRICHMENT time. so all the teachers sponsor an activity, mine is PUZZLES. So I went to WalMart and bought lots of puzzles and felt to roll them up in between classes. I have 20 coming tomorrow and we will do puzzles during that time... the activities change every 9 weeks. should be interesting. It is only M,W, and Fri. Tues and THurs is for advisory time which luckily I didnt' have any assigned, THANK GOODNESS since I amm ESL. ha.

However I will say I am looking forward to the "fun" time of doing puzzles with the kids and getting to interact with some ENglihs speaking American kids, its always fun to get to know the kids when you don't have to teach some big thing, but just chill and you know be a good influence yadda yadda.

not too many weekends left for yard work fun...

these are some pics of my yard last week. The Macho fern was under the tree but I moved it in front of the carport for a while. it grew really big this year but not as full as I could have gotten it. and then there is a pic of the yucca plants in my yard, I was glad to see another two stalks with buds coming up last week. and then the last pics are daylily seedlings coming up, I won't see them bloom until the summer after next! ha.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

summer over, ready for another weekend....

I'll be tilling tomorrow I'll bet.... he he
looking forward to the weekend. doing a bit of shopping tomorrow after school. I sort of have been considering getting a pair of blackish jeans this fall so I'm going to try some on at banana republic. I also have a shirt idea in mind, I'm going to shop for something on sale at Jcrew.
but this will be quick and brief because I really want to get home and do some yard work, i want to mow the yard ( If its not raining ), and then other yard work like maybe tilling, mulching, and/or planting.
I am also considering getting haircut this weekend, and/or going to siloam springs. as of now, things are unplanned. There is a plant sale in OKC Saturday morning and I wanted to go so I could join the local chapter of Hemerocallis society, pay my dues, and talk to some of the others there at the sale.

I DO look forward to getting a little housework done this weekend, last weekend I was so busy with volunteering and yard work and painting the fence, that inside the house was sort of overlooked.
now it's all a mess indeed. I'm pretty excited about receiving some videos from blockbuster, one is Extras TV show from HBO and the other is a documentary about the life of a photographer.

I went by my dad's this afternoon to get some help changing the bulb in the front headlight of my pickup. I am getting in a good routine of teaching at 3 schools this year each day. There also remains a LOT of paperwork in filling forms and getting students test scores accounted for. Also finding who is new to the district who needs to be tested.

I do have one goal this year that I'm going to try and put some energy into. That is I want to contact all the other high schools in the metro area and communicate with their ESL teachers and see what sort of meeting we can get together and discuss how we run our programs, policies our schools follow and standards we think we are following etc... I think that would be awesome, because usually the ESL teacher is the only one at the school and its nice to meet your peers.
so that is my goal, I intend it to become a grand conference within 5 years! ha!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

good news

the yucca plant has two new stalks coming up. its going to look doubly good. ahh yeah.
what else in gardening news? I broke down and purchased a hand tiller last weekend. watch out, because now I feel there is nothing I can't do in my flower beds. knowing your plants, location, what will grow, well all that's really left was preparing a rich soil bed. Now with my tiller there is no holding me back. I can amend the soil freely adding and mixing in organic matter like peat moss, compost, mulch, etc..

I also painted my picket fence with the record player going on the back porch. Meatloaf, John Dnever, Mamas and Papas, Soundtrack to Doctor Zhivago, Harry Belafonte Calypso, and Nat King COle albums. I tilled a lot on Sunday and then Monday got some things planted in the new bed extensions.

MOnday night my family and a big cookout with everyone coming over for hamburgers and time to chill and hang out and talk and talk. great times.

Back to a 4 day work week. things are going nicelyl at work and I'm getting into a groove and finding some inspiration to TEACH the kids which I lacked last year. what really helps is the new kids I am teaching this year, all beginner levels.