Monday, October 29, 2007

last minute yard work last thursday

here are some pics of what I did last Thursday with my last long day off before leaving Friday for Texas. Just for the record, I set out 40 tulip bulbs, 40 small allium bulbs, 5 large allium bulbs, 6 asiatic lilies, and 4 peonies.... this was all stuff I ordered last summer before the job opportunity came up. anyway everything is in theg round now so whenever I DO come back they'll still be there. ha

oh yeah i also planted two rows of daylily seedlings from the back porch, they won't bloom until their second summer so that will be fun to see.

I am really enjoying the training. If I can handle being around the other instructors here on my team. As i've gotten older it's difficult to try and not be selfish and expecting people to interact with me first instead of me showing interest first, if that makes sense. anyway as of now I think I've been very diplomatic and professional. Of course I am also extremely optomistic so I want to keep everyone sort of encouraged I think. As of now I hope that the team will chill and give all the training we are getting a chance. I hope I can gain confidence in the team's "expertise" in language aquisition that we are all supposed to have. including me to! ha

But I do really really like the program here at the base so far, and can't wait to get more training as the week goes on. I guess I sort of look forward to doing a successful job in Afghan so that I would have opportunties to hire on by DLI either in other countries or here in San Antonio. worth consideration at least.......

few pics of where i am

ESL Teacher Heaven.............

Began training this morning at the Defense Language Institute (DLI)here in San Antonio at the Lackland Air force Base. Arrived yesterday evening and our group went out for dinner at a Mexican restaraunt downtown. I'll be living here at the ISQ, the International Student Quarters which is sort of like an Air Force Hotel and actually basically pretty nice. Comfy bed, big tv, fridge microwave etc .

this morning was our first meeting with a briefing of the whole program which included the people at DLI, informing us how the DLI usually works with people from all over the world who come here to learn English and also training instructors to go out and teach in the world etc. We are getting the shortened version of Teacher training and already this morning have observed two classes of different levels in session. Imagine a buillding full of classroom/offices each with 6-10 students and an instructor teaching English in one hour sessions for 6 hours a day, and I mean this a building with 2 floors and 4 wings. and all the students are from different countries in different military uniforms.
Everyone has been very nice and welcomed, and of course ESL teachers are always glad to meet other ESL teadchers. I could definitely see myslef teaching here someday. more later, also some pics.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I thoughthis set of chairs were very cool. On ebay last week, way out of my league on price. Eames and rosewood.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Ceiling.............and a bit of NEWS

you can see where the old ceiling is above the newer one in these pics

dad came over this morning to work a bit on the ceiling which fell down last week. Also my litte sister is in town for fall break so she came by after her haircut in Yukon to help me pack a few things. here are some pics of the ceilingk we removed a portion fo the drywall and found that the 2x6 up there had cracked so we braced it up and he'll come back to repair it when he's not golfing. I'm continuing to put junk in boxes and getting it all into storage this weekend, my goal is too have MOST done tomorrow and definitely by Sat so I can go see a movie and consider if I'll get back up to Siloam Springs before I go.
when am I GOING? you might be asking....
well this is all I know so far... I have to be in San Antonio on Monday Oct 29th.( and boy wasnt' I glad they didn't come up with Monday the 22nd!) we will live on base there and train for 3 weeks. this will include the language teaching and arab culture training. They do not know for sure yet if we will come home at thanksgiving or not before leaving the country, but that is the plan so far. We can fly down or drive and get reimbursed, I have chosen to drive so that IF I have any extra time I can shop during the weekend, maybe go to the outlet mall in San Marcos etc..(as in early Christmas shopping)
I've already recieved my new passport in the mail today. yeah!
so now I'm awaiting news of just how much we can bring, and I'm already separating clothes I intend to take with me for the next year and clothes I know I won't take at all for storage.
I still have a LOT more to do packing wise, and I need to forward my mail, do a will, power of attorney to my parents, and get a lease written out for my roomie, but all in all I'm ready to get this ball ROLLING.

HOMECOMING at JBU a couple weeks ago

just now getting pics up from homecoming weekend 07 at JBU

I can't get enough of this house, and I've loved it ever since first driving by way back in college, there were certain mornings when the fog was resting in the valley downtown by the park and a glint of sun would fall on this house and make it sort of glow blue, same goes for late in the day sun during summer. just some old house with tile all over it, but I love taking pics of this house.
and the BABY! loved getting to hold and see this little baby, Jeff and Emily's first. so cute!!!

fun Siloam memory driving across the dam to get to the park in Siloam. Trish and me driving around town.
my favorite artist oil painting impressionist. John and his wife Kara.
John and Craig are captured in a candid photo, and craig and Trish in a pic.
These guys were roomates in college, and lived next door to my dorm room my first year in college, and to this day I consider it a great witness of God moving in my life providing me with such completely good good awesome nice fellow Christian guy friends at JBU. They were my townhousemates after that, and continue to be the same great all around guys. and getting back together is like old times and nothings really changed even though we're all older. lots of fun.

great last weekend

I was going to update this earlier this week but this website was acting up a bit with the uploads so I lost my whole post that night.

well, anyway last weekend was great I began packing up myh ouse, my mom and dad came over Friday night and helped me pack things into boxes which got me off to a great start. My two older sisters came over Saturday morning and we packed a lot more in boxes. also had lunch at citybites. I pretty much kept packing things all weekend.

Monday and Tuesday finished my last two days at school (officially, I'm going back up there next week after fall break for some paperwork and prep for my replacement).
Tuesday morning I arrived at the north middle school to a nice surprise breakfast sendoff. Ms. Otto and McInnis had decorated everything in Afghani colors, and had a goodbye message and images going on a power point tv slide show, and Ms. Otto even cooked some afghan recipe foods; "brides fingers"-0 which were a pastry wrapped around chopped nuts w/ icing, and spinach and celantro dumplings with a red meat sauce with coriander, and a yogurt sauce. very cool. Also they made a flag for everyone to sign goodbyw on.

at the Highschool we had a pizza and cake goodbye lunch for Ms. Shannehan and I in that building, and then I went over to the commons builiding for some snickers cake with the English teachers. great day over all. Now I'm all fall break and packing up boxxes still.... I took some things to storage last night jsut to start getting the house cleared a bit.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

house and all...............

i woke up to a big crack in the ceiling Wednesday morning. I had noticed a small dip and little crack this summer and the it was a little more Tuesday night so I pushed up on it a bit, then this on Wed.
well my dad came over, and mentioned i should empty my attic, next step is to screww the drywall back into the ceiling and maybe support the ceiling up a bit. oh the joys of home ownership.
I've had a good week overall. LOTS and LOTS to do, sent in my passport for expedite service to be renewed ( it expired this summer, ten years ago i went to Honduras!)
this week I finished testing some new kids, and trying to make order of all the files in my office, and get with my boss to explain what all I do and how I run the ESL program at each school etc etc.
I have the attic emptied at my house, next will be the basement and my bedroom closet and under my bed and the shed outside, mix and empty everything together, throw away a few things, and then organize and pack up everything and go to storage!
whew what a project, I might see if family wants to come over and help Friday or Saturday. I will find out tomorrow how much more time I actually have to prepare, for example if we are leaving next Friday or the week after that for training in TX. I really hope it's after fall break.

Monday, October 08, 2007

2 weeks notice-----------

given today to both jobs.........I'll be free in 2 weeks and preparing for training at the base in San Antonio which will take 4 weeks? or 6 weeks? not sure yet.

after that, we return to OKC before going to NC for more stuff, and then Georgia for Arab Cultural Orientation..... gee whillikers. here I go........................
lots of work to be done this week and hope to get the house packed up into storage next weekend. wish me luck.

Monday, October 01, 2007

survived the weekend...........

nice long weekend, it was great having Friday off work, I'll admit.
The plumber came and changed out my water heater... set me back a bit, but I had it in savings. good thing.
I did some yard work and cleaned up a bit on Friday, I took my truck in for an oil change and went and got fitted for a suit I had ordered a week ago at Bostics. I chilled at the house most of the day enjoying my free time and piddled in the yard and at home, watched a lot of Scrubs fifth season on DVD also. ha
Saturday morning I volunteered at the memorial and then went by the Museum of Art cafe for a hot Italian sandwich to go ( i ate a caesar salad at the bar while waiting for it). then went home and changed and went to my friend from high school's wedding reception in Bethany. Kim and Albert were married at 1 pm and she wore a very lovely dress, looked absolutley beautiful and had on the same white gloves here mother had worn in her wedding.... ahh.
I made it home by 4 to clean up and get things ready for Trish arriving from AR. she arrived after 5pm and then I whisked her downtown for a 5:30 pm movie showing at the Art Museum all about the font style "Helvetica". we got out just before 7pmand went across teh street to "Trattoria" Italian restarant, then back to the museum at 8pm for the Manhattan International Short Film Festival. Some very very good selections! we enjoyed them all.
SUnday we got up by 9 and out the door around 10 am to drive to Dallas. Trish had wanted to shop for a rug and me, just take a trip and shop I guess. We went to Ikea in Plano and the "World Market" in Dallas. we also ate at Fuddruckers before coming back to OKC. She left this morning as I went to work.
ready for next Friday already! I think I'm going to Homecoming unless I decided before week's end to take the Afghanistan job, in which case I will probably need to use the weekend to pack up my house into storage.
things at work are going well. It was actually difficult to shop much this weekend considering I would just pack up and store anything I purchased, also the same for trying to clean the house to deeply since I didn't feel like organizing anything if I might be just organizing things into boxes soon. ha