Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

AR one more time

I'm about to jump in my truck and head to AR one last time, one day actually.
I have all my plants in the back of the truck to take up for Trish to care for me, and enjoy.
I've been organizing things and reducing what I wanted to bring. I've also packed 3 20x20x20 boxes full of stuff, coats, blanket, school supplies, stuff I don't need with me in luggage, and some shoes.
I also have been putting things together for storage! I still need to prepare what piano I will bring or keep here prepared to mail over if I find use for it.
had an Excellent Thanksgiving, hope to the same to all. will post photos soon of all my wonderful family.
My roomate was sick this weekend and we put a puzzle together yesterday most of the day, except when i went to the mall, actually its not finished yet.
also got a lot of yardwork done yesterday. more later.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

week gone by......................

had a great day at my home today. I got back to OKC Friday night just in time to go by my folks place and have a great dinner. my mom had made a great spaghetti lasagna and green bean caserole. YUM also angel food cake with this caramel glaze. So i caught up with mom and dad and told them all about my time in SA, and DLI training.
had a great drive back through Texas and stopped off at the outlet malls again. I bought some shower curtains at the pottery barn outlet to use as a room divider for our quarters in AFghanistan, as suggested by our DLI director over there. We met the DLI director in San Antonio our last of training. she had just come back and is returning in a month to Kabul.

She gave us a lot of great info about the base we are living in, and how we'll be getting around. also that our classrooms our pretty well equipped with dry erase boards and copy machines and stuff. we were relieved to hear it. also she told us there are shuttles to the nearest base ISAF where we can get away on the weekends and relax at the cafe and spa and do shopping and visit with other international people. should be interesting.
Also good news about the airport we are teaching at has a lot great places to eat.
last saturday night I went to the Memorial Museum Volunteer appreciation banquet. was some fun. this year they had it at the Harn Homestead with an Oklahoma Centennial theme.
well now i'm home for 2 weeks, and will be sorting out exactly what I want to take with me and what I want to ship over there in boxes. I'm getting some school supplies out of storage to ship over. I'm going to have to get some plants up to Siloam Springs and will probably go up there next week at some point.
otherwise, I have a bit more shopping to do, a hard drive and an ipod. and I get to have some fun wrapping Christmas gifts to leave behind.
i also hope to get the back porch cleaned up tomorrows before all the cold weather hits tuesday night.
I'm looking forward to thanksgiving with all the family here. We are beginning doing the holiday at my parents' place with our immediate family this year.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas shopping, DONE

had a great LONG weekend.
shopped at the outlet mall ( and I mean EVERYTHING outlet) on Friday and again today.
got outdoors some, went to austin to see some friends, also went to a NICE nice mall in Austin, The Domain. was really great.
I have yet to but an IPOD, but prolly will before afghan. i bought a lot of socks, wool socks, some wool sweaters, some AWESOME Columbia boots on extreme clearance at eddie bauer that go negative 40 degrees. ahh yeah.
and I bought a few small gifts for out 2 trainers here at DLI.
also some chocolate.
I went out to eat at a Vietnamese restaraunt and it was awesome. pork and rice and noodles, and celantro and lettuce and nuts and this sauce that made everything so good.....or
Also went to Thai noodle place, was also very good chicken and egg rolls yum.
now I'm back in San Antonio, and ready for three more days or training.
going to get back to okc next weekend and then within two weeks find time to take some plants to siloam and see jeff and other friends there.
also finish getting my house all prepared, oh yeah and the packing of my STUFF to go to afghanistan.....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

getting cooler this week in san antone

I had a great time in the classroom of my mentor teacher yesterday morning and this morning.
I also had some time teaching the students and so that has been a lot of fun.
Friday I'll try and take a picture with the students to put up here, also I'll bring my camera to the school to show all the different students.

Yesterday I went downtown to swim at the Y after school but by the time I got down there I decided to just eat dinner instead, went to Paesano's for Chicken parmeson dinner. Next i went to the San Antonio Art Museum which is open until 8pm on Tuesday night, AND free.

They had a great Walton Ford exhibit of watercolors, all ambitious works telling tales and expertly painted along the lines of naturalist Audubon. but these all provoked thought and meaning. great exhibit and the museum overall had such a variety of content.
I also enjoyed the exhibit of illustrated written letters.

Monday, November 05, 2007

still in training........SAN ANTONIO

well last week went really really well.
each night they play the national anthem over all the loudspeakers on base at 5pm and every night at 9pm the song taps.
we are getting to know each other somewhat, the five of us going on this "contractor team of DLI instructors" as we are labeled on base. There was a bit of confusion in how we were being recieved the first few days among other full time instructors here on base. The fact is that the DLI had been asking for volunteers for some time to go to Afghanistan paying a certain usual amount that wasn't at all convincing enough for anyone to volunteer for that assignment, so then when the govt decided to contract the work, there was some annoyance at the fact that we are probably getting paid more to go. anyway, I've enjoyed every bit ofit so far on campus and the instructors we've worked with so far have been nothing but supportive from what I can tell.
It really is a great program they have here using a system of teaching curriculum that have books from level 1 to 34. Our team will be getting students ready to come here for further specialized training. There may possibly already be 5 classes going that we will take over, OR we will be starting up classses, we don't knwo for sure yet either. We've met last week with former instructors who have taught over seas, instructors who've taught here on base many years and explained the how the DLI runs, instructors who develop the curriculum and write the evaluations, training on how to give the proficiency tests.... observed teachers at work.
the classes are very interesting, many willing motivated students all in different uniforms and divided up by level of English. last week we oberved and this week we are with our mentor teachers. This morning I've already practice taught 2 hours, and will do so again tomorrow and wednesday morning.
Today we met with about 12 AFghani soldiers currently at the school. They were all friendly and infromative and gracious about what we are going to do there. They were all giving us their emails in case we had any questions. the two I spoke with are going back to kabul to be instructors so they promise to look for me over there.
we met last week with an instructor who just got back from Afghanistan, She gave us a LOT of great suggestions for what to bring, mainly good think coats, gloves, gortex everything, and boots etc.. so I'm shopping some Sierra trading post websites, and plan to go to some outdoor stores in OKC and San Marcos mall for shopping.
I will post some pictures that the teacher who got back from Afghan gave us to share of the classrooms, the base there, and the living quarters so to speak.