Thursday, May 29, 2008

family celebration at the wedding hall in kabul

as we pulled up to the wedding hall, there are several in kabul
Student picked me up at 10:30 am and then i got back to base at 4pm. LONG day. so here we are sitting waiting for guests to arrive and listening to the band warm up. this was a party to celebrate a student's nephew's circumcision.
on my left were these three men, relatives of a student who invited me. they all have on a different style hat, pakistani style, karzai, and mountain style, the guy on the left was an engineering student in college back in the 70's and had wonderful English, although the music was too loud to have too much conversation, you couldnt' meet a nicer muslim afghan man
first we all had little bowls of soup, then many minutes later, all this food. chicken, lamb, mantu, ngan bread, rice, etc...
here I am with men I can't mention names for their safety just in case etc....
well all the men were in our room, and all the women on the floor below with the same table set up and another band playing, so here are all the guys dancing which I watched all afternoon after the meal, they had been sneaking away drinking "whiskey" . not me. oh and a few songs before it was over they made me get up and go dance with everyone. ha, I only did for a few minutes.
on the drive back home, here is a store that sells, guess what?..........thermoses.....

Monday, May 26, 2008

update on pics from my life here....

THANK YOU Jeff and Emily for the cookies and cereal. Yum Yum Yum
this is the other rug i got that I have in my classroom
my classroom with the bed cover hanging in back
English teacher
students catching up on work in the workbooks...

it rains here too...

well we already had the rainy spring season, now this is called the "thunderstorm" season. it reminds a bit of Honduras the way the rain comes through about the time school gets out.
anyway, things couldn't be going better here at work since the power shift. the subcontractor was here last week and stated we no longer needed a team leader and so now we were all under the authority of Col Langford, the program manager. that was the nice way to say the team leader got demoted for not really doing any sort of real leadership job, I guess.
so we are all just working together more or less and teaching, and I couldn't be happier. I have a rug in my room and I hung an Indian bed cover on my back wall. I have the students for one more book and then will get a new group.
Thursday I've been invited to see a turkmenistan style shop here in the city with a student named Abdul who is from the north part of Afghanistan and so he wants me to see the turkmen kind of rugs and style etc. So I' looking forward to getting off base and doing something DIFFERENT for a change.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

morning/day off........

just got back from breakfast, here's me sitting in bed with my laptop. I'm listening to my Tivoli radio plugged into my shuffle IPOD. and I'm looking up at this thing on my wall from India.

I will shave later and here in a minute I will clean up my room with the music playing loud while the roomie is out.

i went into school yesterday for plan time and I rearranged the whole office to where the furniture was grouped together as to make some sense. that was fun, and then I started moving things around in my room also, one thing I plan to do is hang a bedcover from India on the back wall of my classroom. Today I will continue hanging in the room. I sort of want to put on shorts and walk around base a little and get some sun. maybe pick up my laundry before lunch, blah.

I'm excited for May to be coming to an end. I will then be only 3 months from being finished. I say three months to make it sound shorter , I'm not counting September because i know my last month here of September will go fast enough. ha. (That's when I start to travel to kill a month of october, OR maybe work a month here extra if DLI hires me for a month)

I can't wait and will probably have a box of bulbs and roots waiting for me to stick in the ground when I get back. ha

last of india.............

Monday, May 19, 2008

things going on at school here etc...

well we tested book 11 with my class, and they didn't have the best scores for a class repeating the book. however i know they are learning the material, most of them missed about 9 on the listening part of the test, so we need to do a LOT more listening activities in class I supppose.
Today is sort of a good day, we are having an awards ceremony at 10 am this morning to give all the students a patch and then some are getting certificates for passing this or that level of books.
Next we are having a lunch of barbecue beef sandwiches for the students at the school, so that should be fun, and after lunch they have the afternoon off. so then starts my "weekend". although I am going in to school for planning and stuff on Thursday morning, and then Friday all day off. blah.
I recieved some DVD's in the mail that I ordered from Amazon, two BBC season one of "clatterford" (which is called "jam and jerusalem" in England and on youtube" and also season one of "Chef". so I had some fun watching a few episodes last night.
nothing new here, the base was attacked by 2 rockets last week but one didn't go off and the other one hit the airfield. this was at night during an outdoor dinner and concert on base, so I was already back in my room and heard the boom, and we couldn't decided if it was a speaker blowing or something else, then the announcement came over the loudspeakers on base to go to bunkers everyone. I was about to go to bed and had to stay up an hour or so later than usual sitting in the dark. but sure broke the usual monotony around here.
no plans this weekend, I'm going to try and pack some things to mail, and speaking of mail,
I could really use some disposable Schick 3 blade razors......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

agra red fort.........

i was drinking water all day and not eating anything and the heat was intense, but I did manage to take some pics of the Agra Red Fort after seeing the Taj Majal. after this i went to a hotel to cool off and sleep for 3 hours, and then was driven around Agra some more (pics forthcoming) and then hit the trainstation for my train back to Delhi.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

taj majal 3

looking back from the Taj down at fountain pool which leads to the main entry.
detail of inlaid design in the marble of the Taj
the inlaid design in the tile
detail of the carved marble walls of the Taj