Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm in Tegucigalpa!

wow, I got back from Paris on tuesday morning.. such a LONG TRIP. I was at the airport monday morning in france...missed the flight, and had to take the 3pm flight to atlanta which was delayed until 5pm, and then 730pm.... and then didn't leave until 9:30pm. so I arrived in atlanta wednesday morning 630am and okc 1030am.... fun! was crazy all day Tuesday hitting taget and my house for packing up stuff and then slept at my folks place and left at 630am for tegus.
WELL, the plane couldn't land because of weather in Tegucigalpa at 1130am as planned. so the plane cirlced for an hour or so, then finally we just went to san pedro sula....refueled, and waited about an hour more on the plane to see if weather would clear... it didn't so we got off. the airlines, Continental airlines, told us we were on our OWN and get a bus ticket etc...
so while in line some guy said he'd take us to tegus immediately for the same price, $30, so about 6 others and I loaded up on a van and started a 4 hour journey arriving at 8pm to tegus airport. got a taxi up the hill and I am HERE.
yesterday went to the GOld's gym, saw an ex student there, went to Chomy's cafe where I used to eat all the time, and the two ladies there said hello and remembered me etc.
Today I served up some bagels with cream cheese to the high school teachers, they loved 'em. now I'm about to go down the hill for lunch and see what I can do to get my cell phone working here in tegus.... 3 weeks to go until back in the states for good! maybe

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

barcelona pics 1

here are some pics of some buildings, a dog on the street,plaza catalunya where I met Gian (former Pinares student in Honduras), me near the ocean, the pier, me taking a pic with Gian on the phone in the background ha, a church with a wedding getting out, some more buildings, tapas we had for dinner saturday nt. and a tile floor in an apartment downtown where we stopped to see an artist friend of Gian's.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


woke up around 10 am or so, got breakfast at the hostel, cleaned up and shaved, walked to a cell phone store and spent 15 euros for a SIM card with minutes on it to call Gian, a honduran students living in barcelona. got in to touch and decided to meet later at the plaza de catalyuna around 1 pm. we walked all the way down the rambla de catalunya to the piers on the beach, and then had lunch at a very good seafood restarant there. then walked back into the city, shopping some, taking pics, met a friend of hers and went to an artist friend's apt, sat and visited, then walked to a place with Tapas. which was aweomse, then now it's 11pm and Im going to crash for a while.........great day, pics up soon and maybe a youtube clip. ha

Thursday, October 16, 2008

rock climbing wednesday

here's some pics of where we went out across the coastline past the beach part on many rocks and climbed up to the base of some rock cliffs before diving in a cooling off. an aweomse day and great time her ein Dakar Senegal. today I drove to town with sara for some shopping and grocery store stops, then went to lunch with Aaron and Sara , delicious ham and cheese croissant and also a small pizza and followed by some chocolate pastries. yum
next through town to pic up izzy from school and also some tile for a team that is doing a project here next week.
I'm out of here after dinner, packed ready to go to the airport, where I shoudl be boarded after a couple of hours of lines, from what I've been told. then I hope to be asleep on the plane, arriving in paris at 630 am. and then leaving at 730am for london, arriving there 730am also (differenttime zone, short flight) then a day in london before my flight out at 5pm..... more news later.

diving off the rocks into the sea..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


pic of the bay on the way downtown, and then this morning I am digging a whole.

while digging out in the hot sun, the guard distributed some of their tea here, sharing is with me. it's very strong and hot.... quite the pick me up on hot morning. ha

great day today, i slept in a bit, then got up and made me some eggs, and shared some with simon, the boy. Next we had a project, aaron and I went to the zoo where there is a nursery in dakar yesterday, and today planned to put in a small bed near their drive on the compound. so I started digging the whole and eventually got the plants in. Next we took the family for a drive downtown for lunch. which turned out not to be a good idea because of all the corrupt cops, one of them whistled us down, and aaron walked with him to the police and ended up paying nothing for the meaningless ticket the cop gave just wanting us to give hima bribe. alas. so we went to lunch at a place near Izzy's, the daughter, school instead so we could pick her up then on the way home. i walked down the street later and got some very cool baskets from a roadside nursery near thier house. headin to bed now late after 10pm and it is 90 degrees!!!!!! outside. ha. but I AM thanking God the lights are at this time ON........

Monday, October 13, 2008

sunday in dakar

I've been here in Dakar, Senegal visiting Aaron and Sara TOombs. THey are missionaries here and if you are interested in supporting them, email me at first name @ last name .org.....
They are here with United world missions.
These are some pics of 2 huge land turtles, which officially I guess are called tortoises, and then Aaron at the wheel on the drive home, and a goat tied down on top of a car next to us. ha

Thursday, October 09, 2008