Sunday, November 30, 2008

JBU cathedral choir homecoming 2008

wish I could have been there to join in, but I'm glad to find it on youtube.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

last good weekend in tegus

firday was good to get back to school after 3 days off, although not a lot you can do on Friday when the teachers can not give homework.... after school I went down to the GOld's gym, and then later met Fabiola, a former student, at EL hogar for a brief visit and dinner.
Saturday I woke up and watched some tv on youtube then eventually got up and had breakfast before going downtown. I walked from the park guanacaste to chomys near the embassy. and then I got confirmation that my friend Allen's restaurant was open. so I went there for lunch via taxi from los castanos to el oarque which is on the other side of town past the airport. had a good typical sort of honduran lunch and saw Allen's new restuarant and car wash. then got a call from a former student who I'd planned to meet back on blvd morozan. so I headed back and met him there by 4 at the tattoo parlor. HE had decided to get a tattoo on his back, and as much as I reminded him how permanent it would be, he went for it, and I talked to him while he suffered through the pain of getting the tattoo to help keep his mind off it... ouch.
we went to Quiznos next for dinner and talked it up quite a bit while there and on the ride back up the hill ( he lives near pinares).
watched OU absolutely beat up on Texas TEch saturday night while updating stuff on line. it was an excellent game 65 to 21 final score. with 35 points gained during the 2nd quarter alone. whoo.
this morning I'll be going to church on the school bus to Impacto and then maybe lunch with a student or the osbergs, I'm not sure. I am sure that I plan to ride the next 3 days out and get packed and ready to go home! ready!

Friday, November 21, 2008

been a good week, good ole honduras

wednesday I ended up hanging out with some teachers after leaving the cafe internet place. we ate at a typical honduran place, meat, either beef or pork over platanos chip and cut up tomoatoes and peppers and onions, and some crema on top. next a walk over to a hardware store where they bought paint and I bought some extension cords for the fans in my room. then the multiplaza mall for icecream and then we all got a ride to the city with mykayla and her bf Melvin. waited a while at the visa office for Melvins passport and talked a lot, and then went to see Melvin's church downtown, and then pizza hut in Comayuguela before returning up the hill to pinares. I walked down to Osbergs because there was no elecricity near the school area, and I ended up showering down there and just staying the night.

THursday also no electric so no school. went by the school to drop off some stuff in my room, then by the teachers' apt to see what was going on. ended up going down with a large group, Danielle, Heather, Caroline, Joy, James and Ryan, and Mykayla driving. went to "El Hogar" at a new location near los Proceres. they had free wireless so some of us did internet some ate some visit. good times, then we all headed toward El Centro. It's really cleaned up no street sellers anymore. we split up and I went iwth Mykayla and Melvin to Parque Concordia and Parque Leones. lots of walking and visiting. We stopped at the park leones while melvin played bball with some youth there. we al lmet up in front of the cathedral in el centro and then eveyrone went their own ways again. I took a collectivo from el centro to near my gym down by la paz, there street that goes over to El Dorado on Morazon. I worked out and then went back to Hogar for dinner to go, caught a bus to el centro on la paz, and then just barely made it on the 7 oclock rapidito mini bus that goes up the hill, I THINK the last one was 7 not sure but it was crowded and i sort of hurt my fingernail on one hand where it got pulled back almost and was bleeding a bit. anyway, good news, today there is school and I will be showing the kids a sort of slide show of my travel pics. ha

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

good wednesday off

was off work all day today and yesterday, we had two days of no school because of the weather and the electricity.. both days were around 53 degrees which is pretty cold with or without electricity. also there were clouds all over the mountain both days and no sun and lots of wind, the wind is what cause the most damage, knocking down trees from the wet loose soil that weakens the roots. then if you imagine all the webs of power lines around here, it can cause problems with electricity.
Right now I'm at an internet cafe. I got a ride down this morning with some other teachers. >The computer use and internet are free with the purchase of a drink, i had hot chocolate.
and this keyboard is sort of strange, and the back key doesn{t work, and also a different place for the question mark and apostrophe. the right click on the mouse is disabled and so is the @ sign, but I figured out how to do it using alt 6 4. ha
yesterday I came down and used internet at an internet cafe for .50 centavos lempiras a minute which is CHEAP. I then went to the gym where i ran into my former trainer Luis there. after that it was time for lunch at QUiznos, then the multiplaza for a movie. I saw quantum something..the new james bond movie, it was awesome. next pizza hut for dinner with the osbergs. thank goodness when we got back the lights were back on.
I was a little happy about no school today because I was upposed to speak to all the teachers during morning devotion time before school and I was little nervous about it. ha. so I got out of that one. ha we came down this morning and I plan to maybe eat lunch and then run around and see a movie or go to the gym before heading back up the hill later.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

saturday went to chilis

I've always loved my kids from pinares, meeting up with these guys again, I have to say they were all the exact same! ha. but the conversation was way better on young adult terms I guess.
most of them are all in college studying business or mainly law.

pics coming soon

sunday church

I´ve been going to this church called ¨Impacto¨ since I´ve been here in Tegus. It started up just after I left, and the best thing about is they have little earpieces attached to receivers that you can hear the sermon in English from this girl who sits in back and translates everything. many teachers go there now since there has been a turnover in leadership at the Union church here where we all used to go. well, anyway, the precher there is really great, and there are many people I already know from this college group, C.U.B.A, that I used to participate with while living here. Ít´s very cool. well anyway, one of my former students, Jenny castro, from pinares is married to a young preacher in training there and he preached last Sunday. What I love about this church and what I wish I saw more in the states, is churches training new preachers. For exmple the bvery big churched that for some reason rely only on one man´s message and growing huge churches and big churches in other places with video´s of the same preacher. I think they cheating other CHristians of the opportunity in preaching the word. ONe thing that really impressed me is that the preacher at Impacto did not jsut leave and ask the new guy to give a filler sermon, but he actually kept preaching thought the series of James that the church is going through now. and it was a job well done.
Big churches in the states could learn a lot from the starter up churches here in Tegus that think less about more and more people and bigger and bigger buildings, but instead put energy into training preachers and then begin new churches throughout the community.
Let go, let God! etc...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Valle de angeles saturday morn

I went with the Osbergs to Valle, a small city just outside of Tegus where there are tons of touristy souvenier shops. really touristy, but a nice getaway from tegus and beautiful weather. we left around 930 or after, and got out there before 1030, shopped for a couple hours walking around town and in and out of the stores and then lunch before coming back to tegus.

we dropped off their daughter amanda at a school where she was tutoring, and then we went to the clarrion hotel for a Christmas market going on in the lobby there.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CHristmas in Honduras

they have the mall all decked out for the holidays here in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I went again Friday to meet up with Maria, who was giving me a ride to El Padrino, we met Fabiloa and her friend Jennifer there. I taught Maria and Fabiola in 7th and 8th grade. THe restaurant also had a tree up. we had a great time just talking about everything, and afterwards went for ice cream and baskin robbins, then Fabiola was kind enough to drive me back up the hill

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

weekend was good, week also good

been a good week, doing grammar with the kids, and calling their paretns. man do they need help. I mean not bringing books to class. not showing up with homewoke completed, chitter chatting in class in spanish.l.. oh man! i won't stand for it no way, and I'm so much free er now to call and use spanish with the folks! ha
been going to gym after school, quiznos, and then bussing back up the hill. planning and grading in the mornings. and then teaching. I've heard from a few students from different classes so just rying to plan the meeting up times and places for now is difficule seeing as this is Honduras.
sleeping good from 9 pm to 530 or 6 am.. nice....

Sunday, November 09, 2008


had an excellent time today, first church, running into a few former students, and tehn afterward lunch with a very nice family whose daughter I knew when I lived here before and participated with the baptist college group in the city, I knew her and her husband Emil, and then to day met her family while having lunch with 2 Pinaras staff (the osbergs) I was at church with.excellent meal, soup chicken curry with grapes, grated zuchini casserole, and Flan , which I don't like flan at all.
when we got back up the hill I napped a bit, and then went this eveing to dinner with the Valesquez family, a couple that I was friends with here before while teachingt their son in one grade, and another son and daughter in a lower grade.
corn soup, roaste chicken and peas and carrots and olives with rice.
great day, now It's about 9 and I can barely stay awake, so I plan to sleep good and then tomorrow will be going in work readyfor the 7th graders, this wekk they are going to learn prepositions, and I'll quiz them over the list on friday. ha

Friday, November 07, 2008

from dubai back in September 2008

good first week in Tegus

today is friday and I'm about to finish my first week here teaching 7th grade, it's been a lot of fun, although I'm just barely getting to know the kids, and I really dived right into the teaching of simple, compound, complex, and compound complex sentences. Im' trying to take a few seconds now and then for little get to know you, but I really just want to keep to business of teaching since I'm only here 3 weeks. next weeks is grammar....
so today after school I'll be taking a bus downtown to get a haircut first thing, then to the gym to workout chest, and then taxi to the multiplaza mall and I'll get a ride there with a former student to another former student, Maria's house. It's her birthday dinner so that should be a lot of fun, plus I can get a ride back up the hill.
noplans yet for saturday but I hope to try and get together with some students, and then Sunday is church, lunch at a honduran family's house (family of some students I used to be in a college group with while I lived here), and then later dinner with the valasquez family (parents of 3 of my students in ALP). so it's really nice, and I love sleeping in, and i downloaded some sheet music for piano to play on the keyboard that the music teacher has in his apt that I'm staying in. its been a good break, but of course my next step in life , my career and where I'll be earning money upon return to US is looming above me always. good weekend to all.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

wednesday in tegus

hello from the 7th grade ENglish classroom. I'm teaching this class for the next three weeks. I was ready to start out with prepositions and go from there with the grammar section, but these kids need some help finishing up simple and compound sentences... great.
it's funny to be in the classroom again, I wasn't stressed out at all, and I figured out finally that it was because I got used to going in different groups in AFghanistan and picking up wherever they were in the book. SO this is different because they are kids and I'll have a lot of management crud to do while I"m teaching as usual, but at ALP that ain't NUTHIN!!!!! like state schools are.
I walked down to a flower stand this morning and bought tons of flowers for only $8 and put them in a big handblown vase that I bought in town and hope to carry home on the plane when I leave. ha
now I'm just waiting for 5th hour which start sometime around 11am. my classes are 5th, 6th, and 8th hours.
I have already contacted a few students, had coffe with Karla Parodi and Fabiola Pineda from class of 04. I have seen Jose Castellon from 03 at the gym, and last night went to the family business of David Garay and had a great visit with him about pinares and college etc..
I've been going downtown after school about every day going to the Gold's gym and then making my way to Chomy's or a fast food place before coming up the hill. today I plan to make better time and not have to take a taxi like the nights before (it's only $7 or $8 bucks but it can add up fast so I need to start thinking in Lempiras not dollars)
wonderful sunny cool weather today on the hill. very nice. although it's strange knowing I'm just here for 3 weeks, and I really am looking forward to just being home for a while. However, they've already asked me to return in janurary to finish out the year, so I'm hoping right now that I can find some work when I return in December otherwise I'll have to really try and decide if GOd wants me back at Pinares or not. I'd love to do, but since I've already been out of the country last year, I sort of just want to stay home for a while. maybe next fall THEN I could start work overseas again (like barcelona, my first pic as of now, ha)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

more of paris....

outside the Musee D'Orsay and notre dame

on the subway, this was a music act, a guy playing bass and the woman singing in french with a karaoke machine.