Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it might have been 80 in OK last week, but it's full on winter today

when your house is on a corner lot, you notice when the morning traffic is dead. my room is on the side of the house that faces the street, and this morning I woke to complete silence. I awoke and before opening my eyes, I was aware of the lack of any sound. Somehow sensing it must have been like that for hours, and even the heat furnace wasn't running at that moment. I opened my eyes, noticing the dim grey glow breaking through the shades and remembering how the streets were completely iced over the night before. And then as my ears tuned into the stillness, I began to hear the ever so faint ping ping of scattered icy/snowy drizzle hitting the windows.
I sat up attempting to keep covered in blankets as much as possible, with my head feeling a bit heavy from being all stuffed up, and searched the bedstand for a tissue with which to blow my nose. and the silence was broken.
I got up and stuck my finger between two window blinds and sure enough the streets are completley covered in white, and indeed not a bit of traffic.
I subbed yesterday and had another job today scheduled but even before last nights evening news the school had posted they'd be closed. so I'll be home today, cleaning the house when not distracted by the tv or email. I'll also be packing for my trip to Austin this next weekend. I'm out of bread so for lunch and dinner I'll have ravioli for one and City bites for the other (if I feel like adventuring out in my ford truck in this mess). For now it's breakfast, my laptop, the couch and my remote control with Regis and Kelly.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

this is awesome

beautiful losers

i saw the movie "beautiful losers" last night. this video was drawn by geoff mcfetridge, one of the guys in the documentary.
it was about all these skater dudes who were into art and became a huge part of the design mainstream these days.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

afghanistan dreams

I'm watching a travel special on PBS tonight and the guy is going through Pakistan. at first it reminded me of India but then as he got up towards the afghan border with a shot of all the mountains,i began to reminisce about living in Kabul surrounded by the hindu kush mountains, and awesome they looked in the winter covered in snow. I was just watching the show tonight thinking how I wished it were easier to visit the place, however the reality it is on the other side of world, quite literally from where I live in Oklahoma. I was invited once by a student named Dastiab to go with him to the mountains some weekend, and I regret that we never followed through. although to be honest, you had to be very careful just leaving base into the city so I can't imagine the danger of going outside the city into the hills so to speak. perhaps some other day..... however, all my students asked me when I was coming back, and it was difficult explaining I did not have plans to ever return to Afghanistan exactly. THey had such little hope for their countries future, and I suppose my own doubt might have been heard in my response at the difficulty in ever returning there unless it became a stable safe country.
I am looking forward to seeing which students end up in OKC this March though. I've already confirmed with my former boss at Metrotech that there ARE students coming in March and he's keeping me informed for when they arrive. yeah! that will be awesome.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sub sub sub sub

phone rings at 7 am this morning, waking me up, and reach down to the floor from my bed to answer the black corded phone there. It's the computer sub system from Mustang asking me to sub at Creek Elementary. what? I don't sub less than 6th, no thanks and I hung up.... ahhhh back to sleep......... then, at 715am it rings again and its the bethany high school secretary. highschool English? sure...
SO I got up and had some breakfast and walked over to the high school.
Great great kids and Bethany and a great school. always prefer subbing there cause the kids are a lot of fun and its closer to my house, like 2 blocks. ha.
today i was a little discouraged while subbing and actually started thinking am I even in the right field, education, and teaching and dealing with crazy kids etc etc.. the rest of my life?
2nd hour class I had some kid get up and walk out of class. called the office and they said he was there and fine, later the principal told me he was special case and i was better off with him leaving the room etc etc... so I guess I learned next time that the student sleeping with his head on his desk and wearing an ankle bracelet is better left alone and just let one sleep.
next class, I kid asked to leave and work in the library where it was quiet, and I was at the time talking to another kid about what she was writing etc etc, and so I asked the class to be quiet all around. after class she said she was able to complete her work etc etc. the rest of the day went very well though, and all the kids did their work and were quiet and well behaved etc. although I remain unclear on the school's actual ipod in class policy, on one hand it keeps them quiet and working but then I then the kids playing the games when done I doubt is allowed. At this point I'm sort of learning the balance of when to care or not, since I am just substituting after all and not in the role of an actual teacher at this point.
Oh another big difference is between high school and middle school. There are so many opposite sort of pros and cons to both.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

follow up on the weekend

what a wonderful time!
I was driving back home thinking, it was not having the rush and hecticness of homecoming going on that made it so nice. everything so well timed out and planned more or less.
I had a swell time lounging around saturday morning at the claybergs! talking it up with grahm a little and playing with little Devi... ahhh. and then lunch at 12:30 with Gene and Chris W and Trish. you can see how happy we look in the pic after lunch, so content to just be with each other and catching up and understanding each other...etc. after lunch I got to have a sit down one on one with Wulliman at the coffee shop downtown and afterward we noticed Jamey helping Harmony's fiance moving into an apt. across the street and went to help, then walked around and next I had to get going to meet up with Jeff and Emily at 3;30pm. I went with them to Faye- and we hit the Sam;s store where I bought a VCR/DVDR for some reason, and then we had pizza at Joes in Springdale. awesome time with them and their little sweetie Emelia. later on we just chilled chilled chilled at the claybergs and Gene and Trish came by and I have to say it was a lot of fun watching SNl and laughing together. Sunday I grabbed a subway sandwich for lunch and then saw Gran Torino with Trish, next went by John and Kara's where I found him about to burn a Christmas tree with his friend Dan. hit the road just after 5 to get back to OKC.
I'm subbing every day this week.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SILOAMING again....

I chose on the recomendation of a friend to join an overseas teaching search company online and had planned on going to a job fair in Boston. I diligently began the online process and considered possible flights that weekend. BUT it turns out the process is quite a long one, with references needed and then period of waiting to be INVITED to a job fair after that. which means I won't make the one in Boston but perhaps one in California.
I plan to go ahead with the process because a database of openings will be available to me with or without the job fair experience, where I can contact them and go from there. Also schools can check my info and contact me. My goals lately have been to teach again overseas perhaps this next fall, and my top locations now for consideration are Germany, Spain, Dubai or Middle East, or Iceland. I am going to research applying with DOD schools as well.....
but overall I'll have to lean on God and pray for direction in my steps everyday, cause I'm always thinking and dreaming and never truly comfortable when I don't know what the next path I'm taking will be.
I am subbing rather consistently so far, so that will keep me employed for the time being...and I've already signed up for independent health care.
I am in Siloam Springs this weekend. Chris Wulliman was in town this week visiting and Josh Swenson also came up from Houston (where he was visiting from Ecuador) and we all caught up last night at the claybergs, which was alot of fun since Kirk and Heidi and her sisters all came by. also Gene Sullivan came from harrison. I've lived with all these guys at one point or another back when I lived in SIloam during college and the years following.
It's been enough years now after JBU that its quite comfortable seeing old friends and having that comfortable-ness of hanging out again. I haven't seen Josh since Travis's wedding. and Wulli perhaps the same.

Monday, January 05, 2009

public broadcasting system a good one

wulliman is in Arkansas so I guess I'll be heading up again to JBU land to catch up with the missionary dude. He works in southern Sudan re-building churches i THINK??
anyway, so no calls today for subbing. I got out for lunch and then went by a piano store but didn't reallly know what I was looking for other than a piano etc etc..
tonight I plan on watching antique road show on PBS and after that is a special about India.
I've been watching a lot of PBS lately, last night was Tess of the D'ubervilles. and then last weekend a special called "from Hitler to Hollywood" very interesting about the movie business at that time and how all the Jewish artists were forced to leave and what effect that had on American film when many came here, basically it was the force behind film noir as they say.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

drink water only

I'm going to consider drinking water only. part of my new years health plan.
I want to somehow eat and look as good as I did in Afghanistan. so I'm really wanting to keep up with my exercise and diet. by diet I mean my everyday routine of what I eat.
other new years plans are to be more productive around the house, reach out more to others with all this free time on my hands lately, and then of course find a job and see where I go next on my career path.
I had a nice time with some friends I made at Crossings church years ago and joined in a bible study at my house for a year or so on SUnday night. Married couples Troy and Laurie, James and Michele, and David and Lea ( in order of them getting married in 2008), and then Allen and his fiance, our host, Laurie G. also a married couple with kids was there and a few single lady friends of Laurie G. It was really great to see some solid Christian friends again, some really really great people and I couldn't have ended the year any better after being sort of on my own on that level in AFghanistan all year. ha