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andrew wyeth lecture

I had a lot of fun wednesday night going to a lecture on the late American Artist Andrew Wyeth. THere was an expert named Anne KNutson who spoke all about the man. I had listened to her radio interview on public radio, which you can listen to here, and she had defended Wyeth up against another New York art critic who spoke about wyeth as an illustrator not an artist. Knutson handled the conversation brilliantly. During the lecture she spoke of Wyeths career, his early success, and continued success in the sale of his work regardless of the apparent rejection of the art world in the early 60's. She disccussed the show she had curated that she had divided into three groups, and I forget what they were, I think objects and vessels and maybe landscapes. but the fun thing was seeing the comparison of early works with later works and how refined his way of painting, also the thing she used over and over in them, what fascinated him to keep including in his art.
what a mystery, regarding how he lived, painted and the control of his wife over the sell of his artwork etc.. completely interesting.
It had been on my mind recently the idea of artist vs illustrator because of a current New Yorker article on the artis Walton Ford, whose exhibit "wrath of the tiger" I had seen in San Antonio just over a year ago. THe article also spoke of Ford's work with watercolor and overcoming the label of an illustrator. I had recently met an artist in Austin who is a classical realist painter, and he strongly spoke about the amount of work that goes into his painting, and how there is more of a market for the "abstract" or "untrained" art of modern times. He had painted a 9/11 memorial painting for the new england art museum that stirred up all sort of controversy a few years ago. art controversy. hmmm

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spring ready

well I don't know how I got to posting just once a week on here, I guess now that I'm not traveling as much, i don't feel like saying much., ha
last week was good, I went to the movie Wall E saturday night. very good film.
I subbed every day last week, and am again doing so this week.
today it was 6th graders at mustang middle, man that wasn't bad. I learned a lot about gregor mendel today, born in 1822 and lived in Austria, and he was a monk. after reading it out loud 5 times, you know.
the interesting thing about today's job was this class is the same I'll be subbing for the rest of the year after spring break. only thing is the last hour of the day there were 8 kids absent and 22 kids were there... YUCK I can't even imagine 30 kids in a class last hour of the day. blech! but I say bring it on! I'm ready to see what I can do. ha
tomorrow I'm looking forward to attending a lecture at the art museum downtown about ANdrew Wyeth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

from stormy okc......

last weekend had a lot of fun watching some movies at the art museum downtown. Friday night I saw the Oscar nominated animated short filmes, and then saturday night saw the Oscar nominated short films. was a nice weekend.
Monday I was BACK to substituting at the alternative school in Mustang, and today I subbed 8th grade math and will again tomorrow.
we had a tornado alarm go off beginning of last hour, but my class was already in the basement hall so they all just stayed seated while other classes came down to the rooms and hallway. after about 15 minutes it was over. then after the bells rang to let the students go to the buses, everyone was made to go back to the basements. what a bunch of confusion. ugh.
lots of tornados lined up all through OKlahoma this afternoon and some hit many businesses and house in northern okc. and tonight there are breaks in prgramming throughout which is usual for the news here.
one good thing is it's a sign of spring..... just ... around... the corner. i can't wait to see what my yard does after being gone all last year.
other news is I have been hired for a long term sub position from the day after spring break until the end of school teaching 6th grade science at Mustang middle school. that should be interesting, and after the first 4 weeks it will be teacher pay the rest of the year (2 months worth).
I haven't found a job overseas next fall yet, but I'm hoping something lucrative comes up in some interesting part of the world. I have been thinking if I stay away for one or two years maybe I could save some money to put into finishing classes towards a doctorate in education since my long term goal is to teach at a college anyway, not middle school the rest of my life, God willing!
I might end up working at WhiteWater this summer jsut for something to do and pay bills. I'm considering driving to San ANtonio for spring break and visit my Afghan students if they are there by then.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

good week so far, I've been busy, I subbed at the high shcool Monday and then Tuesday and wednesday no subbing but busy with gym and just cleaning the house all day etc. Wednesday night I went to the preview of the "Harlem Renaissance" at the art museum, that was pretty cool. and then today I subbed at the North Middle school and afterwards I went to volunteer at the Memorial Musem

Sunday, February 01, 2009

got away from the COLD

just got back from Austin, what a weekend!

Flew out of OKC Wednesday morning and arrived by 3pm, in town to visit my good buddy Heath from OKC. We had dinner with some friends at a place called "The Clay Pit" a contemporary Indian cuisine restaurant in downtown Austin. Thursday I got a haircut and went to the grocery store. then ran 3 miles at the gym before lunch. went with Heath to the channel 8 tv studio to tape an interview about his work for the news. went to a Thai restarant for dinner and then a meeting with Heath where he received his one year pin. Yay! next on Friday I got the car to drive around AUstin and shop some places and then Friday night we saw the show "Aint Misbehavin" at the Paramount theatre downtown austin featuring Ruben Suddard and Frenchie Davis from American Idol, was a great show. Saturday we went and checked out the ELizaeth Ney Museum with an artist friend, G. Parrish. went to some landscaping nursery and then the mall. and that night Heath had been invited to a dinner before the opening night of "Rigoletto" It was in a special room upstairs at the performing arts center with an awesome skyline view of downtown Austin. 3 course meal beginning with a butternut suash ravioli w/ pinenuts and a prosciutto sage sauce, then some marinated lamb chops and mushroom crusted veal loin with a parmesan polenta and rosemary glace sauce, next a desert of zabaglione, which was sort of like a vanilla mouse with fruit and a cookie, I didn't eat the fruit. During dinner which was all formal and black tie event, I sat next to a lady named barbara who is pretty well known on Austin theatre stages. we talked about my time in Kabul and her 16 yo daughter in hs. etc... pretty interesting experience. the opera. words were in English across a banner screen above the stage. there was one long act about an hour and I knodded off a few times, then intermission, then a shorter 27 min act, another intermission then the end about half an hour left and no happy ending in this opera. but the voices were excellent and the symphony orchestra etc..

flew back to OKC today at 12 and got back to home sweet home by 430 and am now watching the football.....another week of subbing and back to the reality of waiting for the next step in life.