Tuesday, March 31, 2009

no longer going to singles group

I've decided today that I"m no longer going to the group I've been going to every other tuesday night. It's a good decision I've been putting off for too long, maybe I was afraid of crossing that line of all grown up, but the thing is , I don't look forward to going or connected to anyone in the group and the actual study was somewhat fulfilling but nothing I think I'll miss overall.

I guess I'll start looking at what the church has to offer for Sunday school classes or during the week bible study, although mostly you only find stuff for married people but ya never know.

Tonight while driving home from the gym I was enjoying the sun and everything turning a little green, and getting excited for summer, and began to remember about how I was gone a year ago and missed all this season change. really great to not be working evenings, and so I have more time after work for workouts and then walk around the yard

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was sitting in church, the non denominational Christian chuch I attend, Covenant COmmunity Church in Yukon, trying my best to enjoy the music and not think critical thoughts. and maybe I'm old or too old timey traditional but I dunno, I just wish it were somehow something different. I just can't get used to the rock band sound or the repeated lyric and chord praise song music. I figure if I'm told only to tithe when I'm giving from the heart, then my worship should feel like its from the heart, and most songs, it's fine, the music is fine, and the lyrics are praising God. but sometimes it's not feeling right at all and so I just listen. I've stated before that at times I'm sensitive to it sounding as if they're trying to force that "feeling". which is all the worse.
but probably I'm just not used to it overall. so last weekend I was sitting there thinking, man I wish I could come with some worship songs, some meaningful verse based lyrics, and really interesting musically arranged tune.. sometime in the future I hope someone really talented invents that, something that's meant for worship and then maybe heard on the radio years later, not released as a radio hit first then brought into the church.
THe best thing about heaven is it will most likely be like the perfect church, whenever I feel like there is an attitude or feeling or motivation that should somehow be better in the church family, instead of imagining how I'd like the church to be instead I have to tell myself, well when we're all in heaven, it's be perfect. ha
I know there'll be some hymns, and praise songs too, and maybe some chants and worship styles of music from the past or future we've never heard before.
and don't even get me started on male leadership in the church and family. I'm always quizzical when or why Christianity missed out on that compared to the Muslim or Jewish culture. I don't knwo why, but every Sunday I started counting in the bulletin the number of women meetings and activities compared to those for men.

of course overall, I remind myself don't complain. and instead of nit picking ask myself what's really bothering me about me! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

car show last weekend at the fairgrounds

here's a new Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Toyota Forerunner, and a Ranger in the parking lot. I'll take the Ford Ranger.. ahh yeah!

last weekend

I haven't posted about last weekend, mainly because I was busy with the funeral Friday monring. but before that I wanted to mention that I volunteered at the memorial last friday morning, the 6th. because of a performance going on because of the National Choir Director's association having their 50th anniversary convention in OKC. there was a choir performance that started at 8:45 with a prelude and then began at 9:02 in observance of the time of the explosion at the Murrah building April 19th, 1995. there is video link of "an Amazing Morning at the Memorial" here. There were almost 4,000 people from the convention on the grounds, and the performance was great. I was greeting and directing people where to go, and passing out guides. here are some pics.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

last week I had 3 good days off from subbing and got a lot of things done. first of I finally got a plumber over to fix the pipes under my sink, and then he discovered the faucet was also leaking. so I went out and bought a new faucet for the kitchen sink and then he came back after lunch and installed that, plus the new disposal that I had waiting for a couple of months.
lots of fun walking around the yard last week seeing what's poking up out of the dirt.
I lost a friend in OKC last week, an aquaintance I'd made through my friend Scott in okc. he was 55 and had a stroke at 8am and wasn't found until 11 am. although he was conscious for a day and a half and able to visit with friends and family while in intensive care, he passed on early Saturday morning. extremely kind man who had kept up with my blog and emailed a few times while I was in Kabul.
I subbed Thursday and Friday in Mustang, and then Saturday morning I volunteered back at the Museum downtown. Coraline movie sat evening. this week I subbed today and then not sure about the rest of the week, I'm doing a special volunteer service Friday morning at the memorial for a concert performance and then my friend Bruce's funeral will also be that morning.
I'm glad it's going to be warmer this week... 2 weeks til spring break!