Sunday, April 26, 2009

spring garden....

last weekend was the 14th anniversary

I volunteered a lot last weekend at the Memorial, Saturday was my usual every other weekend time to volunteer that morning, and then Sunday Morning I volunteered at the special morning service and then inside the museum because they had a big crowd. The tickets to the museum are free on the anniversary dates. Well anyway that was from 8:45 to 12:45 and then I went back at 4:30 for a Reporting Terrorism forum with Ann Curry from NBC. here are some pics from the memorial last weekend. THe governor spoke and Jami Smith played lots of songs including the new one she wrote just for the occasion at the service.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

work work works

somewhere along the line I lost the pure joy of teaching these 6th grade kids. maybe it's because 6th graders are new, or maybe cause I'm out of my subject area teaching science. But I know I'm a teacher at heart, maybe I'm getting too old and lazy to have to deal with the "babysitting" it feels like sometimes.
well regardless, things are going really well in most all my classes and all the students, but my last hour of the day has a lot of unruly kids and it's my biggest class, so I'm definitely still learning about teaching. I had some difficult situation come up last week that really discouraged me to continue teaching kids anymore. I had decided to up and move to San Antonio where I could teach adults Engish at lackland air force base, get paid well, opportunity to travel, and with amazing govt benefits. but moving is a hard choice to make although nothing is really keeping me in Oklahoma except for my house and garden.
anyway, I was feeling pretty down most of last week but then God really spoke out to me pretty clearly in the devotional reading I had Friday morning. It was about stopping something too soon, based on a verse from II Kings 13, about having faith and courage to go so far but not enough to go all the way. Basically I've been praying that the students will see God in me, but I have'nt been taking enough time to be putting God's word INTO me. daily, and I'm going to start trying harder to do that. I can't just rely on what I've already lived and learned and experienced as a Christian, studying the word is an ongoing thing I believe I'll need to take much more seriously.
I try to remain optimistic as ever, and I will still consider working in San Antonio, but I am also going to look into the junior colleges in OKC about jobs, my career future hopefully will be teaching something older than middle school. ha

spring 2009...

here are some pictures of the yardwork I got done Saturday. You can see the before and after, where the beds were mainly just for the shrubs, so I had to extend to make room for plants. now I will be adding more soil then some plants next weekend, also going to trim back the shrubs....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

great weekend

did a lot of things this weekend, sang in the choir at the church's good friday service, a plant sale saturday morning at 8am, then volunteered at 9:30 and then came home after the gym for lunch, and outside for some yardwork, inside to rest for a while, and Sunday Easter service at church singing again, and then a nice long afternoon at my parents with the extended family. great lunch.
this week I'm back to work trying to decide how to best keep the kids QUIET, it's only one hour that really gets to me, the last hour of the day. all the rest of the classes are great great kids actually, well........overall. I took a job at Whitewater today, it will only be 3 or 4 days a week in the office there during this next summer. but I told them I'd still be open to finding a job that paid more etc etc.. but I dunno.
the most difficult thing at this point is just not knowing what I want to do after this summer, or what or where I should look for work. But I know something will come up eventually, at least I got money coming in this summer.
also I am planning a trip to Washington DC either in May or when school gets out. I am also considering a trip to Guatamala this summer for a week, something I saw in the church bulletin about a mission trip. now off to bed because I plan to wake up early and swim!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

still teaching on...

still teaching them 6th graders. today after my last hour I told myself, I have no idea what I'm doing, why am I looking for another teaching job, I hate being in the classroom with a bunch of kids. UGH!! but then I remember the previous 4 classes I taught were actually good kids, it's just that last hour that can really get me going! man!
so 3 weeks down and about a month and a half to go. yoo hoo.
I still have NO idea what I want to do this summer or next year, I guess I'm satill pursuing an overseas job, but sometimes I have to ask myslef why. at this point I think I'd really like to work in Germany, south america or Spain or somewhere Spanish speaking like that, and then other choice is middle east. THose would be really interesting places to see I think.
I was just thinking the other day I haven't been on a plane since february, I also haven't seen a helicopter take off or land or plane take of or land while waiting on the runway in a long time, and that used to be part of my every single day experience a year ago! So I am happy to be back home completely...looking forward to Easter Sunday this weekend. a lot planned, Friday night I'm singing with the church choir at the Good Friday church service, and then volunteering Saturday morning, and then Sunday morning singing in the choir at church again and probably some family time after church? I don't know.