Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a lot of rain in May

I've been really busy with the sub job but the good news next week school is OVER for the summer.... ah which could be a good thing or a stressful thing. depending on when and where I can find a real steady job.
I had 3 moles appear over a weeks time dead on the grass out in my front yard during all the rain about 3 weeks ago. Sun this week is good.
I applied at one school for a job, but I'm not going to stress much about it just yet, there may be something for me in my district, and also there is always San Antonio to consider with DLI.
this morning I read a great verse that really encourged me. I mean you hear it all the time about God having a plan etc etc...but it's nice to run into it while reading the bible. When I get to bed at night I try and pray and give thanks for the day, but sometimes I just lay there and think, big deal another day. blah.
and then when I get up in the morning I also sometimes feel like, here we go again....and why am I doing this again and what joy is there in it? but this morning I read in Psalms 138, verse 8 when David says "the Lord will fulfill His purpose for me" and then I can read the falling verse as my own prayer to God, " your love, O lord, endures forever- do not abandon the works of your hands."

Saturday, May 02, 2009

last weekend at the memorial

I thought I'd post some photos of last weekend's memorial. I was down there all SUnday morning til after noon, as a volunteer handing medals out as the runners came across the finish line. Including my Sis! congratulation Jennifer you finished before your goal time!
the one of me is from the Memorial's website.