Friday, June 26, 2009

bad news from Honduras yesterday......

TEGUCIGALPA, (Reuters) – A constitutional crisis in Honduras deepened yesterday after the supreme court rejected President Manuel Zelaya’s firing of the top military officer in a dispute over Zelaya’s quest to allow presidents to serve more than a single four-year term in office.
Zelaya, an ally of Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez, vowed to push ahead with an unofficial vote on Sunday to gauge public support for lifting constitutional limits on presidential terms despite objections by courts and the military.
He rallied supporters in Tegucigalpa, capital of the Central American coffee and banana-exporting nation of around 7 million people, and told them the court’s move amounted to a “coup” against him.
Zelaya and his supporters stormed an air force base to take hold of ballot boxes being stored for Sunday’s vote.
“No one can stop the referendum on Sunday,” he shouted to a cheering crowd, promising to proceed with the vote.

more about it here on BBC's website
here he is in Cuba March 2009... gee whiz...

Please pray for this nation.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

last day in DC monday

what I did monday in DC

woke up and slept in a little... had breakfast, then headed down P street to FLorida and then over to the New York ave Metro stop on the red line. next to the national gallery for more photography and art. text from Jose saying meet him at Pentagon Row so I took the green line over to that stop. got out at the mall there and then we met up for lunch at a Thai restaurant with his friends Daniel and Megan, and David and his sister and friend. went back to the house for a while while they walked soccer and I chilled and emailed, then we headed back out to pick up Leo who was in the city, and went again to Georgetown to the Potomac so we could Kayak again, (Leo hadn't been with us the day before). Jose and Daniel biked down the river as Leo and David and I rowed down and back. we followed that up with a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. good time.... back in OKC today and watering watering everything.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

about day 3 in DC!

woke up Sunday and got to the Metro stop by 11 am and made my way to the Farragut West stop in order to walk over to the Corcoran Gallery. Here they have an exhibit of Maya Lin, the architect who designed the Vietnam Memorial, and then another of Photographer William Eggleston. walked over to the white house and washington monmument next. called my dad, and then headed to the nearest metro to get back to the jose and Leo's townhouse near P st and 1st.
We left promptly for a Salvadoran restaurant for a good lunch including Honduran pupusas. yum
next to the Potomac river near Georgetown for an hour of kayaking with some friends of Jose and then went to Giffords for icecream and next the Old Post office, but the tower was already closed.
We came back and changed into shorts and took Jose's bike over to Alexandra VA where we parked at the Teddy Roosevelt memorial and walked out to see it on the island there, then got out the bikes and biked up the river to a bridge over to the Jefferson memorial, then back down to the WOrld war II memorial which was awesome, and then Lincoln and then biked back as it got dark to where we parked. came home by 11 and chilled. great day

Sunday, June 21, 2009

what the younger generation does best...

day 2 in DC

woke up by 11 and made some eggs for breakfast, some cereal, then went over to the Florida street Metro stop to head in the diretion of the capitol ( Judiciary stop) to see the BOtanical gardens. It was raining so I walked in the direction of chinatown first to see if there was a place to get an umbrella but eventually it stopped so I jsut walked over to the botanical gardens and started enjoying everything and taking pictures. this was from 12 to 1pm and then a little after 1 Leo called saying he was up and ready to head out to MD. We had made plans to go to Mt Airy MD to see some artist friends I know from Tegus.
I got back and called and we weren't able to manage a good time to meet up Saturday. Instead Leo and I decided to go walk around Georgetown and see the shops and just the atmosphere in general. We ate a sandwich cafe on M street then walked around for a while, including a nice stroll along the historic canal there.
came home and chilled on the couch some, next Leo left for a cookout at his uncle's and Jose called to say he was on his way home from work so about 6 I decided to take the Metro from Florida up to the Rhode Island stop and walk over to Giant grocery store there. got back before 7 when Jose arrived, we left for Ben's Chili place and then the Iwo Jima monument, next to a hookah cafe back over in Georgetown by the river. got home by 1 and asleep by 2. yikes.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Washington DC first day

in the folk art gallery, there was this "Throne of Christ the King" made out of cardboard and foil and other materials. this was done by a janitor working in DC who died in 64 and this was found in his garage afterwards, a complete surprise to anyone who knew him. He was an avid believer in Christianity and created this in expectation of the return of Christ the Messiah.

slept in today really late, walked around the block a few times then eventually Leo and I took the Metro to the National ARt Gallery, where they have the portrait and American art gallery. Leo did a 4 month internship there this last spring and gave me a nice tour of the place. next we helped a friend of his move from one student housing to another near Washington University. next we went to a place called 'The Diner" at Adams morgan and now came back to the house for some adult swim cartoon. and Jose came home from work an hour ago an said we're going to see the monuments at night, but I think I'm crashing in for sure....zzz

summer gardens

If you click on my profile, there is a link to a blog I am putting all my garden photos on.... if interested. after all it is SUMMER!

Washington DC

I am on vacation, although I'm not really on vaction from much going on this summer. just my Whitewater job, but still I'm traveling again so that is FUN.
I am in the nation's capitol visiting 2 former Pinares students I taught 7th and 8th grade to in Honduras. they are both now 23 and graduated and working and looking for work etc etc.. so at the moment I came to catch up and see DC this weekend.
yesterday had a flight out early from OKC to Atlanta, and then because of the weather in Baltimore,we sat on a plane on the runway in Atlanta for about 2.5 hours until finally we could take off. arrived at 7pm at BWI and then took a train to Union station here in DC. I am staying with Jose I. and Leo L. , and it was Leo who picked me up at the station and then we went for a burger at a bar/grill he likes near U street. and we sat outside and talked about school and what we are doing and what we are not doing with our lives. ha
Last night Jose came home after work around 10pm and then we got ready and went out to a club near georgetown area I think, for a birthday party of a friend. Afew different Central Americans were hanging out there with us so I"m trying to get my Spanish going again...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


a van stopped while I was outside in the yard today, and a grey-haired couple said hello from within. I sat there and talked to them while the husband driving pulled to the side of the road and they chatted with me. He had grown up in my house as a boy, and the wife had met him while attending the college down the street and they both remembered stuff about my place.

He asked about my "basement" and if it still collected rain water and was the sump pump still working. yes. I mentioned the silver maple trees (that I hate) in the back yard, and she remembered his mom watering them daily after planting them as young twigs. (if i had the money I"d have 'em both removed today, never plant one, the roots go everywhere growing in to beds on the surface, and the branches break and fall through out the year in Oklahoma winds)

they mentioned the young couple they sold it, which are the people from my church I bought the house from.

I have gone swimming every morning this week so far, right out of bed and to the Y pool here in bethany, Iplan to do this the rest of the summer. I'm really glad to be out of school from teaching the 6th graders I had. ALthough it's worriesome not knowing what I will be doing next. God keeps us on His timeline not our own, and right now I"m not meant to know and have everything planned out. I have applied for an ESL job at Yukon but haven't heard from them yet. So next week I'm going to start getting my name in a few other places, then do some deep thinking and praying about do I really want to teach in a classroom again anyway.

I spoke to a friend last weekend who mentioned I should consider Organazaional Development, which is like doing training for businesses and corporations, sort of like writing and doing training. It piqued my interest but I'd miss the school calendar. even though I feel I'd rather work with adults as I get older. for now its' Whitewater cash office. a nice summer job to pay the bills....