Wednesday, September 23, 2009

school job opportunity continues...

4 comp classes!! I had agreed to teach a writing class on tues and thurs starting mid oct. BUT today I was asked to take over an afternoon class on Mon and WEd that I've been subbing the last couple weeks for a sick teacher. this means I won't be teaching the writing class since adjunct can't teach more than 4 classes. the good news is I won't have to drive to occc every day, and will stick with going on Mon and Wed.. God really let that work out nicely, and I'm thankful!
I won't need to drive on those extra days, AND no extra prep cause it's the same class so I welcome this extra paid job. was 51 this morning, cool cool morning so fall has definitely arrived, I'm grading papers all this week, trying to have them all finished by next Monday. ughhhh
Another reason I"m glad that I won't be doing the Tues and Thurs class from 130 to 4pm is that I like having my Tuesdays free to prepare for my night class on Tuesday night, the Deciduous trees and shrubs class I'm taking at OSUOKC.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

rainy day tuesda

well I had one morning no rain, but now we're back to rain just like all last week! ha
today I'll be studying trees and shrubs for the test tonight in my Deciduous plants class. We're up to 30 trees or shrubs now that have been introduced and each weekly quiz is cumulative. We must identify 10 on the quiz and write down the scientific and common name. so I'll be memorizing the 10 from last Tuesday.
I'll be starting to grade essays from the 3 Comp 1 classes I'm teaching. Their first essay packet was due yesterday, so I have 70 to read between now and next Monday (I'm aiming for a week to get them all back). It should be a pretty busy day, I'm obviously not getting any yardwork done today with all this rain. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

My first year teaching at Mustang...

I returned from teaching in Honduras and took a job at Midfirst bank selling equity loans via the use of the new online Lending Tree service, but during that "year off" I missed being a teacher. I was hired at Mustang Middle School less than a month before school started, teaching 8th grade Math, English, and Reading. Classes began the last week of August. This was the year 2001. It wasn't but a few weeks into the semester that I had already gotten accustomed to having first hour planning period, meaning every now and then arriving to school after school began for the day.
I remember quite clearly walking down the empty hall after entering through the side door of our 8th grade hall. Jason Speaks was the History teacher Who's classroom and door was next to mine. He had his t.v. on and called me in before I could get my door unlocked notifying me of what had just happened, the news on t.v. about a plane hitting a building in NYC. Crazy stuff...we asked ourselves what in the world was going on and how it was something out of a movie. I went to my room next so I could watch my own tv and flip back and forth between news channels. And then another plane. I walked back next door as we stoof in disbelief and began discussing that this was BIG, very BIG, UNBELIEVABLE. This was a disaster movie taking place on tv but happening in real life, no special effects, the news continued, other planes etc...horrifying.
Eventually first hour was over and the school requested we not have out tv's on in the room but of course between classes we all kept checking, just as parents throughout the day kept checking out their children from school to come home. I remember the craziness of long long lines at all the gas stations with prices above $3.00 (unknown at the time). I thought it so untimely and surreal to see the red white and blue American flags the city put out on the street lights on the main highway through town. It was September not July!
And the nation stood still for quite a while, indeed in disbelief. The saddest thing I remember is the many many hopeful people, parents, children, siblings, spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, all shown on the news walking around with or posting flyers of their missing loved one. None of them willing to yet accept the horrific possibility that the loss of victims could come so suddenly, in a way so unheard of.
and things were never the same, the nation was forced to become more world aware, pushed into the politics of the world's religions, poverty, powers, envy and mistrust. We became more self aware that we are nation made of people from all of them.