Wednesday, October 21, 2009


went to the U2 concert Sunday night. was OUTSTANDING and AWESOME! the stadium was PACKED out down in Norman at the OU football stadium. Trish and I got down there just before 7pm when it started. I got to park a half block away from the stadium thanks to Pam's son Jake living down in Norman. We get inside, and notice the $40 tshirts, screw that! Black Eyed Peas opening like the party band they are....absolutely all FUN. opening with "Let's get it started"... ahh yeah did they ever, and eventually Fergie sang "big girls don't cry" was cool hearing live. and more songs ending with Boom boom Pow, and then of course, Tonight's gonna be a Good Night!! not everyday you can see the currently number one band with a number 1 and 2 song on the charts!! woo!!! next U2--------every song, the new ones and every single former HIT!!! incredible the stage set was surreal, an entire stadium singing along, light show, some new songs with words to the lyrics going across the huge circular screen, late in the show a political message with some world leader speaking to us from the screen, a floating head and all these graphic speaking of one people, we are one, we are the same etc etc....2 encores, final song With or without You....SWEET!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

haunted housework

no not the mess around my place. but last weekend and the next three I'm working at the Frontier City haunted house called Frightfest. the work is open to anyone who was at Whitewater during the summer, and since I'm part-time these days at OCCC, I figured I could use the work.
I showed up last Friday night for our first night, was assigned to a group with a monster leader, and was told I'd be in the room called "the mausoleum." We put on our choice of costume which is basically a lot of torn up old clothes, some with red paint slopped on like blood. Everyone shows up wearing black. Over my clothes I wore a sort of medical jacket, with rips and cuts all about it and sort of dirty looking. We all stand in line wear they have a professional guy airbrush paint on our faces. It's quite effective.
And then basically the rest of the night is as to be imagined if you've ever been through a haunted fun-house. we go to our rooms, the smoke is on and everywhere, lights are flashing in some other room, lots of noise and sounds and screaming and crashing noise from all the various rooms. And I'm standing in a corner just behind the path that groups take through the room, they can't see me, but I can see them coming, and jump out usually sometime after the first one or two people walk by me. if it's a large group I continue running by the line bobbing up and down trying to take them by surprise and making some sort of growl noise or wave of hand etc...
you sort of just have to throw yourself into it. hey, it's a job.
my legs sure were sore by the third night though all that crouching and running back and forth. But overall I have to say a fun different sort of work. the loser idiot kids that come through with a flshlight device on their phone or something and like to find the people there to surprise them, I tend to ignore. what a waist, why bother if you're not into it for the fun. likewise for the idiots kids who like to cuss you or call you a name for scaring them, duh, it's a haunted house. have some fun already! ha

Monday, October 05, 2009

great college homecoming weekend

I had a nice weekend. and although I have to say it was a pretty slow year as far as people comoing into town. The slowness made the few people I spent time with the more valuable.
This year I went up Saturday morning. arriving in time for lunch at Fatigas with Jeff Nichols, a walmart grad who I also worked at Wal Mart with during my college years. we've continued to be best friends ever since. Next was the homecoming soccer game. I went with Trish and we found the "90s" tent. very few people. we saw the GUmms, Matt and wife Hollie, and brother Mark. that was pretty cool. also I spoke with Jeff Anglin and his wife and their beautiful daughters. John and Kara Lasater were there with the kids, and scott angling came by and although Craig Kelly didnt' make homecoming, his son did! I saw Dave Murray and Joseph Odima. and that was about it. other than the gloriously beautiful Genevieve Jaeger. who I love running into at homecmoing in Siloam. the cutest kids and she couldn't be happier in NM where she's raising her family. I had the best conversation with her, the lasaters, trish and i looking at an old yearbood. it was fun overall. Saturday night went to the Lasaters for a "campfire" although it was just me and them and Tony and Jane. but even then a smaller group really led us into more downtime good conversation. great time.
came home sunday morning first thing and graded papers all day, and I'm nbow returning to work this monday morning with papers checked and grades in hand! yes. only 2 more weeks until I have 80 papers to grade again.... ahhh

Friday, October 02, 2009

the shoes I wore to mow in Tuesday


I blame it on the shoes, my former roomie's one size too big for me old pumas that I use for mowing the yard. after I finished such task today i stepped wrong into the space between the curb and pavement where there is a sort of gutter, and OUCH twisted or landed sidways or something wrong. didn't feel too bad, and I was inside getting my shirt and shoes changed for my night class at 5:30. drove to said class. a couple hours later, we're walking around the grounds (it's a trees and shrubs class) and I start to fell a little pain like I need to limp. then I progress to limp a bit more and more so that by 8 we're taking a break and I'm quite painfully limping back to my truck to get my sandwich and then to the classroom inside. I sat there for about a half hour before finally I put up my notebook and pen, put on my jacket and hopping out and down the hall on one foot. it was painful just sitting there with it elevated on another chair. I limped outside the building and could barely move at this point just slowly hobble step by step. some guy in the parking lot drove his car over and said, hey can I take you to your car? and I'm feeling like an idiot cause I'm so proud and independend and feel like I have a strong tolerance for pain and say, well it's just over there but thanks, and he says, hey come on it's that much less pain for you. SOLD. I get to my truck and start driving home. oh by the way, it's my left foot and my ranger is standard. the pain every stop and shift. dang! about 5 miles away back home and in the door, crawling to the phone and getting my folks on call in the morning in case I work up in pain and can't drive to work....ugh.. well I've been laying with it elevated and iced and I took a vioxx so hopefully I'll wake up feeling better and not wors. so much for leg day at the gym tomorrow, possibly any running this week. dang it all.

AND NOW --- feeling better but still a bit of limp and stiff in the morning. but the foot is getting a lot better. I was able to drive to work Wednesday and get around with a bit of a limp, and Thursday I mowed the backyard all right, otherwise just been sitting and grading papers and moving around the house some. definitely no gym this week so that is pretty awful, i hate taking a week off then going back and barely able to keep up with the weights or reps I worked up to before. one week makes a big difference! also the soreness when you miss a week of working out.l yuck.
this weekend is college homecoming at my alma mata JBU. I am trying to finish up 10 or so more essays to grade so I can drive up there tonight, but probably I'll have to wait and just drive up first thing tomorrow morning...