Friday, November 20, 2009

everythins up to date in kansas city...

I want the two mission side table you see here stacked in the middle....

this was a handmade high chair that would lay flat and make a sort of horse rocker toy. and if you turned that upside down it made a sort of little desk for a child to sit at on the back side.

went to Kansas City last weekend. my bud Jeff had ordered a twin bed, night table, and dresser from an Amish furniture store for his daughter. So headed up there thursday night, stayed with the claybergs. and was off by 11am to Kansas City with Jeff in his dad's truck. we got into town by 4ish and checked in to the INtercontinental hotel, cleaned up and went out to the plaza to shop around a bit and then dinner at Figlios. good times. next morning we drove up across the border to Davis City, Iowa. picked up the furniture at "the Hitching Post" from Eli. turned back south to Kansas City, and went through the Kansas side this time for lunch at Dean and Deluca's. and back to ARkansas in time for dinner with Jeff and his wife and kids. excellent weekend, and lots of good conversation and catching up with Jeff during the trip.

volunteer banquet with my sis

nov 6th, that friday, I went to the annual volunteer banquet for the museum where I volunteer every other saturday morning downtown. I took my sister Jennifer with me this year. It was a lot of fun. This year they had the banquet at the Historical Skirvin Hotel downtown. We arrived an hour early for a tour of the place, and then the reception, then dinner with a nice rare filet of steak. awards and then we got out by 9 or so..

on working the haunted house.....

I made some extra cash working at a haunted house in the city for the 4 weekends of OCT. after the first night, I was beat after getting home at 12 that night and up to volunteer at 9 the next SAT morning...
I was made up with white face and black around my features and eyes etc, and wearing some torn up clothes as a costume, and basically it's exactly what you'd imagine. you're hiding around a corner in wait of a group to come through to jump out and scream etc...meanwhile a bunch of noise,smoke machines, screaming and slamming going on all around etc..crazy haunted house music playing loud etc...the usual I guess for a haunted house. i got about every other group coming through pretty good. some groups just sort of stay on the target of getting out of each room, and some are dopey kids jsut going through going hey dude I see you etc...whatever. overall it's pretty exciting and goes by pretty fast.
the third weekend and... whoooooie, was aloso a lot of work, but I have to say it's definitely a lot of fun jumping out and trying to scare people. I got about every 2 out of 3 groups pretty good. I don't even bother with the morons who are carrying a flashlight or some sort of cellphone device, shining around the corners etc, like why bother. I'm also ignoring the few idiots who call me an a-hole when I scare them, mainly high school kids feeling pretty big for their britches with such cursin freedom I guess... but anyway, same deal. dude! this is about having fun. come on! why bother going in if you're going to get upset when you're surpised.
the last weekend, I was in the "organ room" which is a room the groups sort of just walk through, there is a dummy propped at a fake organ in the room whch they must walk around to get to the other side, lots of organ music from an amp in the room, lots and lots of fog machine smoke... and then there's me all dressed in black, jumping out from behind a black curtain in the back of the room. ...and the best part of the last weekend is I wore fabric on my head covering my face completely. and then I wore a sort of white bandit mask over that. I sort of looked like a fake dumb with a mask thrown on it's head..and thos were th best scares people walking right by me as a group and suddenly all I did was move and shift to the right or let and I got the best scares from a group or couples, also better way getting the guys. cause when you jump out from somewhere he girls will scream, but the guys react more to the subtle surprise of something being not what the though it was going by.
The effect worked a little too well. twice someone tried sticking their fingers in my eyes, and many times peope poking me in the arm, chest, or grabbing my arm and feeling to see if it's real or not.. however, that always tells you there is some doubt, and as soon as you move, they jump!.
the last night was pretty awful though, a few of the managers were gone doing hallowen with their children or at the osu game and we only had one security working. I got hit in the shoulder at one point, and then a second time a guy put his hand in my face and pushed on my face back into the wall. I tried to get security after him, but good luck finding security... it got me pretty wound up, and so I left my room wanting to just go home, but a monster leader talked to me and cooled me off, and I finished out the 30 minutes remaining. but overall an interesting experience.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

here goes october

flew buy what with working every weekend and teaching and grading etc...
the weather this week has been much nicer and I hope to take advantage and get outdoors on my day off tomorrow , dig around a little, pot some plants to bring back inside over winter, clean up a bit out there etc..
looking forward to this weekend. I am going with my sister to a volunteer banquet Friday night at the Skirvin Hotel downtown which includes a tour of the hotel. fun! and then I volunteer Saturday morning, and then nothing much more planned other than church SUnday morning.