Thursday, January 28, 2010

back in the swing of things...

well no classes tomorrow due to the ice storm that came through today. but ahh well. the new roomie left wednesday. I got back from my day teaching at school,a trip to the apple store, then the gym downtown for leg day, and then finally got home around 630pm to find a note saying he moved in with his grandparents. ok.
It's kind of funny cause the extra room is super clean right now and looking good, so I have to resist putting boxes and junk piled up in there again as an extra put stuff out of the way place.
count on OKC to change back and forth like this, in HOndruas they call February the crazy month, so true for okc. last week I was digging up some shrubs and moving them towards the fence on the side of the house and outside mulching and weeding some. today icy freezing rain. I've been watching some tv and a few movies, a documentary called "beautiful losers" and tonight maybe Star TRek or Bottle Rockets. or tomorrow since I'm off work all day.
I was going on about the 4 areas of writing, and one of them is Critical Thinking, reading, and writing... This is when I get the chance to inspire people to make that choice of thinking once and a while and not just take everything face value, i.e. believe everything you hear/read/see. ALthough, yeah there's a time and place for that. For example, I discussed the recent election of the Republican senator in MA. The next day CNN was reporting how "fast American poliitics can change, and how they just as quickly change back!", and on NBC today show that morning Meredith was reporting how "Stunning!" it was... so we discussed these choice of words and what's behind it. Just as Fox news was reporting the "clear message" this was meant to be to the current administration as if it was so obvious... we discussed what different channles would have said differently if they'd been reporting a Dem senator win during a Rep admin. SO we discussed the option of thinking critically or not. But overall to do so when they read, especially in regard to research for thier writing.
This next week I'll include a discussion on how although I check closely on grammar and puncuation, and will include acitivities throughout the semester to improve these thing, that this has nothing to do with being a good writer. Writing is communicating regardless of your spelling or grammar, that's why authors and journalists have EDITORS. what I have to do is get them communicate ideas but in a formal writing manner with paragraphs and a plan presenting those ideas. blah blah.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

almost back to work....

today is chest day at gym and I'll be going before lunch since I'm off all day. after that, Angelo's Pizza in bethany for some awesome pizza and sit down and read a magazing time. I'll bring last week's New Yorker to read and then Architectural Digest to flip through depending what I"m in the mood to look at or read.
Got a new paying roomate yesterday moved in. a yonger guy who's working nights so hopefully our schedules will work out as I can't just sit around and be quiet on my days off while he's sleeping in. ha
Tomorrow begins another semester of teaching Comp 1 classes, 4 of 'em so that will be a lot of papers to grade again. hopefully the class sizes will go down like they did last semester as kids drop out or quit coming for whatever reasons...
I clearing out the back room of my house which is full of boxes and junk and a piano and you could barely make your way to the clothes washer and dryer. SO I dragged everything out onto the table in here and this afternoon I plan to empty all the stuff. put like stuff together and get rid of stuff I forgot I was keeping and don't care about anymore. The majority of the stuff is school supply and desk stuff from teaching, other teaching materials and then memoribilia from travelling stuff. etc etc. lot's of stuf stuff stuff. ugh. will fill good to condense it all down.
I'm also going to iron some things today for work. I like to start out dressed professionally so they no I take myself very seriously when it comes to teaching grammar/writing/mla!!! ha ha. after srping break i will MAYBE wear a polo shirt or colored jeans instead of slacks but not until them. I have to appear proffesorial if not for the students' sake then for my own, to remind myself I actually know what I"m talking about and can do the job.
I plan to have my name and resume out to any overseas job searches by the end of this month, and then in Febuary I plan to get my application updated and in at Mustang, Yukon, Bethany and maby JUST maybe OKC schools, but only as ESL teacher at OKC not a classroom. Sun's out going to go look at the beds before heading out to gym..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January halfway

In Roman history Janus is recorded as a god of doorways, beginnings, and transitions, thus the first month of the year is named January. The only other English word that is still in use today which comes from Janus is what we use to call that not so respected worker who's in charge of keeping all those doorways and entrances clean and in spit-spot shape. Have you thought of it yet? It's the Janitor. true story.
I'm about at the end of my winter break from college professoring...classes begin back up next week. I plan on rewriting my syllabus on campus tomorrow so I can get it turned in for enough copies made for first day of class. One thing I'm definitely setting as policy is late work, I'll not accept anything late after one week UNLESS the student has contacted me about the assignment and we've discussed the reasons why it wasn't turned in on time etc... I mean after all with email nowadays there is NO reason not to be contacted within a week. In which time I can put my zeroes in the gradebook and tarry on never to look back. ha
I've already decided to go over a few pet peeves the first day of class. Usually we just go over the syllabus and discuss purchasing the book if you haven't already done so. HOWEVER, I will use all my time possible to discuss certain things like putting a comma between two independent clauses in a sentence, possibly discuss commas after introductory clauses, and then discuss not using the word "then". Students like to begin sentences with the word "then" a lot, and I need to make clear that it's unneeded and how the reader knows that following sentences continue the sequence of thought when included after one another in a paragraph with out the word THEN! anyway...
I need to record on my blog about the death of Miep Gies. She died Monday at the age 100. She was one of a pair of office workers who hid the Frank family and others during the holocaust. I am interested in this because I taught Anne Frank's Diary to 8th graders for three years in a row at Pinares and I always got involved in the story and the life in that attic apartment etc..trying to get the kids to understand their life, the unfairness, and what freedom they enjoyed etc..
I look forward to getting back to routine once work starts back up. One thing I want to focus on as the new year begins is Philippians 1:6;

he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus

I'm hoping I'll remember this as I struggle to find a job and search the next step in my career path this spring. I'm also excited to see what "works" I can involve myself in beyond just my career. regardless of what I"m doing to earn money, what am I doing away from work in my free time to serve Him. that sort of thing.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

year ends, 2010 begins!

long CHristmas break. I don't go back to work until the 18th when classes start back up at OCCC. I'll be teaching another 4 classes of COMP 1. I won't be doing this next year. My goal this spring will be to decide what career steps to take next. I want to get back to a full time job doing something, so this means getting back on at a public school like maybe in Yukon or Mustang. and also pursue teaching at a DOD school overseas (Europe), and I am still holding on to the idea of lackland Airforce base in San Antonio and teaching at DLI. God will have a plan, I have to make mine fit and seek His will. that's all there is to it.
CHRISTMAS holidays were wonderful. All my family got together at my folk's place in Mustang. Paula stayed with her family in Beaver, but she and the kids and husband all visited the weekend before Christmas. My brother Neal had planned to come down but the snow kept him in Kansas. SO it was me, my aunt Judee, the folks, and my sisters and all their family. Lot of fun, great food, good times, and a long relaxing day. THe neice and nephews are all old enough that they stick around enough for some visit time without just running off after dinner. which is really nice.
record of 14" fell Christmas eve day on OKC. I saw cars on the side of the road about every half mile while driving from Bethany to Mustang. I stayed the night that night so I wouldn't be on the roads at night coming back. enjoyed mom's food, their cable tv channels, comfy home and bed. ahhh
New YEars was spent in Dallas. My friend Randy was moving from an apartment to a house with more room for his 3 kids. Had new years at the restaurant he worked at NYE, and then we went to a friends condo downtown, crazy party and we got back to his place by 4 am. whoosh. Friday was spent getting stuff moved out of his old place iwth my pickup and his Jeep suv. then over to a Chef friends house, where the chef and his wife were having a lunch and movie all day party. was a great relaxing time. we were there all day and night. except I left during the second movie ( we watched 4) to make an errand up to IKEA in Plano. Saturday was spent cleaning up the apt and throwing things out and turning in his key then lunch with an Architect friend of Randy's. he worked that night and I burned CD's on my laptop for Randy, and then CD's on Randy's laptop for me. ha came home SUnday. It was a good getaway weekend to Dallas. had been a while.
now I"m jsut waiting to throw myself back into my job and then find that next step in life. I'm also cleaning the house all week with my extra time, and have invited my fam over for dinner Thursday night to motivate me to get that done. ha