Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring break 2010

I'm having a little cardio training week while off work. I've been getting up every morning and swimming laps at the gym before breakfast. and then running at the gym before afternoon workouts. ..also grading through 75 papers that were turned in last wednesday...I hope to return them when we get back to school Monday.

I am loyally watching American Idol this season. just enjoy the performances and the competition of it all. Of course the main reason I like the show is I never watched it before last season since I worked night before going overseas. so this is my second season and I enjoy what they come up with every week.
I'm doing lots of yard work/clean up this week. One main thing I did was take out about 8 hedges surrounding my front porch. it just began to look too conventional. the four that I left I trimmed sort of circular shape instead of square and it really softens it up. next I'll be mulching before the snow coming Saturday, and then maybe dig up some bermuda grass our front of the sidewalk for a new bed.
I'd rather be in Austin for SXSW this weekend coming up of course. but until I get a full time job, no more travel! I did go to a job fair last week at OKC public schools and there were at least 5 that I left my resume and certificate with. ESL teacher was actually the one thing that they were looking for considering the many job cutbacks for teachers in OK this year. my goal before spring break is over is to fil lout an application for Bethany Schools and Peidmont schools. and then I also have Putnam City schools in mind. I MUST find the school in need of an ESL teacher.
Lord willing, just the right job where I can be used jsut right will come up. I continue to enjoy teaching at OCCC, but I must get back to salary!!! woot woot.
One thing I pray most for is finding purpose, and the more you spend time in prayer and His word, you will find you have to purposely live for Him each day, day by day, etc etc.. that's what's been on my mind lately anyway. It is sort of the best way to live when you are unsure of what's in the future anyway. that way I'm not worried just have to do my part in finding that next step. for now my next step is get the papers graded before end of spring break, and continue to put forth my best effort in teaching my students how to WRITE! ha
oh yeah, the pic is my 88 Ford Ranger loaded up on a trailer. My dad came over this week and took it back to his workshop to see if it will run again. I really liked driving that old pickup...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

almost spring!

I'm ready are you?
I've been subbing a lot this month which is a plus and will help with bills. I printed out a salary schedule of OKC public schools and put it on my fridge to remind me to look look look for jobs. no plans for spring break. travel is out, so I plan to really get the place in order around here. outside too.
this weekend my sister Paula and her family was in town. I had a blast going to visit on Thursday night and playing with the kids. Friday night I went and saw the movie ALice in Wonderland with some friends, and then Saturday to the Car show at the fairgounds. went back over to mom's to see Paula and kids on Saturday night and eat home made pizza. yum. today I went to see the movie Secret of Kells. very awesome animation film. tonight I'm watching the Oscars and grading papers before work tomorrow... one more week and SPRING BREAK. woot woot